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Sunday, September 19, 2010


6 months was the longest drought ever.
Let's hope it never happens again.
Let me fill you guys in:)

Saturday night, the plan was I was gonna meet my friends for dinner. After dinner we ended up party hopping an me and my guy friend ended up in a parking lot. I met a few of his friends and the guy who was throwing the party. I didn't get a real good look at him til we got to his house.
There, he took his shirt off to use it to help ease the strain of the keg.
My, oh my, he may not have a body builder physique, but it was still lovely. We shall call him Drake. Because that was the soundtrack for the evening.
So anyways I'm cheesin like I hit the lotto and my guy friend looks at me and says,

"If you were a dude you'd so have a boner right now"

The night progresses and games of beer pong and kings cup are being played. Now me personally, I don't like beer. And for some reason I kept having to drink during king's cup. I swear it wasn't fair!! Then my guy friend asked me if I could take him to get something to eat, and on the way back, my tire blew out!
Fortunately it was near his house, as well as mine. I park down the street and walk back the rest of the way. Me and Drake started chatting, and my guy friend approached me and let me know he was leaving the party and that he wasn't gonna leave me alone. Well, I appreciate the gesture but I've got other plans for the evening!
Over the next hour or so we're alternating between trying to put on a spare, calling roadside assistance (which I later found out I don't have), and attempting to call my friends who were all sleeping at 4 a.m.
And this whole time I'm texting Drake, he already knows what's up...I just had to find a way to ditch my guy friend!
Finally I just had him drop me off at the 24 hr. grocery store and had Drake come and swoop me right after.
With my car on a flat I was basically stranded, and if I was gonna be stranded I'd rather be stranded at his house.
He comes and picks me up and we go back to his house.

D: "Wanna watch some tv?"
M: "Sure"

When I get to his room something goes wrong with the TV and we decide to listen to music instead.
We build a playlist together, and from his choices, I know I'm getting laid.
He asks me if I'm ready to go mimiz, and I lay down, enjoying the music.
Then I feel his hands and I'm like yesssssssssssss.
I hop on top and strip down, and he gets naked.
And I look at his penis.
I wish I coulda done a rain dance.
It was beautiful. Nice & thick, just long enough, and he was manscaped so beautifully...aaaaah.
I was a lil mad that I didn't get to landscape earlier that day, but since it wasn't jungle outta control, I wasn't about to stop this man from pleasing me.
Since it had been 6 months it was a tight squeeze, the kind you gotta eaaaase yourself onto.
I couldn't have asked for a better drought ending!!!
He knows how to werk it.
On my back, legs over his shoulders...on my stomach back arched w/ my ass in the air, on all fours, in front of a mirror, dangling off the edge of the bed...he was aggressive, just like I like em.
He ordered me to stick it back in when it slipped out, let me know when I got into (reverse) cowgirl to go slow an grind on him cause he liked to watch...he pulled my hair while I was in reverse so I was completely laying flat on his stomach...It was great. I know his brother was home w/ a girl, but I can't keep quiet cause it felt sooooooo good. When we were in front of the mirror he wrapped his arm around my neck and pulled my hair...Then when he would slap my ass, nice an hard and frequent.
About four times during the course of the night he said he was tired and ready to go to bed, but as I crawled to the bed he dragged me back for more cause he wasn't finished yet and "Oh baby, I just wanna fuck the shit outta you"
Well, keep at it sir, you'll get no complaints from me!
Finally about an hour & a half later he left the room and came back with some lube. Poured a little on his dick, I put a little on my lady bits, and he poured some on my thighs an it was feeling good until my vag felt like it was on fire!!!

M: "Wait stop. Is this supposed to burn?"
D: "You like it"
M: "*OUCH* no we gotta take a break this shit burns"

He used warming lube that gets hot. Yeah, I had to tap out after that. We went to sleep for real this time, but before he dozed off he said we'd continue in the morning.
I fell asleep in a sex sweaty bed, fully satisfied.
I woke up about an hour later, having to pee, but he was sleeping and idk what to do! So I held it in. Not to mention I didn't wait the four weeks for my piercing to heal!
Finally I mustered up enough courage to leave the room and head to the bathroom, and then I got dressed and woke him up to tell him I was leaving.
He grabbed me and told me to go back to sleep, and I laid down for a little bit. Then he reminded me that we weren't finished.
I stripped from the waist down and we attempted to get down to business.
Since I had just woken up, things were a little...dry. So tryin to get it in hurt like hell, but I wanted it sooo bad.
So we ended up with me hunched over the edge of the bed with him behind me. That really just pushed me over the edge.
Once we were finished, I got dressed again and was getting ready to leave.
But he insisted he cook for me/
We chatted some more, getting to know each other, while he prepared a full breakfast.
After we finished eating, he drove me to my car and said our goodbyes.

Last night/this morning was amazing. Totally wasn't planning on fucking ANYONE that night but, shit happens:)

Let's just hope we don't have another T.O.N.y. situation on our hands.
Guess you just gotta take it one day at a time...
That man could get it again anytime, anywhere, any which way.
I may have found my diamond in the rough.
And he only lives 10 minutes away:)

Breathe a sigh of relief babes an gents. I'm no longer on the verge of an emotional breakdown or ready to kill.
I'm one happy camper:)

Homework for me to finally try out:)

Courtesy of
I'm tryna get it in tonight. I've found my very own personalized drug. He suits my needs. Shiiiiiiit. I can't wait for round two...

Life is good.
Miss Sixxxty, your very satisfied freak of the industryy

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