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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Big Bang:) Pt. II

The next night, me an the BM went back to my uncle's house to drink a lil bit before the boys picked us up.
I hadn't tried alcohol before this weekend, so when I started feeling buzzed I assumed this had to be what being drunk felt like (don't laugh).

(Underage drinking: 1 law broken)

Started loosening up a bit and the boys came and got us. But before we drove away TBB had to go pee. As he's peeing on the side of this building, I'm just staring at his dick. BEAUTIFUL.
Back at his house, I notice he an my BM's bf are gathering various items: blankets, a radio, an candles if I do recollect correctly. That absolutely tickled me, I was thinkin wow, these weirdos are going all out!
Then we had to follow them to an unoccupied house in a new development neighborhood.

(Breaking and entering: 2 laws broken)

My BM beat me to the master bedroom, and since she WAS there with her bf, I let her have it lol.
Me an TBB went to one of the spare bedrooms. He ran outside to get something and I ran to the room and stripped down to my glow in the dark boy shorts.
He came back in the room and said "SOMEone's eager!"
So I kissed him and pulled him down to the floor at the same time.
He's pulling off his shirt as I'm yanking at his pants and I start to put my oral skills to work. Now I told you how beautiful his junk was, all manscaped, large and tidy it was, so I decided, hey, why not show the boys some love?
So I spit on his dick and worked it with my hand as I licked one just to see how he'd react. He leaned back and moaned so I assumed he liked it. So I alternated between kisses, licks, and sucks and he would pull my hair and jerk my head here or there...
Then I sprawled out on the ground and waited for him to take me.
Penetration is just...great. As soon as he slid in I was running and my buzz DISAPPEARED.
In the background I can hear my BM's bf playing "Some Cut" by TrillVille.
I go from laying on my back to hopping on top.
I was in control, up and down, side to side, at my own pace. But after a while, that wasn't good enough because he LITERALLY took hold of the reigns.
BAM, BAM, BAM! Hands gripping my hips, slamming me down. I had to keep my hands on his chest just to steady myself.
It was like riding a damn mechanical bull!
Then all of a sudden he hops up (with me in his arms) and with my legs wrapped around his waist he does it standing up.
This was amazing, no pounding of thee cervix and still in there pretty deep!
So he sets me down and I pull him to the wall and threw a leg up around his waist.
My head starts pounding on the wall but oddly enough, I don't feel it!

For some odd reason we walk into the kitchen an as I walked near the island he pushes me over and picks my legs up and starts thrusting in the kitchen.
After hot sex in a hot ass house, being on a nice, cool counter felt amazing.
But then the door opened and I saw her bf so I barrel rolled over the counter to hide my nakedness (there was a lot of barrel rolling this weekend).

So we go back to the room and I get on all fours and he jumps behind.
I don't even have to ask to be spanked; he already knows.
Spanking = splendiferous. Pain receptors turn to pleasure during sex.
Long story short, we switch up the positions a few more times and I decide to finish him off orally, because hes having a slight case of whiskey dick.
Once he was all pleased and satisfied we had one of the weirdest after sex exchange ever:

TBB: " know I have a girlfriend right?"
Me: "Yeaaaaaaaaah..."
TBB: "Ok..."

Then that's when the pain sets in:
My vag felt like it just went 12 rounds with Tyson in his prime, I had a humongous rug burn from the beginning of the romp (that is still there as a constant reminder, btw). My hair is a mess, an lo an behold, the crimson wave was at high tide *wink, wink*.
An to top it all off, it was cold as hell in that house, and the only blanket we had had a big ol' wet spot in the middle, so I rendered it useless.
So I had to lay there, in the cold ass house, while my BM an her bf finished up playing Monopoly or whatever the fuck they were doing.
Cause from what she told me he didn't have much stamina, and it had already been a good hour+ with me and TBB.

