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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Good, The Bad, && The Ugly

I have been debating on writing this blog for a while now. But this blog is somewhat therapeutic so I need to do it to get the stress off my chest.
My birthday.
Whatta day.

Welp, my outfit was a winner.
I got off work early.
My good friends showed up.
The bitch beer was on point.
And I got birthday sex.

First off, only a third of the people I invited showed up, my real friends. And out of the 2/3 that didn't come, only two told me they wouldn't be able to make it. No lap dances (that I had worked so har on) were given out. Punk ass bitches. So my BM invited her friend from a tattoo shop who said he was bringing A friend. A as in SINGULAR. When I opened the front door I'm staring at 6 people. My other friends already didn't show up, ad they had a box of beer in their hands, so might as well be nice on my birthday and invite them in. One of the dudes was trying to hit on me and he just was not understanding that I wasn't having it. He sang for me. And I tried my hardest not to laugh at him. The bitch beer was not helping me in succeeding at ALL. Then as the night started to wind down he was getting ready to leave and invited me to come back to the tattoo shop. I told him I wasn't going ANYwhere, and he asked me what I was planning on doing then.

Me: Sleeping
Him: Well, you can come chill with me and we can go to sleep together.
Me: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah no. That's not gonna happen. So you can take your hand off my ass now.

Then they left and it was just me and the people I actually invited.
My friend took me to get some mexican food.
And I got some birthday sex.

I don't even know where to begin. Have you ever done something spontaneously and then thought, Now, why the fuck did I just do that???
I had that moment at the end of my birthday.
After all my guests had left, I decided to chill with one of my guy friends.
We were just talkin, drinkin, and chillin.
I see this guy as a brother. I care about his opinion, I don't like the thought of him thinking down on me.
We're sitting next to each other, lights dimmed. He sticks out his arm, grabs my hand and has me feel his pulse on his wrist.
Then the inside of his elbow.
Then the side of his neck.
When I reached over to feel the other side of his neck, he leaned in and kissed me.
My buzz DISAPPEARED. And my eyes got HUGE.
Because this was not suppose to happen, yet it was. I froze.
His kisses tasted fruity, like one of the Trident gums...and something in my brain said "Don't say shit."
So I didn't. Then he pulled me into his lap. And he started kissing my neck. I'm halfway enjoying it half way thinking "Is this really happening?"
I didn't think it was gonna go any further than an intense makeout session, but next thing I knew I was on the ground laying on my back with his face between my thighs.
My eyes are still big, because not only did I kiss the man, he's now giving me head, which I didn't ask for. You don't come across too many men who just dive down.
He comes up for air and I swear to you I have never seen anyone rip their pants off so fast. I mean it literally looked as if he had on breakaways, they came off so effortlessly...idk how he did it. Then my legs were on his shoulder. I'm laying here trying to enjoy myself, but there is this nagging voice in my head that isn't letting me do so. I knew he wasn't a virgin, I knew he had sex, but I could never pictured him having sex, let alone have sex with me. And he was. We were. We were doing this, no turning back. As we all know, I love being spanked. But tonight I couldn't even enjoy it because I was hoping my aunt couldn't hear. That's what I did the whole time. Thinking. I should have been enjoying myself but nooooo, my stupid left brain wasn't allowing me to do so.
He looks at me an says he wants to try something. I look at him an ask him what, and he says 69. I'm a little hesitant, because I was still getting over the fact that he just had his face buried in my goods, but I was like what the hell an hopped on. One thing I learned about him, he's a giver. And he gives FREQUENTLY.
Under normal circumstances, that would have been a birthday well spent.
And I wanted to get laid on my birthday.
But I never imagined it would turn out like that.
When it was over, I sat up, but he grabbed my arm and pulled me down. So I laid there. And thought some more.
He got up and got dressed, I walked him to the door, and he asked me if there was going to be any weirdness between us. I assured him there wouldn't be and he kissed me goodbye.
I just kinda stood there still asking myself "Did that really just happen?"
We briefly chatted the next day like nothing happened, and that was that.

