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Friday, June 18, 2010

More Q&A With Miss Sixxxty

Dearest babes an gents, I just wanna say I love you guys:)
I've been getting emails from you and I am very grateful.
Seems like just yesterday I started this damn blog outta boredom.
Now I have some faithful readers an that makes me smile:)
It's nice to know you guys like the things that go on in my head.
While I may not be a popular blog yet, I appreciate you guys spreadin the word.
But back to the task at hand, I'm gonna be sharing some questions you guys have been asking.

Q: You are always talking about lame ass sexual experiences. So my question is what does a man have to do to please you physically? Do a man has to have a thick penis? a long penis? What do you consider stamina 30 mins or 3 hrs? Does he have to be creative sexually? What? The main reason I ask this is because I love to please a woman. I've never gotten any complaints matterfact all I get is 5 star reviews but I always strive to be better. Sometimes I wonder if I'm as really good as it seems or are these basic bitches just use to bad sexual experiences and then I come along with a basic performance and they just think it's wonderful. I figure you have had many sexual experiences good and bad and could possible give me an idea of what real women expect from a man sexually and what does it take for you (them) to be satisfied orgasmically.
A: Ugh I've been cursed.God must be a woman and she laughs at me everytime I have sex. I've had more bad experiences than good=/
And to please me I just need you to be in tune to my needs. If you're doing something, be it giving oral, thrusting, whatever and my body jerks or my back arches, you're doing something right lol.
And I have yet to have sex with a skinny less endowed dick, but I know being thick is a plus (except in the anal sex dept.) And sometimes being long isn't a plus. I don't like having my cervix pulverized. It hurts, and reminds me of menstrual cramps. No Dice.
And stamina to me isn't all that important. If you can please me in 3 minutes then great. You just have to be willing to go the distance so that I get mine. Don't just tapout after you finish.
Now as far as these potentially basic bitches, do they keep coming back? I mean if they do you're clearly above basic right? If they hit it and quit it, something wasn't there. Just figure out what the girl likes, some are into slow sensual sex, while others are into rough kinky sex. Just keep your ears and eyes open to her facial expressions, body movements, breathing and sounds.

Q: My question is about, when to make a move? I seem to have an issue with misreading signs. We're alone I want it I think she wants it but I'm not exactly sure if she actually does, and to prevent awkward situations I sometimes chicken out, and later learn i missed an opportunity. So what are the signs (looks, body language, etc) that things are full steam ahead?
(He did go into detail in another email, but for the sake of space, I'm not going to post it)
A: Okay when she said "don't think about touchin my booty" an smiled, that meant "touch it" lol.
If she didn't want it she wouldn't have even brought it up, an if she did, she woulda said it with an attitude.
You know when you see a video or link that says "do not watch" an you do it anyways?
That's kinda like what just happened.
She stuck her butt out an said don't touch thinkin you'd playfully touch it anyways lol
So in the future just listen to the tone of voice, facial expressions...ect.
Trust & believe, if she didn't wanna be touched she wouldn't have sat so close:)

Q: Which one do you think is better between having phone sex or sexting??
A: In my personal opinion, I like "sexting"
Mainly cause I think phone sex is for weenies.
I like bein able to swap pics, an I like that I can be @ work or class an I can scroll thru my inbox an relive last night's freak fest:)
I also think texts releases peoples inhibitions, you'll be more inclined to say what you're thinkin without worrying if you sound stupid

Q: Sooo i linked uhp with this guy , cz i always seemed him around but neva knew his name , and soo he came to my friends movie night , and we ended uhpp foolin around , we first were cuddlin , but then dude was kissin on my neck ; let me remind yuu i worked that day an went straight to her house ,so he start tryna go down an kiss my stomach , an i was like ohh nooo ,dont do that , so finally i was like listen i been at work all day ,can i go take a shower ,before puttin myself out there , cz ion need no reputation , an he was like i understand , so i took a shower ,shaved and all! dhen after that i was wayy more comfortable with doing somethin ... sooo i went back to the room i was like my bad , i just didnt feel as clean as i shouldve been from working .... was that a bad thing , like lettin him no i had to take a bath , or was it a no shame thing ?
A: See you're just like me cause I RE-FUSE to do anything w/o showering
I mean if anything you didn't even have to tell him you needed to shower you coulda been like "lemme get ready:)"
That would give him a lil somethin somethin to think about while you prepare.
When I first met T.O.N.y I wasn't expectin to meet anyone, let alone hook up w/ anyone.
So I was panicking because he wanted to chill an I wasn't ready.
So I pushed my pride aside, an @ 3am bought some shaving cream an razors an shaved in a gas station bathroom.
I'd rather keep a dude waiting while I get all landscaped an sexified than havin him clown me for bein unshaven an smelly.
Btw kudos for stoppin when you did, cause my neck is my weakness; its usually a wrap after that.
An I think bein told to your face "do you be shavin/have you been workin out today" is more embarrassing than anything...
I'm pretty sure he thanked you for sparring him lol

Q: i was reading your blog its really intresting...its giving me new i deas so i guess u can say im doing a little homework, well anyway the reason im emailing you is to ask if you were still single, if so, i am to and was wondering if we could get to know eachother if thats cool
A: To answer your question I AM single but idk about starting up an internet romance lol

Babes an Gents, keep em coming! Drop me a line . Got questions? Wanna give feedback? Or simply wanna suggest a topic for a blog? That would be the place to do it:)
Hope you guys are ready and warmed up for tonight's homework:)

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I would tweak the position a wee bit, putting my hands on the ground for support. Unless you're short enough for your gent to grab your shoulders. Or if you're REALLY short (or he's REALLY tall) you can just rest on his lap:)

Remember, nothing is too taboo for me:)
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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