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Friday, August 26, 2011

Remember Me? I Was Your Friend When You Were Single...

Hello my lovely babes an gents:) Sorry I've been MIA I've been a busy bitch lately. So far my boobs have dropped and aren't all square and ugly anymore. I'm measuring at a 34D so far, and apparently my boobs are gonna get bigger so the dr said not to buy bras for another 5 months. My incisions are flat and closed up, kinda pinkish. I swear they're too small to me most of the time and everyone else thinks they're massive. In another 5 months I may be considering a revision to bigger. I also went back to the club and I def saw an increase in my earnings. I finally got my first VIPS (thats plural, bitches) which was nice. I can actually write these bad boys off on my taxes. Yay!
Happenis has been gone for like two weeks and he's getting more ass than I am. Booooo. But then again from what I'm hearing he ain't bein too picky soooo...idk. I still haven't had sex yet...School started and the outlook is pretty fucking bleak...I may try going to the other campus to find me a nice corn fed football player with strong keep me occupied til whenever lol.
Omg so my mechanic has a huuuge ass crush on me...and he's kinda going about it in a nerdy way...I like my men assertive (there's a thin line between assertive and disrespectful. know it). I love being dominated and I need to see that come thru just during a normal convo. I considered it (after I got all the shit fixed on my car, can't mix business with pleasure) but the more he talks the more I look the other way (and he talks A LOT).

Anyways lets get to the point of this blog.
Hello, I'm me. I like sex. I'm hella open. I flirt. A lot. I get along with dudes more than I do girls. It is what it is. My guy friends consider me to be one of the bros with a nice set of knockers. The fact that I basically think like a man and don't give a fuck is what makes us get along so well. But this whole dynamic changes when a girl comes into the picture. Case in point, my friend let's call him oooooh I don't know...Pablo. I met him at my best friend's birthday dinner and he became my friend because I got waaaasted that night and he was nice enough to hang out with me til I sobered up. I was like omg I love you cause you didn't even know me and you babysat me! After that I would text him all the time (not on a sexual tip tho), even more than my bff! We'd always used to give each other advice on the opposite sex, stuff like that. One night he asks me if he should get back with his ex. Never met her but I was like do what you wanna do. Then after that I stopped texting him as much, I stayed in my lane, we didn't go out as much...But on occasion he would still hit me up. Then we talked about my boobs and he would go ooh, well I don't like fake boobs cause of the scarring and blah blah blah and I'd be like stfu you know you wanna see em when they're done. I hadn't seen him since the boobs so he would occasionally ask me how I was feeling and in the early stages when I was still in pain he's say shit like "well that's your fault" like are you fucking kidding me right now? I just had major surgery, I don't give a fuck if it was elective or not you don't say that shit! That shit just rubbed me the wrong way like if you're gonna be a dick what's the point of asking me how I'm doing in the first place? Anyways one day he was asking me how healing was coming along and asked about my incisions so I sent him a pic and didn't think anything of it. Well a couple nights later he's going on this tangent about how his girlfriend found a picture of my boobs and how she was all pissed off and everything...and I'm like you dummy you're the one asking for the pictures if you know there's gonna be an issue with that you should maybe oh, I don't know DELETE THE DAMN PICTURE!!! Once you've sen how ugly puffy and swollen my boobs look you should delete the picture! There's no reason to hold on to it! So he messages me the next morning to tell me he deleted my number and off facebook to appease his girlfriend. Fine, do what you gotta do to save your relationship, I would never have him pick sides, but as far as I'm concerned he never needs to speak to me again, even if it is to apologize. If you gotta cut me off do it completely don't offer me some half ass apology about why we can't be friends cause I don't wanna hear that shit. Anything after we can't be friends anymore is irrelevant. My friends told me that it'll pass once he's out the dog house but shit why would I go back just to be put in the same position again? I feel like you knew the dynamics of our friendship before you got back with her...shit I honestly don't even know what to say about it. I mean like I said I stayed in my lane, made sure not to text him "questionable things, I didn't want to intrude or whatever. But I never knew a seemingly harmless picture of a swollen boob would cause so much damn drama. We comment on mutual friends statuses and if he directed something at me I'd probably blatantly ignore him for the sake of being childish.

The only thing that sucks about being considered one of the guys is that when girlfiends come into the picture thats when shit starts changing. Even if I try to be nice to the girlfriend and don't do any touchy feely stuff with the newly off the market homeboy I still get the side eye. Its just like what to do what to do...I mean up until recently I had some great dick and wasn't looking elsewhere current and future girls really have/had nothing to worry about. What can I do I need friends and I don't expect them to stay single forever lol. And don't get me wrong all my guy friends aren't single and their girlfriends don't all hate me. Its just a select few. Idk all this shit happened when other shit was going on I was NOT a happy camper. I've since gotten over it, but yeah I'm not gonna lie it did initially bother me.
That same bff is graduating pretty soon and I expect to see him at the dinner after. Awkwaaaaaard.


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I'd really love to get some Grade A head...le sighh

Guess it's gonna be a pornhub night tonight. Hurrrrrrr.
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  1. really. it sucks that girls nor guys want their lover to be friends or acquaintances with anyone of the opposite sex but it's funny to see what they do when they're hooked. as a friend in a similar situation, i was called constantly to explain certain text messages that could be confused with something sexual. i feel your pain lol

  2. I'm just like blahh this sucks!!! I miss my friend lol