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Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Big Stripper Orgy! Kinda...

hay hay hay. I told myself I would at least write one more post before 2012 is over. So next on the list is my reunion with Sexsomniac. He's been coming in so clutch lately. Like he has helped me in my lil situation more than he knows.
Speaking of which, I still haven't spoken to the antichrist, he seems pretty content with his current situation and I can't be too mad at that...For the most part after the initial shock and borderline depression it has been a lot easier than I would've expected. But then again I think the only way I'm managing to stay sane are the edibles that just make me not give a flying fuckotash about anything. But shit I'm not hurting anyone so whatever works. I'm just waiting for the day I can't even stand the thought of being back with him.

But anyhoe...let me tell you about what went down the night I hung out with Sexsomniac. So it was Thanksgiving vacation and my friend was in town. Sexsomniac hit me up and asked me if I wanted to kick it with him. I honestly can't even remember the last time we had actually had sex but hey. Why not? It was a Sunday night and I wasn't doing shit anyways. When I got the hotel I got off the elevator and I just remember seeing these two big girls following me. I heard one of them ask "It's room 302 right?" and I'm thinking, wait, I"M going to room I power booked it down the hall to the room. When I get there my friend, Sexsomniac, Mr. Dunlap and the Mexican Breast Feeder were there plus some white guy I had never seen before in my life. I asked them if they invited any other girls and they just stared at me. Soon enough the big chicks opened the door and asked where the bathroom was so they could get ready. As soon as they shut the bathroom door Sexsomniac stepped into the hallway and I just pointed and silent laughed at everyone in the room. The Mexican Breast Feeder started to look at me and I was like "Oh hell no. I was summoned on pleasure not business fuck you guys I'm gonna enjoy the show." Idk why they always call these stripping companies to pay for bean poles and whales when they have *me* on call. They know what I look like already! But I digress.
The girls come out of the bathroom in their tacky ass lingerie and I can't help but think one of the girls looks familiar. After doing some questioning I found out I knew her from high school. She was a year older than me. We shall call her...Peggy. And her friend can be...Shelly. So Shelly looks around the room and asks who's gonna go first. Nobody moved, nobody said shit. I volunteered Mr. Dunlap since it was his birthday. The look he gave me = priceless. So the girls start hopping into laps...and because they're slightly on the bigger side they never get completely naked. They leave their lingerie top things around their waists. The Mexican Breast Feeder asks me if I would join the ladies in performing and Shelley chimes in and says she would love to see my boobs cause she likes girls. Um. No. Ma'am. I told her she was working and I wasn't gonna impose on her money. Oh I almost forgot to add we were listening to music off Shelley's phone with that ridiculous ass Boom Cube thing. This entire night was just getting more ratchet by the second. Peggy suggests that they start the private shows and she and the white boy head off to the bathroom. As they walked past me I was wondering if he noticed or even cared about the big ass herpe looking sore on her ass cheek. After they go in I noticed the Mexican Breast Feeder and Sexsomniac had both called me and I was confused because we were in the same room. I asked why they called me and they were like "Well you said no one called you to come work., so we were calling you now." Too late bitches lol. Shelley asks if we wanna see some dollar tricks. Okay, now you have my attention. Wtf is a dollar trick? You tip her a few dollars and she'll pick it up with her cooch. I had to see this so I ponied up some ones from the boys and gave em to her. She folded them in half hot dog style, put them on Mr. Dunlap's stomach, and she made sure to tell me "you gotta be a little wet first" and she crouched down and picked the shit up. Money is DIRTY AS FUCK. Okay? And you're picking up that dirty shit. With your PUSS. I know your cooch is absolute trash cause you clearly don't treat it with respect. I won't even take a dollar out a customer's mouth with my mouth, let alone my cooch. But whatever will pay your bills get it how you live pymp.
