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Saturday, April 23, 2011


So now that I got all the bad annoying shit out the way, time or the happy stuff!

I manned up and got my giney repierced. And let me tell you it hurt worse than I remembered. Maybe because he pierced it correctly this time. Last time when it was ripped out I realized the piercing didn't go behind my hood, it was actually inside it, so there was an entry point and an exit point. This time there is only one hole:)

I go in, nervous as shit, but I'm like fuck it lets do this. I strip from the waist down, but this time everything is landscaped to a T. He pulls out the table and I hop on. I don't know what happened but as soon as my ass hit the table my nerves got the best of me. Every time he would position the receiving tube and get ready to pierce it I would jump or knock his hand out the way and tell him I'm not ready. I was freaking out so much that I started to sweat. He had his assistant come in if I wanted to hold his hand. At first he stood on the side of the table, and I didn't like that because only one of my hands was able to grab him. Then I wanted him behind the table so I could grab both sides, kinda like a woman in labor. Nope, that didn't work either. Then he told me to hold my lips open for him so he could see, but I knew if my hands were down there I'd probably slap him. SO he ended up holding my knees open cause I kept shutting them lol.
Finally I gripped the sides of the table and OHMYFUCKINGGAWD. I yelled "OH MY GOD I'M GONNA FUCKING KILL HIM FOR MAKING ME DO THIS AGAIN!!! HE'S A DEAD MAN I'M GONNA FUCK HIM UP!!!!" Obviously referring to the man who ripped it out in the first place. The needle was in and all of a sudden I lost circulation to my legs from the knees down. He told me not to move, otherwise I would stab myself with the needle. I told him I wasn't moving, because I couldn't feel my legs lol. Then came the insertion of the jewelry. AT this point I don't know which one hurt worse. The piercing or the jewelry. After the ball was screwed in place he rubbed a lil A&D on it and showed me. My giney is all perty and sparkly again:) I was so happy. Now if you recall in my first blog about my piercing, I wasn't supposed to have sex for like 2-4 weeks. What does my ass do less than 12 hours later? Bingo.
My first go round with the VCH I refused to let him touch it. It always hurt! But this second go round there was no pain, just pleasure. We almost had an accident with him slipping out an catching it, but luckily nothing happened. I think I would have killed him right then an there. I pray to god this is the LAST time I redo this shit.

...I want a new piercing...but where?? (Not my face tho...)

I have finally scheduled a date!!!!! I'm goin under the knife July 27th, 2011. That seems soooo fucking far off and I'm sooo impatient...but people tell me it'll be here before I know it, I hope so man...Sometime during that week I'll post up some before an afters for y'all...I think only the people I've slept with and shown my nip piercings to know what my boobs actually look like. Most people don't know what my boobs look like sans all the padding and push ups lol. I'm gonna throw a Boobs && Booze Party in honor of the new boobs. Motorboats and shots out my boobs all night!!! I'm super excited:)

As I know you're all wondering...still having sex...and its still great...I think that's all I'm allowed to say at this point...

I have a work spouse. Which is fine cause it passes the time an I like talking to him but...I can't fuck him. Which sucks. I hate teases...

RANDOM: Does the new Doritos commercial freak anyone else the fuck out?! (I can't find the embed-able version of thiss so just click the link)

If I was eating a bag of Doritos and some weird fuck came outta nowhere and sucked all the cheese dust off my finger I would probably ram my finger down their throat!! What in thee fuck...I have no words for this commercial...I wonder how much they got paid to do this. Cause now the white guy is gonna be known as the dude with a Doritos fetish. Call it acting all you want but sheesh...have fun living THAT one down...

Welp, I gotta get ready to go to my day job, so I may end up adding an edit to this post, or a whole new post, idk yet. Have a happy Easter weekend! Have lots of sex for me please:)


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This would be fucking AMAZING. I can't remember the last time I GOT some Grade A head...Oh well...

I do this shit all for you guys:) Without you I probably would have gave up a loooooooong time ago:)
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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