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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Penises && Piercings (Pt. II)

Penises && Piercings Pt. I

Babes an Gents, how are you?
Hope you've been spreading the word:)
We here (well, just me) are trying to get the word out, cause maybe I want my own site off blogger damnit.
Lol so I let you guys pick the topic tonight and I got penises and vaggie piercings (vaggie sounds like a sandwhich)
So first off, lemme start with my babes (Ladies first:) )

Basically my favorite things in the whole wide world! We all know I have about 16, but they don't travel beyond my hips. But after this blog...idk...I'm contemplating.

This piercing, while cute and relatively safe, seems like it would be a little bitch come landscaping time. This was the one I wanted but since I'm keen on shaving, idk how well this woulda worked out.

This is the vertical clitoral hood. And this looks legit. This is the one I'm contemplating. Relatively the safest (nowhere near your urethra aka your pee hole) and the most fun (the back of the ring/banana bar rubs against your clit)

***CORRECTION*** the fourchette piercing is not what I previously assumed. It is a rather small piercing, it doesn't start at the clit and go all the way down to the anus. Its a guiche piercing, if you get what I'm saying. There's an area @ the bottom of the vulva where the inner labias come together. The piercing goes through there and comes out the strip of skin that leads to the anus (the "guiche"). I've also heard it referred to as a "taint" ie "it t'aint your vagina & it t'aint your anus."

This may be the scariest of them all. This goes THROUGH the clit. The area has tons of nerve endings, so I imagine this hurts the worst!!! And there is a chance you may lose sensitivity if its done wrong. Uhh, idk about you, but I like my pleasure box,and if I have to risk the wonderful things it does for ma'am.

Probably the easiest, less painful and less risky of them all.

Pretty much self explanatory. Goes through the urethra and out the vagina. OUCH.
She's a tad hairy around the anus...

...I should really get paid for this...

Now of course I can't forget my gents!
I apologize to my gents rockin the foreskin in advance.
Something about foreskin creeps me out. I don't like having to pull it back (hence the name "pull back").
It reminds me of a hot link, with the little frayed edges. And I just don't like the way they look.
Outta all the penises I've seen, I've only seen 3 uncut ones: My friend Sir Walt, my client, and Goose.
Idk maybe I'm freaked out because they're not something you see everyday...
I have a funny story about Sir Walt:

Sir Walt and I went to high school together and one day at lunch it came out that he was uncircumcised. I asked him, maybe more like demanded he show me. And idk if it was because he was soft but it looked like a limp sausage and I squealed. Well after a few days of teasing, Walt announces he's getting circumcised. At 18. And he actually went through with it!!! Stitches and all, Walt was a cut man. I just hope our teasing wasn't to blame. And since the foreskin protects the head, the head is really sensitive because it isn't rubbing on your boxers all day. So Walt enjoyed his newfound sensitivity. I wonder if its worn off yet...

But I'll pick a cut sausage over an uncut one anyday.

I'm feelin a lil lazy tonight, so he can do all the work;)

Courtesy of
Love you much,
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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