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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shit Happens...

Babes an gents I am in a fair amount of pain.
You know those bedroom blunder stories you read in Cosmo? Well, I just became a statistic.
It had been going on two weeks since my last fix and I was going a lil' stir crazy.
I've been spending a lot of time with my family, and when I stayed at my aunt's house last night, I thought that since this was the last weekend before christmas and new year's eve that this was the deciding factor: drought or no drought?
I had to work an early morning shift the next day, so I set my phone on loud and knocked out around 12. My aunt comes home around 2:30ish and I'm talking to her in a half asleep daze. Something told me to check my phone. Sure enough, Blue Magic had texted me while I was asleep. For some reason my bitch ass phone would only vibrate when he texted me, even though it was on the loud profile.

BM: Wanna
of course I wanna you silly boy(:

He had texted me almost an hour ago and I was afraid that he had already went to sleep. So I asked if he was awake, pacing the house and cursing my stupid phone. He hit me back and yaaaaay *insert happy dance here* I was on my way to go get him.
But alas, some higher power was trying to prevent me from seeing him. As I approached the railroad crossing by his house a long ass train came thru. So I'm sitting in the drivers seat beating the steering wheel and cussing out the train for the other cars to see. FINALLY the train left and I picked him up. We decided to go back to the school we went to in the first Back Seat Action blog and we were off.

Got undressed from the waist down an before I hopped on he gave me a lil finger action to get ready. Then he stuck it in. I'm on top riding him as per my usual, and then I get into reverse cowgirl. We alternate between me riding an him thrusting. When I ride he likes me to go slow an deep. When he's thrusting I like him to go hard an deep. I sit between his legs and bounce my ass on his dick for a bit, then I open the sunroof, hold on, an let him take over. While I was between his legs he grabbed me by my hips and had me fuck just the tip of his dick. Something different, but he was diggin it. Then he went back to thrusting hard an fast and wouldn't you know it his dick slipped out. Generally when this happens I grab it an stick it back in without missing a beat. This time he was going so fast he didn't get a chance to stop himself. hen he slipped out his aim was off and when he thrust into me again he missed the target and stabbed me somewhere between my vag an my ass. That shit hurt like a motherfucker but being the slave to peen I am I was like fuck it, I'll deal with the pain when we're finished cause I want my fucking fix. We kept going until he stopped me an was like

BM: Hold on...I think you're bleeding
M: What the fuck??
BM: Are you on your period?
M: No I'm on the shot I don't get them

I looked back at him and his dick and the bottom of his shirt were covered in blood. I reached back there and sure enough my hand was covered in blood. So this pretty much meant the festivities were over for the evening. He asked me how my vag felt, and honestly I didn't feel anything at the time. I offered to take him home and I drove away with no pants on.
Then reality set in.
As I was driving I started feeling pain. I drive a stick so every time I switch gears my legs would shake. I got back to my aunt's house to check things out and to my horror I saw a gash near my vag. A bleeding gash.
 (EDIT: the first pic I had up wasn't an accurate one lol what I had originally drawn was a scratch. but when I checked it out today after I hopped out the shower I found my battle scar)
I obviously added the gash to show you where it was and about how big it was. Disregard that random scraggly line there...
Also, I don't think my vag gapes open that wide either.
At this point I'm paranoid. I call an advice nurse and try and see what I should do.

Nurse: Alright now, what seems to be the problem?
Me: ooooh god this is soooo embarrassing. *sigh* okay so me and my boyfriend (lies. couldn't let this lady know I'm just having casual sex with the same person. lol bf sounded better) were having sex...and he slipped out...and he uhhh...missed. And there's blood.
N: Well are you pregnant?
M: No...
N: On your period?
M: I'm on depo
N: Well what do you mean?
M: basically there's a bloody gash down there
N: Oh, bless your heart! Yeah uh, let's call the doctor and see what he says...

The doc decided I should pay a visit o the ER and I was off. Since I didn't have on any pants, I drove around town with a blanket around my waist and rain boots on. I called my friend to come with me to go, cause taking Blue Magic just woulda been weird. When I called my friend he asked me if I needed anything and idk what happened but I started bawling. For no reason like some sloppy drunk. Then I collected myself and we went to the hospital.
When we got in there was a girl who had been hit by a car, and she had packed gauze on her head and you could see a lot of blood. I felt bad for her=/ Once I was helped I had to explain what happened again to the receptionist, who was like "Don't even trip." Then the triage nurse escorted me to the back to take my vitals. And I had to explain to him what happened. When he asked me where it was exactly, I didn't know what to say. So I turned to my friend and asked him what's a polite word for asshole and the triage nurse was like "asshole works". Once we were done with the technical stuff he took me back to my room and brought me warm blankets:) and told me to undress and put on that ugly ass gown with the back out. Then ANOTHER nurse came in and was like "oh, the triage nurse told me a little bit of what happened, you wanna fill me in? Fine, craig david, I'll fill you in too. She handed me a pad and told me to take my undies off and to wait for the doctor.
Once the doctor came in to see me she asked me to explain to her what happened as well. omfg. After the explanations were done, I had to put my feet in the stirrups and get comfy. So she's down there poking around, and I'm trying my best to feel as comfortable as possible, and she's poking here and there asking if thats where it hurts. I just had sex, so my whole vagina is kinda sore ma'am. I tried to tell her he didn't rip my vag, so I said "A lil to the left and down some". Once she found the gash he spread it apart and was like "Oh, boy, he was a little off there wasn't he?" And she kept pressing her finger on it! Like OMG lady that hurts!!! Then she packed it with some gauze and gave me some Lidocaine to numb the gash. I was like okay no biggie, and she asked me if I had any babies. I answered no and she said what happened to me was similar to an episiotomy, aka when the cut the mom's vag to accommodate a baby with a fat head. "And they do it with scissors. Had your laceration been a little larger we woulda had to suture you up! And you would not enjoy that one bit" (that just gave me chills. OUCHIE!!!) After the Lidocaine was applied the nurse told me I couldn't take it with me because its a narcotic. WTF?! What am I supposed to use for pain while it's healing?! Then she told me no anal sex (which we don't have anyways), no vaginal sex until I feel better, and that I may want to take stool softeners because the strain may hurt me:( oh joy. Gathered my blankets and left the ER feeling somewhat better, and off to work I was headed.

When he woke up he asked me what happened, and I told him.

BM: oops. weird lol
M: Yes an kinda painful lol
BM: welcome lol
M: I had to explain how it happened to 6 different people last night
BM: "I was getting beasted and couldn't handle it. *Sigh*... (as in thats what I shoulda told everyone)
M: oh whateverrr that was all you lol
BM: I beasted you
M: No you stabbed me lol
M: cheap shot
M: killer instincts my ass.

I'm happy that he didn't get all weird an grossed out about it, his main concern as he just wanted to go clean his dick lol...but MY question is why didn't he break his penis?! Not like I want him to, that's like THEE last thing I want to have happen, but how the hell is he not injured?! He stabbed me pretty damn hard, and I bled. Meanwhile he slept like a baby, aside from us not getting to finish lol. I shoulda just kept my ass at home that night. But sex related injuries are bound to happen when you like it rough.

"Give it to me right, or don't give it to me at all." -Melanie Fiona

In case you were wondering, I do want to have sex again right this minute lol

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