Peggy comes out the bathroom to see her partner getting tips and she says "Well anyone got a 5?" I'm like what are you gonna do with a 5? She says she'll roll it up and stick it up her butt. I think I'll pass. Then she says she can do a beer bottle trick for 20. Now this I HAVE to see. I pony up some more money from the boys and she's like she needs a clean beer bottle. She picks one up to go clean it and Shelley says "I wouldn't fuck a girl who knows how to do a beer bottle trick. Everyone just stares at the white guy and he puts his cowboy hat back on and doesn't say shit else for the rest of the night. She comes back in the room and all this lazy bitch did was fuck herself with it! Trick my ass!!! Shelley and Mr. Dunlap head off into the bathroom next and Peggy is just do I do with myself. She gives a few more lap dances and sees Sexsomiac with a Shocktop. She's like omg is that a Shocktop can I have some? He stares at the bottle, then back at her and tells her she can just have it. She's like no I just want a taste and he's like no really, you can keep it. She takes a drink and tries to give it back and he stares at it like it's covered in AIDS. He Sends em a sad text saying "I really wanted that Shocktop, it was the last one:(" I tell him to just wash it off and he's like fuck no. Oh well. Lol. I look at the time cause I'm like these bitches have been here a long ass time so I ask Peggy how long these shows are supposed to be and she's like shiiiiit we went waaaay over time. She gets dressed, rolls a blunt, and asks if anyone cares to join her she'll be outside. Nobody went to join her. Before she left I asked if she was taking her friend with her and she's like "Oh. She's a big girl she knows when the show is over." Then I asked if she was gonna take her swtuff and she was like "I don't touch anything that ain't mine" and left. I knocked on the door like 4 times to let Shelley know her time was up, that her partner left and that her stuff was still here. she comes out the bathroom dressed, pissed her partner left her and when I said she left her stuff cause she didn't wanna touch it she was like "Pfft, yeah right." Damn.
After the girls left I cornered the white guy and asked him what happened.  He would only touch his cowboy hat and not say shit. All I could get him to admit to was that he fingered her MAYBE a little bit. Mr. Dunlap on the other hand was not shy at all "YEAH I FUCKED HER. And she sucked the shit outta my balls while she jacked me off. And I would've put it in her butt if my legs weren't shaking so much." These are the people I hang out with. I'm thinking if she did that with you guys, who else have they done it with. That's why I keep my bougie ass in the clubs and out the hotel rooms. Mr. Dunlap paid me 50 bucks for a topless lap dance but thank god he told me it felt "weird". Cause I didn't wanna do the shit anyways. Then he squished his fat ass body on me and Sexsomniac with all his BBW stripper sweat juice on us and I felt so dirty. He's a bitch for that. Gross. After he left the Mexican Breast Feeder kept trying to have a threesome with me and Sexsomniac claiming they were so close that one time like a year ago. Bitch please. Go sit in a corner I DON'T WANT YOU! After a few failed attempts he finally left and me and Sexsomniac were sitting on the floor and he kept touching the inside of my thigh. Finally.

