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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Big Bang:) Pt. II

The next night, me an the BM went back to my uncle's house to drink a lil bit before the boys picked us up.
I hadn't tried alcohol before this weekend, so when I started feeling buzzed I assumed this had to be what being drunk felt like (don't laugh).

(Underage drinking: 1 law broken)

Started loosening up a bit and the boys came and got us. But before we drove away TBB had to go pee. As he's peeing on the side of this building, I'm just staring at his dick. BEAUTIFUL.
Back at his house, I notice he an my BM's bf are gathering various items: blankets, a radio, an candles if I do recollect correctly. That absolutely tickled me, I was thinkin wow, these weirdos are going all out!
Then we had to follow them to an unoccupied house in a new development neighborhood.

(Breaking and entering: 2 laws broken)

My BM beat me to the master bedroom, and since she WAS there with her bf, I let her have it lol.
Me an TBB went to one of the spare bedrooms. He ran outside to get something and I ran to the room and stripped down to my glow in the dark boy shorts.
He came back in the room and said "SOMEone's eager!"
So I kissed him and pulled him down to the floor at the same time.
He's pulling off his shirt as I'm yanking at his pants and I start to put my oral skills to work. Now I told you how beautiful his junk was, all manscaped, large and tidy it was, so I decided, hey, why not show the boys some love?
So I spit on his dick and worked it with my hand as I licked one just to see how he'd react. He leaned back and moaned so I assumed he liked it. So I alternated between kisses, licks, and sucks and he would pull my hair and jerk my head here or there...
Then I sprawled out on the ground and waited for him to take me.
Penetration is just...great. As soon as he slid in I was running and my buzz DISAPPEARED.
In the background I can hear my BM's bf playing "Some Cut" by TrillVille.
I go from laying on my back to hopping on top.
I was in control, up and down, side to side, at my own pace. But after a while, that wasn't good enough because he LITERALLY took hold of the reigns.
BAM, BAM, BAM! Hands gripping my hips, slamming me down. I had to keep my hands on his chest just to steady myself.
It was like riding a damn mechanical bull!
Then all of a sudden he hops up (with me in his arms) and with my legs wrapped around his waist he does it standing up.
This was amazing, no pounding of thee cervix and still in there pretty deep!
So he sets me down and I pull him to the wall and threw a leg up around his waist.
My head starts pounding on the wall but oddly enough, I don't feel it!

For some odd reason we walk into the kitchen an as I walked near the island he pushes me over and picks my legs up and starts thrusting in the kitchen.
After hot sex in a hot ass house, being on a nice, cool counter felt amazing.
But then the door opened and I saw her bf so I barrel rolled over the counter to hide my nakedness (there was a lot of barrel rolling this weekend).

So we go back to the room and I get on all fours and he jumps behind.
I don't even have to ask to be spanked; he already knows.
Spanking = splendiferous. Pain receptors turn to pleasure during sex.
Long story short, we switch up the positions a few more times and I decide to finish him off orally, because hes having a slight case of whiskey dick.
Once he was all pleased and satisfied we had one of the weirdest after sex exchange ever:

TBB: " know I have a girlfriend right?"
Me: "Yeaaaaaaaaah..."
TBB: "Ok..."

Then that's when the pain sets in:
My vag felt like it just went 12 rounds with Tyson in his prime, I had a humongous rug burn from the beginning of the romp (that is still there as a constant reminder, btw). My hair is a mess, an lo an behold, the crimson wave was at high tide *wink, wink*.
An to top it all off, it was cold as hell in that house, and the only blanket we had had a big ol' wet spot in the middle, so I rendered it useless.
So I had to lay there, in the cold ass house, while my BM an her bf finished up playing Monopoly or whatever the fuck they were doing.
Cause from what she told me he didn't have much stamina, and it had already been a good hour+ with me and TBB.

Once we parted ways, I would endure 2 years of awkward encounters. Whenever we cross paths at school we just glance at each other awkwardly and walk in silence.
When we were in HS his school played against my friend's school during her homecoming. So when her school won, we ran on the field, I saw him and waved, and he told my BM I went to the game to try to set him up or some shit!
Dear sir, the sex was AMAZING. Why would I do something to piss you off an make you never wanna penetrate me again?? It's called common sense!!! I mean his gf eventually did find out what happened, and they broke up shortly after. But still! I swear boys are so stupid...To date he is the ONLY one who's ever gotten special attention to the boys and he's still at the top of my list.

And that was in 2007.
I am in serious need of some good penis.

Anywhoo, leave me some emails I love hearing from you guys:)
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In honor of one of the best sexual experiences of my life, I'm gonna leave you a bit of memory lane homework:)

Courtesy of
This makes me reminisce for the good ol' days...

G'night pimps && hoes, friends && foes, dick slayers && wannabe players.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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  1. You should pen a book, this stuff is so real reminds me of some of the shyt I did..

    keep up the great work..