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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Role Play:)

Hola an buenos noches babes an gents:) For those that were wondering, my vag is okay. It bled a bit for the first couple of days, but I think we're good to go. I swear I don't think I've ever looked at my vag this much ever. *sigh* Saturday morning was a freak accident. I don't know how the fuck it happened, or how the fuck his dick was okay afterwards, but ehh...

OOOOH YEAH!!! Can someone please explain to me why all you guys are praising this man?!

"I need to meet this dude if he's puttin' it down like THAT."
"Oh my, he must be hung then!!"
"So have you talked to The Annihilator yet?"
"LMAO Blue Magic is the now the man of steel"
"Blue Magic must be green lol"
"He did that ass!"

Just blow his head up an give him all the credit lol. I bet if I broke his penis I wouldn't be getting cheered on dudes would probably be scared to fuck with me ever.
Then I'd never have sex again.
And I'd wind up alone for the rest of my life.
Aside from my 40 cats.

Let me not think such horrible thoughts.

Anyways that wasn't the point of this blog, I just wanted to give y'all an update on the Kit Kat lol.

I have been ready for my next issue since Saturday afternoon and tonight I was just thinking about all the things I'd LIKE to try or do, but then I realize that I don't know how if he'd be up for it or think I'm some sort of sexual deviant...I mean he probably thinks that of me anyways, but certain things I would normally do for other dudes without a second thought I find my self stopping and thinking "Should I?" and I never do it. Perfect example: I have no problem sending racy pics throughout the day to guys I'm talking to or seeing or w/e. And when I say racy, I don't mean a close up of the Kit Kat in all her pierced glory. I mean something like if I'm getting dressed in the morning and I want to send him a shot of me in some lacy boy shorts or something. I don't know if he'd be like "Mmm:)" or "Why'd you send that?" I JUST DON'T KNOW DAMNIT!!! I feel retarded cause I would tell myself if I weren't me (if that makes any sense) "Closed mouths don't get fed, you gotta ask". An I mean it's not like I haven't voiced my opinions before. Told him having sex more often wouldn't hurt. And we see how that turned out lol. SO idk maybe not getting what I wanted that one time has made me a little hesitant to ask anything else. Who knows...

And then I remember that you gotta keep things interesting. Not to say the sex is boring cause it's far from it, but eventually someone ends up getting bored/catching feelings or whatever so I was thinking of ways to keep it interesting. Cause let's be honest; you can only do so much in the backseat of a compact car. I thought about role play. I've never done it and I've always been curious about it...but I never wanted to do the cookie cutter ideas that everyone always talks about, you know like the nurse and patient, or the student and teacher. I reached out to some of you on twitter and this is what was suggested.

Joseph & Mary
Celie & Mista
Bo Peep & Woody
Cops & Robbers
Bank Robber & Teller
Boss & Employee...

The ladies who suggested the first two can kiss my ass lol. But the Boss & Employee one kinda tickles my fancy. All I need is a desk and a button down blouse. I can see it already...

Boss calls me into the office to tell me he just doesn't think things are gonna work out, and a distraught me, knowing good an well I need this job saunters over to his desk. I sit seductively on the edge of the desk with my legs between his and tell him how much this job means to me and how I'm willing to do anything to keep it. And I mean ANYTHING. Then theres so much I can do from there. Hop down an get on my knees an prepare him for some Grade A red lipstick head, or straddle him in his office chair, or have him stand up, I pull him in with my legs and he unbuttons my shirt and takes me on the desk. So many possibilities here...

I wanna do something like this with someone who's willing to do it with me.
Fuck now that I think about it...I could do the whole Massage Parlor fantasy. I'm good with my hands and who doesn't like a massage with a happy ending;) It incorporates my two favorite things; straddling and naked mensss.

...Hell, I'll even settle for the stripper and customer and give him the meanest lap dance ever.

Well what do you guys think I should do? Or you have any more suggestions for role play ideas? Or just wanna compliment Blue Magic on his dick some more shoot me an email @


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Victoryyyy is miiiiiiiiiine.

Here goes nothing,
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Shit Happens...

Babes an gents I am in a fair amount of pain.
You know those bedroom blunder stories you read in Cosmo? Well, I just became a statistic.
It had been going on two weeks since my last fix and I was going a lil' stir crazy.
I've been spending a lot of time with my family, and when I stayed at my aunt's house last night, I thought that since this was the last weekend before christmas and new year's eve that this was the deciding factor: drought or no drought?
I had to work an early morning shift the next day, so I set my phone on loud and knocked out around 12. My aunt comes home around 2:30ish and I'm talking to her in a half asleep daze. Something told me to check my phone. Sure enough, Blue Magic had texted me while I was asleep. For some reason my bitch ass phone would only vibrate when he texted me, even though it was on the loud profile.

