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Friday, December 23, 2011

Word Vomit pt. I

OMG yes I know that December is almost over, 2011 is almost over and I only have this one blog post to show for it. I've been dealing with quite a lot lately, so Ima try to cram as much as possible without making your brain hurt.

Punk Ass Bitch a.k.a. Happenis
Not even gonna lie he was mainly responsible for my break in posting. If you follow my tumblr you already know why. For those that don't, what basically happened was this.

(Side Note: fuck it, this is just gonna be like a 3 part blog I post in queue over the weekend. Enjoy and Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all that jazz...)

I was dealing with a drought as I have been lately and I heard Happenis was in town. I was at work and hour and a half away and he told me to come home. So I did, flying 90mph all the way to get to him as soon as possible just to have him tell me "nvm". Bitch. That was the night the whole fiasco with the Sexsomniac happened. The next day I hit up Happenis to see if he was still in town (he was) and I went to go see him. Usually when I go pick him up we leave, he always calls when he's finished partying and ready for a nightcap. Well tonight was different. I told him I was outside and he tells me to come in. Weird. As soon as he opened the door I was just like Hey" and he says "Can I kiss you?" Very weird. I kinda peck him and he tells me no, that he wants a REAL kiss. So he grabs my face and KISSES me and tells me he's feeling romantic today. He introduces me to the people in the house and starts acting even weirder. He's kissing me on the forehead, holding my hands, calling me babe every two seconds, just acting all kinds of lovey dovey which is HIGHLY outta his character. I can count on one hand on the different occasions where we've kissed. He even put his stupid beanie on my head and called me his little "beanie baby". Then he dropped this bomb that I didn't know how to take at the time.

"You piss me off a thousand times a month but I still fucking love you."

He might have had fucking in it but he said IT. I didn't say it back I was just kinda shell shocked and asked him why I piss him off. Then it's going back to being lovey dovey. Once his friends retire to their rooms we have sex behind the couch and then head off to go get tacos. On the way there he's holding my hands as we drive, kissing me at red lights..I would be a damn lie if I said I didn't enjoy every minute of it tho...still calling me babe as we chill at the taco shop. I had absolutely no idea where all this emotion was coming from, but I figured I would just roll with it. That's all I've ever done. I watch him and I act accordingly.

That's where I fucked up. I should've never let my guard down to begin with. Shortly after everything went to shit. He came into town for Thanksgiving and I decided I wanted to show him I'm thankful for his dick that I have grown so fondly of. Never during the course of this "fucklationship" have I ever sent him any kind of sexy pics. I always had this feeling that if I did he would just make me feel stupid like "Okay why did you send me this". But I decided to just do it. I hit him up after all the Thanksgiving festivities had subsided and I sent him a pic. The response I got was fucking hilarious I will admit, but I still hate his ass:

"You want my cock sooooo bad. But it'll cost you though. I don't do black friday deals"

The cost? Condoms. The fuck? I thought it was weird cause we NEVER used em. We tried twice and it didn't last long whatsoever. Red flag. I was thinking either he had something and didn't wanna tell me...or it was something else. I knew I didn't give him anything because the few times I did fuck around I made sure I handled my business. And I never pressed the condom issue with him because I always got tested and my tests were always blemish free, and he told me he wasn't fucking around and that he felt comfortable with me and blah blah blah BULLSHIT. Somewhere deep down I knew he was fucking around but I thought I was the only person he wasn't using protection with. I'm still not sure of it now. He asks me to bring him a taco too and I obviously oblige him like an idiot. I pick him up and get into a little backseat action. He put on the condom, I lubed up and slid down the pole. At this point the sex was still really good, but just became like standard. Once we finished we drove around listening to slow jams. This is the same dude who wouldn't have sex with me with music on in the background because it's "too emotional" or whatever the fuck he said. The music I was tryna play wasn't even slow jams! Anyways he's smoking a black and mild, I'm enjoying the music and my post sex high. We drive to this little outlook over the river and he tells me this:

"Have you ever been in love before? Because there's this girl...I love her dude...Like really love her. I mean, I couldn't be in love with know? Cause this is just sex and all...