I have no problem sleeping w/ a cute guy I met at a party. The less I know about you, the better.
Sleeping with friends is difficult.
I know waaaaay more than I should about you, as do you know about me.
If you sleep with a close friend with the intention of getting together, then that's okay. You've already skipped that whole "getting to know you" phase.
I still value our friendship, but I know and he knows the next time we see each other in person it's going to be suuuuper awkward. I just hope it's not too awkward.
I just wish that the guy friends I do have that have propositioned me before don't think I'm just being a bitch when I turn em down, they just need to understand since we're already friends, it won't just be some random hook up its gonna be awkward. A friendship is like a relationship sans the intimacy. Two close friends can't have NSA sex because there were feelings there before the clothes even came off. Then if the sex is bad, you're probably never gonna wanna talk to that person again, and they're gonna wonder why you're acting all "brand new" and its a bunch of bullshit from there.

*sigh* I just hadda get that off my chest.


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Just waiting til my next issue

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industyy

Monday, September 27, 2010


I love tittays.
Big ones.
I don't know why, but I've always been fascinated with them.
If I see a girl with nice cleavage walking down the street, I'ma look.
If one of my friends got a boob job, I'm gonna ask her if I can squeeze them, just so I can see what kinda implants I want.
Honestly boobs are the greatest things on this earth, right behind penis.
Well, for me at least.
So babes an gents lemme bestow this lil' nugget o' joy in your lives.
So you an I can both stare at nice knockers without feeling like pervs.

SALMA HAYEK has great mommy boobs.

 PENELOPE CRUZ has nice spanish boobs.

 AMBER ROSE has great boobs. That's a bad bisssssh right there.

 Some nice random boobs.

 KATY PERRY has great candyfornia boobs.
 LIL' KIM had great boobs. Before she went all plastic surgeon crazy.

 KIM KARDASHIAN has great boobs. And a great ass too.

 THIS GUY not so much...not a fan of Moobies..
 Don't even get me stated on this chick.
 Red head boobs
 Now I think BEYONCE is a bad bish but I just don't like how her boobs always look pressed flat against her chest. I like top cleavage and a nice round tittay. But that's just me. Peep exhibits A & B

 Nice lezzie boobs. 3 pair for the price of one!
HEIDI MONTAG had nice before boobs.
 ...Then she went knife crazy too.

 LACEY DUVALL has nice hershey kiss tittays.

 Idk who she is but she has nice pierced boobies.

 SOFIA VERGARA just has plain ol' awesome boobs.

 Aaaaaaaaand last but not least, a nice pierced nipple to end the day with.

Aaaaaaah, who doesn't love boobs?

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I need to add this to my repertoire. Now all I need is a willing participant and a bed.

Hugs for big jugs!
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Behind Enemy Lines

Babes an gents I have come to the conclusion that I am going to hell in a hand basket.
Because of my late night last night I've been sluggish all day.
The minute I walk out the door the Pizza Man calls. He tells me he drove by my house an saw I wasn't home. This was around 11 p.m., so I'm trying to figure out how he would have gotten my attention sans a cell phone had I been there lol.
Throw pebbles at my window maybe?
Idk...just a thought.
Anyways, he asks if I wanna chill tonight and I say sure, but because every time he has called me, plans fell through and I didn't take him very seriously.
I got some gas, grabbed some dinner and was headed home. I'm not even a quarter of the way home when he calls me and asks me where I'm at. I hadn't expected him to call back so soon! So I gotta bust a bitch and follow his directions to his house.
Lemme just say he SUCKS at giving directions! He can just stick to pleasing me, which he's really good at:)
Anyways I give up on trying to find him and let him find me. Well he lives in the cuts of east jesus nowhere! I would have never been able to find it on my own.
We pull up, and I follow him to his room.
We get in there and I notice pinks an greens and whites. Panties everywhere, Robert Pattinson posters everywhere.
Maybe it's his sisters room...
Even though I know damn well this man doesn't have a sister.
Panties an bras strewn about...yep.
I am now in the enemy's territory.
It was a little...unsettling...but hey, I needed my issue.
I'm not gonna lie I was tempted to leave my panties an see if she'd notice.
Very naughty of me, so I decided against it. I got nothin against anyone lol.
This dude.
Is an ass man.
He LOOOOOOOOOOOOVES my ass. And I can appreciate a dude who can appreciate a nice ass lol.
So he's just touching, squeezing, tapping it...sometimes I think he likes my ass more than he likes me.
One thing I like about him is that he doesn't forget the foreplay. You guys know how I feel about it.
He slides his boxers down and I get on my job.
Tasted a bit like coffee...maybe that's why I'm not tired right now...haha
He looks at me and asks me if "its too sore to eat" in reference to my piercing. While it doesn't hurt, I just don't want any direct contact to it right now. And I continue with the oral attention.
Then I stop an sit between his legs, he self lubes and I get into reverse cowgirl (that is becoming my trademark as of late). Reverse is also the best for an ass man. He turns on the lights so he can see, lights, camera, action, I'm ready for my close up Mr. Deville and I perform my ass off.
We alternate from me riding to him pumping, an when its his turn I gotta make sure to keep my back arched as far as possible so that he can get the full effect. Sure enough that's what sends him over the edge and I'm pleased with myself.
I get dressed, tiptoe to my car, exchange goodbyes and I'm off, nuggets still hot in the bag.
This guy is really sweet, an makes sure that I have a good time no matter what.
I got a lil weak spot when it comes to him.

