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Monday, November 1, 2010

Miss Sixxxty Update:)

Babes an gents I've been gone faaaaar too long.
I am back:)
No stories to really tell tho:(
Halloween = uneventful.
And by uneventful, I mean I didn't get laid:(
Things have just come to a screeching halt and I am NOT pleased to say the least!
But at the end of the day I have no control over another persons decisions, so I just have to mope around and be mad.

Stage 5 Grenade alert.
This man.
I've had sex with him before yes. But as of late I don't really wanna have sex with him now.
Its not that I don't like him or the sex wasn't good, idk I just don't wanna bone him. And I made the mistake of telling him I'd meet up with him.
Because later that night I got tired an wasn't tryna deal with his mess. Let me tell you how the night went.

Missed calls:
10:31 p.m.
10:48 p.m.
10:49 p.m.
11:14 p.m.
11:40 p.m.
11:54 p.m.

Text Received: 10:56 p.m. "Whats up"
Text Received: 11:43 p.m. "DAMN U ASLEEP OR???"


Missed calls:
11:31 a.m.
3:15 p.m.
and an unknown call around 10 p.m.

Text Received: 10:10 p.m. "Whats up"

Not to mention I have 3 unheard voicemails from him.
Now see why can't this be the person I actually want?? Dudes that I wanna bone hella bad, I don't go blowin their shit up like some psycho ex-girlfriend, I send just one text. If they don't respond, then I assume they're busy and I move on. I don't send those annoying "???" texts because 10 times outta 10 they received my text they just have yet to answer.
So all these damn phone calls have kinda turned me off.
Like dude, I understand that your girlfriend is outta town an you have the house to yourself. Truth be told, I don't wanna fuck you in her bed again. Kinda creepy. But that's no reason to go all bug-a-boo on me!

Back to the person I actually want. Welp. They're M.I.A.

Babes, don't ever let a booty call know they have crack dick. They will hold that shit against you and use it against you too. And you need to have the upper hand in that situation.
I cracked under pressure and now I have lost the upper hand. And I'm paying for it, sadly.
Let's hope this isn't the beginning of another drought.
I will literally check myself into rehab if I suffer another drought.

I'm still trying to work on a schedule that will satisfy both parties. So far I've come up empty handed.

AND ANOTHER THING: even though I am WELL aware that these dudes are not my boyfriends, am I asking too much for them to just give me a heads up when they're interested in another girl? I just don't wanna be left in the dark, wondering why you're not hitting me up, and all the while you're spending time with someone else! I just like to know what's going on, and no, I'm not a very good sharer, but I'm learning, work with me! I keep my feelings to a minimum, but even still I'd be hurt if you were all goo-goo gaa-gaa over someone else. I don't like being the "last resort". If I'm your last resort, don't even bother calling me.

(BTW I just got another phone call. and another voicemail. bringing the total to four.)

I mean fuck, I delegate the "last resorters" to the people who are ehh, and even then I don't even call them up if I don't get what I want. So when I feel I'm becoming a last resort to someone I feel like they're telling me they're bored and that they couldn't get anything better. And I don't like that feeling.

I could just be paranoid, but then maybe I'm on to something.

Okay so I've been dying to try these, one friend says they're fantastic, the other says it burns. We all know how that warming lube mishaps turned out...Thoughts? Send me an email=]

Then we got my latest obsession. "How you like yo eggs? Fried or fertilized?"

OR watch it HERE via mobile web.
Basically he's asking "would you like me to fry you some eggs? Or fertilize those eggs between ya legs again:)" lolololol
Do they look like Real && Chance OR Pootie Tang && Charlie Murphy???

I'm spent.


Courtesy of
Basically. I'm not a very flexible person. But i love this position. As long as he doesn't keep slipping out an air gets caught in there. Queefs are not cute whatsoever

Night kids=]
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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