I was just in shock. I asked him why the fuck he was telling me that and honestly I don't even remember his response. It was all just a blur. Him saying he couldn't be in love with me didn't bother me as much as him telling me he was in love with another bitch before his dick even had a chance to get soft. Who the fuck does that?! I honesty do not give a fuck even if it WAS just sex why would you blatantly be an asshole?! I just sat in my car in silence. I felt like a prisoner in my own damn car. He tried asking me what was bothering me, and if I wanted to hug it out. No you smug ass bastard I do NOT WANNA hug the shit out. I just dropped him off and left feeling odd. In my mind I was the main bitch, the first of many. Come to find out I was one of many, just a number. I wasn't even his favorite! I think how could we see each other so much and you find time to LOVE someone else? What really got me was the fact that after he shared his "feelings" with me I opened myself up and only got burned. The feelings I told myself I couldn't have for that man, I let myself feel them with no shame. Why?! Why the fuck did I do that...So what he told me he loved me I should've kept my stupid ass feelings to myself unless he tried to commit. Then I could've saved myself a ton of fucking trouble. But I mean can you honestly blame me? He was being so extra that night...If I have any male readers out there enlighten me. Would you act like you had feelings for someone when you really don't? Mind you, it's not like he was getting anything from me out the ordinary. We already know he doens't have to pull the lovey dovey shit with me to get what he wants all he really has to say is "come over" and like a damn dog I'm on my way. So if he has nothing to gain by acting that way why would he do it?

It gets worse.

Remember when I went to his house up in east jesus nowhere and we got into that argument of him accusing me of sleeping with my friend? Well I went back up there once he was gone and went to party it up. He came back unexpectedly (from the alleged love of his life's house) and I didn't know how I felt about it so I went to bed early. The next morning he comes downstairs when I'm watching tv and he tells me good morning. If looks could fucking kill...I couldn't figure out why he was even talking to me I would've rather he ignored me. But I said sup as not to be rude and he goes on about his business. I decide to make tacos for lunch and my friend asks me why I was being such a bitch to him this morning when he was just trying to be nice. I wanna know why I have to be nice after that shit he pulled...I tell him I'm making tacos and he's welcome to join us. He says cool thanks, but hangs out at the neighbors house all day simply because I'm in his house. I Go on a walk with two girls I meet up there and one of them shares a situation with her dude that's similar to mine. So I open up about the situation I'm in and feel somewhat better. She tells me I'm better off without him anyways and I'm a great girl. We'll get back to this bitch later.

Only after the tacos are finished does Happenis make a guest appearance. I even made guac for that asshole knowing he likes it on his tacos. He gives me a sheepish half assed thank you that everyone can hear, eats the taco and goes back next door. Bitch was first in line for them. I retreat upstairs and come down a lil later that night to see him playing bp with the girl he fucked the night he moved up there. He told me he only fucked her once on her birthday, but honestly I didn't care if he fucked her once or a hundred times. They're acting all extra and I'm just like hmm...okay. Mind you this bitch doesn't like me. The first time I went up there she was always at their house and the weekend I come up she's magically "busy" and doesn't come back til I leave. But she sees me and she's like oh hey how are you feeling?" Once again, if looks could kill you phony ass bitch...But so I didn't look like a bitch in front of everyone I said I was fine. Her ass was being all extra

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Sexsomnia: n. Sexsomnia causes people to engage in sexual acts while they are asleep, such as masturbation, fondling, sexual intercourse

This shit is real. I have experienced it myself, but mine only amounted to touching myself in my sleep. But I met someone who actually suffers from this shit full on. Story timeeeeee.

So we obviously knew that Happenis (I gave him his name back, if you're curious as to why peep the tumblr) was gone for quite some time, and in the meantime I had to find something to keep myself occupied. Well, pills weren't all that healthy, so I turned my attention to drinking. Nothing too bad, just socially drinking with my friends at various bars and whatnot. Anyways I've been spending a lot of time with this one guy, we shall call him the Sexsomniac.

(I feel the need to share I'm listening to a Drake/The Weeknd/Lil' Wayne/J. Cole playlist mashup. Dk why just thought I'd share...)