Now it's time to do my hair and things of that nature so I can get into tip-top shape for my birthday paaaahty:)


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There are so many variations to this position, I needa try them all...

Oh an BTW, whoever keeps sending me bible verses, I'm good. kthanks:)
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Back Seat Action:)

So it had been like a week since I last had sex and I was starting to get worried the drought was gonna repeat itself!

SIDEBAR: Why did I just wake up and realize my belly button ring is completely GONE??

Anyways, I had gotten a phone call early yesterday evening from the Pizza Man (yes that is what we're gonna call him, because that's what he is!) saying he wanted to hook up later. Alright, I'm down...but the thing with the Pizza Man is, he sucks at returning calls in a timely manner, if he even returns them at all! And the fact that he calls from a private number doesn't help either.
So I told this foolio to call me when I got off work. Of course he DIDN'T. So I'm panicking like "OMG it's happening again!!!" I drove home and sat in my car for over 40 minutes waiting on this man to call me back.
Never happened.
So I dragged my stupid ass in the house (I say stupid because this is not the first time this has happened), feeling defeated and horny.
I log onto twitter, but that doesn't help much, because the freaks REALLY do come out at night.
As the evening progresses, I finally accept the fact that this man isn't gonna call me and I should let it go.
Well around midnight my luck started changing!!
First I won 150 bucks worth of hair products from Halley's Curls (which, lemme tell you , their shit ain't cheap but its soooooooo worth it).
Then I got a text from Drake asking me if I wanted to kick it (yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees).
AND AND AND The Carnie is comin back to the fair this year!!! Can yo say "Kick ass"?!?!?!!

...You know what? Scratch Drake, we shall now refer to him from this point on as "Christiano". It suits him better.

Anywhoo, he asks me if I can make him a tri-tip sandwich. Being the nice person I am, I make one and go on about my business. I pick him up, and the plan is to find a house for sale and bust a mission there. Well, first order of business is he needs to eat. He notices I didn't put any BBQ sauce on the sandwich (well shit, I don't eat tri-tip as a sandwich anyways how was I supposed to know lol) so he runs out the car and comes back with a bottle of BBQ sauce.
He was real serious when it came to his sauce.
Now, you guys know I'm not new to thissss i.e. The Big Bang pt. II, so I mean why the hell not??
We spend the next 30 or so minutes looking for "for sale" signs, and each house we go to is locked up and has a loud little yappy dog on either side of the fence.
...This would have been so much easier in a new development where EVERYTHING is unlocked! But I didn't know where any were, so we continued our search.

About 6 houses and 3 spiderwebs later (walking through a spiderweb at night is one scary shiz) we just decide to christen the car. And I know I said there would be nothing going on in my backseat whatsoever, but for him, I was willing to make an exception.

I backed into a shaded area, just in case we needed to make a break for it, stripped down an got back to business.
For some reason the ceiling in this car seemed to be lower than the ceiling in my other car, so as I got on top to ride I had to bend my neck funny.
Snaps for my Elasta-Girl like vag for shrinking back to size in less than a week, because when I hopped on it HURT. He crossed his arms around my lower back and pushed me down all the way which felt reaaaaal good. I'm riding him, an he's showin the girls some much needed attention:) Then we switch up to him on top.

SIDEBAR: If you ever get the chance to ride in my car on a cold night, check out the back window when it gets foggy. you'll see little feet prints lol.

