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Thursday, April 7, 2011

This Bitch...

I wasn't even gonna blog for a while but I just HAD to share this with my babes an gents.

So I was minding my own damn business on twitter as usual, and I retweeted something that tickled me:


I mean come on. As a giver I'm not a fan of the latex blow jobs. Leaves my mouth feeling hella nasty. And it doesn't taste the best either. Flavored condoms aren't that much better and lubes wear off quickly when you suck on it. Anywhore, @Blogxilla replied and mentioned it was either a song or he had rapped that in 98 and I casually mentioned that giving blow jobs w/ condoms on is like eating a popsicle with the wrapper still on.

So then this stranger bitch comes outta nowhere talkin about

somebody obviously don't know how to give head. #imjustsayin

Umm...bitch who the fuck are you? Have I sucked your dick at any point in your life? Nooo I don't think so so what the fuck are you talking about you random ass bitch. I politely responded "and why is that?" and she says:

"1) a condom is way thinner than an ice-pop wrapper. 2) head speacialists put the condom on with their mouths #nohands"

Bitch first off I'm not retarded I know condoms are thinner wtf. Secondly every bitch who knows the difference between the inside and outside of a condom can put it on with their mouth. Been there, done that shit. How "head specialists" do it is they suck the dick FIRST and THEN put the condom on. Ignorant ass bitch. Anyways once you get the condom on then what? Just cause you can put it on with your mouth doesn't mean you can give a decent blow job. Girl boo.

After I told her I am fully capable of performing such a feat and my knowing the difference between a plastic wrapper and a condom she says

"wow. really? smh. you would if you read the CDC's statistics on HPV amongst ppl ages 13-27. suckin raw dicks is not cute"

The bitch acts like I suck on a different raw penis everyday. Have a seat. SO now because I squashed your first argument you wanna throw numbers into this? Fine. Tell me how many men whip out a dental dam before they eat your pussy. How many carry them in their wallets? Matter fact, how many know where to even buy one?

Yeah, I'll wait.

You tryna say men are more capable of giving an STD thru receiving head than women? Because I beg to differ.

Tell me how many monogamous couples use condoms?

Yeah, once again I'll wait. Its pretty fuckin far fetched is it not?

Another argument squashed. To which she could only say

"its twitter, chill. #keepitmoving"

Yeah bitch that's what I thought. You don't come for someone and then tell THEM to chill. Accept defeat and keep yo ass out my mentions.
Babes an gents can someone please explain to me since when did the use or lack thereof of a condom determine how well someone gives head? Because I already know I give Grade A head, I don't need a stranger bitch speaking nonsense about something she knows nothing about. Never had the pleasure, and we can keep it that way. How about you think before YOU speak and when you get shut down YOU keep it moving without making a big deal out of it. You come for me you better be prepared for battle.

I'm sorry I had to get outta character for a minute and let my ghetto side come out, it was very unbecoming of a lady. You guys have been with me for almost a year know we are all well aware that I know what I'm doing when it comes to the dick. Thank YOU very much. I just don't like when bitches like to speak on shit they know nothing about. I politely told her she can go suck a latex flavored dick and get the fuck on. And get the fuck on she did. #POW.


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  1. Yeah sorry, but your "ignorant bitch" friend was right. Herpes, gonorrhea, cytomegalovirus (CMV), hepatitus B, and syphilis can all be spread orally. Why? Because the bacteria or virus is present in saliva or sores on the body. I'd rather be an ignorant bitch who gives fellatio through a barrier than one with a raging infection in her throat.

  2. aww thanks for sharing something else i already knew! people know the risks and continue to take them. everyone is aware no birth control is 100% effective, and yet even if they don't want kids they still take the risk and have sex anyways!

    that being said as long as you know the status of your partner so fucking what. so you and the ignorant stranger bitch can go back to enjoying your latex flavored penises and i shall continue doing what i'm doing k? *sips tea*

  3. and please feel free to share any other tips you have because i'm positive you practice safe sex all the time right?? and please, if you're married don't even begin to go there because EVERYONE cheats.

    love when bitches cast stones from a glass house but hen you're being anonymous what can ya doo...

  4. Of course, us responsible, mature people practice safe sex all the time. We get tested regularly even if we're monogamous. And I'm not impressed because you can swear or back into a defensive corner when you know you've beaten. I already reported you to Google under penalty of perjury. One step to keep you from spreading misinformation and another for being a ghetto, untalented hack of a writer with 1st grade spelling skills. Kisses.


  5. alright i shall entertain this internet troll one last time. all that other bullshit aside (and yes i said bullshit you got a problem with my cussing then stop coming back) when did i ever say i never got tested? because i know my status and i have a clean bill of health bitch.

    (someone is tryna get all donald trump on me.would you like to see the documents??)

    actually i haven't been beaten because just like the other bitch you are spewing facts that are common knowledge.

    congrats on reporting me to google, i'm over here shaking in my 6 inch stilettos. please tell me where i'm spreading misinformation?? ITS A BLOG, where i state my opinions you bummy ass hoe. call me ghetto WHATEVER if you read the blog you would see i'm far from YOUR definition of ghetto, cause i'm pretty sure you weren't calling me a part of a neighborhood inhabited by people of a certain socioeconomic status.

    as far as having 1st grade spelling skills, if 1st graders are using my vocab then i can breathe a lil easier knowing our future leaders won't be complete idiots. unlike you.

    go do something constructive with your time besides commenting on my blog cause i'm pretty sure you ain't makin any money by doing that.