Once we parted ways, I would endure 2 years of awkward encounters. Whenever we cross paths at school we just glance at each other awkwardly and walk in silence.
When we were in HS his school played against my friend's school during her homecoming. So when her school won, we ran on the field, I saw him and waved, and he told my BM I went to the game to try to set him up or some shit!
Dear sir, the sex was AMAZING. Why would I do something to piss you off an make you never wanna penetrate me again?? It's called common sense!!! I mean his gf eventually did find out what happened, and they broke up shortly after. But still! I swear boys are so stupid...To date he is the ONLY one who's ever gotten special attention to the boys and he's still at the top of my list.

And that was in 2007.
I am in serious need of some good penis.

Anywhoo, leave me some emails I love hearing from you guys:)
Leave your questions, various comments, and feedback there!

In honor of one of the best sexual experiences of my life, I'm gonna leave you a bit of memory lane homework:)

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This makes me reminisce for the good ol' days...

G'night pimps && hoes, friends && foes, dick slayers && wannabe players.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Big Bang:) Pt. I

It's going on 3 months, read it - THREE months - that I've last gotten some action.
Hell, I haven't even kissed on anyone!!!
So you know when its been a while my minds gets to wandering...
And I started to think about this guy, we'll call him The Big Bang.
Because it was the greatest thing to ever happen to us as humans. And will more than likely never happen again.
Summer before senior year...

I was out sippin on some Smirnoff wine coolers w/ my baby mama and she wanted to see her bf (she was immobile). We went to his house and I got pissed off because while she was off in some room cupcaking...I was in a room surrounded by uglies. So I told her I felt like a 3rd wheel and why the hell did she invite me and blah blah her bf said "Well I got a friend for you, we're gonna go to his house in a minute."
And looking at the people that were in his house, I wasn't holding my breath.
We stroll up to some cul-de-sac in the boonies and I see this cute muscular guy w/ no shirt on standing outside.
I prayed to beezus that he was the friend in question. And he was:)
We go inside his house (remember my BM is buzzn) and she pulls him to the side. In her drunken "whisper" I heard her say

"Look, my friend is a dick fiend, and I need you to take care of her. Can you handle that?"
"Oh, I'll take care of her alright..."

I felt hella embarrassed that she said that to him, even though I was fucking him with my eyeballs at that moment. My BM an her bf disappear and The Big Bang begins to walk upstairs. He looked back at me an said "You comin?" I screamed in my head but then I debated should I be a gutter butt trollop tonight? Oh, fuck it... and I followed him upstairs.
We get to his room and he turns on his One Tree Hill dvd (odd). I lay on the bed and he unbuttons my pants an slides em down...I take my shirt an bra off and there I am, laying naked on this enormous bed.
Then he slid his basketball shorts off (basketball shorts after hours = panty droppin time).


It was the most beautiful penis I had ever seen in my life (and still is). It was a solid 9 in. just hanging there, he was manscaped VERY well...I wonder if he noticed my eyes jumping outta my head...
He got on top, spread my legs and asked me if I was ready (uh, HELL NO!)
As soon as he slid in I was running he slid his hands under my back and hooked his hands on my shoulder so I couldn't go anywhere...aaaaaaaaaaah:) The Big Bang had a MEAN stroke game.
THEN I hear a knock on the door. It's his mom.
I did a naked barrell roll across the bed and hid on the floor, but she already knew I was in here. Basically she wanted us to leave cause she didn't want any babies being made in her house.
But shit I wasn't ready for him to be done yet!!!
So he puts his shorts on backwards and I try to fix my hair and we head downstairs where my BM an her bf were supposed to be waitin.
But they're in the bathroom gettin it in. I went to tel her our fun night got cut short so I bent over and knocked on the door so I wouldn't be able to see in then I felt my pants being pulled to my ankles and a hand in the small of my back, wishing I had worn a dress that day. Cause the door opened and I was almost caught lol
Ol' bitch. She set me up with that monster and didn't even know what she was getting me into lol
She could see his humongous boner deflating in his shorts an her bf noticed so he was like "Damn nigga!" So for some reason unbeknownst to me, he whipped it out to show everyone his gift from god. And I could tell she was jealous. She tells me to this day lol
So he leads me outside and sits on his workout bench and I hop on top and start riding away. He grabs my hips an starts slamming me down (No bueno, cause he keeps hittin my cervix).
Once we were done, we walked back inside an waited for my uncle to come pick me an my BM up. I was excited cause we made plans to meet up the next night, and lemme tell you, that's when the REAL festivities started...