We both have no lives and I've made it my mission to get him out the house to do fun stuff with me so we aren't bored. Well one night I took my baby mama out for her birthday where we met the Sexsomniac at a local bar. Long story short hat bitch (I love her still) ditched me for some birthday dick! The bar was about to close and I wasn't ready to go home so we left a little early, hit up a liquor store (cause they close those bitches at 2 am in Cali) and sat in my car at the Denny's on our local hoe stroll while we figured out what we were gonna do. I bought a Mike's HardER Fruit Punch and let me tell you that shit was BEYOND disgusting. Tasted like a Four Loko and cough syrup. I don't know how I managed to stomach that shit. We met up with one of his friends to go play beer pong and that was pretty chill...just a few people hanging out. Anywhoo, I'm forcing myself to drink it because I wasn't driving and I at least wanted to get a good buzz going. Well, finally mission accomplished. I didn't feel comfortable driving so I crashed at his friend's house. We both fell asleep on opposite ends of the couch watching a movie. Somewhere in my slumber I feel a hand touching my leg. Slowly rubbing my leg I feel this hand slide up my thigh and he brushes his fingers across my ass. Then it feels like he was trying to touch Miss GiGi thru my pants. I kinda stick my head up to look at him and he looked dead ass sleep. Other arm hanging off the couch, face hanging off the couch, labored breathing. I thought I'd at least see some sign of consciousness to prove to me he was fully aware of what he was doing. I watched him for a bit while he did it to see if he'd take a peek at me and see how I was receiving being molested in my sleep, maybe a smirk. I got nothing. So I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. After I while I felt him move, he got up to use the bathroom, came back to the couch and went to sleep. Was it wrong that I was a little mad he stopped touching me?! In my head I was like why did you stop:( When it was time to go, we got p and I dropped him off at his house and then I went home. We didn't talk about it until later when he texted me and told me he was having this dream about myself him and another chick and I guess we were about to have a threesome in the bathroom. He woke up before we did anything and he found himself touching me. He was like "I woke up super horny and rubbing you lol so I went to the bathroom and went back to sleep." I told him not to sweat it, and if it bothered me I woulda punched him in the face. He was like alright cool and we left it at that.

The next night I went to work and didn't really wanna go the next day so I came back home early. I hit him up to see what he was doing, and he was out and about. I met up with him so I could do a little drinking. A LITTLE......My ass got HAMMERED. I remember drinking two big ass red cups of jungle juice straight to the head and whatever was in it snuck the fuck up on me. One minute I was playing beer pong the next the room was spinning. The guys there liked my boobs A LOT. I don't even remember how they knew I had them done but I remember someone asking when I got them done or some shit and I was like "hOW DO you KNOW theyRE FKAE??" (my attempt at typing how I sounded when I was drunk). Then I layed down on a row of chairs and don't remember shit til I got up to puke.
In their kitchen sink.
All over their dishes.
And sponge.
I could hear someone in the background saying "Dude noooooo not in the sink!!" and someone else said "dude this is where she went she wasn't gonna make it to the bathroom!" I told the Sexsomniac I couldn't drive where the hell was I gonna go..HE told me to his friend's house with him. So he drove my car and I rode with the friend. Puked in the driveway. Once in the car I told the friend I wanted french fries. Went to Jack in the Crack and I threw up in the drive thru.

"Sir, can you please pull forward...

We get back to the friend's house and we crash in his room. Said friend was nice enough to give me and the Sexsommiac his bed and he took the floor. When he left the room to go get a blanket the drunk me thought it would be a good idea to take my pants off. Although I was wearing this tiny ass G-String my shirt was pretty long and covered my ass. The Sexsomniac and I got under the covers and I was once again in and out of consciousness. Sure enough I felt his hands sliding under my shirt, this time he had access to my bare ass. I was drunk and dick deprived so I didn't stop it. I looked at him again and he still looked dead ass sleep. As soon as he slid his fingers under the G-String idk what the fuck happened. In like two seconds he pulled his pants down and whipped his dick out, I had pulled the G-String down and was reaching behind me to help him find his way...and no it wasn't all THAT big, it was average, but nothing that I'd laugh at or anything...We're just spooning and fucking and I'm trying to be quiet cause of ol' boy on the ground but he wasn't even really sleeping to begin with. He's grabbing onto my hips and thrusting away, and the bed is faintly squeaking. Normally this would bug me but I was drunk so I was like fuck it. I kinda grabbed his head while we were in the spooning position so he could hear whatever little sounds escaped my mouth. I'd look at him and his eyes would be closed, he wasn't even watching what was going on! He was just in dreamland. Now. This is where I hang my head in shame. I was so shameless that night with no concept of what I was doing because I pushed him away and hopped ON TOP to ride him!! *face palm* Got off, went back to spooning and this time my back wasn't against him we looked kinda like a 'K'. I could see ol' boy fidgeting on the ground I knew his ass wasn't sleep. And I don't know if it was the alcohol or what but the Sexsomniac low key had a nice stroke game. Then I felt those one two three hard ass thrusts and knew he was finished. We rolled over and he pulled his pants up and rolled back over, I had to dig under the covers to find the panties that I had COMPLETELY removed...rolled over and looked at ol' boy and told him "I like tech n9ne:)" and he goes "me too"...right before he tells me to scoot over. So now I'm in bed with the Sexsomniac and his obese friend who tried spooning with me on several occasions that night, which was gross cause I still had no pants on. So I took my blanket and made my ass a pallet on the ground. The next morning I woke up really hungover, wondering where the fuck he busted at...I mean you just fucked in your friend's bed it's very inconsiderate to nut in his bed too...
We left ol' boy's house and once again didn't talk about what happened...just talked about my very intoxicated ass.