BM: Wanna
of course I wanna you silly boy(:

He had texted me almost an hour ago and I was afraid that he had already went to sleep. So I asked if he was awake, pacing the house and cursing my stupid phone. He hit me back and yaaaaay *insert happy dance here* I was on my way to go get him.
But alas, some higher power was trying to prevent me from seeing him. As I approached the railroad crossing by his house a long ass train came thru. So I'm sitting in the drivers seat beating the steering wheel and cussing out the train for the other cars to see. FINALLY the train left and I picked him up. We decided to go back to the school we went to in the first Back Seat Action blog and we were off.

Got undressed from the waist down an before I hopped on he gave me a lil finger action to get ready. Then he stuck it in. I'm on top riding him as per my usual, and then I get into reverse cowgirl. We alternate between me riding an him thrusting. When I ride he likes me to go slow an deep. When he's thrusting I like him to go hard an deep. I sit between his legs and bounce my ass on his dick for a bit, then I open the sunroof, hold on, an let him take over. While I was between his legs he grabbed me by my hips and had me fuck just the tip of his dick. Something different, but he was diggin it. Then he went back to thrusting hard an fast and wouldn't you know it his dick slipped out. Generally when this happens I grab it an stick it back in without missing a beat. This time he was going so fast he didn't get a chance to stop himself. hen he slipped out his aim was off and when he thrust into me again he missed the target and stabbed me somewhere between my vag an my ass. That shit hurt like a motherfucker but being the slave to peen I am I was like fuck it, I'll deal with the pain when we're finished cause I want my fucking fix. We kept going until he stopped me an was like

BM: Hold on...I think you're bleeding
M: What the fuck??
BM: Are you on your period?
M: No I'm on the shot I don't get them

I looked back at him and his dick and the bottom of his shirt were covered in blood. I reached back there and sure enough my hand was covered in blood. So this pretty much meant the festivities were over for the evening. He asked me how my vag felt, and honestly I didn't feel anything at the time. I offered to take him home and I drove away with no pants on.
Then reality set in.
As I was driving I started feeling pain. I drive a stick so every time I switch gears my legs would shake. I got back to my aunt's house to check things out and to my horror I saw a gash near my vag. A bleeding gash.
 (EDIT: the first pic I had up wasn't an accurate one lol what I had originally drawn was a scratch. but when I checked it out today after I hopped out the shower I found my battle scar)
I obviously added the gash to show you where it was and about how big it was. Disregard that random scraggly line there...
Also, I don't think my vag gapes open that wide either.
At this point I'm paranoid. I call an advice nurse and try and see what I should do.

Nurse: Alright now, what seems to be the problem?
Me: ooooh god this is soooo embarrassing. *sigh* okay so me and my boyfriend (lies. couldn't let this lady know I'm just having casual sex with the same person. lol bf sounded better) were having sex...and he slipped out...and he uhhh...missed. And there's blood.
N: Well are you pregnant?
M: No...
N: On your period?
M: I'm on depo
N: Well what do you mean?
M: basically there's a bloody gash down there
N: Oh, bless your heart! Yeah uh, let's call the doctor and see what he says...

