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Thursday, August 19, 2010

"The Hush Game"

...I don't even know where to begin with this literal fuckery.
I...*sigh* there just are no words to describe the level of "What the fucking fuck?" that I'm feeling.
Ugh...just watch it.

WARNING: THIS VIDEO IS NSFW!!! (Not Safe For Work for those who aren't up on their acronyms)

OR watch it here via mobile.

FIRST OFF, for those who are unaware of what just happened, this trollop is on the phone with her BOYFRIEND the ENTIRE time she is fuckin her boyfriend #2.
Okay, idk about you guys, but I've never been able to give a decent QUIET blow job. So I'm wondering what her bf is thinking is going on durin those periods of silence. How did she not once slip up and slurp into the phone?
THEN she has the nerve to say "You could be doin me but oh well" Bitch you're about to get yours. Stop it.
And when did we stop landscaping?! Have we gotten lazy? That is a very brave (not to mention well endowed) young man for divin in that jungle sans a machete.
"I'm about to change clothes in a minute" yeah you sure are you triflin' tramp.
I do find it funny that she starts talkin about Applebee's an Golden Corral being open on Monday. He takin you to dinner at Golden Corral? #OhYouFancyHuh...

SIDENOTE: At the 3:16 mark he did the "come hither" move while goin down on her. Take notes.

Must give him props tho for thoroughly eating the cooch. You only find ones like those once in a blue moon.
I just don't understand how she not once let a moan go. I've been in situations where I have to be quiet but you can still hear my breathing an whatnot, I may pull your head down so your ear is close to my mouth an you can hear a lil somethin somethin so you know I'm not COMPLETELY bored.
But this trollop right here...
I have no words for her.

But my question balls really flap around like that??? I've watched a few porns in my day but rarely are men involved, just because I don't like starin at their muscluar clenched asses and I don't like to look at balls...idk porn is a fantasy and my fantasies rarely involve up close and personal shots of testicles. Now I can stroke em an grab on em when you're hittin from the back, or if they're shaved I may kiss em once or twice, but as far as lookin @ ma'am. Never look a gift horse in the mouth.
...This video just chips away at my already dwindling view on monogamy.
Can't ANYONE be faithful these days???

Homework time:) (Oh,and if you were wondering...its been 5 months and 2 days...just an FYI)

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Prime position for tickling the testes:)

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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