And we still haven't discussed what happened. I low key don't want to now that Happenis and I are back on good terms...Idk what to do about that shit. Do I tell him? Do I keep it to myself? I'm just like we aren't together, but he seems like the type to get mad if he finds out later...hmm...I don't know. Blah.

...And is it wrong that as soon as we were finished I wanted to do it again? I didn't wanna seem greedy so I didn't wake him back up but gat damn! This was at a time where I thought I had no choice BUT to find a replacement dick. Thank god that's no longer the case.

Well. That's what happened. Lol.

For those asking about homework sexinfo disabled embeddable links soooo...yeah:/ sorry bout that guys.

Happenis came back. It's all good in the hood. That's my main. He doesn't ever go away for long and I gotta accept that lol. Everyone always tells me he'll be back and I never believe them. I don't know why tho cause he always pops back up.

Le Sighh,
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So Not Worth The Wait:/

Okay yes yes I know I have been gone since my whole blow out with that bitch but I'm better now. In a sense. He's still an asshole. But I still wanna ride him like a pony. And I'll explain why. I have struck out 5 FUCKING TIMES since I've met him. FIVE. Well, four and a half because this last time we didn't even get past oral. I feel I am being punished for something. I just have to accept the fact that that bitch's dick was custom made by God himself for Miss GiGi. I have never met a more compatible sex partner than that bitch. Never. The Big Bang came real close but we only spent that weekend together. I spent over a year with that bitch. Can't really compare the two. So. With that being said, it's not that I'm not trying to find someone else because damnit, I am! It's just the people I find suck. And not in a good way. I can't help if he just instinctively knows what I like, like we've never had a bad sexual encounter (except this last time but that was because of the whole fight thing. Can't do the whole angry sex thing). Can't say that for everyone else, i.e. the dude with the small dick that fucks like a rabbit who gave me all the hickies, the dude who thought he was seriously throwing my back out, my work spouse (I don't even wanna go there...), the whole birthday sex fiasco from last year, and last night.

I have had the most severe crush on this boy since like the 8th grade. I thought he was sooooo damn adorable but nothing came of it. He never gave me the time of day, never looked at me twice. Like I was a cool person to hang out with on the bus ride home or in class, but that was it. I seriously pined for that man, so much so he used to be the password to all my various accounts. I can type that man's name in my sleep. Here I am, damn near 8 years later and I would occasionally say hi to him on facebook. One day he posted he needs a drink or he wants to go to the bar or some shit. Now that I'm FINALLY of drinking age I said "sounds yummy" Once I hit send I had a message from him.

"Wanna hit up a bar? I haven't seen you in years"

Yeah I'd like to believe my boobs had nothing to do with it...but yeah...whatever. We made a deal that if I pick him up he'll buy the drinks. Fair enough. I found it weird that he wanted me to pick him up at the gas station across from where he lived but I didn't think anything of it. We get to the bar and he buys the first round of drinks. We're just chatting and catching up, he reveals one of my friends told him I dance...that its one thing for me to tell people but that's not your place wench! Anyways, this bar closed at 12 which was weird...I thought all bars closed at 2 but whatever. I asked what the game plan was and he asked me to drop him off in east jesus nowhere at his cousin's house. I do and when I go home he asks me why I dropped him off. Well, when I asked what you wanted to do you told me to drop you off! So we made plans to hang out the next night. Around 10ish he finally hits me up. But he' taking 20 minute intervals between responses. I'm losing steam while you take your decent time to answer my texts. How are you gonna ask me to kick it and you're taking forever to make these plans?! At 11:45 we finally got our plan into action and decided to grab something to eat.

