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Friday, August 13, 2010

Beware Of The Banshees!!!

I just had to share this little nugget o' joy with you babes an gents.
I will never have a banshee of my own, but lemme tell you I LOVE this girl.
Take a peek:

The 1:55 mark is CLASSIC!!!
OR watch it here via mobile web.

Granted the little banshee didn't know what the hell was going on but you gotta admit, if that was your banshee that would probably be MORTIFYING. Which brings me to my next point.
I can remember the first time I ever heard my parents having sex. I was 11 and it was the day before I was to start the 6th grade in my new town. My mother was moaning and my dad made this "GAAAAAAAH!!" noise like he was trying to scare someone. When I came downstairs in the morning I saw my mom doing these weird stretches w/ a big ass smile on her face. I shuddered all day at school. I'm surprised the kids in my class didn't think I was some sort of crackhead from Oakland the way I was tweaking that day.
Matter of fact I'm getting those tweaker chills as I type this.
I remember hearing them as I got older and I finally had to confront my mom one day because it was nasty as shit and freaking me the fuck out.

Mom. We need to talk.
About what?
I hear you. And dad. At night.
...Doing what?
Mother. You know what I mean!
*Nervous laughter*

She never took me seriously.
Cause they continued to have sex.
Summer before my junior year in high school it was like they were boning every night!
All you hear was *thud thud thud* and I had nowhere to go because they would set the stupid house alarm.
I was trapped in my very own version of hell.
The TV room happened to be below their bedroom and I would try to turn the volume up to no avail.
Its like shit mom! Be considerate and at least wait til I knock myself out with drugs or when I gotta work late or something!

Now, let my padres catch me having sex (in my own room, albeit) and all hell will break loose. Stupid double standards.

Anyways, I didn't think I'd feel like writing today given the recent events that have taken place in my life, but I'm glad I found something that made me (and hopefully you) smile today.

Homework time babes an gents.

Courtesy of
Drill to thrill? Yes please! THIS is why I need sex with a man. Not a toy Lemme wrap my legs around you, damnit.

Emails tooooo

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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