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Saturday, August 28, 2010

One Random Ass Blog.

Babes an gents, what have I been up to lately?
Well for starters, I learned how to make my ass clap.
And let me tell you that is one of the funniest things to me. I'll watch myself do it in the mirror and bust up laughing because, I just don't understand what it is exactly that drives men so crazy over it! Same thing goes for when they want you to bend over so they can see your vertical smile. Don't get that one either.
But then again, I'm not a big fan of staring at vaginas, either.
To each his own on the ass clapping subject.
Oh, but best believe I'll be busting it out soon:)

Still haven't been able to put my pole to use, all the stuff I've learned in class is being forgotten because I can't practice in the comfort of my own home.

I can't stop watching that horrid Brian Pumper - oh, excuse me, B. Pumper video w/ "Chippy D" "Oh, And Its Shaved". Quite possibly one of the worst songs ever written. And his wardrobe doesn't help, either. Ol' 'roided up Lloyd Banks lookin ass.
But he could still get it ANY DAY.
Peep it:

OR watch it here via mobile web.
I'ma start sayin "Oh, and its shaved...
..Don't let me find the lyrics to this song...

For those of you asking whatever happened to the guys after the party last friday...we off that.
Had fun but eh:) who knows at this point.

I have another Stage 5 Grenade situation, and the sad part is, I really used to have fun and actually wanted to sleep with him.
Now I'm just so turned off by him just the mere sound of his ringtone is enough to put me in a bad mood.
He became a S5G when I realized he was always gonna rely on me to provide a place for us to get down to business, even if I wasn't the one who initiated the convo. He always expected to get down in my car. Now that I've bought a new car, I'm not havin that shit, no ma'am NOT. UP. IN. HERE.
He texts me every other day just to see how my day is going, and occasionally will try to seduce me.

"Sounds like you're having a rough day. U need a blunt and a masseauge."
"If u ever want a rubdown, lemme know:)

It gets really irritating after a while.
But I swear these dudes are PER-SIS-TENT! That is why they're in the S5G category.
The other day we had a somewhat inneresting convo, he asked me how long it had been since I had sex, and I told him 5 months and some change and he tells me its been 2 for him.

"its the girls they arent freakey enough lol an i refuse to settle for less"

Clearly if this man stays hitting me up, I must not qualify as "less". toot, toot.

Then I proceeded to question him. If his drought wasn't as long, if not longer than mine, doesn't that mean he settled?

"I was fooled thats why lol an u were no where ti be found."
"Lmao what do you mean fooled?"
"Fooled by wat shd was sayin it sounded good but the sex wasnt lol"
"Sucks for you"
"the times we did the sex was niiice:) yeah i enjoyed ur sex mos def."

Why thank you SIR. Tell me something I don't know. He then basically said he classifies a freak as someone who gets pleasure outta giving it, and that the one time I wore heels while we had sex that was a major turn on.
Thanks for the confidence boost, but not to sound cocky, I already know I'm good at what I do, and it doesn't make you look any less thirsty.

Idk I don't like bein pressed when I'm not pushin up on you.
If I never text you out the blue, the same way you text me, there's an issue there an you may wanna look into it.

SIDEBAR: How ironic is it that the dudes I really wanna sleep with, I can never have. But the dudes I don't even wanna be bothered by go all kinds of crazy an start harassing me? So chances are, if I wanna fuck you, you probably have a girlfriend. And I probably can't have you. And chances are if I don't look at you twice, it would be in my best interest to not give you my number.

Now not saying I will never ever sleep w/ him again, but it probably won't happen until he gets his own transportation and his own place, translation: no time soon.

Just thought I'd give you guys an update, hope you enjoy the random blog, didn't know what to write about tonight so I wrote about everything that was on my mind.
Let's get down to business, I know this is probably your favorite part of the blog: HOMEWORK TIME!!!

Courtesy of
You can't tell me I don't assign the most fantastic homework ever. If I was a teacher I bet I'd have apples on my desk everyday. I'm still waiting on the big day...*sigh*

Night kids,
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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