I had opened the sunroof earlier so that the windows didn't get foggy, but that didn't work out as well as I thought. So he sat back and I sat between his legs in this reverse cowgirl sitting like position, and started riding away. Then he grabbed my hips and wedged me between the driver an passenger seats and I stuck my head out the sunroof.
Which probably woulda looked hilarious to anyone that walked by.
For the most part we did this modified doggy position and when I glanced back he was doing some acrobatic monkey shit, but I really didn't care cause it felt BOMB. I bent over even more, damn near giving my stick shift a blow job aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand...

It was over.
Snaps to the kid cause after he does body shots he wipes me down.
What a gentleman. lol

We get dressed, exchange hugs an goodbyes and we go our separate ways.
I'm thoroughly satisfied, I got my issue, and I've determined that we DON'T have another T.O.N.y. sitchy on our hands, and that it's strictly business. For dick this good, you will not get any complaints from me.

...Except maybe hat we should have sex more often...but that's just me...
Me an my pounded vag are satisfied at the moment, thanks.

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We did this the 1st night...back seat action is nice, but this man in a bed is a BEAST

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Friday, September 24, 2010

This & That...

Babes an gents, I am thoroughly pissed to shits.
Some things I have learned in these past 6 sexless months:

1. Men are more open when they're drunk.
2. I like men when they're drunk.
3. Sober = stupid.

*Let's go back about three dudes. All had some sort of alcohol in their system. And it was all good. The minute they sober up that's when shit starts changing.
Once I realize I'm no longer a priority to you, you are no longer a priority of mine, and you get sent to the elephant graveyard aka the "Z" list.
The "Z" listers are very different from the Stage 5 Grenades. Stage 5 Grenades are just crazy people who can't take no for an answer.
The "Z" lister concept comes from my phone book. You either have to ignore 3 texts from me (and I don't mean in succession; I mean over the course of DAYS) or if you DO reply I get maybe one or two texts from you to qualify for "Z" list status.
Basically means that I change your name to "Z" and you sit there with all the "Z"'s so I'm not tempted to text you. The phone works both ways you can always hit me up. But since you never probably will you just sit there with all the other "Z"'s
A person can only reach out to you so much.
So YOU sir, have been demoted to "Z" list status. You will be missed. But only for a second...

*Can someone explain to me just how the fuck does wanting sex everyday make a person "clingy"?! I'm not asking your bitch ass to take me to the movies, don't want you to take me to dinner, I just wanna borrow your penis to suit my pleasure on occasion. Since when is wanting sex a crime?! I don't even text dudes EVERYtime I want sex, because I'd be blowin their shit up. I mean hell, for the most part I let THEM hit me up. I figure you have my number. You know when you wanna have sex, and when the time is right you'll use it.
I have yet to meet a dude who was on the same page with my frequency. The Big Carl did come pretty close. There were still those days that he'd be "busy" or w/e...what can you do...
WTF ever man...I can't suffer another drought. I swear I will either kill someone or have an emotional breakdown...

*JUST because I'm a hypersexual individual, and want sex all the damn time does NOT mean I wanna have sex with you.
#Subliminal #ShotsFired

*Why is it so damn hard to find some reliable peen?! I mean MUST I get in a relationship in order to get some sex on demand?! (SOD for short) Liiiiiiiike, I'm not against relationships, but I'm not very fond of one night stands either. Can't we just fin a happy medium without me scrollin through the rolodex every time? Better yet, me sending out a mass text and picking the gentleman of the evening? I just want some steady dick from the same dude. That is all.

*Speaking of which, we may have another T.O.N.y. sitchy on our hands. Once again doing nice stuff without genuine intentions. If its a booty call, treat it as such. No need for the extra stuff. If I invite you over, I may have music playing, but that's it. No candles, no rose petals, none of that bullshit. You come over, get naked, dick me down , and maybe go to sleep, or leave, depending on what time of day it is. I'm not gonna sit here and give you a massage afterwards, offer to shower you, massage your scalp, cook for you NONE OF THAT BULLSHIT unless I like you. #ImSorry but I honestly think that shit should be reserved for people you actually LIKE and have intentions on dating.
No need to send funky ass mixed messages getting people caught up an whatnot.

*You already know how I feel about guys with girlfriends...depending on the situation I really don't care. BUT DO NOT pick me up in her fucking car.
Are you out of your fucking mind?!?!?! I swear next dude to pull that shit I'm shoving my panties under the seat. Perfect example I used:
You live at home with your parents.
Would you rather do it while they're there or when they're gone?
And would you prefer to do it in your bed or theirs?