To Be Continued...:)


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Perfect for workout benches outside on a summers night:)

Love You much:)
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Friday, June 18, 2010

More Q&A With Miss Sixxxty

Dearest babes an gents, I just wanna say I love you guys:)
I've been getting emails from you and I am very grateful.
Seems like just yesterday I started this damn blog outta boredom.
Now I have some faithful readers an that makes me smile:)
It's nice to know you guys like the things that go on in my head.
While I may not be a popular blog yet, I appreciate you guys spreadin the word.
But back to the task at hand, I'm gonna be sharing some questions you guys have been asking.

Q: You are always talking about lame ass sexual experiences. So my question is what does a man have to do to please you physically? Do a man has to have a thick penis? a long penis? What do you consider stamina 30 mins or 3 hrs? Does he have to be creative sexually? What? The main reason I ask this is because I love to please a woman. I've never gotten any complaints matterfact all I get is 5 star reviews but I always strive to be better. Sometimes I wonder if I'm as really good as it seems or are these basic bitches just use to bad sexual experiences and then I come along with a basic performance and they just think it's wonderful. I figure you have had many sexual experiences good and bad and could possible give me an idea of what real women expect from a man sexually and what does it take for you (them) to be satisfied orgasmically.
A: Ugh I've been cursed.God must be a woman and she laughs at me everytime I have sex. I've had more bad experiences than good=/
And to please me I just need you to be in tune to my needs. If you're doing something, be it giving oral, thrusting, whatever and my body jerks or my back arches, you're doing something right lol.
And I have yet to have sex with a skinny less endowed dick, but I know being thick is a plus (except in the anal sex dept.) And sometimes being long isn't a plus. I don't like having my cervix pulverized. It hurts, and reminds me of menstrual cramps. No Dice.
And stamina to me isn't all that important. If you can please me in 3 minutes then great. You just have to be willing to go the distance so that I get mine. Don't just tapout after you finish.
Now as far as these potentially basic bitches, do they keep coming back? I mean if they do you're clearly above basic right? If they hit it and quit it, something wasn't there. Just figure out what the girl likes, some are into slow sensual sex, while others are into rough kinky sex. Just keep your ears and eyes open to her facial expressions, body movements, breathing and sounds.

Q: My question is about, when to make a move? I seem to have an issue with misreading signs. We're alone I want it I think she wants it but I'm not exactly sure if she actually does, and to prevent awkward situations I sometimes chicken out, and later learn i missed an opportunity. So what are the signs (looks, body language, etc) that things are full steam ahead?
(He did go into detail in another email, but for the sake of space, I'm not going to post it)
A: Okay when she said "don't think about touchin my booty" an smiled, that meant "touch it" lol.
If she didn't want it she wouldn't have even brought it up, an if she did, she woulda said it with an attitude.
You know when you see a video or link that says "do not watch" an you do it anyways?
That's kinda like what just happened.
She stuck her butt out an said don't touch thinkin you'd playfully touch it anyways lol
So in the future just listen to the tone of voice, facial expressions...ect.
Trust & believe, if she didn't wanna be touched she wouldn't have sat so close:)

Q: Which one do you think is better between having phone sex or sexting??
A: In my personal opinion, I like "sexting"
Mainly cause I think phone sex is for weenies.
I like bein able to swap pics, an I like that I can be @ work or class an I can scroll thru my inbox an relive last night's freak fest:)
I also think texts releases peoples inhibitions, you'll be more inclined to say what you're thinkin without worrying if you sound stupid

