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Monday, June 7, 2010

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden fruit.
That would be me.
I am the apple that Adam took a bite of.
I am the "other woman".

It has happened before,and is bound to happen again.
To put it in perspective, I think outta all the people I've ever talked to, only about 2 were single.
A few made it known, most never mentioned it and I found out myself.
The reason I'm writing this blog is because yesterday was the straw that broke the camel's back.

As you know, I'm suffering a drought, so anything that would normally be like a 7 looks like an 11 to me right about know.
And at my job outta about 22 people only 5 are dudes. So every now and then I get a lil taste of testosterone. And it drives me cah-razy.

Skip to the 1:17 mark.
The blood to Bruce is testosterone to me.
I mean I try to fight it, but I can't fight it forever.
So I've been goin to work with this guy, and even though it seems like everytime i see him I just wanna rip his clothes off, I refrain from doing so.
We are both aware he has a girlfriend so you know, I try to let it be and focus my sights elsewhere.
But then came yesterday.
And that's where everything went to shit.

I show up to work early (I work at a group home) and my coworker leaves so it's just me an him.
And he asked me for a massage.
Now, he's asked me for one before, and I let him know I couldn't give him one because he has a girlfriend. He asked "What does that mean?" And I told him "If I give you a massage I will be forced to rape you. And we don't want that to happen."
So he let it be until yesterday.
And once again I told him I'm not mentally strong enough to have him that close to me. So I sat down in a chair and he sat down between my legs.
All I'm thinking is "SHIT". So I gave him one since he was there, but I kept some space between us. Then he started to get a little TOO comfortable. He leaned ALL the way back and there was no space between us. My heart started to beat a little faster because I knew where this was going.
Next thing I knew he had grabbed my leg and flipped me so I was sitting in his lap.
And the whole time I'm thinking "this cannot possibly be happening!" So I'm like "What are you doing??" and he asks me if I want him to stop. I say "No...but I know you have to..."
Haha my other coworker picked the WRONG day to be late!
As much as I wanted it to happen, I knew it couldn't.
I knew I wanted to kiss him, but I knew I couldn't, so I didn't.
After what seemed like an eternity, my coworker finally showed up an then he left.
And I spent the remainder of my shift replaying what had just happened.
He didn't text me after that happened, and a red flag went off.

I waited until this morning to send him a simple text:
"I hope you didn't start something you can't finish..."
And this is what I get:
"And really we can't do that anything I have a gf and I love her I know that makes me a fuck but we can't do that again."
That doesn't make you a fuck, that makes you a man.
Then he tried to apologize for the whole thing happening, which made me feel worse.
Like I knew I shouldn't have sat in his lap as long as I did, but a little part of me (the sex deprived one) wanted to stay there all damn day.

This s not the first time somethin like this has happened. I remember I didn't really sleep with the man, he just gave me head, and he felt soooooo guilty after the fact that he asked me if I think he should propose to his girlfriend!! Then he told his girlfriend he cheated, lied and said i came on to him and that I "orally violated" him and this dumb fuck gave her my number so she could call me and ask what happened.

*Sigh* I always end up with taken men. Any single men out there, you can email me lol

Homework time:)

Courtesy of
For once, I don't even feel like doing my own homework=/

Hope y'all are having better luck than I,
Miss Sixxxty, your very own cheating adulterer by association aka freak of the industry

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