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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Big Bang:) Pt. I

It's going on 3 months, read it - THREE months - that I've last gotten some action.
Hell, I haven't even kissed on anyone!!!
So you know when its been a while my minds gets to wandering...
And I started to think about this guy, we'll call him The Big Bang.
Because it was the greatest thing to ever happen to us as humans. And will more than likely never happen again.
Summer before senior year...

I was out sippin on some Smirnoff wine coolers w/ my baby mama and she wanted to see her bf (she was immobile). We went to his house and I got pissed off because while she was off in some room cupcaking...I was in a room surrounded by uglies. So I told her I felt like a 3rd wheel and why the hell did she invite me and blah blah her bf said "Well I got a friend for you, we're gonna go to his house in a minute."
And looking at the people that were in his house, I wasn't holding my breath.
We stroll up to some cul-de-sac in the boonies and I see this cute muscular guy w/ no shirt on standing outside.
I prayed to beezus that he was the friend in question. And he was:)
We go inside his house (remember my BM is buzzn) and she pulls him to the side. In her drunken "whisper" I heard her say

"Look, my friend is a dick fiend, and I need you to take care of her. Can you handle that?"
"Oh, I'll take care of her alright..."

I felt hella embarrassed that she said that to him, even though I was fucking him with my eyeballs at that moment. My BM an her bf disappear and The Big Bang begins to walk upstairs. He looked back at me an said "You comin?" I screamed in my head but then I debated should I be a gutter butt trollop tonight? Oh, fuck it... and I followed him upstairs.
We get to his room and he turns on his One Tree Hill dvd (odd). I lay on the bed and he unbuttons my pants an slides em down...I take my shirt an bra off and there I am, laying naked on this enormous bed.
Then he slid his basketball shorts off (basketball shorts after hours = panty droppin time).


It was the most beautiful penis I had ever seen in my life (and still is). It was a solid 9 in. just hanging there, he was manscaped VERY well...I wonder if he noticed my eyes jumping outta my head...
He got on top, spread my legs and asked me if I was ready (uh, HELL NO!)
As soon as he slid in I was running he slid his hands under my back and hooked his hands on my shoulder so I couldn't go anywhere...aaaaaaaaaaah:) The Big Bang had a MEAN stroke game.
THEN I hear a knock on the door. It's his mom.
I did a naked barrell roll across the bed and hid on the floor, but she already knew I was in here. Basically she wanted us to leave cause she didn't want any babies being made in her house.
But shit I wasn't ready for him to be done yet!!!
So he puts his shorts on backwards and I try to fix my hair and we head downstairs where my BM an her bf were supposed to be waitin.
But they're in the bathroom gettin it in. I went to tel her our fun night got cut short so I bent over and knocked on the door so I wouldn't be able to see in then I felt my pants being pulled to my ankles and a hand in the small of my back, wishing I had worn a dress that day. Cause the door opened and I was almost caught lol
Ol' bitch. She set me up with that monster and didn't even know what she was getting me into lol
She could see his humongous boner deflating in his shorts an her bf noticed so he was like "Damn nigga!" So for some reason unbeknownst to me, he whipped it out to show everyone his gift from god. And I could tell she was jealous. She tells me to this day lol
So he leads me outside and sits on his workout bench and I hop on top and start riding away. He grabs my hips an starts slamming me down (No bueno, cause he keeps hittin my cervix).
Once we were done, we walked back inside an waited for my uncle to come pick me an my BM up. I was excited cause we made plans to meet up the next night, and lemme tell you, that's when the REAL festivities started...

To Be Continued...:)


Courtesy of
Perfect for workout benches outside on a summers night:)

Love You much:)
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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