Q: Sooo i linked uhp with this guy , cz i always seemed him around but neva knew his name , and soo he came to my friends movie night , and we ended uhpp foolin around , we first were cuddlin , but then dude was kissin on my neck ; let me remind yuu i worked that day an went straight to her house ,so he start tryna go down an kiss my stomach , an i was like ohh nooo ,dont do that , so finally i was like listen i been at work all day ,can i go take a shower ,before puttin myself out there , cz ion need no reputation , an he was like i understand , so i took a shower ,shaved and all! dhen after that i was wayy more comfortable with doing somethin ... sooo i went back to the room i was like my bad , i just didnt feel as clean as i shouldve been from working .... was that a bad thing , like lettin him no i had to take a bath , or was it a no shame thing ?
A: See you're just like me cause I RE-FUSE to do anything w/o showering
I mean if anything you didn't even have to tell him you needed to shower you coulda been like "lemme get ready:)"
That would give him a lil somethin somethin to think about while you prepare.
When I first met T.O.N.y I wasn't expectin to meet anyone, let alone hook up w/ anyone.
So I was panicking because he wanted to chill an I wasn't ready.
So I pushed my pride aside, an @ 3am bought some shaving cream an razors an shaved in a gas station bathroom.
I'd rather keep a dude waiting while I get all landscaped an sexified than havin him clown me for bein unshaven an smelly.
Btw kudos for stoppin when you did, cause my neck is my weakness; its usually a wrap after that.
An I think bein told to your face "do you be shavin/have you been workin out today" is more embarrassing than anything...
I'm pretty sure he thanked you for sparring him lol

Q: i was reading your blog its really intresting...its giving me new i deas so i guess u can say im doing a little homework, well anyway the reason im emailing you is to ask if you were still single, if so, i am to and was wondering if we could get to know eachother if thats cool
A: To answer your question I AM single but idk about starting up an internet romance lol

Babes an Gents, keep em coming! Drop me a line . Got questions? Wanna give feedback? Or simply wanna suggest a topic for a blog? That would be the place to do it:)
Hope you guys are ready and warmed up for tonight's homework:)

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I would tweak the position a wee bit, putting my hands on the ground for support. Unless you're short enough for your gent to grab your shoulders. Or if you're REALLY short (or he's REALLY tall) you can just rest on his lap:)

Remember, nothing is too taboo for me:)
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Monday, June 14, 2010

Female Ejaculation...

...Makes me blush every time i think about it...
I have no problem telling everyone I think female ejaculation is weird as shit.
The female equivalent of cumming.
I hope you guys remember me talking about the male prostate...well the g-spot is just like a prostate. The orgasms are similar (which are FABOOSH, btw)
Seeing how this is a touchy subject amongst scientists an doctors (some don't believe the g-spot exists...but I'm thinkin they just aren't lookin hard enough) , I'm just going to give you my opinion on the whole subject.

Basically if you wanna try to make it happen, just stimulate the g-spot to the point of orgasm.
I've seen videos, and when Nelly said "Flip the mattress/change the sheets" an Plies talks about her leaving a puddle, I now know what they meant.
Call me a neat freak, but I don't like being messy. I mean if we're in the shower that would be fine, but then I guess he wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyways...
Maybe because I think you know, after all the fun and games are over, I'm gonna have a huge ass cold wet spot in the middle of my bed, and someone has to sleep there.
Anywhoo, as you all know women don't produce semen, so what is the ejaculate stuff, really?
The best I can tell you is that its clear fluid. Idk how it smells or'd have to ask someone who can squirt or a gent who's dealt with a super soaker before. Idk if your diet affects the way it tastes/smells, but it wouldn't hurt to steer clear of the garlic & onion chips for a while...
But one thing it is NOT is pee. While it may come out the same hole, it is not the same thing. Man cum and pee come out the same hole, but I hope we all would be able to tell the difference. I know we all know what pee smells like, so if you have an episode where you squirt, unless the room starts smelling like pee 9 times outta 10 you just "came" really hard.

MY QUESTION TO THE GENTS AN MY LADY LOVIN BABES: What is it that turns you on about squirting? Cause I've seen plenty of videos and I can't see the appeal of it. I wanna know how it tastes, how it smells, anything you have to say on the subject :)

Homework time:)

Courtesy of
Tell me this doesn't look 10 kinds of fun! For my limber babes.

Well, here I am, stuck at work. With no company to keep me company.
Bored as shit. So make sure to drop me a line @ to keep me entertained for the next 6 hours:)

Love you much,
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryyy

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Miss Sixxxty's Q&A Time!!!

