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Monday, July 19, 2010

Grrrr Is For Grizzly Bear:)

Babes an gents I have a tad bit of a dilemma.
Okay so a few weeks back I wrote about my coworker, the one who bitched out on me at the last minute?
Well yeah after weeks of the silent treatment we started talking again.
He asked me to take his shift one day and I did it, then we started texting like we usually did.
During this whole conversation I'm trying my best not to bring anything up that would remind us of the whole lap straddling incident, cause we just got over the awkwardness and I didn't want history to repeat itself.

Well shit, apparently I didn't try hard enough.

For those of you who follow my primary twitter (that's how most of you found out about the blog anyways:) ) you know I love bein in lingerie.
Well I had myself a lil photoshoot showcasing all my diff outfits.
And I was in the middle of one when he texted me asking me how the shift went. I told him I was busy taking the pics and I get

"Well shit can i get one for free:)"

Got damn it I barely got over the fact that I can't have my way with you and you say something like that.
You guys know I have no willpower.
And he is low key beautiful.
What's a girl to do?!
Well I didn't send one, but I told him maybe he could get one if he reminded me in the morning.
Last time it took him one night to get all guilt trippy on me so I thought, "Well if it happened last time, it can happen again" I mean I can understand thinking with your penis in the heat of the moment but damn!

This morning I get a text
"Do I get one now?"


I've been fighting it. But idk how long I can fight it.
I haven't had sex in about 4 months.
He's gonna catch me on a particularly bad day and I'm gonna catch him alone and it'll be a wrap!
PROS: I get some penis finally.
CONS: he guilt trips me YET AGAIN and/or he may be just a missionary man.

FOR MY BABES: have you ever just looked at a guy an thought he'll be boring in bed? Like not even tryna be mean but when I look at him I can't see him throwing my legs over his shoulder an givin it to me the way I want, smackin my ass all the while. He looks like he likes being on top. I could be wrong tho. But then again I could be right.

*SIGH* I haven't heard from him all day so like last time I guess I'll have to wait an see...of course I'll keep you guys updated tho;)

For homework tonight I thought I'd give you guys a peek into my head.
The things I would do to him...

Courtesy of
This man just doesn't know...I'd work him over and out...don't let me catch him down a dark alley...

So should I go through with it or what? Send me emails to tell me what'cha think!

Damn I hope I get some dick soon. I'm not thinkin straight lol
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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