I'll save the actual sex part for the next blog. FYI shower sex is only halfway what it's cracked up to be. Shits dangerous af.

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It Was The Worst Of Times...

If YOU'RE reading this, you know you no longer have any business to keep checking up on me. So if you don't like what I'm saying, tough titty.

I can barely remember what started this whole stupid conversation but all of a sudden it was like a complete 180. Like I just fucked you 6 times tonight AND bought you tacos I think I was on my best behavior! This entire bullshit started because of a comment I made 2 FUCKING FEBRUARIES AGO! Basically his friend told me he was a good guy and needed someone to tie him down. All I said was that I wouldn't mind him being my boyfriend but I don't think he's looking to date me. And the friend randomly brought it up a few days before. And the shit was weighing heavy on him since then or something. I don't know that doesn't sound like a bad comment to me! He starts going on about how he wants me to know this is never going anywhere (nothing too new) but then he decides to tell me WHY. And he gave me a million and one reasons about why I'd be a horrible girlfriend. Mind you I'm high on brownies so I'm barely processing what's going on. Not being able to say what I wanted sucked. But this was how I was feeling.

"Our foundation wasn't strong to begin with, it's unstable"
Okay yeah I know I fucked you when I met you, but honestly I don't thin k neither one of us saw this shit lasting as long as it did. And that shouldn't really mean shit NOW, but whatever.If the foundation was so unstable you know what people in construction do? They START OVER. Yeah I fucked you that night but remember I didn't fuck myself! Fuck the whole "well I'm the guy I'm supposed to try to sleep with you you're not always supposed to let me." You can also keep it in your pants too. That makes you no better in the foundation building process.

"You fuck every guy you meet you have like a constant rotation of guys. I know I read your blog."
Idk why this was even an issue when he has a steady rotation of other bitches he fucks too. Like I can't even count on my hand the number of bitches he fucked when he moved, not to mention he fucked that bitch the weekend I was staying at his house. When I think about the guys I slept with and I think about that bullshit he pulled I think mine was the lesser of the two evils.I never told him to his face about other guys, and I let him know the only reason I still fucked other people was because he wasn't always around. Like wtf do you expect me to do? Be monogamous to someone who clearly isn't being it himself? You're gonna get yours and I'm gonna get mine. And for him to accuse me of sleeping with every guy that shit is laughable because if he knew anything he'd know his dick has made me VERY picky. I refuse to settle for less when it comes to sex. I'd rather have no sex than bad sex, hence the 6 month drought before I met him. But he'll continue to think what he wants.

"How do we tell our grandkids how we met? That's not something we can tell them."
First off, why are you thinking about GRANDKIDS?!?!?! We just skipped our own huh...And the answer is you tell them the truth: I met you thru a mutual friend in the parking lot of liquor king. I don't see a problem with that. Of course you leave the sex out, but when you're talking to kids you leave sex out regardless so....I don't see the issue here.BUT it's apparent to me that you HAVE considered what a future with me would be like. Noted.

"Why would you drive 5 hours to go visit someone? Just to go visit."
OMG. He will NOT let this shit go!!! Idk how many times I have to tell him that I didn't sleep with someone I consider to be a brother. And not "brother" like some of you bitches say where you fuck on the under. Like actual almost blood brother. The idea of even seeing him naked in a sexual manner turns my stomach. But he has it in his head that I already did it, which probably explains why he fucked that bitch in the next room over when I was there. I didn't sleep with him end of discussion.

"I don't know anything about you. You never talk to me."
Only because YOU made me feel that way! I felt like I could never just be like "hey what's up" or anything for fear of getting ignored. Although very low it still feels like a form of rejection to me so I just choose not to do it. The few times early on I did try to invite you to come out with our mutual friends you'd always say no, so I just stopped asking. You don't know anything about me because you CHOOSE not to. Just as easily as I could've talked to you you could've said hi to me too. At least that way I would know it wasn't taboo to hit you up for only sex. And I never talk to you because I felt if I did you would think "Oh, this girl is catching feelings" when that wouldn't be the case all the times. Humans communicate when there's an issue, something we never did until shit hit the fan. We had no regular communication. When you say "I know when you're mad because you get really quiet" you still would'nt ask what was wrong, and I felt we had that emotional disconnect so I come here to vent and say the things I want. Speaking of which:

"Why didn't you stop blogging about me when I asked? Some of the things I read I'm like, 'Oh, this is what she was thinking at that moment?' And some of the stuff you say is kind of hurtful."
 Okay apparently this blog is another roadblock. I did stop blogging about him for a while, usually just a one line mention to let everyone know we were still seeing each other, but there wouldn't be full blogs dedicated to him. But then after a while I thought, damn I have nothing to write about. And how dare someone who isn't my boyfriend ask me to stop doing something I was doing before I met them? If he wanted to be my boyfriend and expressed his dislike for it I would've fully taken it into consideration out of respect for my relationship. But when you tell me you only want a casual hookup then you have no say in what I choose to do in my spare time. And if you guys have been following me a long time you know that 98% of the time everything I have to say about him is nothing short of stellar. The only times I would say "bad" things is when he would start acting stupid. But I've never tried to tear down his character on purpose simply because I like him too much.

