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Saturday, May 22, 2010

T.O.N.y. Pt. II

Say hello to T.O.N.y. everyone:)
Even though I hate his guts right about now, I thought I'd spare him the humiliation of drawing X's over both eyes and drawing a frown on his face.
Gotta be mature:)

But I hate hate HATE bein lied to.
Now I have to mack blast his ass.
I'd like to assume you guys read the first T.O.N.y. blog, but in case you haven't, I suggest you read it so there is no confusion.

Rarely do I smash something once. Usually its a continual thing. Until either i tire of you, or you fall off the face of the earth.
Which is what happened to T.O.N.y.
I figure, if the sex was good, there's no reason not to call back.
If I had a great time with you, I'm callin back so we can do it again!
And again!!!
I mean while he was so-so, I know I hopped my hot ass up on that stage and performed my ass off!!! (In reference to the Trey Songz song "Are You A Performer". The answer to that is, YES THEE FUCK I AM.)
I made sure i did my job, and did it well.
And he seemed to enjoy it!
So I couldn't figure out just what the fuck was going on!

I was perusing FB last night, looking @ some old friends pages, who all happened to have kids (just bein nosey, I wanted to see the babes!)
And they all thought I'd be the first one knocked up...
Anywhoo, I remember him telling me he played football with some dudes I went to high school with , so I was bound to see him in SOMEone's mutual friends.
Aaaaaand I did.
There is my answer as to why he didn't call back.

Last I checked I was a grown ass woman.
And last I checked he was a grown ass man.
So why the fuck did he fail to mention the fact that he had a girlfriend?!

Gents: Under what circumstances to you not tell someone you're about to fuck that you have a girlfriend

I mean I just don't understand it?
Is there a problem with honesty?
I'd think you'd wanna make it known that you have a girlfriend, so that the other girl doesn't go crazy puttin you on blast, tryna trap you with pregnancies, and make your girlfriend's life a living hell!
(BTW I wouldn't do ANY of these things, these are the things people from my school have done)
I mean give me the chance to decide whether I wanna be a home wreckin hussie if I want to!
Let me weigh the pros and cons, shit!
If I had known he had a girlfriend beforehand that woulda automatically let me know "This is strictly sex".
Even if his ol' dumb ass had candles lit and blew up MY phone tryna kick it with me the day after I met him.
Sometimes I think to myself, "Damn I shoulda just fucked him that first night so he wouldn't have had to do all those lovely things for me and make me feel special."
Lol that's what my friends don't get about me; my ability to separate sex from emotions.
I can sleep with you and not get emotionally attached, and if you fuck up, you've just reached the point of no return. So you can kiss this ass goodbye.
But T.O.N.y. was different because he was doing shit you don't do. Instead of texting me the night that he wanted to hang out with me, he texted me throughout the week, just chatting me up, sending pics an all that.
If we're on booty call status, the only time you should be texting me is when you need me, not any other time!
Which is just like my phone: Nights and Weekends are free. During the day on weekdays your ass is asking for trouble.

I guess I can find SOME comfort in knowing that my skills aren't to blame (it had been a while, makin sure I wasn't rusty lol)
Guess what I'm sayin is, don't lie to me, and if you do you better hope I don't find out.
Cause he has forgotten that he gave me directions to both his parents and his house.
Now he's lucky I'm not some crazed psychotic bitch who's obsessed with him.
But the sex was blah anyways, so I'm not really trippin now. The truth is out.
i woulda only kept him around cause he was beautiful:)

Moving right along...
I'll leave you with some angry homework, since I'm feeling a tad angry right now...

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No, that's not a typo. I picked this one because I'd rather not see his face right about now. Lemme see what's on TV...

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