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Thursday, July 8, 2010

One, Two, Three, FORE:)

a set of intimate psychological and physical acts between two or more people meant to create desire for sexual activity and sexual arousal -Wikipedia definition

What is supposed to come before sex or leading up to it. Often conveniently forgotten by the male.

Why is foreplay so important to women you ask?
Put it like this: men are like scooters; doesn't take much to get em going. Women are like car heaters in the winter; gotta warm up the car first in order to get that heater scorchin':)

Me, myself, I'm a HUGE advocate of foreplay. I hate when boys dive straight between my legs and then wonder why I look like I'm not enjoying myself.
Chances are if there's no foreplay, I'm bound to be dry. Penis + dry vag = chaffing. No fun for either of us.

FLASHBACK: I went to go "hang out" with a guy from one of my classes. Semester was over so we'd occasionally text each other. When I arrived we watched "Vantage Point" and I was bored because it was a stupid movie. Then he turned off the movie and kissed me. Not the world's best kisser, but definitely not the worst. Next thing I know he stripped down from the waist down! Ordinarily I'd be excited but this time I was somewhat confused. He slid my basketball shorts down while I laid there like a vegetable and after about two minutes he stopped.

Me: What's the problem?
Him: You don't seem like you like it. Makes me feel like I'm not puttin it down. (He wasn't)
M: What?
H: You make me question my manhood...
M: *sucks teeth* Okaaaaaaaay?

So I left, unsatisfied. Man fuck his ego what about me and my needs?!

Babes and gents, the issue was I wasn't turned on! The mindset wasn't there.
Had he sucked on my neck a lil' bit beforehand, we probably woulda been ready to go!
While I'm pretty sure my gents loooooove a wet pussy (and yes, I'm cringing as I say that word). And why is that? Because it makes the sex feel better right?
So why do some of you insist on sex without foreplay??
Find me a woman who doesn't enjoy some form of foreplay and I'll show you a mutant.
I take that back - Neytiri from Avatar was a mutant and she liked foreplay too.
For my Babes & Gents, this is for you(:
This is how I like MY foreplay. Results may vary.
(You can thank me after you catch your breath and rehydrate)

Massages: Who doesn't love a good rubdown?! How I do MY massages, I'll sit on the lucky gent an give him a massage (with his shirt ON). Then depending on the scenery (Am I at work? Am I at home and my family is due to arrive soon? Are we at his place?) I'll say something like "I can do a much better job with this shirt out the way..." and pull the shirt off. I don't have oil or lubes handy, so I use my Vanilla Noir (courtesy of Bath & Body Works) lotion. The scent of vanilla + the body heat from my hands = intoxicating. That way whenever they smell it elsewhere they think of me(:
Anyways, lotion is usually cold straight out the bottle. So I pour a little bit in my hands, warming it in my palms. Then when he thinks I'm gonna pour some more lotion on my hands I pop my bra off, put some lotion on my boobs (another perk to having pierced nips) and on my hands and I rub my boobs across his back while I'm massaging his shoulders. He usually rolls over on his back after this;)
***Another thing I like to do is sit behind a dude with long hair (think Pauly D) and run my fingers through his hair. Tugging, massaging, scratching...the scalp has a lot of nerve endings. That's why some babes like having their hair pulled during sex.

Now that I'm sitting on his stomach this is the perfect time for him to sit up and start kissing on my neck. I like when he's sucking on my neck and also breathing on my neck between sucks. Breathing, not blowing. There IS a difference. It literally sends chills up my spine. Bite me a lil bit, lick behind my ear (I promise its clean back there:) ).

By this time I should be able to feel your growing erection (love that feeling, yay for basketball shorts!) then I'm gonna push you off, and stare at you. I'll grab your hands and pin them above your head and return the favor.
Some grinding is expected. When I come up for air we can play a bit of tonsil hockey and then the fun part: GETTING NAKED!!!
Since we already got our shirts off time to put your mouth where the nip is lol
Then its YOUR TURN to push me on MY back. Pull my pants down (if I'm wearing any). Once those are off I'm gonna roll you to the side, slide your pants know what happens next;)

*Drops mic, exits stage left*
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Mmmmmmmmm, baby.

Once again, You're welcome.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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