The doc decided I should pay a visit o the ER and I was off. Since I didn't have on any pants, I drove around town with a blanket around my waist and rain boots on. I called my friend to come with me to go, cause taking Blue Magic just woulda been weird. When I called my friend he asked me if I needed anything and idk what happened but I started bawling. For no reason like some sloppy drunk. Then I collected myself and we went to the hospital.
When we got in there was a girl who had been hit by a car, and she had packed gauze on her head and you could see a lot of blood. I felt bad for her=/ Once I was helped I had to explain what happened again to the receptionist, who was like "Don't even trip." Then the triage nurse escorted me to the back to take my vitals. And I had to explain to him what happened. When he asked me where it was exactly, I didn't know what to say. So I turned to my friend and asked him what's a polite word for asshole and the triage nurse was like "asshole works". Once we were done with the technical stuff he took me back to my room and brought me warm blankets:) and told me to undress and put on that ugly ass gown with the back out. Then ANOTHER nurse came in and was like "oh, the triage nurse told me a little bit of what happened, you wanna fill me in? Fine, craig david, I'll fill you in too. She handed me a pad and told me to take my undies off and to wait for the doctor.
Once the doctor came in to see me she asked me to explain to her what happened as well. omfg. After the explanations were done, I had to put my feet in the stirrups and get comfy. So she's down there poking around, and I'm trying my best to feel as comfortable as possible, and she's poking here and there asking if thats where it hurts. I just had sex, so my whole vagina is kinda sore ma'am. I tried to tell her he didn't rip my vag, so I said "A lil to the left and down some". Once she found the gash he spread it apart and was like "Oh, boy, he was a little off there wasn't he?" And she kept pressing her finger on it! Like OMG lady that hurts!!! Then she packed it with some gauze and gave me some Lidocaine to numb the gash. I was like okay no biggie, and she asked me if I had any babies. I answered no and she said what happened to me was similar to an episiotomy, aka when the cut the mom's vag to accommodate a baby with a fat head. "And they do it with scissors. Had your laceration been a little larger we woulda had to suture you up! And you would not enjoy that one bit" (that just gave me chills. OUCHIE!!!) After the Lidocaine was applied the nurse told me I couldn't take it with me because its a narcotic. WTF?! What am I supposed to use for pain while it's healing?! Then she told me no anal sex (which we don't have anyways), no vaginal sex until I feel better, and that I may want to take stool softeners because the strain may hurt me:( oh joy. Gathered my blankets and left the ER feeling somewhat better, and off to work I was headed.

When he woke up he asked me what happened, and I told him.

BM: oops. weird lol
M: Yes an kinda painful lol
BM: welcome lol
M: I had to explain how it happened to 6 different people last night
BM: "I was getting beasted and couldn't handle it. *Sigh*... (as in thats what I shoulda told everyone)
M: oh whateverrr that was all you lol
BM: I beasted you
M: No you stabbed me lol
M: cheap shot
M: killer instincts my ass.

I'm happy that he didn't get all weird an grossed out about it, his main concern as he just wanted to go clean his dick lol...but MY question is why didn't he break his penis?! Not like I want him to, that's like THEE last thing I want to have happen, but how the hell is he not injured?! He stabbed me pretty damn hard, and I bled. Meanwhile he slept like a baby, aside from us not getting to finish lol. I shoulda just kept my ass at home that night. But sex related injuries are bound to happen when you like it rough.

"Give it to me right, or don't give it to me at all." -Melanie Fiona

In case you were wondering, I do want to have sex again right this minute lol

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Looks like fuuuuuuuun

Send your well wishes and positive juju my way:))

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bedroom Olympics

Okay babes an gents so as you guys are aware, I'm still sleeping with Blue Magic. And I'm very content:)

But anywhore *Brian Bee voice* let me tell you about this past saturday

I took my friend to go get her vertical clit hood piercing, which will have me laughing for days.
She was freaked out the whole time, so much so that I had to hold her down.
But she did it and now she's happy with it, just like me:)
The piercer was telling her no sex for a week and she looked at me an said "Well shit you an Blue Magic didn't wait why the hell I got to??" And I politely told her I hadn't had sex for six months previous to that and there was no way I was gonna turn him down! Then she asked me if I was gonna see him later that night, and I remember telling her no one was gonna wait by the phone for him all night. I said "Watch; I'm gonna go home, get in the bed, get it nice an warm, and be half asleep when he hits me up."
Like clockwork, I get a text while I was sleeping in the bed.
And being the slave to peen that I am, I went to go see him.
Swooped him up and took him back to my aunt's house.
I finally found somewhere to fuck this man. Back seat action is nice, but I prefer a bed.
We get there, and he goes an waits in the room. I'm searching the house for an adapter to the radio so I can listen to my phone. Can't find one. I wanted music to be playing because someone else was there as well and I feel weird having people listening to me have sex. I go back in the room and I see he turned the tv off.

M: why did you turn the tv off?
BM: you ant it on? are you gonna watch tv or something?
M: no...I just want it on...
BM: you're being overly cautious...

I turn the tv on anyways and was frantically trying to find the music channels. I haven't had Comcast in years, so I forgot where they were and in my urgency I just put it on an informercial and turned the volume up. I turn around and see he's under the covers and I'm like get out. My aunt keeps that house hotter than hell, there's no reason to be under there. I pull the covers off and you already know he drill: hop on :)
I slowly start riding him, and he tells me to go to the top. I slide almost completely off and slide back on. Now, this does nothing for me, but I love that he loves it. He flips me over and takes off his shirt. This is how I know shit is about to get serious;) I wrap my legs around his waist and he starts pounding away. He starts off fast and then hits me with a few slow hard thrusts like he wants me to feel it hit the tip of my lungs.

