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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day, Bitches

Love is in the air in Sixxty Land. I can sense it. Unfortunately I haven't inhaled since midnight. I thought Valentine's Day would be special this year, but guess I was wrong. Just another day. No worries tho, I'm not gonna be a Debbie Downer today with my issues, or be one of those single people who despises today on the verge of suicide.
Last night I drove up the mountains w/ some liquor and a friend and just sat an discussed my current situation. I'm soooo confused by what's going on right now. Just wished he knew I was along for the ride, and that everything that happens is all on him. Not tryna press any issues. I just don't like being led on. So someone needs to make up their mind about what they want.

Today would be the perfect day to get laid. I've never had V-Day sex. And if I had someone to fuck today it wold be BAMB. Cause I would go all out. This would be like my one day to really go all the fuck out an spoil the shit outta you.
Not gonna lie but valentine's is like the only day I'd want a bf just cause I have an excuse to be extra. Let's set the sceneeee.

My Perfect Valentine's Day
Hotel room, oh so necessary. Seeing as to how I don't live alone (an the man in question, we shall call "happenis" because 1. We don't know who this mystery man is yet (maybe I've met him, maybe I haven't) and 2. You can't say "happiness" w/o "penis") and Happenis probably doesn't either, given my track record with men who don't live alone. So I need to go somewhere. Far, far away. I wanna be able to lose all my inhibitions that night and not worry about getting arrested for indecent exposure.
Once the hotel is booked, time for me to spoil myself an get all prettified for him. So hair did, nails did, everything did cause I'm a fancy bitch. I swoop him, we enjoy a nice dinner (where hopefully he'd be a gentleman an pay for it). Go to the movies, and I wanna catch the late late show cause there's never anyone in the theater. So that gives me the opportunity to cupcake, make out (which I have oddly been feenin to do lately). Hell, I may even give him a lil head while I'm at it. But Mr. Happenis is only gettin a sample of what I got waitin for him. Back at the room, I already had one of my friends set the scenery for me: my candles are lit, got my mood music while he's taking a piss I strip down an stand at the door in nothin but stilletos an a smile:)
This would be his cue to push me up against the dresser an lift one of my legs up while I use the other leg to slide his pants to the ground. He gives me a kiss, but being the asshole that he probably is he's not gonna stick it in, he's just gonna rub it around. That shit really irk me when dudes do that. Your dick is already out just lemme have it! I gotta take the initiative an bring it in myself so I wrap my legs around him an slide him in myself. Slow thrusts turn into long fast strokes an I tilt my head back an he sucks on my neck, not missing a beat. My head is pounding on the mirror to the neighbor's room? IDGAF it's Valentine's day they should be doing the same! Pulls my hair an he bites my neck. Mmm...Pick me up an toss me on the bed. There's something insanely sexy about a man being able to carry me. Idk what it is I guess the strength turns me the fuck on.
On the bed I'll let him take the lead for a little bit, because I like being sub. But at some point while he's on top I'm gonna flip him over an turn the tables. Pin his hands above his head an it's time for me to ride out like its my birthday. (which, btw, I'm STILL waiting to have some birthday sex as well...just an fyi...) Obviously he's stronger than me so my time as a dom is up an he grabs my hips an slams me on his dick while I got my hands on his chest tryna steady myself. I get off, grab some lube an get on my stomach. He pours it on my ass an works it around before he slides in. Legs on either side of me he grips an slaps my ass. Raise my ass a lil bit so he hits at a different angle before gettin on all fours completely. One hand on my ass the other grabbing a fist full of my hair making me arch my back into him. He pushes me down an I roll on my back. I put one leg on his shoulder an he starts thrustin with his hands on my neck. Sweat drippin of him (which is hot, not all nasty like Mr. Can't-Keep-An-Erection man). I like being choked during sex. Hair pullin, ass slappin, bitin, I love it all.

Fuck. I can't even get into the positions I want without the urge to throw my damn laptop across the room. I'll just have to shorten this up a bit. Basically I ravished the fuck out of Mr. Happenis Man. Fucked an sucked him something fierce. I've got bite marks an hickeys everywhere, bruises on my ass an thighs where he spanked me. My hair is fucked completely up, I look like I just went to hell an back, makeup smeared...but its okay cause he still thinks I look good. I'm a sticky mess and need a shower ASAP. So I invite him into the shower, at this point not giving a fuck about my hair. In the shower I clean him up an he does the same for me. I turn around to grab something an he slips back in. Yay for shower sex. This time I make sure I have something to grab so I don't fall out an bust my ass like last time. Out the shower, time to dry off an go to bed.

I wake up before him an take advantage of his morning wood with a lil oral. Dicked down early in the am, it's all good:) Order some room service, breakfast in bed an chill an watch movies til check out.

