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Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm Back:)

I took a little winter hiatus babes an gents. I didn't think you guys would miss me TOO too much but you guys have been asking for the 1st post of the year so, here it is. And it is a dooooozy. lol
(I know you are just bored at home and you just so happened to "stumble" on my blog again. You know who you are lol)

Anyways a lot has been going on since I've been gone. Christmas was eh, I know I should be happy to spend it with family and whatnot, but I'm gonna leave it at that.
Then drama drama drama that night but I'm not gonna talk your ear off about that. Long story short all issues were resolved by NYE. My NYE started out good, I got off work early so I got extra time to get ready, I looked HOT if I do say so myself (and everyone else thought so too). I realized I have the longest ass crack in history, or that jeans just don't fit my body right. I find a pair that fits around the equator of my ass but wont fit around my hips or legs. But the pants that do both just so happen to let a bit of the coin slot peek out. Not a lot, like plumber's crack, but just enough to where if I bent over slightly it would poke out. Enough about me lol the party was blah, left, spent the countdown in a Carl's Jr. parking lot and ended up at my friends house again.

Mike's Hard Lemonade in hand I guzzled it down and let the drunk texts begin. (I know you said not to write about you again or you'll reveal your identity buuuuuuuuuut my NYE was really good and I can't NOT write about it!!!)
He asks me where I'm at and the balls get set in motion (obviously we know who HE is by now). Finally I find him and we park in some area surrounded by trees. He finds somewhere to go pee and the whole time I'm thinking guys bladders must be larger than girls cause all the dudes I know take long ass pees. Anyways it reminded me that I had to pee, but even sober it was always hard for me to pee squatting over nothing without peeing down my leg! I wasn't about to embarrass myself that night so I just held it.

Hopped in the back seat, let the games begin. We were both too drunk to push the seats up so things were a bit cramped in the backseat. I position myself betwen his legs and took my 3 tongue rings for a test drive

SIDE NOTE: if you've only had your tongue pierced for a little over 24 hours, it's not very smart to engage in oral sex. I'm being a bad example. Do as I say, not as I do;)

He seemed to enjoy it, and pretty soon he was pushing me off and putting me on. Anytime I tried to switch positions my legs would get wedged between the seats and I'd be stuck. I started off riding him and of course he grabs and smacks my ass, but this time he does it harder, I can actually feel it stinging. Normally it doesn't hurt, but this time it did, and I just ignored the pain. Lean in for a kiss and he pulls my hair back. Switch into reverse cowgirl without letting him slip out and we pick up where we left off. The sunroof wasn't open tonight, which hindered me a bit but I didn't give a fuck because it was bomb anyways. After switching from reverse cowgirl, to cowgirl, to him on top, we decided to get out. I had a blanket in the trunk and we laid it out and he got behind me. Doggy will always be my favorite if I'm getting my hair pulled and my ass smacked. It was pretty damn cold so we got back in the car. When I was on top he was biting me on the arms, kissing me, and sucking/biting on my neck. It was all sooo fucking great.

Cut to THREE hours later. My body is sore, my vag is on fire, and he still hasn't came yet but he's not ready to tap out just yet. I couldn't do it. I wasn't tryna go back to the ER. I'm layin on him begging him to go to sleep and he's begging me to open my legs again. Then he got me between his legs and he kissed my neck and oops, open they go! It hurt a lil bit when he slid in, and I remember saying "I hate you" while he was pounding away. Ugh slave to the peen *raises hand*.

Finally I convinced him to go to sleep, but not before he dick slapped me on the tongue. Mind you my tongue was swollen and in pain, but I still sucked his dick, and even deep throated him a few times, despite the pain. *Sigh* the things I do for dick...

Anyways since I've been on a liquid food diet we went to the gas station to get some drinks and he's asking me to give him a hand job on the way. I tell him no, I'm not gonna get him hard so he can attack me as soon as we get out the car, and he claims he won't get hard, and my dumb ass does it an lo an behold he gets hard. Once at the gas station I realize I can't find my shoes. In the store I stroll with my hair a fucking mess, my 3 button vest buttoned once, and on the wrong hole, and his big ass shoes on. Grab our drinks and its finally time for sleep. Or so I thought. He's a blanket hog lol. So I'm laying there, freezing, waiting for him to roll over. I barely got any sleep, and before I knew it the sun was up and he was spooning with me, touching me. I look at him an he smiles "Good Morning:)" I could feel him reach for the button on my pants...smh round two, don't mind if I do. Sex in a cold room isn't fun unless its quick. (I just realized I got my cold early morning sex that I had been craving. Go me:) )
We got down real quick, and once again I was a happy woman, make up smeared and hair a mess from the night before and all. We cleaned up and went our separate ways, and here I am now!

As the days progressed I got to see my battle scars: I have bite marks on both my arms, a bruise on my ass cheek (that he professed his love for. I must say I have a great ass), a bite mark above my ass, a bite mark on my neck, a hickey on the other side, and bruises on both knees. A night well spent if I do say so myself.

I hope all of you guys had good Christmases and New Years Eves and things of that nature, I'm cold and tired and need some sleep.


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