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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summertime, Summertime

Hello my lovely babes and gents. I know I have missed the official first day of summer, but lemme tell you its been hotter than the devil's ass crack out here. Then the other day it rained. WTF? Fucking with sexy time...smh.

Speaking of sexy time, summertime makes me extra friskaaay. I've already got a list of places I wanna christen before my boobs put me outta commission for a couple weeks. There's a mini airport/air strip thingie by my house.Three's a lot of people who own private planes and whatnot and thats what they use for takeoff and landing. I wanna ride him THERE. Obviously not smack dab in the middle of the runway, even tho i rarely see planes landing at night and I'm PREEEEETTY sure I'd see the lights of the plane before they landed but W/E. There's an area off to the side where I wanna get busy tho LOL. The only good thing about it being hotter than the devil's ass crack during the day is it feels soooo good at night and that makes all this stuff possible. far as the river goes...well we rarely have sex during the day, like I used to take the Pizza Man early in the morning or late in the afternoon...idk how I would feel about going down there in pitch blackness. There's snakes and critters and wolves and homeless people and dead bodies ( swear I'm not overexaggerating - I watch the news and I hear the damn coyotes or wolves or w/e the fuck those thing are at night LOL) Nope. Not gon happen...There is always the mountains stupid cock blacking ass friend took me and a friend up there one time to check out a view of the city and the whole time I was thinking, I wanna fuck someone out here. EWEWEW then after we dropped off our other friend at her car (I drove) he tried to make a move on me AGAIN (same dude from my birthday *gag* ick ick ICK!!!) thank GOD my friend's were blowing up my phone that night. Saved by the damn bell. Then of course he tried to blame it on the al-al-al-al-al-alcohol the next night (yeah fucking right) and I just made a mental note to myself to never be alone with him when he's "drunk". Aside from his creepiness, the sky is sooo clear up there, you can see all the main concern is its on a sloped driveway in front of a metal gate. I'm afraid if I have sex on the hood of my car or even in the backseat that some way or another the thrusting is gonna make my brakes fail or something and my car is gonna roll away! My best bet would be to take my wedge pillow and a blanket with me and get it in next to the car. Or in front cause every now and then a car will drive by and drive super slow like they're tryna see whats going on. My paranoid ass always thinks its a cop but I figure, if I'm having sex, that feeling of almost getting caught will make the sex better.

One of my biggest problems with my city is that everything is hella flat. We have no hills or anything. Just flatness. Most buildings aren't more than 2 stories high, IF THAT. I wanna have sex on the top of a parking structure. Still trying to find a good one of those to do it on...Ooooh!!! My cousin has this fat ass house in the boonies with a pool and a hot tub...and she's only there every other week (she works outta town) and she lets us use her pool during the summertime when it gets hot so...ughhhh I wanna have sex in the pool too. Maybe even the hot tub if the weather permits. I've never had sex in water so that will be a first...Speaking of water, I wanna have sex in my shower. I just need to get SOMEone on board for it...shouldn't be too hard tho;)

Lets I forgetting anything..? Aaah yes. A late night showing to ANY movie. Me and a coworker went to like a late LATE night showing of Black Swan and there were only like four people there. I like the challenge of trying to make him cum without making any noise or drawing attention to us. Which if you know its gonna be a challenge cause i likes my sex rough and loud. I just wanna see if we can get away with it...

I've got 28 days til boobies to get this list going. Let's see where it takes me...


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Oooh la la!! I had a dream that I was trying to show him I learned how to clap my ass on his lap (thank you work) and instead he licked my ass and bit it. mmm...

I know hump day was yesterday but don't let that stop you!
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy


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