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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Quest For The VCH Piercing.

I've been debating this piercing ever since I did the "Penises && Piercings pt.II" blog.
Something about it was visually pleasing about the piercing. And the thought of an unsuspecting gent striking gold when he least expected it was just too much.
So as I got repierced last week I showed my piercer the next step in my body modification (I have 16 piercings as of late, if you were unaware).
He's done all but 3 of my piercings, I trust him. I mean he's already seen my boobs, why the hell not?
I showed him the picture and he asked me if I was sure. I assured him I was, I felt there's nowhere left to go but up. He told me there will be an initial pinch, but its not a lasting sting. Good right?
He knows I'm not good with anticipation, I always end up stopping him at least once before the actual piercing takes place. But I plan on going through with it tomorrow.
Let's just hope he doesn't laugh at my lady bits, because I haven't landscaped in about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. And I don't plan on doing it again until my birthday.
Also, if I do it tomorrow it'll heal a bit before my birthday.
Here goes nothin.

9.13.10 10:35 p.m.
Googling pictures of VCH piercngs. So far so good. I've watched a few videos on youtube of girls getting it done. The pain looks temporary.
But for some reason that's not putting me at ease, it's making me more anxious. A lot of girls say their earlobes hurt the most. Well hell, I got my ears pierced when I was a mere babe how the hell am I supposed to remember if it hurt or not?!
*inhales deeply* Just gonna try to think of the cool will it be to say "Yeah I got one:)" I've already got a shitload of piercings in various areas of my body what's another hole? And unlike the majority of my piercings this will be one pinch since it's only going through one fold of skin. It'll be'll be fine. Time for sleep now.

9.14.10 2:01 p.m.
I feel like I'm walking the Green Mile, on my way to my last supper. My heart is racing. Fuuuuuck why did I have to park so far?! I'm reflecting on life as I know it, butterflies in my stomach...

...Or is that food poisoning?

No, definitely butterflies. Fuck.

9.14.10 5:52 p.m.
Me and the BM are on the way and I'm nervous as shit. Driving down the street and all the blood is rushing to my head. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! "Rock Tha Boat" is playing on the radio and it isn't helping!

9.14.10 8:00 p.m.
Dropped the BM off. Scheduled the piercing for tomorrow instead. BM wanted a tatt so we went to another shop where she started cutting the hell up an low key dissing the shop I go to. Now she isn't speaking to me. Whatever.

9.15.10 3:30 p.m.
Oh lord. I'm laying on this table, naked from the waist down, and my piercer is seein it all. It's been like 2 weeks since I landscaped so I was initially a bit embarrassed but business is business he doesn't seem to care. He rubs this stuff on me and it gets reaaaaaaal cold and tingly. And he's making his dot.

9.15.10 3:52 p.m.
HOLY FUCKING CRAP. The first attempt we tried using the needle receiving tube. That didn't go so well. I was so nervous that as soon as the needle touched me I jumped. So we went for the forceps instead and tried again. This time I jumped so hard that I knocked the forceps out his hand. But hey, at least it's done:)

Everything is all tingly down there, but upon further inspection, I'm verrrry pleased with its placement.
I'm hoping that as soon as it stops being all tingly I can put it to use.
As per my piercer's orders, no sex for 4 weeks.
Damn him!!!
Buuuuuuut if I clean it before and after protected sex I think I'll be okay.
Shhhh, it'll be our little secret:)
Because my birthday is in less than four weeks, and I plan on using it on my birthday.
Shit, I better get some birthday sex.
Or my sex life is doomed.

Time for a smidge bit of homework tonight:)

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Keepin' it simple tonight:)

May all be well in Sixxxty Land:)
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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