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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Miss Sixxxty's Q&A Time!!!

This is the female friendly version:)

Q: Is Okay Normal/Okay to Randomly Call Up a Guy ' When In Need of Sex ? Or is That way Overboard and only should be Sexual with Someone your Already involved with ?
A: Me personally, I don't see a problem with it. Way back when, when I was in my sexual prime (miss those days) I had my choice of who I wanted to hang out with. I'd send out a mass text and based on the replies I made my pick.
I am one horny bitch and I don't see why I should have to wait for a man to text me. If I left it up to them, I'd probably shoot myself from a lack of sexual activity lol. You know what they say:

If you want something done RIGHT you gotta do it yourself

Boys need stop being bitches an makin a girl seem like she's a hoe for asking.
But to be on the safe side, don't say "Hey I need some penis. Like now", go more along the lines of "I'm bored, let's watch a movie." That gives you the option to bail and be like "WTF are you doing? I invited you over t kick it!" in case something goes wrong.
Now, if its 3 am when you send that text, then you're shit outta luck. lol. Cause there's no way in hell you can pretend like you didn't want sex.

Q: What are some Exercises or Things that Can be Done, To Keep that "Tight" Feeling?
A: Kegels!!! You can do kegels practically anywhere. A good place to start is to do it when you're going pee, that way you know that you're doing it right.

***Step one: Sit on toilet.
***Step two: Begin peeing.
***Step three: Stop the flow of pee.

Congratulations, you've just done a kegel!
A good routine to do is to flex your PC muscles (that's what stopped the pee) for 5 seconds and release, and continue to do about 3 reps of that.
As your PC muscles get stronger,you're able to flex the muscles for longer
Some babes I know have PC muscles so strong they can grip their dude's dick to the point that the guy can feel it.
You can also use Ben-Wa balls, which are basically these heavy balls you stick in your vag and you hold them in using your PC muscles

Q: Whats your Fav, Song to Sex To ?
A: Hmm...I liiiiiiiike...the Confessions CD is great. But I have all the songs on my Blackberry that talk about sex on one playlist. I just plug up my phone and hit shuffle, let the games begin!

Q: How do you feel about a Girl Strip Teasing On Webcam , and How to Make it Sexy ?
A: I've done this before, and the feedback I've gotten from dudes is basically all about lighting. Good lighting is everything. Webcams are gay because the brighter the light, the better the FPS (aka frames per second). Everyone knows candlelight makes you look sexy in person, but if you got candles goin and you're on a webcam, it may be hard for the other person to see you.
SO if there are lamps in the room, I say remove the lampshade, or invest in some bright lightbulbs.
Another thing is the music. I say its best to play the music straight from the computer, it sounds better.
ALWAYS make sure your room is cleaned. Noone wants to get clowned for tryna be sexy with a dirty room.
Make sure the webcam is pointed in a good position so the other person can see all of you, or whatever it is you're tryna show.
Last but not least, if you're not alone in the house, LOCK THE DOOR!!!
As far as making it sexy, confidence and good lingerie can't hurt...

Q: ...we were having a conversation about tossing salad. And your blog came to mind...
(Not really a question, more like a suggestion...but I'll address it anywhoo!)
A: For those simple minded individuals who don't know,

"Toss my salad came from an HBO speacial on prison. The seasoned convict was explaining what he would do to a new inmate in prison as sort of an initiation. He would get a packet of grape jelly and make the new inmate or "fish" smear the jelly in his asswhole and lick it out while he masturbated. -Via

Yes, thee licking of thee dirt box.
Tossed salads, aka rim jobs, aka anilingus. People of all orientations do it. The pleasure comes from the sensitive nerve endings surrounding the anus. In this particular act, the phrase "Never go ass to mouth" is thrown out the window. There are special precautions you need to take when doing this, because poop has a lot of bad things in it, and when you ingest whatever bad things are living in the recievers poop, that'll fuck your insides up. Std's are still prevalent, hepatitis, any kind of parasites or worms...and while there isn't a big HIV/AIDS risk, theres still a possibility you could get it. The safest way to perform a rim job is to use a dental dam, cut a condom down the middle, or use some sort or saran wrap. For those risk takers, one of my gay baby daddies let me in on a little secret:

"Use anal douche."

I wasn't even aware they manufactured anal douche. So I googled it.
And its exactly as it sounds. A douche for your ass.

It gets rid of any poop residue apparently, which is good, because whoever that is licking your ass doesn't come across some traces of it.
Unless, you know, that kinda thing turned them on...
I've never given nor received a rim job. I WILL NE-VER give one. I just can't see me sticking my face in some dudes ass. I don't even like boy booties that much to begin with. Lemme just stare at the outside i don't wanna see what it looks like between your cheeks.
Gotta keep some romance involved lol.
That being said, I have been eaten out from the back (Thank you, Carnie (he was fantab:) )) so I don't think I'd be opposed to receiving. Although it would catch me off guard...I just dont really see the difference. If that's what he wants to do, that's that turns him on, if it feels good I won't rain on his parade.

I'm hungry now...

Welp, that's all for the Q&A...hope you enjoyed:)
Now it's time for some homework!!!

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Besitos para ti:)
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industry

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