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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Role Play:)

Hola an buenos noches babes an gents:) For those that were wondering, my vag is okay. It bled a bit for the first couple of days, but I think we're good to go. I swear I don't think I've ever looked at my vag this much ever. *sigh* Saturday morning was a freak accident. I don't know how the fuck it happened, or how the fuck his dick was okay afterwards, but ehh...

OOOOH YEAH!!! Can someone please explain to me why all you guys are praising this man?!

"I need to meet this dude if he's puttin' it down like THAT."
"Oh my, he must be hung then!!"
"So have you talked to The Annihilator yet?"
"LMAO Blue Magic is the now the man of steel"
"Blue Magic must be green lol"
"He did that ass!"

Just blow his head up an give him all the credit lol. I bet if I broke his penis I wouldn't be getting cheered on dudes would probably be scared to fuck with me ever.
Then I'd never have sex again.
And I'd wind up alone for the rest of my life.
Aside from my 40 cats.

Let me not think such horrible thoughts.

Anyways that wasn't the point of this blog, I just wanted to give y'all an update on the Kit Kat lol.

I have been ready for my next issue since Saturday afternoon and tonight I was just thinking about all the things I'd LIKE to try or do, but then I realize that I don't know how if he'd be up for it or think I'm some sort of sexual deviant...I mean he probably thinks that of me anyways, but certain things I would normally do for other dudes without a second thought I find my self stopping and thinking "Should I?" and I never do it. Perfect example: I have no problem sending racy pics throughout the day to guys I'm talking to or seeing or w/e. And when I say racy, I don't mean a close up of the Kit Kat in all her pierced glory. I mean something like if I'm getting dressed in the morning and I want to send him a shot of me in some lacy boy shorts or something. I don't know if he'd be like "Mmm:)" or "Why'd you send that?" I JUST DON'T KNOW DAMNIT!!! I feel retarded cause I would tell myself if I weren't me (if that makes any sense) "Closed mouths don't get fed, you gotta ask". An I mean it's not like I haven't voiced my opinions before. Told him having sex more often wouldn't hurt. And we see how that turned out lol. SO idk maybe not getting what I wanted that one time has made me a little hesitant to ask anything else. Who knows...

And then I remember that you gotta keep things interesting. Not to say the sex is boring cause it's far from it, but eventually someone ends up getting bored/catching feelings or whatever so I was thinking of ways to keep it interesting. Cause let's be honest; you can only do so much in the backseat of a compact car. I thought about role play. I've never done it and I've always been curious about it...but I never wanted to do the cookie cutter ideas that everyone always talks about, you know like the nurse and patient, or the student and teacher. I reached out to some of you on twitter and this is what was suggested.

Joseph & Mary
Celie & Mista
Bo Peep & Woody
Cops & Robbers
Bank Robber & Teller
Boss & Employee...

The ladies who suggested the first two can kiss my ass lol. But the Boss & Employee one kinda tickles my fancy. All I need is a desk and a button down blouse. I can see it already...

Boss calls me into the office to tell me he just doesn't think things are gonna work out, and a distraught me, knowing good an well I need this job saunters over to his desk. I sit seductively on the edge of the desk with my legs between his and tell him how much this job means to me and how I'm willing to do anything to keep it. And I mean ANYTHING. Then theres so much I can do from there. Hop down an get on my knees an prepare him for some Grade A red lipstick head, or straddle him in his office chair, or have him stand up, I pull him in with my legs and he unbuttons my shirt and takes me on the desk. So many possibilities here...

I wanna do something like this with someone who's willing to do it with me.
Fuck now that I think about it...I could do the whole Massage Parlor fantasy. I'm good with my hands and who doesn't like a massage with a happy ending;) It incorporates my two favorite things; straddling and naked mensss.

...Hell, I'll even settle for the stripper and customer and give him the meanest lap dance ever.

Well what do you guys think I should do? Or you have any more suggestions for role play ideas? Or just wanna compliment Blue Magic on his dick some more shoot me an email @


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Victoryyyy is miiiiiiiiiine.

Here goes nothing,
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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