This is the female friendly version:)

Q: Is Okay Normal/Okay to Randomly Call Up a Guy ' When In Need of Sex ? Or is That way Overboard and only should be Sexual with Someone your Already involved with ?
A: Me personally, I don't see a problem with it. Way back when, when I was in my sexual prime (miss those days) I had my choice of who I wanted to hang out with. I'd send out a mass text and based on the replies I made my pick.
I am one horny bitch and I don't see why I should have to wait for a man to text me. If I left it up to them, I'd probably shoot myself from a lack of sexual activity lol. You know what they say:

If you want something done RIGHT you gotta do it yourself

Boys need stop being bitches an makin a girl seem like she's a hoe for asking.
But to be on the safe side, don't say "Hey I need some penis. Like now", go more along the lines of "I'm bored, let's watch a movie." That gives you the option to bail and be like "WTF are you doing? I invited you over t kick it!" in case something goes wrong.
Now, if its 3 am when you send that text, then you're shit outta luck. lol. Cause there's no way in hell you can pretend like you didn't want sex.

Q: What are some Exercises or Things that Can be Done, To Keep that "Tight" Feeling?
A: Kegels!!! You can do kegels practically anywhere. A good place to start is to do it when you're going pee, that way you know that you're doing it right.

***Step one: Sit on toilet.
***Step two: Begin peeing.
***Step three: Stop the flow of pee.

Congratulations, you've just done a kegel!
A good routine to do is to flex your PC muscles (that's what stopped the pee) for 5 seconds and release, and continue to do about 3 reps of that.
As your PC muscles get stronger,you're able to flex the muscles for longer
Some babes I know have PC muscles so strong they can grip their dude's dick to the point that the guy can feel it.
You can also use Ben-Wa balls, which are basically these heavy balls you stick in your vag and you hold them in using your PC muscles

Q: Whats your Fav, Song to Sex To ?
A: Hmm...I liiiiiiiike...the Confessions CD is great. But I have all the songs on my Blackberry that talk about sex on one playlist. I just plug up my phone and hit shuffle, let the games begin!

Q: How do you feel about a Girl Strip Teasing On Webcam , and How to Make it Sexy ?
A: I've done this before, and the feedback I've gotten from dudes is basically all about lighting. Good lighting is everything. Webcams are gay because the brighter the light, the better the FPS (aka frames per second). Everyone knows candlelight makes you look sexy in person, but if you got candles goin and you're on a webcam, it may be hard for the other person to see you.
SO if there are lamps in the room, I say remove the lampshade, or invest in some bright lightbulbs.
Another thing is the music. I say its best to play the music straight from the computer, it sounds better.
ALWAYS make sure your room is cleaned. Noone wants to get clowned for tryna be sexy with a dirty room.
Make sure the webcam is pointed in a good position so the other person can see all of you, or whatever it is you're tryna show.
Last but not least, if you're not alone in the house, LOCK THE DOOR!!!
As far as making it sexy, confidence and good lingerie can't hurt...

Q: ...we were having a conversation about tossing salad. And your blog came to mind...
(Not really a question, more like a suggestion...but I'll address it anywhoo!)
A: For those simple minded individuals who don't know,

"Toss my salad came from an HBO speacial on prison. The seasoned convict was explaining what he would do to a new inmate in prison as sort of an initiation. He would get a packet of grape jelly and make the new inmate or "fish" smear the jelly in his asswhole and lick it out while he masturbated. -Via

Yes, thee licking of thee dirt box.
Tossed salads, aka rim jobs, aka anilingus. People of all orientations do it. The pleasure comes from the sensitive nerve endings surrounding the anus. In this particular act, the phrase "Never go ass to mouth" is thrown out the window. There are special precautions you need to take when doing this, because poop has a lot of bad things in it, and when you ingest whatever bad things are living in the recievers poop, that'll fuck your insides up. Std's are still prevalent, hepatitis, any kind of parasites or worms...and while there isn't a big HIV/AIDS risk, theres still a possibility you could get it. The safest way to perform a rim job is to use a dental dam, cut a condom down the middle, or use some sort or saran wrap. For those risk takers, one of my gay baby daddies let me in on a little secret:

"Use anal douche."

