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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Introducing...Mallory Rae!

Okay babes an gents so seeing as to how I've been a loser these past few days, I've been on my netbook more than usual. Apparently there was a misunderstanding between me and Blue Magic *side eye* but whatever, I ended up getting my issue slightly handled, so I can't complain TOO MUCH. All I'm gonna say is Kitty had a snack, and now she's ready for the main course. Because I have had the female equivalent of blue balls since Wednesday night.

I had the other day off, so I snatched up my friend and dragged him to the mall so I could see if Frederick's had anything that would tickle my fancy. As soon as I walk in I spy this mannequin with the most beautiful one piece bathing suit I had ever seen. I tried it on and it looked even more beautiful on me:) That suit was custom made for my body. As much as I would love to post a pic, the suit isn't available on the website. But anyways, you would think bathing suits would be on sale during the winter months. That bathing suit what 98 fucking dollars. For a one piece. I politely put it back on the hanger and lusted after it in my mind. That bathing suit will be mine. Bitches prepare to be outshone an jealous come next summer.

Anyways I posted the pic on twitter and some chick asked me where I got it. I told her where and she mentioned how she loved my blog. I love when people tell me they love it:) When I checked out her name I noticed she had the "xxx" following it. Generally when I see "xxx" that means they're some sort of adult film star. I got 5 kinds of excited and googled her. Mallory Rae Murphy was following me and she enjoyed my blog *insert happy dance here*. We chatted for a little bit, exchanged emails, and my interview with Miss Mallory will be coming soon:)
Most of you are probably scratching your head like :who the fuck is she and why have I never heard of her?"
Well, She's relatively new to the game. Here's her story.

Obviously, this here is Mallory lol. She's got that cute, girl-next-door look to her. She was born May 20th, 1991 (a year younger than me! crazyyy) in Dallas, Texas. Left home at 16, graduated from East Plano Senior High with two jobs. Hell, I'm in college and working "full time" (what my job considers full time and what the rest of America considers full time are two completely different things) and making ends meet are hard enough as it is. By chance, she started working at a topless bar, (which I hear didn't last too long. Jerky customers smh) which then led into adult films. While working her short stint at the club she met a man with some connections and the rest is history. To LaLa land!! She came to L.A. and shot her 1st scene with Fabio, err, I mean Evan Stone. You're probably like "Yaaaaawn...this is the story of EVERY porn star though. What makes HER so special?". Not so fast. I failed to mention that she graduated high school A VIRGIN. And proceeded to lose her virginity ON CAMERA to Mr. Evan Stone. And we all know how blessed he is...
What a way to lose your virginity! I know for me personally, losing it wasn't much of a big deal. I didn't feel like a new woman, I most certainly wasn't emotionally attached to the loser I lost it to. It was just sex. Once it was over I wanted more. And for her to lose her virginity on camera shows that it's not the life changing experience everyone makes it out to be.
For now, she's sticking to oral and vaginal, and when she gets bored with that then she'll move on to anal.
I go from not even knowing who this chick is to wanting to see all her films and see how she gets down.
I gotta take my as to the local sex toy shop and do my research.

Ahhh, this is a sweet gig...

She's done some work with Vivid, who is HUGE in the adult film world. They've released like every celebrity sex tape known to man. That's huge.
Glad to see she's doing something she enjoys, and not letting the opinion of others deter her.

From talking to her, she seems really down to earth, she's always talking to her fans, and she was nice enough to grant me an interview with her!
Follow her on twitter: @MalloryRaeXXX

Here's some flicks of her in action

She kinda reminds me of Megan Hauserman from "Rock Of Love"

Welp, stay tuned for part two babes an gents, I hope this has sparked your interests:) If there's anything you'd like to know about her, hit me up via my twitter or shoot me an email an I'll be sure to ask her:)


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Ooooh, freak nasty. This one looks fun. But I would hope no one would walk in while I was doing this lol

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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