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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bad Dirty Talk && Pet Names

"You want this cock? You want me to shove it deep down your throat and then stick it in your tight little pussy?"
These were actual words spoken to me during a session.
Ooooh, how I wish you guys coulda saw my face.
It was like a bad porno, without the raunchy sex.
Who says that?! Only people who are trying too hard!

Call me a prude (which we know I'm FAR from) but the word "pussy" makes me cringe.
Idk, it just sounds like such an angry word, not something I really wanna refer to my lady bits as.
That being said, I'll be quick to tell someone to stop being a fucking pussy.
But as far as you wanting to "fuck this pussy"? No dice.
That's another thing...I have yet to come up with a suitable word to reference my goods as. Like I can call them my lady bits as a generalization, but I can't tell someone "Eat my lady bits." That sounds dumb as hell.
So I googled some terms. I came across:

*Cunt, Pussy, Muffin, Punani, Cooter, Coochie, Vajayjay, Kitty Kat (ugh my mom used to call it that when i was little), Cubby Hole, Pink Taco, Cum Dumpster, Piss Flaps, Fur Burger, Chocha, Choach, Beef Curtains, Twat, Snatch, Hoo Hah...the list goes on...
Lemme tell you none of these are suitable for ME. So I simply refer to it as "it" or "her". As in "Eat it" or "She's wet". That's the best I can do...

Then we got the different words for penises. I like "penis" and sometimes I can get away with "dick". But for some reason the dudes I like, like to refer to it as their "cock". I hate hate HATE that word, almost as much as i hate "pussy", "coochie" and "kitty kat".

"You like this big fat cock? Yeah baby, tell me how bad you want this cock...".
Cock is just an ugly sounding word. And I barely found out that its also interchangeable for a vagina, which is confusing as hell. Penises and vaginas should have their own separate names, that way noone's sexuality becomes questioned.

This reminds me of my little Ukrainian Lover. Let's call him Stalin. Anywhoo, he aptly named his penis "Rocky".

"You wanna meet Rocky baby?" "Yeah, baby, you love Rocky. Suck on Rocky baby."

How do you expect me to get in the mood and keep a straight face when you keep referring to your dick in the 3rd person, especially after a famous boxing movie?!
The answer is I DIDN'T. LOL

GENTS, no goofy names for your penises, please. I could never understand the appeal of using your pet name for your dick during sex.
Let's try not to look like a complete douche, k?
I just wanna (hopefully) enjoy the sex without feeling like I'm in a bad porn.

Let's keep the whole "Take daddy dick" to a minimum. The LAST thing I wanna see when I'm tryin to reach the Big O is a mental image of my father.
Now I love to be talked to, don't get me wrong, but when you say things like "You're a fucking dirty little whore, yeah, you're daddy's dirty little slut. I'm gonna fuck this tight little pussy soooo good." You sound stupid and you make me laugh.
Especially when it sounds forced, like you memorized it from your favorite "Booty Talk" video.
But if it flows nicely, then I'm all for it:) throw a few spanks in there, we're good to go!
That's my mini rant of the night...

Babes an gents, as always you guys can ask me questions:) I love answering questions

Tonight's homework is fairly simple, but looks super fun. I need a partner... ENJOY:)

Courtesy of
They sure have some weird names for these positions...they're all named after animals lol.

Happy Humping:)
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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