I wasn't even aware they manufactured anal douche. So I googled it.
And its exactly as it sounds. A douche for your ass.

It gets rid of any poop residue apparently, which is good, because whoever that is licking your ass doesn't come across some traces of it.
Unless, you know, that kinda thing turned them on...
I've never given nor received a rim job. I WILL NE-VER give one. I just can't see me sticking my face in some dudes ass. I don't even like boy booties that much to begin with. Lemme just stare at the outside i don't wanna see what it looks like between your cheeks.
Gotta keep some romance involved lol.
That being said, I have been eaten out from the back (Thank you, Carnie (he was fantab:) )) so I don't think I'd be opposed to receiving. Although it would catch me off guard...I just dont really see the difference. If that's what he wants to do, that's that turns him on, if it feels good I won't rain on his parade.

I'm hungry now...

Welp, that's all for the Q&A...hope you enjoyed:)
Now it's time for some homework!!!

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This shoulda been on the last blog lol

Besitos para ti:)
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industry

Monday, June 7, 2010

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden fruit.
That would be me.
I am the apple that Adam took a bite of.
I am the "other woman".

It has happened before,and is bound to happen again.
To put it in perspective, I think outta all the people I've ever talked to, only about 2 were single.
A few made it known, most never mentioned it and I found out myself.
The reason I'm writing this blog is because yesterday was the straw that broke the camel's back.

As you know, I'm suffering a drought, so anything that would normally be like a 7 looks like an 11 to me right about know.
And at my job outta about 22 people only 5 are dudes. So every now and then I get a lil taste of testosterone. And it drives me cah-razy.

Skip to the 1:17 mark.
The blood to Bruce is testosterone to me.
I mean I try to fight it, but I can't fight it forever.
So I've been goin to work with this guy, and even though it seems like everytime i see him I just wanna rip his clothes off, I refrain from doing so.
We are both aware he has a girlfriend so you know, I try to let it be and focus my sights elsewhere.
But then came yesterday.
And that's where everything went to shit.

I show up to work early (I work at a group home) and my coworker leaves so it's just me an him.
And he asked me for a massage.
Now, he's asked me for one before, and I let him know I couldn't give him one because he has a girlfriend. He asked "What does that mean?" And I told him "If I give you a massage I will be forced to rape you. And we don't want that to happen."
So he let it be until yesterday.
And once again I told him I'm not mentally strong enough to have him that close to me. So I sat down in a chair and he sat down between my legs.
All I'm thinking is "SHIT". So I gave him one since he was there, but I kept some space between us. Then he started to get a little TOO comfortable. He leaned ALL the way back and there was no space between us. My heart started to beat a little faster because I knew where this was going.
Next thing I knew he had grabbed my leg and flipped me so I was sitting in his lap.
And the whole time I'm thinking "this cannot possibly be happening!" So I'm like "What are you doing??" and he asks me if I want him to stop. I say "No...but I know you have to..."
Haha my other coworker picked the WRONG day to be late!
As much as I wanted it to happen, I knew it couldn't.
I knew I wanted to kiss him, but I knew I couldn't, so I didn't.
After what seemed like an eternity, my coworker finally showed up an then he left.
And I spent the remainder of my shift replaying what had just happened.
He didn't text me after that happened, and a red flag went off.

I waited until this morning to send him a simple text:
"I hope you didn't start something you can't finish..."
And this is what I get:
"And really we can't do that anything I have a gf and I love her I know that makes me a fuck but we can't do that again."
That doesn't make you a fuck, that makes you a man.
Then he tried to apologize for the whole thing happening, which made me feel worse.
Like I knew I shouldn't have sat in his lap as long as I did, but a little part of me (the sex deprived one) wanted to stay there all damn day.

This s not the first time somethin like this has happened. I remember I didn't really sleep with the man, he just gave me head, and he felt soooooo guilty after the fact that he asked me if I think he should propose to his girlfriend!! Then he told his girlfriend he cheated, lied and said i came on to him and that I "orally violated" him and this dumb fuck gave her my number so she could call me and ask what happened.

