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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back Seat Action:)

So it had been like a week since I last had sex and I was starting to get worried the drought was gonna repeat itself!

SIDEBAR: Why did I just wake up and realize my belly button ring is completely GONE??

Anyways, I had gotten a phone call early yesterday evening from the Pizza Man (yes that is what we're gonna call him, because that's what he is!) saying he wanted to hook up later. Alright, I'm down...but the thing with the Pizza Man is, he sucks at returning calls in a timely manner, if he even returns them at all! And the fact that he calls from a private number doesn't help either.
So I told this foolio to call me when I got off work. Of course he DIDN'T. So I'm panicking like "OMG it's happening again!!!" I drove home and sat in my car for over 40 minutes waiting on this man to call me back.
Never happened.
So I dragged my stupid ass in the house (I say stupid because this is not the first time this has happened), feeling defeated and horny.
I log onto twitter, but that doesn't help much, because the freaks REALLY do come out at night.
As the evening progresses, I finally accept the fact that this man isn't gonna call me and I should let it go.
Well around midnight my luck started changing!!
First I won 150 bucks worth of hair products from Halley's Curls (which, lemme tell you , their shit ain't cheap but its soooooooo worth it).
Then I got a text from Drake asking me if I wanted to kick it (yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees).
AND AND AND The Carnie is comin back to the fair this year!!! Can yo say "Kick ass"?!?!?!!

...You know what? Scratch Drake, we shall now refer to him from this point on as "Christiano". It suits him better.

Anywhoo, he asks me if I can make him a tri-tip sandwich. Being the nice person I am, I make one and go on about my business. I pick him up, and the plan is to find a house for sale and bust a mission there. Well, first order of business is he needs to eat. He notices I didn't put any BBQ sauce on the sandwich (well shit, I don't eat tri-tip as a sandwich anyways how was I supposed to know lol) so he runs out the car and comes back with a bottle of BBQ sauce.
He was real serious when it came to his sauce.
Now, you guys know I'm not new to thissss i.e. The Big Bang pt. II, so I mean why the hell not??
We spend the next 30 or so minutes looking for "for sale" signs, and each house we go to is locked up and has a loud little yappy dog on either side of the fence.
...This would have been so much easier in a new development where EVERYTHING is unlocked! But I didn't know where any were, so we continued our search.

About 6 houses and 3 spiderwebs later (walking through a spiderweb at night is one scary shiz) we just decide to christen the car. And I know I said there would be nothing going on in my backseat whatsoever, but for him, I was willing to make an exception.

I backed into a shaded area, just in case we needed to make a break for it, stripped down an got back to business.
For some reason the ceiling in this car seemed to be lower than the ceiling in my other car, so as I got on top to ride I had to bend my neck funny.
Snaps for my Elasta-Girl like vag for shrinking back to size in less than a week, because when I hopped on it HURT. He crossed his arms around my lower back and pushed me down all the way which felt reaaaaal good. I'm riding him, an he's showin the girls some much needed attention:) Then we switch up to him on top.

SIDEBAR: If you ever get the chance to ride in my car on a cold night, check out the back window when it gets foggy. you'll see little feet prints lol.

I had opened the sunroof earlier so that the windows didn't get foggy, but that didn't work out as well as I thought. So he sat back and I sat between his legs in this reverse cowgirl sitting like position, and started riding away. Then he grabbed my hips and wedged me between the driver an passenger seats and I stuck my head out the sunroof.
Which probably woulda looked hilarious to anyone that walked by.
For the most part we did this modified doggy position and when I glanced back he was doing some acrobatic monkey shit, but I really didn't care cause it felt BOMB. I bent over even more, damn near giving my stick shift a blow job aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...

It was over.
Snaps to the kid cause after he does body shots he wipes me down.
What a gentleman. lol

We get dressed, exchange hugs an goodbyes and we go our separate ways.
I'm thoroughly satisfied, I got my issue, and I've determined that we DON'T have another T.O.N.y. sitchy on our hands, and that it's strictly business. For dick this good, you will not get any complaints from me.

...Except maybe hat we should have sex more often...but that's just me...
Me an my pounded vag are satisfied at the moment, thanks.

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We did this the 1st night...back seat action is nice, but this man in a bed is a BEAST

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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