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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Behind Enemy Lines

Babes an gents I have come to the conclusion that I am going to hell in a hand basket.
Because of my late night last night I've been sluggish all day.
The minute I walk out the door the Pizza Man calls. He tells me he drove by my house an saw I wasn't home. This was around 11 p.m., so I'm trying to figure out how he would have gotten my attention sans a cell phone had I been there lol.
Throw pebbles at my window maybe?
Idk...just a thought.
Anyways, he asks if I wanna chill tonight and I say sure, but because every time he has called me, plans fell through and I didn't take him very seriously.
I got some gas, grabbed some dinner and was headed home. I'm not even a quarter of the way home when he calls me and asks me where I'm at. I hadn't expected him to call back so soon! So I gotta bust a bitch and follow his directions to his house.
Lemme just say he SUCKS at giving directions! He can just stick to pleasing me, which he's really good at:)
Anyways I give up on trying to find him and let him find me. Well he lives in the cuts of east jesus nowhere! I would have never been able to find it on my own.
We pull up, and I follow him to his room.
We get in there and I notice pinks an greens and whites. Panties everywhere, Robert Pattinson posters everywhere.
Maybe it's his sisters room...
Even though I know damn well this man doesn't have a sister.
Panties an bras strewn about...yep.
I am now in the enemy's territory.
It was a little...unsettling...but hey, I needed my issue.
I'm not gonna lie I was tempted to leave my panties an see if she'd notice.
Very naughty of me, so I decided against it. I got nothin against anyone lol.
This dude.
Is an ass man.
He LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES my ass. And I can appreciate a dude who can appreciate a nice ass lol.
So he's just touching, squeezing, tapping it...sometimes I think he likes my ass more than he likes me.
One thing I like about him is that he doesn't forget the foreplay. You guys know how I feel about it.
He slides his boxers down and I get on my job.
Tasted a bit like coffee...maybe that's why I'm not tired right now...haha
He looks at me and asks me if "its too sore to eat" in reference to my piercing. While it doesn't hurt, I just don't want any direct contact to it right now. And I continue with the oral attention.
Then I stop an sit between his legs, he self lubes and I get into reverse cowgirl (that is becoming my trademark as of late). Reverse is also the best for an ass man. He turns on the lights so he can see, lights, camera, action, I'm ready for my close up Mr. Deville and I perform my ass off.
We alternate from me riding to him pumping, an when its his turn I gotta make sure to keep my back arched as far as possible so that he can get the full effect. Sure enough that's what sends him over the edge and I'm pleased with myself.
I get dressed, tiptoe to my car, exchange goodbyes and I'm off, nuggets still hot in the bag.
This guy is really sweet, an makes sure that I have a good time no matter what.
I got a lil weak spot when it comes to him.

Now it's time to do my hair and things of that nature so I can get into tip-top shape for my birthday paaaahty:)


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There are so many variations to this position, I needa try them all...

Oh an BTW, whoever keeps sending me bible verses, I'm good. kthanks:)
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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