I was very irritated when I started writing this.
Now I'm only slightly irritated.Can you say therapeutic??
*Sigh* Anyways...time for some homework.
I need to relieve some stress anyways...

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This looks like fuuuuuuun. Damnit. I needa make sure The Carnie is still on board for the fair this year.

Miss Sixxxty, your semi slightly irritated freak of the industryy

Sunday, September 19, 2010


6 months was the longest drought ever.
Let's hope it never happens again.
Let me fill you guys in:)

Saturday night, the plan was I was gonna meet my friends for dinner. After dinner we ended up party hopping an me and my guy friend ended up in a parking lot. I met a few of his friends and the guy who was throwing the party. I didn't get a real good look at him til we got to his house.
There, he took his shirt off to use it to help ease the strain of the keg.
My, oh my, he may not have a body builder physique, but it was still lovely. We shall call him Drake. Because that was the soundtrack for the evening.
So anyways I'm cheesin like I hit the lotto and my guy friend looks at me and says,

"If you were a dude you'd so have a boner right now"

The night progresses and games of beer pong and kings cup are being played. Now me personally, I don't like beer. And for some reason I kept having to drink during king's cup. I swear it wasn't fair!! Then my guy friend asked me if I could take him to get something to eat, and on the way back, my tire blew out!
Fortunately it was near his house, as well as mine. I park down the street and walk back the rest of the way. Me and Drake started chatting, and my guy friend approached me and let me know he was leaving the party and that he wasn't gonna leave me alone. Well, I appreciate the gesture but I've got other plans for the evening!
Over the next hour or so we're alternating between trying to put on a spare, calling roadside assistance (which I later found out I don't have), and attempting to call my friends who were all sleeping at 4 a.m.
And this whole time I'm texting Drake, he already knows what's up...I just had to find a way to ditch my guy friend!
Finally I just had him drop me off at the 24 hr. grocery store and had Drake come and swoop me right after.
With my car on a flat I was basically stranded, and if I was gonna be stranded I'd rather be stranded at his house.
He comes and picks me up and we go back to his house.

D: "Wanna watch some tv?"
M: "Sure"

When I get to his room something goes wrong with the TV and we decide to listen to music instead.
We build a playlist together, and from his choices, I know I'm getting laid.
He asks me if I'm ready to go mimiz, and I lay down, enjoying the music.
Then I feel his hands and I'm like yesssssssssssss.
I hop on top and strip down, and he gets naked.
And I look at his penis.
I wish I coulda done a rain dance.
It was beautiful. Nice & thick, just long enough, and he was manscaped so beautifully...aaaaah.
I was a lil mad that I didn't get to landscape earlier that day, but since it wasn't jungle outta control, I wasn't about to stop this man from pleasing me.
Since it had been 6 months it was a tight squeeze, the kind you gotta eaaaase yourself onto.
I couldn't have asked for a better drought ending!!!
He knows how to werk it.
On my back, legs over his shoulders...on my stomach back arched w/ my ass in the air, on all fours, in front of a mirror, dangling off the edge of the bed...he was aggressive, just like I like em.
He ordered me to stick it back in when it slipped out, let me know when I got into (reverse) cowgirl to go slow an grind on him cause he liked to watch...he pulled my hair while I was in reverse so I was completely laying flat on his stomach...It was great. I know his brother was home w/ a girl, but I can't keep quiet cause it felt sooooooo good. When we were in front of the mirror he wrapped his arm around my neck and pulled my hair...Then when he would slap my ass, nice an hard and frequent.
About four times during the course of the night he said he was tired and ready to go to bed, but as I crawled to the bed he dragged me back for more cause he wasn't finished yet and "Oh baby, I just wanna fuck the shit outta you"
Well, keep at it sir, you'll get no complaints from me!
Finally about an hour & a half later he left the room and came back with some lube. Poured a little on his dick, I put a little on my lady bits, and he poured some on my thighs an it was feeling good until my vag felt like it was on fire!!!

