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Monday, January 31, 2011

Keep Your Eyes On Your Own Torta!

All is well in Sixxxty Land, in case you were wondering:) I've got this shit down to a science. So I never go longer than two weeks without seeing Blue Magic. I may not see him every week but I'm guaranteed to see him every other weekend. So if we're ever on week 3, then you know there's a serious problem lol.

So I was going on week two, feeling EXTREMELY fucking "hot in the pants" (as my gma would say). I woke up that morning thinking about molesting him. I grabbed and dug my nails into my sheets like it was his back, and I just kept thinking about all the nasty things I wanted to do to him...ugh I couldn't go back to sleep cause I was AAAAALL DA WAAAAAAY TUUUUUURNT UUUUUP (i fucking despise roscoe dash...but that's how I was feeling at that moment lol)
I spent the day all kinds of miserable because I just wanted him behind me with his hands on my hips. But I just knew I was gonna see him so I got ready as usual. So far so good with the trimmer...landscapes me to a T. Did my whole process then went out with my baby mama and waited.

Sure enough I got the text I was waiting on:)

On my way to get him, I was looking good and feeling good...sweater dress and my thigh high hooker boots with *no panties*. Pick him up, and its off to get tacos.
On the way to get our tacos he tells me to put the car in 3rd gear, and I already knew why. He unbuttoned his pants and I got reaquainted with my old friend. I stroked him thru his boxers a lil bit and I could feel him getting hard. Then this big ass smile grew across my face and I could just feel things getting hot and everything started throbbing between my thighs. If it weren't for his friend following us to the taco spot I would have pulled over and jumped on him right then an there. I stopped myself and got myself together to eat.

This was the same taco joint from the "S&M && Tacos" blog so of course I was the only black girl in there AGAIN. All the little mexican bitches were just staring at me. Liiiiike "que estas mirando putaaaas?!" Are you staring cause I look better than you or are you staring because I walked in with him? Keep your eyes on your own tortas bitches! So I sat there, sippin on my horchata enjoying myself.

Once We left the taco shop I made a detour to the sex toy shop to buy some more lube. They didn't carry the MOIST brand of lube so I settled on ID Cool Mint flavored lube. This one was water based and cheaper, so I figured I give it a shot.

Back at the crib its time to get down to business. I STILL couldn't find the damn AC adaptor for the radio so I used the tv instead (no infomercials this time lol)

I straddle him an show him aaah no panties and he whips out my favorite sex toy:) he pushes up my dress and works the lube over my ass. Ass massages are the best, hands down. I slipped off my dress and slid down his pole. I started riding him fast then he told me to slow it up, I got into a squat position with one hand on my knee and started grinding on him. He turned me around so that I was on top my back to his chest and he started sliding in an out. I'm not even gonna lie I was terrified that he was gonna slip out and stab me again and I'd have to relive that terrible night at the ER. But no such thing happened:) Hopped into reverse cowgirl (his fave) and he pushed me down on my stomach. He got on top and poured some more lube on my ass and worked it up my back. Stuck my ass in the air and let him kill from behind. Then he told me to get on my back and he pushed my legs to the side so I was in this sideways sitting position and he got back on top. It felt good havin his dick enter me at an angle...hittin all the right spots...grabbed one leg and swung it to the other side of his body so we were back in missionary. He poured a lil lube on my boobs and rubbed his hands across them while he thrusted. He leaned down for a kiss and I put my knees on his chest. I like having him on top cause I can see his face:) he got back behind me, gave me a few slaps across the ass and slipped back in. When I'm on my stomach and he's behind me he puts his hand on my back which makes it hard to breathe. I can only exhale when he goes in lol so it sounds like caveman grunts lol. Then the thrusts started getting deeper and faster so the mmms and oooooh fucks started coming more frequently, calling his name and squeezing the pillow...then that one HARD thrust, heavy breathing and his oh-fuck-i-just-busted moan.

Him: I think I came inside you
Me: what else is new?
Him: what do you mean?
Me: lol you do it all the time!
Him: dude stand up I don't want you having my babies
Me: lol then start pulling out
Him: how am I supposed to and you're laying there screaming my name telling me not to stop?

That's the one thing I DON'T like about not pulling out. I don't like feeling his cum slowly drip out. I feel like I'm on my period or something...and its messy. I think I've cleaned it up and next thing I know my thighs are slippin and slidin against each other.

Even tho we ate a few hours earlier (he had 3 lil taco thingies and a burrito) he got up and started eating everything in sight. Now that whole "make me a sandwich" thing makes sense...

Went to sleep, or at least I tried. He's a blanket hog who will make a lil cocoon so you can't take the covers away, so I spent half the night freezing...grrrrrr.
Spent the morning chillin in bed watching tv, and we went our separate ways.

Good shit if I do say so myself.

He DID mention that we could have sex everyday before noon...I'm hoping that wasn't just the alcohol talking...i'm waiting for him to make good on this arrangement;)

I'm feeling a little lazy at work today, so I'll post up some hw when I get off work:) shoot me some emails @ our leave me some questions in my ask box on my tumblr


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I'd like this position a whole lot more if he was on top:)

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