Him: Lol whats open at 12?
Now for some reason "Denny's and legs. And I'm cool with both" seemed like a good answer at the time. Very unlady like ma'am.

We head to Denny's, eat (he paid again) and leave. Before he has me drop him off n east jesus nowhere again we stop at Cheveron so he can grab blunt wraps or whatever. He asks me if I want a drink an I'm like sure why not. I thought this was him implying we were gonna hang out at his cousin's house. And to an extent we did. When we got there we hung out in front of his cousin's house. While we sat in my car. He asked if I wanted to stay and drink or go home. Well I damn sure ain't gonna drink by myself! We drank and talked some more, and finally he asks about my boobs lol asking if they hurt an whatnot. I told him about the whole process and said he could touch them if he wanted. It first he poked them with two fingers to check how soft they were. Then he full on stuck his hand in my shirt and just kept his hand there a little TOO long. Then he asked me if I had a tongue ring, I told him I had 3 and showed him. He stuck his hand down my shirt again, didn't say anything for a minute then asked me to show him what my tongue rings felt like. I looked at him and next thing I knew he was kissing me. And by kissing, I mean sucking my face off. He had my entire mouth and chin encased in his mouth, just a lickin all over the place. I kept trying to clean him up, by sucking on his top lip so he could suck on my bottom lip, and he just wasn't getting the hint. It was so weird trying to kiss him with his mouth over mine, I tried playing with his tongue and it was just moving all over the place. THIS is what I waited 8 years for?! And he kept moaning while I was kissing him omg. I opened my eyes to be like dude wtf, then I closed them cause I didn't wanna be the weirdo who makes out with her eyes open. Did I mention he was moaning the whole time? Finally he lets my face breathe and he pulls his dick out. It was like a light shined down from the heavens thru my sunroof. It was big and CUT *insert praise dance here* All I could say was WOW. Then I realized he expected us to fuck in my car. I feel some type of way about having sex back there because of all the back seat action that went down with that bitch...that's like his spot. He's marked his territory all up an down back there...Idk its weird...anyways he decides its time to start bobbing for apples.

I. CANNOT. STAND. When dudes put their hand on the back of my head during oral, as if I need any more encouragement. He wouldn't even let me push the hair out of my face! Ol' eager ass beaver...Ima start using my teeth from now on when men do that shit. Let me do my shit damnit!!!
I gave him head for about a minute, we stopped, I think he asked about condoms, we sat there for a minute, and we went back to making out. Now, I've kissed dudes after giving them head, but never like a full blown make out session. He grabbed my hand and placed it on the side of his face, like we were in a movie. Alright sir if that's what you like I got you. If he's comfortable then so am I. Then I go back to giving him head. He slides his hand in my pants and while I'm giving head he's like doing this weird fluttering shit with his fingers, like not on my clit or even trying to enter me, just rubbing them against the lips making things unnecessarily messy. The song on the radio wasn't even over before he came I sucked his dick for like 2 minutes before he came. I could barely taste it but I knew it. I just tried to suck him dry so he'd get off my head. After that little performance...I pretended to look for a condom. Popped my trunk, got out and spit that shit OUT. Could not bring myself to swallow it. It wasn't the same as when I used to swallow with that bitch, I actually kinda liked doing it cause in my head at least he liked it. So I got back in the car and said I didn't have one and started downing my drink like Listerine. I asked why he didn't get any at the gas station and he didn't say anything, he was just trippin that he didn't have one on him and how he didn't wanna bother his cousin for one. Or something. I told him I wouldn't have tripped if he had one on him on some "Oh, you just think you're gonna get lucky tonight huh?!" shit I would've rather you carried one than not. So we ended the night there.

He wants to go out again tonight, but I'm just like ehhh...I'm not fucking in my car. I at least need to know if you're good in bed before we start throwing other obstacles into the mix. Not everyone is a master in back seat action...and it sucks that I have to compare everyone else to that bitch but until someone surprises me I have no choice! If you're good in bed I can work with you in the back seat. If you're bad in bed I doubt a back seat is gonna help your case boo:/

Next blog I do shall be about the amazing drought ending from earlier this month...I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't give my imaginary left nut to fuck him again. I think if we don't say shit to each other, just meet up, get naked, fuck and leave we could make it work!