M: "Wait stop. Is this supposed to burn?"
D: "You like it"
M: "*OUCH* no we gotta take a break this shit burns"

He used warming lube that gets hot. Yeah, I had to tap out after that. We went to sleep for real this time, but before he dozed off he said we'd continue in the morning.
I fell asleep in a sex sweaty bed, fully satisfied.
I woke up about an hour later, having to pee, but he was sleeping and idk what to do! So I held it in. Not to mention I didn't wait the four weeks for my piercing to heal!
Finally I mustered up enough courage to leave the room and head to the bathroom, and then I got dressed and woke him up to tell him I was leaving.
He grabbed me and told me to go back to sleep, and I laid down for a little bit. Then he reminded me that we weren't finished.
I stripped from the waist down and we attempted to get down to business.
Since I had just woken up, things were a little...dry. So tryin to get it in hurt like hell, but I wanted it sooo bad.
So we ended up with me hunched over the edge of the bed with him behind me. That really just pushed me over the edge.
Once we were finished, I got dressed again and was getting ready to leave.
But he insisted he cook for me/
We chatted some more, getting to know each other, while he prepared a full breakfast.
After we finished eating, he drove me to my car and said our goodbyes.

Last night/this morning was amazing. Totally wasn't planning on fucking ANYONE that night but, shit happens:)

Let's just hope we don't have another T.O.N.y. situation on our hands.
Guess you just gotta take it one day at a time...
That man could get it again anytime, anywhere, any which way.
I may have found my diamond in the rough.
And he only lives 10 minutes away:)

Breathe a sigh of relief babes an gents. I'm no longer on the verge of an emotional breakdown or ready to kill.
I'm one happy camper:)

Homework for me to finally try out:)

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I'm tryna get it in tonight. I've found my very own personalized drug. He suits my needs. Shiiiiiiit. I can't wait for round two...

Life is good.
Miss Sixxxty, your very satisfied freak of the industryy

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Quest For The VCH Piercing.

I've been debating this piercing ever since I did the "Penises && Piercings pt.II" blog.
Something about it was visually pleasing about the piercing. And the thought of an unsuspecting gent striking gold when he least expected it was just too much.
So as I got repierced last week I showed my piercer the next step in my body modification (I have 16 piercings as of late, if you were unaware).
He's done all but 3 of my piercings, I trust him. I mean he's already seen my boobs, why the hell not?
I showed him the picture and he asked me if I was sure. I assured him I was, I felt there's nowhere left to go but up. He told me there will be an initial pinch, but its not a lasting sting. Good right?
He knows I'm not good with anticipation, I always end up stopping him at least once before the actual piercing takes place. But I plan on going through with it tomorrow.
Let's just hope he doesn't laugh at my lady bits, because I haven't landscaped in about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. And I don't plan on doing it again until my birthday.
Also, if I do it tomorrow it'll heal a bit before my birthday.
Here goes nothin.

9.13.10 10:35 p.m.
Googling pictures of VCH piercngs. So far so good. I've watched a few videos on youtube of girls getting it done. The pain looks temporary.
But for some reason that's not putting me at ease, it's making me more anxious. A lot of girls say their earlobes hurt the most. Well hell, I got my ears pierced when I was a mere babe how the hell am I supposed to remember if it hurt or not?!
*inhales deeply* Just gonna try to think of the cool will it be to say "Yeah I got one:)" I've already got a shitload of piercings in various areas of my body what's another hole? And unlike the majority of my piercings this will be one pinch since it's only going through one fold of skin. It'll be'll be fine. Time for sleep now.

9.14.10 2:01 p.m.
I feel like I'm walking the Green Mile, on my way to my last supper. My heart is racing. Fuuuuuck why did I have to park so far?! I'm reflecting on life as I know it, butterflies in my stomach...

...Or is that food poisoning?

No, definitely butterflies. Fuck.

9.14.10 5:52 p.m.
Me and the BM are on the way and I'm nervous as shit. Driving down the street and all the blood is rushing to my head. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! "Rock Tha Boat" is playing on the radio and it isn't helping!

9.14.10 8:00 p.m.
Dropped the BM off. Scheduled the piercing for tomorrow instead. BM wanted a tatt so we went to another shop where she started cutting the hell up an low key dissing the shop I go to. Now she isn't speaking to me. Whatever.

9.15.10 3:30 p.m.
Oh lord. I'm laying on this table, naked from the waist down, and my piercer is seein it all. It's been like 2 weeks since I landscaped so I was initially a bit embarrassed but business is business he doesn't seem to care. He rubs this stuff on me and it gets reaaaaaaal cold and tingly. And he's making his dot.