BM: you like that?
M: ohmygawdyesssss

Oooh, how I wish he knew how much I loved it. Better than any drug. He leans back so that we look like a V and I start rolling my hips into him. Tells me to go slow, so he can see what I'm doing. I wonder if he noticed I got new clit jewelry. Hmmm...Switch into doggy and he starts killin. I'm trying my best to be quiet cause I don't wanna make the girl in the other room feel uncomfortable, but I tapped out. Couldn't hold it in anymore. Then he started smackin' my ass...and we all know how much I enjoy that. For some weird reason, when I got on top and started riding him, the bed started moving funny! It was hitting the wall and making hella noise, but I don't remember it doing that when he was on top! Oh well, I figured when the girl heard the bodies slapping she already knew what was going on, no sense in holding back now.
He got back on top, this time with my legs on his shoulders. He makes my legs shake when he does that...So hes on top, pressing my legs against his chest and I slooooowly slide off the bed. I have to stick my hand out on the ground to prevent us both from eating shit and potentially winding up in the E.R. with a sex related injury. Finally I get mine and get the warm sex flush over my body...then he gets his. And makes a mess on me. I tried to take him in my mouth but he stopped me. I get up and go to the bathroom to get some tissue to clean up and he's like, where are you going?

M: To clean up the mess you made. I'm messy.
BM: you really need to stop peeing on yourself.
M: shut. up.

I grab my tissue and head back to the bedroom, and I see he's dressed and sprawled across the bed. I walk over and straddle him, and I can feel he's not completely soft just yet. Wiggle my ass a lil' bit, and I get the reaction I'm looking for. He slaps my ass and tells me to go to sleep. Yeah yeah I'll go to sleep right after you put me to bed lol. I was about to give him head and he stopped me and says his dick is too sore. The one time I really REALLY wanna give you head and you stop me. UGHHHHH. As weird as it sounds I just wish he'd let me suck his dick. That is like the one thing that I can do for you without any help from you. That's my ego boost right there. Me giving you some Grade A head. But I guess I should be glad that he's not one of those dudes who forces my head down there and tries to choke me on their peen...He tells me to get on the ground, I get on all fours. He pushes my dress up and slides my panties down. He sticks a finger in an says "yeah you know that's what you want". He squats and I hop on top and dangle my legs on the outside of his and let him kill. He kept spreading my legs farther apart and it kinda hurt, so I leaned forward and started bouncing my ass on his dick. This time I didn't have to go slow. He took over and pushed me on my back. Legs back on his shoulder he stops and says he can't do it because I keep running. Normally I'd be mad but at the same time my aunt texted me and let me know she was outside.

While he's in the bathroom my aunt and her friend are laughing at me cause they know what just went on. She walks into her room and comments on how warm it is in there. He comes out the bathroom, introduces himself, and starts fucking with everyone. Meanwhile I'm searching for my car key. I walk by him and he says me and my aunt's friend's asses are about the same size, and how he thinks she looks good. I just stare at him and he asks me why I'm mad. I tell him I'm not mad. Then he asks if I'm his girlfriend. I answer no and he says so what's the problem. I coulda choked his ass right then an there lol.

Cut to 30 minutes later, STILL can't find my key, and I'm pissed. my aunt's friend leaves and then I discover that he had my key the whole time. I could have killed him. I went searching through the grass at 4 in the morning when it was below zero and he had my key the whole time!!! I think he had my key just so he could talk to my aunt's friend >_< We get in the car and go grab some tacos, where he asks me for a threesome with the friend. Niiiiiice try. We're driving down the street and he's looking at the blog I did on Mallory Rae. And he zooms in on a picture of a dick in her vag. Then says that looks like his dick an my vag. Kinda but not really, cause he says my vag is black, or purple because I'm black. Well look here SIR you've never looked at it that hard and I looked at it w/ a mirror it is most DEF not black or purple lol its dark pink if anything. So HAH. While we're in the taco shop he's just telling me what he wants to do with his life, why he thinks he's single, how he feels about school and the military. It was actually a pretty good convo. He's really smart. Then he asked me to tell him something about myself because "Aside from fucking you I don't know anything about you". Then he explains to me how to make money using the internet...And oh, would you look at the time it was 6:14! so we head to his house, and when we arrive we just chill in front of his house for a minute, and he tells me "I don't want you to think I'm saying this just because you write about me or because I'm coming down from being drunk, but your blog is really good, you're good at writing and telling a story."