"And then you strip every weekend for disgusting ass men. How do you ever expect a man to take you serious?"
There are plenty of guys who are mature and that do. You are the one with the issue. Me dancing was never a problem when I would treat you to lunch was it? If dancing was something that you had trouble with we should've talked about it, and not in a "Oh, if you wanna marry a Mexican you gotta stop dancing." Just tell me YOU don't like it. Smh and to think I was actually considering not doing it anymore so I could be more available for him. Glad I didn't. Once again if you were thinking about dating me and it was an issue then you should've spoken up instead of being all jealous. I dance naked yeah but that's it. I don't meet up with these guys after and fuck them I just fucking dance. But like I said when you say  you only want a casual hookup why should my job even matter? Noted.

"Trying to date you now would just be weird. I can't see myself calling you up and being like 'Hey, lemme take you to dinner'"
Well, that's not my fault. I don't see how us going to dinner is any different than us going to Tito's and hanging out and talking.

"You only use me for sex. You've hit me up for sex before. Like you get so mad when I don't fuck you."
HAH!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that what I'm supposed to be doing? You don't wanna date me so why should I act like I want you for anything else? Sir, The number of times I've asked you for sex over the last two years I can probably count on my hand. They nowhere near add up to the amount you've hit me up for it. How are you gonna tell me "It's just sex" and then get mad at me for only hitting you up when I want sex? Sorry that I like your dick a lot.

"Why haven't you had a boyfriend? I feel like you're holding out for me or something when it's not going to happen."
So because I've never told you "Oh hey I have a boyfriend now we have to stop this" it means I'm holding out for you? Okay. There have been other guys I've actually been interested in dating sans the sex and it just never works out. Why? I don't know but it wasn't because you were in the back of my head. Because why would I choose someone who doesn't want to bring me around his friends over someone who would? That makes no sense.

"I just don't wanna lead you on because I've been hurt before I got cheated on...blah blah blah."
Oh you got cheated on huh? That was around the time I remember you told me you loved another girl. As you sat in my car having a post sex cigarette. Sounds like cheating to me. And why do you care so much about whether you're gonna hurt me or not (even though this entire conversation is killing me). Someone who doesn't have feelings for me wouldn't give two shits. And you think NOW, two years later is a good time to be like "I should probably speak up about my intentions." Cause there is no way in hell I could like you after all this time? Okay. Why does something I said two years ago matter now?! Noted.

"There may have been times when I tried to act all romantic but it just isn't going to work."
That makes no sense. But okay.

"You're just a sex addict like you want sex all the time."
When has this ever been an issue?! Okay yeah, I like having sex a lot but what does that have to do with anything? If you were my boyfriend I'd obviously want to do more than just fuck you all the time. But you aren't. And the sex happens to be amazing. Sorry for wanting to have amazing sex with you all the time.

"Like honestly, I wrote you off the night I met you and you fucked me."
If that was the case, if you wrote me off two years ago why are we still doing this? If you already decided you didn't want to ever be with me then why do you give two shits about whether I only use you for sex or whatever it is you think I do? I mean I'm not an idiot, I wasn't born yesterday. I didn't expect us to get together, get married and start popping out kids in the house with the white picket fence. I never tried to pressure you into making me  your girlfriend. I kinda knew this was only going to be fun sex but you flipped all this shit and made it unfun. It's like knowing there's a dead body in the next room over. You know it's there but you're smart enough not to go open the door and see it. You just keep going on about your business with that dead body in the back of your mind. Well, you fucking kicked down the door and held my eyes open and made me look at it. You don't wanna be with me, fine. But why do you want to have this conversation now?! What the fuck did I do to piss you off that night? He brought up that he thought it was cool that I would listen to him talk about his goals and dreams or whatever may have been on his mind. Yeah, I did that shit because I was genuinely interested and like hearing you talk about things you're passionate about. For you to just genuinely be as hurtful as possible. If you had no feelings for me we shouldn't even be having this conversation.