SIDEBAR: Tryna figure out why the fuck the pizza man just texted me right now tryna kick it. It is fucking valentine's day. You have a fucking girlfriend. WTFFFF

Anyway doe...That's a Valentine's well spent if I do say so myself. Welp, there's always next year I suppose...*gasp* maybe I'll have a boyfriend by then!
As some of you may know I'm taking a brief hiatus. I don't feel inspired to write anything, feelin pretty shitty. Valentine's Day has nothing to do with it...Hopefully I get out this funk FASSST and hopefully you guys will still be here when I return:)


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"This some good pussy dawg please don't waste it" -Kanye West

"Valentine's day came early. Whatever you want, girl you deserve it...You got that red lipstick on, baby kiss me til ya lipstick gonee."
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Word From The Peanut Gallery...

So I have been asked to denounce the past 4 or so months...out of respect for a person I will do just that.
Although I will leave past entries for your viewing pleasure.
But future E.R. visits, mindblowing sex sessions and tacos shall remain unblogged about.

So...hows the weather where you are?

Oooh, weathers nice here...just sitting here, twiddling my thumbs while I wait for my mutilated vagina to heal.
Same ol', same ol'...

Just watching tv...yep, talk about a night well spent.

Welp, going back to my normal routine of waiting and doing nothing. I'll try to be productive tonight.

Glad to see communism is alive and well.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own hushed freak of the industryy
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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Coincidence? I Think Not!!!

I think god has a sense of humor. Blue Magic had me stressed out all week with his nonsense just to find out he was just "testing me"...whatever the fuck that means. All I know is he better not do that shit again. We went out and partied, which was fun. At the party there was this chick that he kept mentioning we should have a threesome with. Took me a minute to figure out who he was taking about and when I did...she was cute. But enough to make me wanna fuck her? Naaah. Psh I don't want my first girl on girl experience to be during a threesome, especially with him there. He kept trying to get nw to talk to this chick and his drunk ass wasn't understanding that I can't just talk up to some random chick and start talking to her. Because we don't have shit to talk about. So he took it upon himself to talk to the chick himself. I'm watching the whole thing go down, just embarrassed as shit. I don't know what he told her exactly, but I felt like a creep.
Someone spilled a beer on the table and I noticed his phone got wet. So I went to give it to him and as I walked up the girl says "oh yeah, you're hot" and said something like I have nice big lips that he would enjoy. Um, thanks...and then it got awkward. So I walked away. He chatted with her some more and came back over to me talking about I choked and why am I bailing and blah blah blah...look my thing is this: if were gonna do this, then I'M picking the third party.
So we enjoy the rest of party and we head out. This party was downtown and I was parked on a main street and he kept telling me to get in the backseat. Were back there, and ok scared half the time because people keep walking by and cars arte going by, but he's like relaaaaax you're fiiiiine. I tried to push the possibility of getting arrested out of my head and just enjoy myself. And for the most part I did.

Until it happened.

He was sitting and I was on top squatting over him and I was telling him I didn't like that position cause he kept slipping out. But he ignored me and asked me if I was ready for him to kill. I said yeah and he started pounding away.

And he slipped out...

And that one powerful thrust...

I felt like I had been stabbed in the cooch.

Me: game over. I'm done. OUCH I need a napkin.
Him: what's wrong you bleeding?
*reaches down and catches clit jewelry*
Me: what the fuck??? You ripped my shit out!!!

The tip of his dick snagged onto my vertical clitoral hood piercing and ripped it clear the fuck off. (i ask CRINGING as I relive this moment in my head).

Why am I being punished for?! I can't help that I like my sex rough but god damn!
I just...ugh...

We go out for tacos (and the little mexican bitches weren't staring at me this time) and the advice nurse tells me to go back to the ER.

We head to the hospital and while he's sleeping in the car. I go in and get seen in about 30 minutes...just for those bitches to tell me to soak in a hot bath. I'm paying you a 50 dollar copay just for you skeezers to tell me to take a damn bath?! Why couldn't the advice nurse tell me this and save me a trip and 50 bucks??

Now I'm one piercing less (that they advised me NOT to get redone) and I'm sad. I'm mad that his dick is once again A-OK. I'm also mad that he woke me up this morning STILL talking about that girl. I understand we aren't together and you go do what you do boo boo but don't tell me about it! I don't give a shit, nor do I care to know that you think she's a dime. If it don't have to do with me I don't wanna hear the shit. I don't wanna have a threesome with her but if you wanna fuck her then by all means *be my fucking guest* just keep that shit to yourself.

Now I'm pissed the fuck off.

Fuck the god damn shit. I'm tired of this motherfucking shit.
Miss Sixxxty, you very own freak of the industryy
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