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Friday, May 13, 2011

I've Been A Naughty Girl...

Tee hee tee hee tee hee. Lemme just start off by saying I LOVE WORKING AT THE CLUB and since I've been working there the whole "I'm desperate to feed my kids" cliche seems to go out the window, at least at my club. All the girls there love their job And the club ain't too bad either lol. I swear its never a dull night there. Between dudes sticking their faces in my ass during private lap dances (umm excuse me sir I just had sex like 2 hours ago you REALLY wanna be doin that?) to dudes tellin me they wanna pay all my bills, marry me an buy me a house lol. Sir just stick to buying lap dances an throwing money on the stage. Kthanks.
Never thought getting naked on stage an flashing my vag to the world would come so natural to me...its a lot easier than I thought. I find myself wanting to go on stage to the point I wanna jump ahead of the other girls lol.

Oh yes I think I broke the cardinal rule of stripperdom, but I'll blog about THAT when the coast is clear

The money is nice, just wish the club was closer to my house...

I had angry sex for the first time...rather he anger fucked ME when I was the one who was mad lol. We got into it over music (yes really -______-) he called me a bitch, I was fucking LI-VID. Then we made up a couple hours later and he fucked me HARD. Ooooh it was amazing...

FACTOID: Got an ugly ass yucky hickey?? If you're anything like me then you can't stop a hickey in progress due to the temporary paralysis associated with getting your neck sucked on. Then you realize its too late. Fear not, mon frere! I have a pain free remedy to rid you of those unsightly cheetah spots in less than a day! Go to the store, buy you some Visine or Clear Eyes, the ones specifically for redness, apply on your bruises, and wapow they vanish within hours! Crazy, I know. But one day I was desperate to remove them because they were SUUUPER purple, never had em that dark before, and cover up only made them worse (too hot for scarves an whatnot), googled it, saw someone used Visine, tried it an now I SWEAR by it.

I wonder how many of you are gonna go get hickies after reading this just to try it out lol IT WORKS!!!

So um...Is it wrong that the Work Spouse slapped my ass? An I mean some nice hard ass slaps...I would hope not...cause then it would be wrong of me to say that I got a lil wet when he did it lol. What can I say...My ass is fantASStic an it loves attention...(tention...sexual tension...yes. it is becoming to great. I swear this man wishes to be raped by me. And I'm about two ass slaps away from making that wish come true...)

OOOH OOOOH OOOH!!! Lets say you HAD to choose between a sugar daddy who would be a great bf (and he's not an old geezer he's young) but you had sex with him and it was HOrrendous...but then you had this other dude who is a fucking AMAZING lover but he's just a dick. What would you choose? I understand relationships aren't based solely off sex, but I think sex is pretty damn important! I mean I can only fake like I''m having fun before I start faking headaches. For all you telling me to train him, you can't train someone's dick to grow. Dude had all the motion in the ocean in the world, I jut couldn't feel the waves if you catch my drift...I saw it happening, and I could hear it, but I couldn't feel it. Now, don't get me wrong he gave me some of the BEST head I ever had in my life...I thought all those other guys were doin something then he started doing his thing and MAN OH MAN idk if its the VCH piercing or if his tongue is just THAT good but gad damn if I could just have him eat me out all the time and not have to worry about him asking for sex after I would be a happy camper...le sigh...
NOW on the OTHER HAND, we have this sex GOD who blows my back out all the fucking time and its great every time, but we pretty much established that we're ONLY having sex on occasion.
Do I want a relationship and sacrifice good sex, and potentially cheat (I never been put into that position so idk how long I could last without some bamb vitamin D) or do I continue to have semi-casual monogamous sex with the asshole? Tough call bro...

Shit...I'm not even too big on receiving but thinking about that one night has me squirming in my seat...sheesh...

Any fellow dancers out there I need cute clothes I've got one outfit. ONE. The only store that sells stripper-esque clothes out here they're kinda ugly and remind me of 90's era bathing suits. I ended up getting lucky with the one thing I DID find...any online sites I should check out?

A lot of my guy friends are all excited that I dance now...they think I can hook them up with my stripper friends...just use me, don't come to the club cause you wanna hang out an support me but because they wanna hit on my friends lol. Silly men...I wonder if Happenis would be willing to watch me practice my floor work...oddly enough even though he's seen me naked plenty of times I feel like he would laugh:( Any volunteers? lol

I got my salad tossed for the first time. And that's all I have to say about that. *Forrest Gump Voice*

Mmm, I can't think of anything else spectacular to write about, SO I'll leave off with this, I hope I get fucked tonight.


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