The night basically ended with me asking him what this means, if he doesn't want to see me anymore. He said no that's not what it means, and that we've had "epic sex" and it's been fun and whatnot. SO. I guess my pussy is the only thing that kept you coming back all these years? That's a warning to the guys I haven't met yet. Watch out for my killa cocaine cooch. You'll be addicted after one dose. I was barely processing what was going on the entire night because I was under the influence of that stupid brownie. He said he just wanted to tell me he doesn't wanna date me and he's sorry that this turned into a big thing. I couldn't even look at him. Half because I didn't want to, half because the tears were stinging my eyes. We've argued before, but this time felt different. I've never cried before but this conversation was hurting me and I couldn't figure why. He asked me to walk to the door with him and I'm thinking for what? After all that shit you think I should still keep doing shit for you, no matter how small. I don't even know what the fuck I was feeling, I just wanted to vanish into nothingness. I went home and cried.
I cried like a little bitch.
I woke up the next morning and decided to go to work. I cried the entire way there.
At work I was a mess. I had a customer ask me how my day was going and I had to look away because I felt my eyes burning and that lump in my throat again.
I feel my eyes burning again as I write this.
What the fuck is wrong with me?
I fell for a very charming asshole with good dick.
Even though he said he didn't wanna stop seeing me I haven't heard from him since.
And that was on October 13th.
I figured I'd give him space, and waited about a month before I reached out to him.
I didn't get a response.
Guess he found someone else though. My friend called me and told me the things she was seeing on his twitter and how a picture of him and his girl was posted 3 days before I hit him up.
I don't allow myself to care much for this very reason. I never check his fb, twitter, instagram or anything because you don't look under a rock and get mad when you find dirt. Still didn't make it any easier.
Here we are in December now and nothing's changed. Every day it gets easier but there are those times when it really sucks.

So from what I've gathered I'm a sex addicted whore of a stripper who wants nothing more in life than to fuck millions of people. Or something to that effect. Noted. My whole take on the night honestly was that he started to catch feelings but since I'm not the "ideal" girlfriend model for him, he basically had to go thru an entire laundry lists of reasons about why it wouldn't work. It sounded like he was trying to convince himself more than he was trying to "inform" and "protect my feelings". Judging me by the shit I do as a single person doesn't reflect the type of person I'd be as a girlfriend. You'll never know what type of girlfriend I'd be unless you gave it a shot. Which you refuse to do. You never know the outcome of anything until you try. But hey, it is what it is. I hope you find what you're looking for.

"That moment when you want them to care as much as you find yourself caring, you then realize that they might not ever! Afraid to move on, leaving a small window of possibility, as you sit near it looking out!"
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Monday, December 3, 2012

It Was The Best Of Times...

Well for those that are wondering, everything basically went to shit with Happenis. He is onto...other things while I'm basically back at square one. But whatever. It is what it is. So lemme just set the scene for you guys. Sorry for those of you that liked him because after this you might not. Hell, I'm not even sure most of the time. The end of a fucking era man.

