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Friday, January 14, 2011


Hello and good day:) once again sorry for the lack of posts, I've just been super swear I'm about 2.5 seconds away from burning this place to the ground. But anyways, other than that all is well in Sixxxty Land. Few little things:

1. Ran into the pizza man and his gf at school. Which was awkward seeing as to how I've been avoiding him like the plague lately. I just can't bring myself to bring the bitch out with him...but then I saw him with her and I thought to myself life "my god can't you get your own life?!" He's like a grown ass baby! He depends on her for EVERYTHING. His whole situation just turns me the hell off. Fucking me in her girly ass room on her girly ass duvet cover...ick. I can't remember a time when you lived on your own without her. You guys have worked together, gone to school together, partied together (which kinda makes you think how the hell did he ever make time for me). I already think the girl is stupid as fuck for staying with him when she knows he's a compulsive cheater. But for some reason these clowns make it work. Well I say, more power to ya, and stop calling me. This gf sitchy is getting old...

2. Bought some silicone based lube this past weekend in case someone who shall remain nameless wants to have marathon sex again. This way I won't have to tap out cause my vag is on fire. Which brings me to a discussion on lube!! Yay!!

There are 3 basic types of lube: water, oil, and silicone. Try to steer clear of lubes that contain glycerin babes cause they can lead to yeasties >_< and nobody wants a bakery between their legs... WATER BASED
the cheapest, most easily accessible types like KY and Wet. You can use them with any kind of toys (if you're into that kind thing) and can be used with all condoms. Clean up is a breeze, and most people prefer it. I'm friends with a lesbian couple and they swear up and down by this stuff. Says it lasts long for them and it doesn't irritate them. Almost made me think twice about my purchase.


Aka ghetto lubes as I like to call them...these can be found around the house. Baby oil, lotion, jail house potion aka vaseline...though you do wanna be careful if you're using a latex condom. The oil can compromise the condom and make it prone to weakening and tearing. Which I say defeats the purpose of wearing one to begin with...I'm not too big on using vaseline, not even in a pinch. Doesn't glide smoothly enough for me.

Now this is the one I just bought. Its longer lasting than water based and can be used in the shower and won't budge;) it can be used with all types of condoms but if you use toys DO NOT use them with toys made out of silicone. They will degrade and get all gummy and nasty and you will have a useless B.O.B. otherwise known as a battery operated boyfriend.
I bought a little bottle of Moist Shower Gel. Its not a true shower gel, I think they're just emphasizing the fact that it can be used in the shower. When I read the package I noticed it comes off with soap and water and I got a lil nervous. I didn't want to be covered in this stuff when the festivities were over! And I didn't wanna send him off with slimy junk. So I tested some out. Smelled like Bath & Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar body splash lol. It felt nice between my fingers and I rubbed my fingers together for a while.

(you thought I was gonna play with myself huh. Gutter butt trollops)

Once I was finished I wiped it away with a napkin and *poof* it was gone, no oily residue left. So I think we have a winner!
Even if it didn't come off that easily I just woulda kidnapped him for the night and made him take a shower. And I believe in conserving our natural resources so I would shower with him to conserve water, naturally;)

I finally found a trimmer so I can continue to landscape properly. I'm ready. Just waiting on that phone call...

3. For those of you that have a tumblr make sure you follow me:) feel free to ask away on there too. And since the ask box is only on the tumblr I say stuff you don't see on here. Someone asked me what positions would be good on a couch, and they added they had to be quiet cause of mom dukes. Completely understandable.
I would suggest any position where the girl is on top. Some of you dudes get a little thrust happy and make all kind of noise. And nothing is more embarrassing than the sounds of bodies slapping when you're supposed to be quiet. Cow girl, reverse cowgirl, 69, hell bending over the couch works...

4. Me and my friends were watching Sideshows and Hoes: The Movie this past weekend and I must say I feel bad for dudes who ate pussy back in the day. I just can't fathom sticking my face into a wet wilderbeast. You'd be spitting out pubes for days! If I want a dude to give me head and I haven't landscaped feel free to slap me cause that's just rude.
Now if I haven't landscaped and he does it without my asking then that's on him...
Ewww I'm just not a fan of hippie vaginas. They look gross (sorry to my babes that are au naturale and loving it)

5. My friend told me she met her ex thru a threesome. Hmm...thing 52 on my Things To Do Before I'm 30 list...

Well that's about it, I pulled a drake and wrote this on my phone:) I hope it works. I was bored at work and felt I wasn't blogging like I should be. So yes I'm alive and no I haven't stopped blogging lol. Lets see if it lets me post up some homework...


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yummy...although his hands would be too full to choke me out spank me=/

Aaaaaand I'm spent.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy
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