*Sigh* I always end up with taken men. Any single men out there, you can email me lol

Homework time:)

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For once, I don't even feel like doing my own homework=/

Hope y'all are having better luck than I,
Miss Sixxxty, your very own cheating adulterer by association aka freak of the industry

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Let's Talk About Anal.

I couldn't come up with any clever, cutesy name for this blog.
Because that's just it.
Anal isn't cutesy.
It deals with quite possibly the dirtiest part of your body (depending on your hygiene).
But I have come to learn that, done properly, its FAB.
Thought I'd start off with a story about The Big Carl and I.

This was our second meeting. After only one round I was ADDICTED.
So when he texted me and asked if I would come over, I had to weasel 5 bucks from my mom so I'd have enough gas to get over there lol. (Thank god I found a better paying job)
I arrive @ his townhouse and its eerily quiet.
That's because the PG&E got shut off. (The Big Carl only had sex once with the lights on. For the next 2 months the electricity was off lol)
I walk to his room and this loser is sitting in the dark bathroom and he's like "come here". So he shuts the door and we're in pitch blackness. I can't see shit.
Then he starts rubbing my thighs, comes up behind me, and finds my neck with his lips.
So I lean forward and press my ass into him and he yanks down my pants. I had gotten some sample lubes from this pleasure party a a few days earlier so I handed em over.
He stated "lube is for bitches" and emptied em out on my ass. Then he rubbered up, went inside, and started thrusting away.
At the same time he was giving meaning to the phrase "waxin' that ass". The combo was great. He'd rub an massage it while strokin, the lube was warming under his was AMAZEBALLS.
Then he slipped out and he tried to find his way in the dark. And he found his way to the back door.
I told you guys, TBC is not a thin man.
So he slowly eased in, and I let out a GASP. The kind that made me throw one leg on the counter top.
I compare the feeling to having my intestines ripped out through my ass.
Idk what even happened after that. Things were already pitch black, and taking him all in was too much.
I wasn't breathing because I was afraid I'd scream out in pain if I did.
Then he started massaging my ass and I relaxed for a bit.
Then things loosened up for a bit and I could actually enjoy it.
So while he was still inside we walked from the Bathroom to the bed and we finished the job there. It was incredible.
SIDE NOTE: I found out later he "claims" he didn't know he was in there until we left the bathroom O_o

So what words of wisdom can I offer you (for those who are willing to try, mind you)?
Well first and foremost TAKE A SHIT!
Thankfully I went to the bathroom before all this stuff went down so I had nothing to worry about. At least during the actual act.

Then you gotta be in a mindset for what you're about to do.
If your dude is a lil on the thin side, lucky you! You have it waaaay easier than a girl with a thick dude. Thin ones are just easier to take (for obvious reasons).

TIP: if your dude is a little on the thick side, you can invest in an anal plug to help stretch you out a bit. Or the free alternative; FINGERS. But remember shit comes out the dirtbox and noone wants their fingers smelling like shit from being in your booty for too long.
Anal feels waaay different from regular sex.
While most girls need some sort of clit stimulation during regular sex, anal has a whole different feeling (a good one). If you're dude is thin(er), or you think you're a sav an can take it all, i advise everyone to try it at least once.

BE PREPARED!!! after you have anal, your ass is gonna be kinda loose. I had to work immediately after this encounter, so even though i tried to walk as normal as possible, everyone knew what I had just been doing.
What accompanies the looseness? The ability to hold your farts in.
Nasty, yes. But true. But your muscles will eventually go back to normal in a few hours (or a few days, depending on how furiously y'all were gettin it in).
But we all know porn stars stick all kinds of crazy things up people's asses, and I don't hear anyone at the AVN Awards complaining that So-and-so can't control her gas. So no worries:)

This all being said, I enjoy anal, but I don't go asking dudes to fuck me in the ass.
If it happens without me passing out it happens lol

So I haven't left you guys with any homework in a while, I hope you're not mad at me:)

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Simple, and easy for those easing into anal. Also allows you to bite the pillow and muffle your moans (or screams) :)

Love you lots,
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy