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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Drought Is Back... rear its ugly head. Although as wet as the roads have been lately I should hardly call it that...I know good things don't last forever baby, I know this. But that doesn't make it suck less when they leave! I haven't had sex in a little over a month and when I tell you its fucking with me, I'm talking literal crackhead withdraw status. From the bouts of insomnia (cause all I can think about is dick), to my diminishing attention span (I'll be sitting in class and think about something that makes me think of sex next thing I know I've missed the whole damn lecture) to the increase in wetness (tmi for some of y'all but you should come to expect that by now) like I seriously go thru so many damn baby wipes its ridiculous. And most the time I won't even be aroused. I have constant headaches along with the insomnia and the only thing I could find solace in was prescription pain pills. That would be the only way I could get some damn rest. The 500/5 vicodins are not good for you by any means, but do they make me feel gooood on the way to dreamland. I think I got hooked on the way they carry me to sleep, cause in all honesty I could really pop a Tylenol PM and be good right? I'm gonna try to ween myself offa this shit cause it isn't liver is probably livid with me...
Oh...I DID find me a nice corn fed ass white boy...bulging biceps, tatted, and he smelled really good, the like...BUT...*sigh* idk he's just not as aggressive as I would like=/ he's super shy and can't carry a conversation for shit its mainly like

Hey. How was your day? What did you do? Do you go to school? What classes are you taking?

Its weird...I've seen his dick...Its a pretty fucking nice one if I do say so myself...I just feel like if I want it I gotta take the shit. And he's not making me want it=/ I can't see someone who's passive aggressive being the person I need in bed. How are you gonna be this boring ol pushover an lo an behold when you drop the draws you suddenly become this dominating sex beast? I know I won't know unless I try it but sheesh. I need the whole squeal and giggle feeling again, (aka when you see someone you fancy and when they aren't looking you turn and squeal to your friend. Cause that's how I get down. That's how I know when I wanna sleep with someone.) Anyway doe...I'll entertain this man an see if something changes...

...If not I went straight stalker mode and found The Big Bang on fb. Now I'm having my baby mama add him so they can get to talking, maybe he'll invite her to a party and I'll go with her and accidentally bump into you like "Omg how have you been I didn't know you would be here!" type shit. Don't judge me I'm a woman who knows what she likes and she likes THAT.

Work is great although there was a time I felt I was going to hell in a hand basket over this married man who fancied me a lil TOO much. When I first met him he told me his wife was cool with him going to the club as long as he didn't get too crazy, he bought his future step dad a dance, then he bought like 4 for himself, and idk if it was the alcohol but he was getting into it a bit much, so much so he grabbed my hand so I could feel his boner *clutches pearls* I was NOT prepared for that shit. then it didn't help that I hadn't been having sex...I wanted him so bad during those dances but fortunately that's as far as I let it go. I began taking my sexual frustrations out at work, throwin them into my dance, and I must say its been profiting me well. Get em all worked up and as soon as the light turns red hop up smile and say thank you and be on my merry way. They always want more. Always.
In the meantime I don't know what to do...I feel my right hand may fall off from all the masturbation that isn't relieving my severe case of blue balls, whatever the female equivalent to that may just say I've been watching them from start to finish how unfuckingheard of is that?!

Soooooooooo...before a certain someone vanished...I had a threesome. Oop!


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