Made me feel good, and slightly embarrassed that he reads my blog, But w/e lol.

I drop him off and make it home around 7, curl up in the bed and check fb once before I head to sleep. I have hella notifications on the last status I posted.

"My vagina feels amazing"

He hacked my fb when he was using my phone and posted this.
Not only does he like to fuck me, he likes fucking with me.
Ugh I hate him(:
I wonder what this weekend has in store for me...


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I just wish he'd let me suck his dick one good time...smh..

Miss Sixxxty, your very own of the industryy

OOOOOOOH YEAH!!!! Go check out this blog an lemme know what you think about it @ I wanna hear if you think this is accurate:) show some love please

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Introducing...Mallory Rae!

Okay babes an gents so seeing as to how I've been a loser these past few days, I've been on my netbook more than usual. Apparently there was a misunderstanding between me and Blue Magic *side eye* but whatever, I ended up getting my issue slightly handled, so I can't complain TOO MUCH. All I'm gonna say is Kitty had a snack, and now she's ready for the main course. Because I have had the female equivalent of blue balls since Wednesday night.

I had the other day off, so I snatched up my friend and dragged him to the mall so I could see if Frederick's had anything that would tickle my fancy. As soon as I walk in I spy this mannequin with the most beautiful one piece bathing suit I had ever seen. I tried it on and it looked even more beautiful on me:) That suit was custom made for my body. As much as I would love to post a pic, the suit isn't available on the website. But anyways, you would think bathing suits would be on sale during the winter months. That bathing suit what 98 fucking dollars. For a one piece. I politely put it back on the hanger and lusted after it in my mind. That bathing suit will be mine. Bitches prepare to be outshone an jealous come next summer.

Anyways I posted the pic on twitter and some chick asked me where I got it. I told her where and she mentioned how she loved my blog. I love when people tell me they love it:) When I checked out her name I noticed she had the "xxx" following it. Generally when I see "xxx" that means they're some sort of adult film star. I got 5 kinds of excited and googled her. Mallory Rae Murphy was following me and she enjoyed my blog *insert happy dance here*. We chatted for a little bit, exchanged emails, and my interview with Miss Mallory will be coming soon:)
Most of you are probably scratching your head like :who the fuck is she and why have I never heard of her?"
Well, She's relatively new to the game. Here's her story.

Obviously, this here is Mallory lol. She's got that cute, girl-next-door look to her. She was born May 20th, 1991 (a year younger than me! crazyyy) in Dallas, Texas. Left home at 16, graduated from East Plano Senior High with two jobs. Hell, I'm in college and working "full time" (what my job considers full time and what the rest of America considers full time are two completely different things) and making ends meet are hard enough as it is. By chance, she started working at a topless bar, (which I hear didn't last too long. Jerky customers smh) which then led into adult films. While working her short stint at the club she met a man with some connections and the rest is history. To LaLa land!! She came to L.A. and shot her 1st scene with Fabio, err, I mean Evan Stone. You're probably like "Yaaaaawn...this is the story of EVERY porn star though. What makes HER so special?". Not so fast. I failed to mention that she graduated high school A VIRGIN. And proceeded to lose her virginity ON CAMERA to Mr. Evan Stone. And we all know how blessed he is...
What a way to lose your virginity! I know for me personally, losing it wasn't much of a big deal. I didn't feel like a new woman, I most certainly wasn't emotionally attached to the loser I lost it to. It was just sex. Once it was over I wanted more. And for her to lose her virginity on camera shows that it's not the life changing experience everyone makes it out to be.
For now, she's sticking to oral and vaginal, and when she gets bored with that then she'll move on to anal.
I go from not even knowing who this chick is to wanting to see all her films and see how she gets down.
I gotta take my as to the local sex toy shop and do my research.

Ahhh, this is a sweet gig...

She's done some work with Vivid, who is HUGE in the adult film world. They've released like every celebrity sex tape known to man. That's huge.
Glad to see she's doing something she enjoys, and not letting the opinion of others deter her.

From talking to her, she seems really down to earth, she's always talking to her fans, and she was nice enough to grant me an interview with her!
Follow her on twitter: @MalloryRaeXXX

Here's some flicks of her in action

She kinda reminds me of Megan Hauserman from "Rock Of Love"

Welp, stay tuned for part two babes an gents, I hope this has sparked your interests:) If there's anything you'd like to know about her, hit me up via my twitter or shoot me an email an I'll be sure to ask her:)


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Ooooh, freak nasty. This one looks fun. But I would hope no one would walk in while I was doing this lol

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy