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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Feelin' Frisky

Babes an gents, good morning and good day, depending on where you are.
I was originally gonna blog about strippers vs. their customers and who the bad guy REALLY is, double standards an all that, but then I got that phone call...well, duty calls! So I will be posting that blog another day. Right now I gotta break down last night.

Last night I spent the evening watching movies onDemand, as all my Saturday evenings seem to turn out, and I was going stir crazy. No one responded to my texts all day, FB was wack, Twitter was dead, and there weren't any movies I wanted to see onDemand that I hadn't already seen.
Just as I was about to call it a night I got a simple one word text that made my mood do a 180.


Fuck yeah! He told me to meet him at 1:30 but I was a little confused with the time change an all. I just figured he would call. So I hurry up an get ready, sneak out (because I have to do things like that in this house) and I swooped him up around 1:20ish. We pull up across the street from his house, and I already know the drill: lights off, hop in the backseat an hop on:)
For some reason, anytime I see him sitting there with his dick out telling me to get on, I just fucking lose it. It's great lol. What a coincidence that while I was sliding down his pole E-40's "Slidin Down The Pole" was playing in the background. He decides to help me along by grabbing my hips an pushing me down. He tells me to go slow, so up an down, around an around I go. Up almost all the way to the top, and back down. I heard nothing compares to the feeling of penetration for a man, so that would explain the slow part. As a woman, I like fast rough fucking. So I stop and let him take over.

SIDEBAR: In my past back seat action experiences, the dudes were very vanilla in comparison to him. They sit there while I ride, get on top, and/or have me get on all fours facing the door with them behind. Now, my regular, on the other hand, will prop himself up on my center console an the seat, or the head rest or w/e and start pounding away.

Which is why he's the only one allowed in my backseat:)

I'm getting tossed back and forth, and then we spin around and he gets on top. I put one leg on the back window an one leg on my seat belt and had him go at it. He stops an tells me to get out the car. I just look at him, wondering where I'm going. So I hop out the car, thinking he's just gonna stand up outside the car like last time...nope. He grabs my pajama bottoms, lays em on the ground an tells me to get down. "Trying something new tonight" New indeed. Now I've had sex outside, but not in the middle of a neighborhood! But w/e I didn't care at that point, so I got all fours, stuck my ass in the air an arched my back. He looks at my ass an bites it. I loooooove getting my ass bit on, why, idk. Don't judge me. My ass starts tingling and He's grabbing my hips an slammin me back and I see a car down the street. It turns before I even have time to react but seeing that car made me that much hornier. I'm on all fours, legs together, an he slides his hands down my thighs an pushes them apart. Okay okay, I'm diggin it. Then he grabs me by the neck an pulls me back so my head is on his shoulders. Light choking + good sex = great orgasm.
We get back in the car an continue with the rough sex. He sits in the middle seat, opens his legs wide, sits me on top an hangs my legs on the outside of his legs an man...Gents that's a g-spot stroking position right there. Take notes. He grabs my thighs an my hips an whatever else he can grab. An he grabs em hard. He gets back on top with my legs folded against his chest...

I can't even focus on this damn blog right now tryin to recap last night. Good shit.

So he's on top an I wrap my legs around his waist to pull him in deeper an I grab his shoulders to bring him down to me. Wrapping my legs around him lets me control how deep he goes. An I wanted him to hit rock bottom.
By now it is beyond fucking hot in this car, sweat drippin off his body, my car smells like warm vanilla sugar an whatever cologne he was wearing. He lays down an when I get on top I take my shirt off. (With all my piercings FINALLY back in I must say I have the cutest little torso lol) He sits up an bites me on the boob an I lay on top an start riding him. First slow, then speedin things up a lil bit. I grab him behind the neck an let him know that I do, in fact, love his penis lol...The things people say when they're having sex...smh. I spin around into reverse cowgirl an once again I perform my ass off. Finally, he sits in the middle again, I sit between his legs an lean between the two front seats an start bouncing away on his dick. That's what put him over the edge. He asked me if I wanted him to cum on my face an I said yeah, but I guess it felt so good he couldn't stop. I hop off an sit next to him, he looks at me an says:

Him: "Don't have my fucking kids."
Me: "No worries. No bastards."

He grabs my pj's an wipes himself off, I apologize for not having any wet wipes handy this time, I give him his things an he walks across the street with no pants on.

Once he's gone, I'm still laying in the backseat with my vag pounding like a migrane trying to catch my breath. He sends me a thanks text an I look at the time: 1:17. WTF?! I was trippin because I knew that it lasted quite a while, then I remembered stupid fucking daylight savings time. We got down for about an hour. Can you say one happy camper? So I sat in my car for about 10 minutes, then realized I needed to drive home because I was tired as fuck, and I couldn't just post it in front of his house. So I get dressed, and pull off. I don't even make it home an I'm pulling over to rest again. I lay in my car listening to music an he goes "Sorry if your pussy is sore" an I'm thinkin oh no, don't be sorry:) I'm hungry! Off to Carl's Jr.!

Big Carl (The actual burger this time) an fruit punch in hand, I drive home hoping no one is awake. There's no way I can explain why my once straightened hair is now on the verge of becoming an Angela Davis-esqe afro an why I smell like I just stepped out of an Old Spice commercial. Luckily no one was. Smashed on my burger, then gravity set in an my vag started hurting AGAIN. And I knocked the fuck out.

Good shit if I do say so myself. Good day SIR.

Cut to this morning. Hop in my car to go to the grocery store in the pj's I wore last night an a hoodie covering my fucked up hair. I notice that I can't find my cherry thong. And there's a men's magazine that he left in the front seat. Thank god my mom didn't steal my car cause she had just ridden (or is it rode?) in the car the night before when we went to the movies.
Pull up to the grocery store an find my undies shoved under the passenger seat. Yesss.
Then I look down at my pants. Either there was a shitload of ketchup on the ground or I rolled over a small family of frogs. I have a lot of unidentifiable red smears that weren't there when I left the night before. I expected to find a lil white stain here or there, but this is kinda freaky.

Long, yes, I know. But I also know you guys like details.
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This is what we were doing outside, when I tried to explain how he pushed my legs out. The pic explains it waaaaaaaay better lol

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  1. So its thanksgivin and me and my girl are at my mama's crib and i just wanna thank u for setting up tomorrow's schedule for us. Bout to take my (not my mama's)whip to some secluded place and finna knock the boots