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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Penises, Piercings, and *A Semi Famous Guido*;)

Letter of the day is "P" babes an gents (if you couldn't already tell)
Like I've said before, I speak on what I know about.
Let's get started

All 3 of these topics tie in together, and I like them all.
Sometime  in January, I got to chat with *A Semi Famous Guido* from *A Famous TV Show* (ugh he is beautiful.)
Ever since i saw him dancing with that trashy hooker an heard him say "I eat something everyday" I knew I had to have him for myself;)
So i found him on Twitter, and i mentioned him a few times, so he sent me a DM one day (this was obviously before the show became ridiculously popular). I was driving when i got it and damn near ran my car off the road with excitement.
So we chatted, exchanged emails and long story short he sent me a picture of his dick.
Which I must say, is quite impressive.
Thick and pierced, just how I like 'em.
Now, idk about you, but I'm a sucker for piercings. You may see nuts and screws and bolts. I see nothing but constant G-Spot stimulation. I can only IMAGINE what being on my stomach would feel like...
I can overlook the fact that he doesn't manscape, simply because he's got the right kind of jewelry. I prefer banana bars over closed rings ANY day. This looks like waaaaaay more fun.
*A Semi Famous Guido* happened to be in Cali that same day, but FML I had to work!!!
I realized I had a job to do, and he was only a mere 8 hours away, but alas, I couldn't go hang out with him:(
Then he realized he was too cool for school and that was the last I ever heard from him.
Don't let me catch him walking down a dark alley.
You know my motto, "You can't rape the willing".
(Smh look at me, drooling on myself over this picture)
if you have a banana bar in your peen, please move to the front of the line:)

Speaking of penises, anyone wanna let me know why men feel the need to lie about the "size of the boat"?
I have been to a club/function waaaaay too many times where you got buffoons walking around with Magnums in their mouths.
Because that'll REALLY up your chances of gettin these panties at the end of the night.
I have yet to see a girl go after a man simply because he's claiming to lead a magnum lifestyle.
Let's say this bimbo falls for it. What happens when the boxer briefs are dropped?
I say, "FALSE ADVERTISING!!!" and stroll my hot ass up outta there.
(Bad Sex shall be another blog for another day).
And just because you're big doesn't mean you know how to work your shit.

That's all i have to say on the subject matter. New blog coming soon IF I get positive reviews for this one:)
Babes an gents don't forget to email me your questions at
I will be more than happy to post an answer the questions (anonymously if you prefer) in a future blog.

BUT before i go...I'ma leave you with some homework...

Courtesy of
Happy experimenting,
Your very own freak of the Industry, Miss Sixxxty;)

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