9.15.10 3:52 p.m.
HOLY FUCKING CRAP. The first attempt we tried using the needle receiving tube. That didn't go so well. I was so nervous that as soon as the needle touched me I jumped. So we went for the forceps instead and tried again. This time I jumped so hard that I knocked the forceps out his hand. But hey, at least it's done:)

Everything is all tingly down there, but upon further inspection, I'm verrrry pleased with its placement.
I'm hoping that as soon as it stops being all tingly I can put it to use.
As per my piercer's orders, no sex for 4 weeks.
Damn him!!!
Buuuuuuut if I clean it before and after protected sex I think I'll be okay.
Shhhh, it'll be our little secret:)
Because my birthday is in less than four weeks, and I plan on using it on my birthday.
Shit, I better get some birthday sex.
Or my sex life is doomed.

Time for a smidge bit of homework tonight:)

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Keepin' it simple tonight:)

May all be well in Sixxxty Land:)
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Best Friend Application

Babes an gents, I have very few friends in life.
I have a lot of associates, but not very many friends I can depend on.
There are many perks to being the best friend of a hypersexual individual like myself.
Extensive sex tips, advice, crazy ass stories, but sorry, no exchanging of the sexual favors.
Idk about the whole friends with benefits thin anymore. I think no strings attached better suits my needs. That way if I see you in traffic and you don't speak, I don't have to wonder why the fuck you're acting like you don't know me and seeing our friendship going in the shitter.
That being said, we can be associates with benefits:)

Back on topic, I have a few close guy friends (I wonder why I have more guy friends than girls =I)
That was sarcams, btw.
One guy in particular, the girlies call him Curly Fries cause of his corkscrew curls (that he no longer has:( ) and he gets all the perks of being my bff.
So I decided to interview him for the blog an let him tell you in his own words:)

Miss Sixxxty: Ready for your interview?
Curly Fries: Lol. I guess
M: Okay. How are you this evening?
C: I'm goog
M: That's good. About how long would you say you've been my bestieee
C: Since like sophomore year
M: Freshman year C. The year of Taquito. Lol an I've known you since the sixth lol
M: Anywaysss. Would you say there are any perks to being my favorite boy?
C: Yeah but we did't get close until sophomore year
M: Right lol
C: Definitely the lingerie shopping. I thinks thats really the best perk
M: And why is that
C: Hello, free ass shots. Thats a dream come true
M: What about the photoshoots?

(I do these lil photoshoots in my new lingerie, when I want the pics to look nice for my lil side hustle lol)

C: That was gonna be the second perk. Lol
M: Which is better lol
C: It depends. If its a naked shoot, then the photography. If its casual, then the lingerie
M: Does it bother you, frustrate you at all? Or does it not phase you
C: Ehhh, sometimes you want the quick j, but if you can stick it out you'll be fine
M: J?
C: Bj.
M: Ahahaha that's why I love you C. You're the only dude I feel comfortable around like that. And of course queens but they don't really count
C: Lol. Why thank you
M: These dudes should be thanking you. I run everything past you 1st. In your humble opinion, why has my sex life come to a screeching halt?
C: Thats a tough one. I think its cause sometimes you make it too easy to crack open the fortune cookie

Obviously, this isn't entirely factual if I'm still going without lol

M: Boooo I don't like that answer next question lol as a man why do I attract only dudes w/ girlfriends?
C: Because you're willing to help the jailed
M: I don't even know they're jailed half the time!
C: Well somehow you just pick up on the wrong guys
M: They find me I swear
C: I'm pretty sure not
M: Girl scout honor. Anything you would like to add? Memories? Anything?
C: I would say its probably the best gig to have without pay. I wuld suggest to all men to apply for the position with anyone close to them

For the record, C never had to apply, I just picked him lol

M: Okay now I gotta give the readers what they want. Crazy sex story peas?
C: You already know a lot of mine
M: Pick one and 'll try to remember the deets
C: The bear claw marks on my back from ceecee

CeeCee is an ex of his who was into wild, animalistic sex. C came to school with red scrapes all down his back and hickeys galore. Tramp. All I ask for is a lil animalistic sex from time to time. Sheesh.

