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Friday, May 21, 2010

Miss Sixxxty Answers Some Questions:)

Now that my blog is picking up some steam you guys have been letting the questions pour in. And I will make it my civic duty to answer them, no matter how bizzare, nasty, or kinky they are:) Here we go...

Q: Can you write about girls doing guys with strap-ons?
This phenomenon is known as "pegging". I don't necessarily think your man's gay if he asks you to peg him, I mean seriously. If he was he woulda went to a gay bar and had sex with some random dude. He's just sexually open and wants to explore new things with you. Although I must admit I would be shocked if a dude wanted me to fuck him. Just not something you come across everyday. But anyways...anal offers a man a different type of orgasm, one that can only be achieved by stimulating the prostate, which, lo and behold, is near the rectum. Basically its the guy version of a G-Spot, same general location (towards the belly). So depending on how far you'll go to please your partner you can stick a finger or two to find it. If he's comfortable with that, then you can suggest pegging. If you let a finger wander back there and he looks like a deer caught in headlights, do not pass go. Do not collcet 200 dollars.

Q: What about sex on our periods?
I'm not gon lie, I've had sex on my period twice because I really needed my issue. I hated that boys only seemed to wanna sex on me when I was on the rag. Thankfully my flow was light enough to where I could pop in a tamp and remove it right before the festivities took place. But then I would have to stop all the action to hurry up and remove it cause the LAST thing I want him to do is to stick his finger in my panties and feel a string. But now I'm on Depo-Provera so my period is light and only comes every 3 months.
I've heard you can use the cup (an alternative to pads and tamps) and you can have sex without him noticing. But no wild animalistic fucking.
Or you may be fortunate enough to have a man who doesn't care. You tell him Aunt Flo is here and he lays a towel on the bed lol.
A babe shared a story with me today:

"Used to have a Bf that enjoyed crotch to mouth blood transfusions...FUCKING awesome!!! This Bf would come up from down & it would be like I shot him in the face, I'd be like, you ok he'd be like, don't sweat it."


Q: What's the best way to last during oral and regular sex?
As far as head goes, I would say think of your parents going at it. If that's not enough to make your member deflate, then you have other issues. You can always pull out and return the favor, or if that's not your thing, kiss her (death to the weenies who won't kiss a girl after she gives him head).
Now during sex, you can try to think of other things, but a better way would be to frequently change positions. The time it takes you to switch should calm you down a bit and buy you some time. My BFF Cece told me dudes can jack off beforehand, cause it always takes longer to bust that second nut. True?

Q: What are some good songs to play?
Depends on the kind of sex you like. I like rough sex, so I have a lot of Plies, Ludacris, Trina, things of that nature. Now I have a simple playlist on the blog, but I consider those songs more foreplay/lap dance songs. I could give a mean lap dance to that playlist, but then if we're having rough sex the moods just don't match=/. But you can't go wrong with some Keith Sweat, H-Town, J Holiday. Matter fact, just put the "Confessions" CD on shuffle. Insta-panty droppin music.

Q: What do you think about ladies who will give money to a stripper but not their man?
What do you think about men who will give their money to a stripper and not their girlfriend? If you can spend money on a stripper and not your significant other, you guys need to reevaluate the relationship.

Q: Threesome etiquette?
I'll be dedicating a whole blog on this:) Stay tuned...

Q: Best way to prevent pregnancy?
Birth control and abstinence.

Those are all the questions I've gotten so far, but make sure to leave your questions/comments/concerns @ or hit me up via TWITTER @MissSixxxty.

Tonight's homework...the simplicity tuns me on.
Or maybe the drought's doing that to me...anyways here it is

Courtesy of
I need a piece of furniture small enough for me to straddle so I can do this one...

Besos para mis mujeres y hombres:)
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industry

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