Blahh...I swear if shit doesn't start looking up soon I will die a born again virgin. Because if this is what my sex life has in store for me...

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Monday, October 10, 2011

What The Fucking Shit...

I know everyone was all excited about the return of Happenis and hearing about how the drought ended but I’m sooo sorry it was short lived. Something is really wrong with him. Everyone would always say he’s an asshole, what do you see in him, leave him alone and I would always stick up for him because he had never been a straight up asshole TO ME. And now after about a year he decides to show his fucking ass. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m mad as hell and want nothing to do with him anymore but I’m not about to sit here and be like “Yeah that’s why your dick is small and I faked it every time” or some shit. That would be a lie before god. Sucks cause everyone knows how much I enjoyed sexy time. But all that shit has got to stop.

I told you guys how he moved to east jesus nowhere a couple months back. Well I have some friends that also live up there that I’ve been trying to visit. So while he was in town I went up there to go see them. My friend that lives up there told me Happenis was talking shit like “I don’t like her, I don’t wanna be around her, and if she comes it better not be when I’m there” which I found odd because the very first thing he did when he got back into town was called me! And 8 inches deep he wasn’t singing that same tune let me tell you…I was just like whatever and chalked it up to him putting on a show for his friend in the “oh I don’t like her AROUND YOU GUYS” type shit. Cause let me tell you, if i tell someone I don’t like you, I mean that shit. Anyways, then I found out he asked my friend if he was gonna fuck me when I came to visit. Um…no? He is like my fucking brother and I’m not even attracted to him. After the drought ended eh asked me if I was gonna fuck him saying that’s what my friend told him. What actually happened was my friend was drunk when he called em and asked me if I was going to “dick HIM down”. A fucking joke. I’m thinking Happenis calm yo ass down. Anyways I go up there and have a great ass time and don’t sleep with anyone…And then my other friend is like “Oh yeah Happenis took pictures of his room to make sure you don’t fuck with his shit.” I want nothing of his!

I get back into town and text him because I know he’s going back in a few days and this is when all hell breaks loose. He keeps questioning why I would drive 5 hours just to go “visit” my friend (when he threw those shady ass quotes I got mad cause I knew what his stupid ass was implying)because said friend isn’t doing anything with his life. I’m sorry, but even if I did wanna go fuck my friend, or anyone else for that matter, why the fuck do you care about what they’re doing with their life?! There was a point in time where you weren’t in school or working and just partied too. He keeps tryna make me admit to some shit that never happened and tells me “I know how I left my bed so if it’s different then I’ll know for sure. I knew you were coming over so I put my stuff and bed a certain way so i’ll know” Know what for sure? that someone was in your room? You’ve been gone for 8 days it could’ve been anyone so stfu. Then on top of that there are 3 other beds in that house. Why would I pick yours out of all of them?! He then tells me I can’t go up there to visit anymore and I’m like excuse me why the fuck not and he makes this shit about HIM again

“I just don’t want you up there. Our fucklationship is strictly business and you know this. The game can’t get twisted. we fuck. That’s it. Done deal. No I love you, lets hang out, what are you doing type of shit basically no feelings are involved. ya know?”

Inneresting that he thinks when I go up there to go visit my friends I’m gonna go an try to fuck with him. For as long as I’ve been fucking with him I’ve never tried to invite his ass out to lunch or take h9im to the movies or none of that ridiculous shit. All I needed him to do was fuck me, which he did, and everyone was happy. I already told him I knew about that shit he was talking on me going up there and how I went up there when he WASN’T there. Then he said some shit that made no sense to me. If it makes sense to you please clarify.

“Bitches choose. You could have fucked anyone the first night we met at my house but you chose me. aka you chose…me!”

I’ve reread that text a thousand times and it still makes no sense to me.

“I have no problem fucking you. But when you start going to my place 5 hours away to someone who isn’t changing their life just to “visit”. Then I have a problem.”