M: That's all I remember tho lol was that the time you were behind her an reached around an played w/ her clit?
C: That was all the time. Plus we moved to the couch cause we were going to hard an broke her grandmas specialized plate set
M: Not the specialized plates! Damn you C!!! But I remember you doing the visual @ school. Hilarity @ its finest.
C: Lol. What, when
M: Idk we were on the hill lol. How do you feel about Sir Walt getting circumcised @ 18?
C: That's a sad but promising story. It made me feel better that my parents cared about my penis' well being.
M: Thinking about them slicing his peen up gave me the heebie jeebies for a while an I don't even have a penis!
C: Plus you got to see it
M: That was scary. The stitches looked like little black fangs!
C: Hahaha. Thats nasty. I didn't wanna know
M: I'm sorry. But we agree its best to circumcise little male banshees at birth to prevent something like this from happening right?
C: Most positive
M: Btw I need an outfit for my birthday I'm tryna seduce someone
C: Of course. which out fit?
M: lingerie
C: Of course. Lol
M: I said I needa seduce this man. I need some birthday penis or my sex life is doomed.
C: Lol. Ok, i'll help you out
M: Yay! So how do you feel when you first walk into fredericks?
C: I feel more like a perv when i walk in then at victoria's secret
M: Why??
C: Idk, i just do. Lol
M: Does it make you uncomfortable when I ask you to come to the dressing room lol
C: No i'm ok with that
M: You seemed hesitant wen I first called you back. What did you expect to see?
C: I don't know. Maybe some more naked chicks.

Nope, just me lol

M: Lol you wanted there to be more naked chicks. Well at least we agree there lol Gracias. I want to say tank you for taking the time out to chat with me this eveninggg
No problemo

And that my friends, is how it's done.
He gets to see me naked, in sexy ass lingerie, take my pics, and I don't gotta worry about him getting a boner (at least in front of me). He tells me what works, what doesn't, tells me what I should and shouldn't do wehn giving head and whatnot. So the dudes I blog about should be thanking him in a sense lol.
You can be my bff if yo can handle seeing me naked without getting a boner. Because that may be the only way you'll EVER see me naked.
Feel free to apply lol

Time for some homework

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Who doens't love good head?

Miss Sixxxty, Your very own freak of the industryyy

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Dearest babes an gents, as I sit here at my place of employment, bored as fuck, I decided to scroll through my emails and post (&& answer) some frequently asked questions for you.
Some of them are beyond hilarious lol.
Let's gooooooooooooooo

Q: Why are your nipples pink? I thought black girls had brown nipples?
A: I honestly have no idea. They just are. And I like em that way:)

Q: Do you like white guys?
A: You'd be amazed at how often I hear this question lmao...but yes, I like white dudes. Hell, if you're cute I like you lol.

Q: Have you ever been with a white dude?
A: Yessssssssssssssss.

Q: I wanna bust a fat ass nut on you?
A: Congratulations.

Q: Are you a panty, thong, boyshort or g-string kinda girl?
A: I like em all. I have a panty fetish.

Q: Aren't you tired of just fucking hella niggas dont you want a relationship with someone?
A: "This relationship shit, is too much for me. I wanna fuck, be friends and live comfortably."

Q: What is the reason why you have sex?
A: Because I enjoy it. Why does anyone have sex?

Q: Would you ever make a sex tape?
A: Probably. But I would keep the cam:)

Q: Have you ever considered being with a girl?
A: On occasion.

Q: Spit or swallow?
A: I'm a quitter lol

Q: Can you squirt?
A: Idk why this question keeps coming up. I have never gushed in my life.

Q: How many people have you slept with?
A: Take your number, divide by 2, then subtract one:)

Q: Do you suck dick?
A: Obviously...


Q: Does size REALLY matter??
A: Put it this way: you ain't gotta be big but you can't be small, okay?

Q: Do you like to masturbate?
A: I prefer the real deal.

Q: Fave pornstars/scenes?
Hmm...don't have a favorite actor/actress...but I do like this scene, even though its not in english.

Kamilla Vs Kendra brought to you by PornHub
OR watch it here via mobile web.

Q: What's your problem with guys having pubic hair??
A: I just don't like it. No one likes choking on pubes during oral. I'll deal with it, but I'd enjoy it much more if you manscaped like I landscape.

Q: What's the one thing you will NOT do?
A: I'm down to try anything that doesn't involve me licking your asshole && getting peed or pooped on.

Q: Craziest place you've had sex?
A: ...Probably the sex toy coming soon. lol

Q: Lights on or off?
A: Doesn't matter but dim is the best

Q: Got any toys?
A: One.

Inneresting lol.

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Oooooh, baby. Tonight is the Back To School Jam. Fingers crossed that I find a prospect:)

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy