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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yeah About That...

How are my lovelies doing on the first day of summer? Let me tell you it's 107 damn degrees outside and I'm indoors suuuuper duper sleepy. Might as well blog while I'm doing nothing...

And for those that don't follow my tumblr, someone *cough cough* got some act right before the end of the month so...for those looking forward to dig deeper into the insanity known as my sex life I apologize lol. But in order to keep him happy I have to respect his wishes=/ But don't worry, I got some fun stuff to share with y'all.

The date is officially scheduled. I have pre-op on the 26th (of july) and surgery the next morning. I'll decide my final size then. In the meantime I need to bust my ass at the club so I'll have a financial cushion while I'm doing nothing...OMGOMGOMG this is really happening! Yay me. I may start a vlog next month documenting my life pre/post op.

Mkay on to the topic for today.
SO there was this guy right. Great guy. Slightly older than me and had his head on straight. Perfect. Attractive...Bought me dinner...real respectable. Chatted for bit, convo turned to sex (he found out about my blog) and although the convo was mainly about sex we didn't hint at sex with each other. Cool. Mmm the night I met him I told myself I wasn't gonna sleep with him cause I didn't want him to think some type of way about me. Thankfully God decided to spare me and I started spotting (which has always been MIA since I started depo when I was 17). You could imagine my surprise to see my quarterly visitor. He picks me up and we drive to his house and we're telling each other about ourselves and whatnot. Once inside we were just lounging around watching my favorite movie Death At A Funeral (Chris Rock version please) and thing I know he whips out his dick. I was sitting on the edge of the bed in front of him and I told him I wasn't gonna look at his dick because I wasn't gonna fuck him. But I ended up looking anyways and this is where the whole balls up/top down view comes into play. His dick looked HUMONGOUS. I was all excited but then I stopped myself because remember, I'm not sleeping with this man. We spooned a bit while we watched TV, he gave me an massage and it was AMAZEBALLS, nothing like that sorry ass excuse of a massage that last idiot tried to give me. Before I knew it he was sucking on my neck and ay yi yi holy mother of jesus...He starts licking my nips and my ears which was fucking fantastic, that is until he tried to stick his tongue IN my ear. Bite on my earlobe yes, taste my ear drum NO. Kneeling in front of me with this massive erection he gives me this look like "Its your call". Damnit damnit damnit. So I run of to the bathroom to tidy up and get ready for the festivities. I start off with a lil oral an I notice he's got a lil precum...ick...*gag* I've only experienced that with two people...and its nasty all the way around. He reaches over to his pants and pulls out a condom and we get tings started.

Then it was over. He's tellin me he either usually doesn't finish that fast, doesn't finish with a condom, or some shit I can't exactly remember. And I'm just thinkin' yeah...okay...Tellin me my shit was super wet an I'm chuckling to myself like you don't saaaaaay.

Him: You on your period?
Me: No (partial truth)
Him: oh cause there blood on the condom
Me: was hurting a lil but I didn't think too much of it...

Preeeeeety sure I have mastered the art of faking it...

I figured I'd give him another shot tho...We ended up getting a room next time...and it didn't get any better. I know how I like my sex. I like it rough. Hair pulling, choking, spanking. I should wake up with various bruises in pain. But he was more concerned about going too hard and breaking me. I hate when guys tell me that shit. At times it would feel good, then he would slow it up and I would lose my groove completely. He would tell me that I kept "drying up" on him...well no fucking shit! When I am not aroused that tends to happen...While he's thinking he's killing my shit I'm just waiting for him to bust so I can go to sleep. Yes at certain points it DID feel good but then you would fuck it up and do something else that didn't feel good at all. He finally finished and he looked at me and asked me how many times did I cum. I just looked at him and got dressed. Don't ask me questions you don't want the answers to. But then again sometimes I shouldn't look like I'm enjoying it more than I actually am...false pretenses...After that I was just done...
He would hit me up telling me he missed me and if I missed him. Whenever he would ask me if I missed him I would low key feel uncomfortable, like if someone said I love you before you were ready to say it back...sometimes I would laugh or say yes just to make him happy. Cause to be quite honest I didn't know the man long enough nor was the sex good enough to make me miss him. His favorite line "Text me when you miss me." ICK. If I listened to you I would never have texted you back EVER. The texts started becoming less frequent, so instead of texting me 10 times a day it became once or twice. And even when he did hit me up there wasn't any butterflies, I didn't get was just like texting anyone else. Then my work schedule started conflicting with when he wanted to hang out so I'm sure he thought I was just lying and blowing him off, when in all actuality I was happy to have a legit reason to not hang out with him without having to lie. But it is what it is. He wasn't gonna be sticking around for long anyways so it wasn't like I was gonna be devastated trying to figure out where my next issue was gonna come from. Just kinda fizzled each other out. SO yeah...

But we all know how my sex life turned out;) No losses here.

Now that I got THAT out the way, next blog will be about my awkward encounter with a couple strangers at the adult store with my work spouse. Fucking nut jobs I tell you. All I wanted to do was buy some hand cuffs and lube but noo...


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