I work just about every weekend a million miles away. And just like clockwork Happenis tends to hit me up on the weekends. When I'm gone. But on occasion I'd accommodate his drinking schedule by staying for the weekend or whatever. So he hits me up one Friday night asking where I'm at and I tell him I'm gone and he goes on about how I'm always gone when he's on point and when am I coming back. He tells me if when I come back if I get him drunk he'll be on for the entire night. I tell him I may even take a winter vacation from work if he's good and he sent me a huge smiley. Now, let's forget I had JUST gotten to work which is 4 HOURS away. I had stars in my eyes thinking about what the next night had in store for me. I didn't even stay in town for a full 24 hours before I was back on the freeway headed home. He had a friend who thought my friend was cute so we were going to do a double not date date thing that night. I get home, wash my hair, shower, do my makeup, I had been waxed earlier that week, everything was right. I had on a body hugging sweater dress on, leggings, knee high boots...I looked fucking amazing. So I picked him and his friend (the "threesome" dude that I still don't particularly care for but have let much of my animosity subside) up and we went to a party. When we stopped for gas and booze, he started eating the snickers I bought earlier. Bitch. But when I said something he fed me a bite. Which was nice. On the way to the party "Flash" by Iggy Azalea came on and when she goes "This pussy's yours baby, this pussy's yours baby" his friend pipes up and says "Awww this sounds like you guys" and out of nowhere he gets all defensive "What? No it doesn't! This could describe anyone." Like seriously dude chill.

Round One.
When we pulled up I was getting ready to get out the car and he grabs me by the wrist and tells me to let our friends go on ahead and get acquainted. I was just trying to get my weed brownie. He climbs in the backseat and I end up getting out the car to get into the back. He wants to fool around for a little bit and while we were really close to the house and completely obvious I was still game. I blew him for a little bit just as a teaser and when he said "Okay that's enough" I'm thinking time to party. No, he meant no more bj time for sex. I figure might as well. Started with me on top and then we switched. He slunk down in the middle seat and I sat on top facing the front of the car. I was getting cramped so I opened the sun roof and popped my head out. Then I head laughing and "daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn". So I went back into the car and he told me stop being obvious. Instead I lay on my stomach across the seats with my ass in the air and he lies on top of me. Nice. Too many cars kept driving by so we decided to wrap it up and go inside.
As soon as I got to the house the first word out my friend's mouth is "WHORE!" So much for trying to be secretive lol. Before I could even enjoy myself I had to make a beer run and when I came back my girlfriends were leaving! I guess while I was gone Happenis got himself into a little bit of shit with the owner of the house. Can't take him nowhere.

Round Two.
He drags me on to the balcony where he proceeds to take one of his epic hour long pisses and I'm embarrased because there's someone ELSE who lives below the balcony. He's basically pissing on their doorstep. And since it's falling from a million feet above it's loud as shit. Ugh! When he finishes he grabs my ass and I'm like oooooooh no, not here! He's like were young, and having public spontaneous sex keeps things interesting. First he tries to bend me over the ledge. That lasted about two seconds before his friend stepped onto the balcony. After some I told you so's and I can't's his friend agrees to stand guard. We move to the stairs and since I have on leggings tucked into my boots I was basically immobile. I ended up just keeping my feet together and I sat on him. Everything was going great.
Until the back door opened.
And it was NOT his friend.
In fact, I had no clue who this dude was. And he just stared at us. Mind you my entire ass is out and his pants are by his ankles. After a fucking eternity I just said "Sup" and he turned and went back inside. Then I heard all the cheers. I don't think I've ever been so embarrassed in my life. The people that were throwing the party I love partying with them but I don't know if we were at the stage where I could just show up at the house with a stranger and have sex in their back yard.

Round Three.
I refused to go back inside and he gets all mad like "Well wtf do you wanna do? Just stay outside??" We walk downstairs towards the alley and he stops me and pulls my leggings down. AGAIN? Oh, okay you convinced me. He gives me his sweater to put my knees on so I'm back outside with my ass in the air and one boot on with my leggings flapping to the side. We tried to be quiet, but even with me being quiet that didn't stop our bodies from giving it away. Since I wasn't facing the house he saw whoever was outside first, pushed me down and told me to be quiet and all I hear is "Give her a sec..." I'm like shut up don't say that!!! Now everyone knows I've been having sex all night. Perf.

