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Monday, June 14, 2010

Female Ejaculation...

...Makes me blush every time i think about it...
I have no problem telling everyone I think female ejaculation is weird as shit.
The female equivalent of cumming.
I hope you guys remember me talking about the male prostate...well the g-spot is just like a prostate. The orgasms are similar (which are FABOOSH, btw)
Seeing how this is a touchy subject amongst scientists an doctors (some don't believe the g-spot exists...but I'm thinkin they just aren't lookin hard enough) , I'm just going to give you my opinion on the whole subject.

Basically if you wanna try to make it happen, just stimulate the g-spot to the point of orgasm.
I've seen videos, and when Nelly said "Flip the mattress/change the sheets" an Plies talks about her leaving a puddle, I now know what they meant.
Call me a neat freak, but I don't like being messy. I mean if we're in the shower that would be fine, but then I guess he wouldn't be able to tell the difference anyways...
Maybe because I think you know, after all the fun and games are over, I'm gonna have a huge ass cold wet spot in the middle of my bed, and someone has to sleep there.
Anywhoo, as you all know women don't produce semen, so what is the ejaculate stuff, really?
The best I can tell you is that its clear fluid. Idk how it smells or'd have to ask someone who can squirt or a gent who's dealt with a super soaker before. Idk if your diet affects the way it tastes/smells, but it wouldn't hurt to steer clear of the garlic & onion chips for a while...
But one thing it is NOT is pee. While it may come out the same hole, it is not the same thing. Man cum and pee come out the same hole, but I hope we all would be able to tell the difference. I know we all know what pee smells like, so if you have an episode where you squirt, unless the room starts smelling like pee 9 times outta 10 you just "came" really hard.

MY QUESTION TO THE GENTS AN MY LADY LOVIN BABES: What is it that turns you on about squirting? Cause I've seen plenty of videos and I can't see the appeal of it. I wanna know how it tastes, how it smells, anything you have to say on the subject :)

Homework time:)

Courtesy of
Tell me this doesn't look 10 kinds of fun! For my limber babes.

Well, here I am, stuck at work. With no company to keep me company.
Bored as shit. So make sure to drop me a line @ to keep me entertained for the next 6 hours:)

Love you much,
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryyy

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