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Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Birthday To Us!!! Pt. I

Omgeezy I have officially been doin this blogging ish for a year now! I feel soooo accomplished and sooo happy that you guys enjoy my sexual shenanigans so much that you keep comin back:) I've got some surprises comin up in the near future, I kno you gus are gonna like it:)

Couple things...
So the Texually Active man hit me up while my parents were gone for the weekend...and the exchange went something like this...

Him: U up?
Me: yeah
Him: what are u doin?
Me: Just layin here watchin tv
Him: Trying to suck some dick

Ugh...not again...I thought I told your ass NO. FREEBIES!!!!!! I was like nah not really lol then he goes aight...then tells me he's with another one of our friends an asks me if I wanna do them both. Not sure if he meant fuck them both or suck them both but I didn't wanna do EITHER. So I politely declined and he goes okay...5 minutes later he asks me if I'm sure? Yeah sir, I'm positive I don't wanna fuck you and a crackhead.
WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY is it such an issue?! If you want to fuck me you should just do it damnit!! No threesomes, no freebie blow jobs just stick your penis in me and work your magic!! He's just becoming a big waste o' my time. On to the next...

OMGOMGOMG how could I one morning my friend calls me from his friend's phone because he doesn't have his...and when I pick him up his friend asks me if it would be cool to save my number in case he throws another party. I say sure, not thinking anything of it. This dude...I don't even know him like that...He is such a lame ass!!! He starts texting and calling me EVERY DAY. The first day he got my number he invited me to go to his house to play kings cup an I ask him who's all there and he says just him an someone else. Well that's no fun! So I was like I don't think so...And he goes well I can tell him just to leave if you feel more comfortable:) know, cause that's not creepy at all. Look, sir, I work from 6am to 9pm and only have an 8 hour window for sleep. I'm only waking up out my sleep for one thing and let me tell you, YOU are not HIM. I constantly kept declining his invites, tellin his remedial ass that I have 2 damn jobs and no time for fun with losers and he is not understanding that!!! Like one morning he SERIOUSLY texted me this

Hey do you know where I can buy a nice belt?

I don't fucking know go to the fucking mall! Like saying weird shit like that in an effort to make conversations with someone who clearly doesn't wanna talk to you. And I told him "Yo if I wanted to make small talk I would, but I don't so why do you even bother???" Problem solved right? WRONG!!! Because he is STILL calling me (he has been blacklisted in my phone and my lovely smart phone automatically sends his ass to voicemail) he gets no responses from me when he texts me cause I already told him when I wanna kick it I will let him know and he figures fuck that, I'll just wear her ass down.

THEN we have another dude from my high school who is always messaging me on fb and I constantly have to tell him I don't wanna hang out with him past 10pm alone. He CLAIMS it has nothing to do with sex he just wants to hang out as two adults but a couple weeks earlier he had sent me a message stating "IF YOU WOULD JUST LET ME FUCK I WOULDNT HAVE TO BE CURIOUS NO MORE"

Babes doesn't that just make your panties wet?? I don't understand why he thinks I wanna fuck him now all of a sudden...I didn't wanna fuck you in high school and nothing has changed. He is a non motherfucking factor *Evelyn Lozado voice* Just because you find out all of a sudden that I'm this gorgeous sexual vixen doesn't mean you can have thissssss. I tell him I'm happily fucking someone and I get the "what that got to do with me?" It MEANS I don't want your rinky dink penis! Go away SIR.

SIDEBAR: If you're reading this, you should just cheat already...just sayin...

Now that all the stupid bad stuff is out the way, time to get ready for the good stuff. Pt. II coming shortly:)


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I need to hurry up an get my apt...all this car sex is puttin a strain on my body lol

Love Me, an thanks for your support:)
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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