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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Miss Sixxxty Gives Advice:)

Yay so someone has finally asked for my advice!
I know you hoes are reading and enjoying my blog, so I can't imagine why you guys haven't been asking to your little hearts' content.
But anyways...back to the task at hand...

So my friend tells me that his other friend is having problems with her boyfriend. Basically he won't go down on her and the extent of his sexual repertoire is Missionary. And while she's not having all the fun she COULD be having, she doesn't want to shatter his manhood.
So my friend brought her to *MOI*.
This. Is. My. Calling.
I jumped at the chance to help out someone in need!
While I'm going to try to refrain from verbally castrating her boyfriend (she's a new friend) I still gotta solve her problema.

Oral is a very tricky thing to bring up.
Everyone has these misconceptions that it's nasty and whathaveyou, but I can guarantee those are the people who enjoy it the most.
My philosophy is, thou must giveth to recieveth.
I'm a giver (granted that he's read my blog on hygiene) and I have no problem doing it (as does this new friend). She enjoys giving head for the same reasons I do, I enjoy pleasing my partner.
ONLY problem is, the person in question is her boyfriend, not just some booty call.
There is a difference when the partner who won't give is your SIGNIFICANT OTHER.
What I would do, is figure out why he won't do it.
He simply replied "its not his thing".
While I've never been in a serious relationship, I coulda sworn relationships were about compromises...
I'm trying to figure out what his possible reasons for not wanting to go down on his own girlfriend are?

"I don't like the way it tastes"
(although this is not specific to her case, its still an excuse boys use)
Let me just say to all the mens out there, semen doesn't taste that great either!!!
*Ask her to eat pineapple to make her lady bits taste better lol. (I'm not sure if this actually works, but pineapple IS yummy, and it couldn't hurt to test this little theory out:) )
*There's also flavored lubes (duh) and dental dams (basically a big stretchy condom that looks like a piece of spandex).
*Sex in the shower never hurt anyone either...

"I'm embarrassed."
By going down on your own girlfriend? Yeah you should be...who gives a fuck about what your friends think? They're not the ones sleeping with your girlfriend. And if they are, then you have a bigger problem on your hands, my friend.

Me and my friend Big B have come to the conclusion that's there's no other possible reason someone wouldn't wanna do it. Basically being a weenie.
But then again you also can't make someone do something they don't wanna do.
My suggestion would be to stop giving him head until he misses it, and then hopefully he can get over whatever insecurity he has.
Unless you wanna continue giving him head.

I think Jamie Foxx put it best:

Regular ain't in my vocabulary; when it comes to love makin', neither is missionary...

Call me a renaissance woman, but I love to switch it up, and i switches it up frequently:)
My new friend's other problem is her boyfriend's favorite position is missionary.
Missionary is fine to start with, but shit I need to move!
I think a man who only does missionary is selfish, only concerned about getting himself off.
This may not be her boyfriend's case, but that's just my opinion.
Now it could just be failure to communicate, and if that IS the case, then someone needs to open their mouth.
Closed mouths don't get fed.
So I sincerely hope my friend hasn't been faking it the whole time, making him think he was doing something.
Therein lies your problem.
He THINKS he's satisfying you, but in all actuality you're wondering if you remembered to record Grey's Anatomy that night.
My suggestion was to come to MY BLOG, because at the end of every blog i leave some homework for you guys to do. She can always show him and be like "This doesn't look too complicated...looks like fun!", or do the same thing with an article in the latest issue of Cosmo (the classy girl's sex bible).

Another thing she can do is take the initiative in bed. If he's on top of you, playfully pin him down an get on top. When I can see a guy isn't about to switch it up I'll roll him over and get on top, then switch to reverse cowgirl/"froggy" (I hate the word froggy...they need to come up with a new name for it), then I'll hop off and get on all fours, given he's not a complete idiot he should know what to do lol. After a while he usually gets the idea.

For those adventurous few, you can always watch porn together and point out the things that turn you on and the things you'd like to try.
All depends on what genre of porn you like. Me, personally, I like girl-girl, interracial, group and midget.

...okay maybe I was lying on that last one:)
Find something that interests you an go for it!
I hope she finds this helpful...

Babes an gents, email me if you like what you're reading, I need some positive feedback:)

As always I have to leave you with some homework:)

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FINALLY!!! There's a new name for it! Yeeee!

Happy riding!
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industry

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