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Friday, September 24, 2010

This & That...

Babes an gents, I am thoroughly pissed to shits.
Some things I have learned in these past 6 sexless months:

1. Men are more open when they're drunk.
2. I like men when they're drunk.
3. Sober = stupid.

*Let's go back about three dudes. All had some sort of alcohol in their system. And it was all good. The minute they sober up that's when shit starts changing.
Once I realize I'm no longer a priority to you, you are no longer a priority of mine, and you get sent to the elephant graveyard aka the "Z" list.
The "Z" listers are very different from the Stage 5 Grenades. Stage 5 Grenades are just crazy people who can't take no for an answer.
The "Z" lister concept comes from my phone book. You either have to ignore 3 texts from me (and I don't mean in succession; I mean over the course of DAYS) or if you DO reply I get maybe one or two texts from you to qualify for "Z" list status.
Basically means that I change your name to "Z" and you sit there with all the "Z"'s so I'm not tempted to text you. The phone works both ways you can always hit me up. But since you never probably will you just sit there with all the other "Z"'s
A person can only reach out to you so much.
So YOU sir, have been demoted to "Z" list status. You will be missed. But only for a second...

*Can someone explain to me just how the fuck does wanting sex everyday make a person "clingy"?! I'm not asking your bitch ass to take me to the movies, don't want you to take me to dinner, I just wanna borrow your penis to suit my pleasure on occasion. Since when is wanting sex a crime?! I don't even text dudes EVERYtime I want sex, because I'd be blowin their shit up. I mean hell, for the most part I let THEM hit me up. I figure you have my number. You know when you wanna have sex, and when the time is right you'll use it.
I have yet to meet a dude who was on the same page with my frequency. The Big Carl did come pretty close. There were still those days that he'd be "busy" or w/e...what can you do...
WTF ever man...I can't suffer another drought. I swear I will either kill someone or have an emotional breakdown...

*JUST because I'm a hypersexual individual, and want sex all the damn time does NOT mean I wanna have sex with you.
#Subliminal #ShotsFired

*Why is it so damn hard to find some reliable peen?! I mean MUST I get in a relationship in order to get some sex on demand?! (SOD for short) Liiiiiiiike, I'm not against relationships, but I'm not very fond of one night stands either. Can't we just fin a happy medium without me scrollin through the rolodex every time? Better yet, me sending out a mass text and picking the gentleman of the evening? I just want some steady dick from the same dude. That is all.

*Speaking of which, we may have another T.O.N.y. sitchy on our hands. Once again doing nice stuff without genuine intentions. If its a booty call, treat it as such. No need for the extra stuff. If I invite you over, I may have music playing, but that's it. No candles, no rose petals, none of that bullshit. You come over, get naked, dick me down , and maybe go to sleep, or leave, depending on what time of day it is. I'm not gonna sit here and give you a massage afterwards, offer to shower you, massage your scalp, cook for you NONE OF THAT BULLSHIT unless I like you. #ImSorry but I honestly think that shit should be reserved for people you actually LIKE and have intentions on dating.
No need to send funky ass mixed messages getting people caught up an whatnot.

*You already know how I feel about guys with girlfriends...depending on the situation I really don't care. BUT DO NOT pick me up in her fucking car.
Are you out of your fucking mind?!?!?! I swear next dude to pull that shit I'm shoving my panties under the seat. Perfect example I used:
You live at home with your parents.
Would you rather do it while they're there or when they're gone?
And would you prefer to do it in your bed or theirs?

I was very irritated when I started writing this.
Now I'm only slightly irritated.Can you say therapeutic??
*Sigh* Anyways...time for some homework.
I need to relieve some stress anyways...

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This looks like fuuuuuuun. Damnit. I needa make sure The Carnie is still on board for the fair this year.

Miss Sixxxty, your semi slightly irritated freak of the industryy

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