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Saturday, July 24, 2010


Busy busy busy me. Babes an gents you'd be proud of me. I finally signed up for a pole fitness class (lemme just say my muscles are SHOT) and its faboosh!
So far I've learned a simple routine consisting of some basic spins, crawls, an floor work.
You'd be proud of me.
As promised I shall be documenting them in a blog, but that's not the point of this blog today.

One of my fave blogs The Boobs posted a video a few weeks back and I'm barely getting to my take on the game (deepest apologies) lol.
Let's take a peeky-peek shall we?

OR watch it here via mobile web.
Gotta love the :57 mark.
"You a healthy lookin lil mo'fucka. How about helpin a workin girl out an gettin me my crack rock back. I'll give you the best gummer you've ever had."

/\__/\__/\__________ I have officially #flatlined.
I've heard of porn type video games but this mess takes the cake an ice cream!
It's backed by Ron Jeremy, aka the Messiah of the porn world, aka the hairy white guy with a huge dick.

Hmmm...didn't know Pinky got down like that...I've always been curious to know how good he was in the sack. I mean he IS Ron Jeremy...W/e lemme get back on task...

I really wanted to play the demo and let you guys know what I thought, whether it was worth paying the 34.99 for the download or 39.99 for the actual CD-ROM (I wonder why anyone would buy the CD-ROM when you clearly can just download it for cheaper...idk...). You can also play a mini game *here* for a one time fee of 4.99 (not bad)

Maybe sometime within the coming weeks I'll grow a pair and download it to my laptop, play a few rounds and let you know what I think.
From what I'm reading, its basically like any GTA game, where you have he ability to roam around, but there are still "missions" you need to complete in order to advance throughout the game, and work your way up to boning those hot chicks.
I will admit I do love the way their boobs move. I can't wait to buy my own(:

Could this game be the future of porn? Or is it just too much work to get off? If you're like me, you may be easily distracted. I know when I'm tryna get off I can't be thinkin hella shit, I just gotta focus on the finish line.

...There I go getting off topic again.

But I guess I won't know until I play it.
But I hadn't hear of the game, doubt you guys had either. Just thought I'd share this lil nugget of joy with you all.
Don't forget to email me kids. I haven't done a Q&A blog in ages an I'm kinda itchin to.

Homework for tonight, as promised.

Courtesy of
I could get down with this. The name doesn't hurt either lol. I'm in dire need of some good head. For this one I'd probably wanna be propped up against a wall, you know, in case he's JUST that good(:

Au revoir, mon amoures
Miss Sixxxty, you're very own freak of the industryy

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