Round Four.
After I get myself together (again) we start walking down the alley. Around this point my brownie starts hitting. I can't remember exactly what we talked about, but towards the end of the alley there was a lot with a car. I know the drill by now: face down, ass up. Weed makes sex sooooo much fun. We made a makeshift pallet with my boots and his sweater. I laid on my back and propped myself up on my elbows. He grabbed me by the ankles and it felt so good I just said to hell with my clean hair and laid all the way back. I got back on my knees and he started pulling out. He kept saying "Tell me how you want it.....tell me." He knows how I like it he just likes hearing me say it. Sir, fuck me good, fuck me long, fuck me numb. Fucking great. Sir, spank me please. Sir, choke me just a little bit. I just remember thinking this shit is perfect. He finished and said "I think I came in you a little bit." Good thing I'm on birth control. And I trust you. HAH!!!!! (More on that later tho).

Round Five.
As I put my leggings and boots back on he wants to have sex again. Seriously?! What has gotten into this man? I'm not complaining tho. I'm enjoying this shit. I can never get enough of his disco stick. NEVER. He's back behind me, my face is basically in the gravel I got rocks and shit in my mouth (ICK). I noticed his hat fell off so I put it on and I swear he grabbed the bill of the hat and went harder. This time he asked for my face and I let him finish in my mouth. Still sucking and making eye contact while he came I knew he loved that shit. And my eye makeup made my eyes look really pretty too. Double win. I get dressed for the time being and we're walking and he tells me when I put his hat on he was like "Oh fuck. It was a turn on it was like I was fucking myself." Um. Okay. Lol. We walk and talk about me remembering his birthday and him never remembering mine even tho we're only 5 days apart. Before I grew the balls to finally go inside the house to retrieve my stuff he tells me he appreciates me and the things I do for him and for me to know he isn't trying to use me. Awww. His friend is gone so we decide to hit up Titos for tacos. And I order him his California burrito just the way he likes: no onion, add beans and rice, sour cream and guac and no green salsa, only red. Plus extra limes. And a horchata. We sit in the parking lot and he asks me if I could change one thing in my life big or small what would it be. The first thing I wanted to say was I kinda wish I had never slept with you the night we met. Like maybe then things could've been different. But then I think if my tire hadn't blown out that night and I went home would he even be bothered with wanting to see me again or if it would've been like "Oh this cute girl came to a party at my house" and that was that. But I have always felt that I can't show THAT side of me because he has constantly reiterated that he doesn't wanna be my boyfriend. So why not keep the mushy shit to myself and continue to have the best sex ever? I lied and said some fuck shit about my biological father and he nodded and said "Oh okay. Wow that's deep". I keep wondering what would've happened had I said what was originally on my mind.

Round Six.
I got ready to drop him off and when I grabbed something out of my purse he noticed the bottle of lube I had. So when I pulled up it was back to the backseat. I don't think I've ever had intense sex like that IN MY LIFE. gay and corny romantic love novel-ish as it may sound the feeling of pleasure was so intense I thought my head was going to explode and I was going to spontaneously combust.  I climbed on top of him and put my feet on the seat and held on to his neck while he fucked me. I came about three times. After having sex all night my vag was hurting like A LOT even with the lube. I tried to quit because every time he slipped out and had to stick it back it hurt. He sensed my discomfort and would just ram the shit back in saying "You're always saying I don't fuck you enough huh? Don't try to quit now. Don't you EVER tell me I don't fuck you enough." Okay, okay. I'm sorry. I won't do it againmmmmmmmmufhajufhdafcjuisoayfujsaynfucjola. I came about three times that night. He finally wore himself out and we agreed to call it a night.

He put his pants on.
Got out the car.
Then all hell broke loose.

Miss Sixxxty, your very lonely freak of the industryy