Well. You’re not the only one who lives there so it isn’t just YOUR house. All your roommates except maybe one and I don’t really like him back either like me and have no problem with me coming over. What the fuck is the REAL problem is what I’m trying to figure out. It can’t be just because he isn’t doing anything with his life I refuse to believe that shit. It is goofy beyond belief and if that’s what gets your manties in a bunch then well…build a bridge and get the fuck over that shit. If you really didn’t care about me the way you say you do then you really shouldn’t give two fucks about who I decide to fuck. Whether it be a billionaire or a bum. This whole conversation had my heart racing because I had no idea where it came from. Imagine me expecting to get some dick and having to deal with this shit, explaining myself for nothing. Finally he was just like fuck it just come over so we can talk about this shit. First thing he said when he got into my back seat was why is the seat so far back. I told him that’s how he left it and he was like no I didn’t. He left it like that after we got tacos the other night but whatever…once again why do you care if I had another dude in the car…I ask him why does he think I already fucked my friend and why he think s I went up there to go fuck him and he kept saying he knew we’ve fucked and blah blah blah. I owe him nothing therefore I have no reason to lie to him. I’ve never fucked that man. Ever. And he tells me apparently my friend told his roommate that I did. Which is a lie my friend would never say that shit. He barely even likes black girls like that. SO we get passed that and start talking about why I can’t go to his house to visit and he keeps thinking the shit is about him. I explain to him I’m not even gonna be around him I’m gonna be hanging out with my friends and he’s like so if I’m downstairs the whole time you’re gonna be upstairs? Basically. I mean don’t get me wrong, fucking him would be in the back of my mind, but I wouldn’t try to initiate the shit. I’d let him do that. Other than that I’m going up there to have a good time and get drunk with my boys. He seems to think that my world revolves around him and it doesn’t. I DO have self control…Then he asks me why I always get mad when we don’t have sex…and I was just like is that a serious fucking question? Seeing to how this is “just sex” if I’m not getting any I don’t need you around. Thank you much. He also asked why I always keep everything bottled in and I was thinking because this. is. JUST. sex. The less talking the better. Then for the majority of the night he just wanted to bitch and complain about his roommates and ask me the whole “where do you see yourself in 5 years” shit, ask me about stripping, which I also think he has a big problem with, but why should he? He doesn’t care about me remember? Then there’s just silence. I’m sitting in the front driver seat, he’s in the back passenger seat. I don’t look at him…he asks if I wanna have sex. It’s like I instinctively said yes, even though I was starting to hate his guts. Shouldn’t say hate, but I was left sooo fucking confused…and the texts stung a bit…but I got in the back seat anyways. He fingered me and waited til I was wet before he sat me in his lap and I rode him for a little bit. He pushed me back against the seat and spread my legs so he could watch it slide in an out. Then we switched to stuffing me between the seats and he took over and before I knew it, it was over. I grabbed a napkin, wiped myself off and started getting dressed. He looked at me and said “what about me?” I threw the napkin at him, got in the front seat, fixed my seat, turned the car on and was ready to go before he was even out of the car. Normally I’m such a fucking happy camper after we have sex I’ll stick around and just bask in a post orgasm flush…but tonight I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. It was so…different. It wasn’t the same. At all…

I went to bed to try to forget everything that happened and as soon as I woke up I couldn’t think about anything else. I was pissed I didn’t pick up my vicodin prescription because that would’ve helped a lot but eh…

Sorry to bore you with all this drama:/ He doesn’t deserve the name Happenis anymore because there is no more happy associated with that man.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Puttin' The Penis On A Pedestal.

I AM FUCKING PUTTING THE PENIS ON A PEDESTAL!!! I'm not myself anymore. I am waaaay too fucking picky to be as horny as I am. Sure the drought ended...but that is gonna be short lived. What the fuck do I do then? I met a cute dude in a mexican rock band but alas he lives nowhere near me. I got drunk with the band and I had my eye on him all fucking night, tequila goggles didn't help WHATSOEVER...and then I realized I was too damn drunk to drive. Might as well just crash there right? That's exactly what I did. But the 5 bandmates shared ONE room, two in one bed, three in another, and one on the floor (obviously this is including me...) it was dead ass quiet in the room while we spooned in the bed. I kept looking over my shoulder cause I wanted to make out with him sooo bad but I didn't want everyone else to hear the kissy noises...and I couldn't bring myself to do anything in my backseat because of you know who...damn I missed my opporitunity!!! But then again how beneficial could that have been when he lives hours away too? Shit if Ima be traveling might as well head up north to east jesus nowhere and go get some where I know it's good? Gaaaaaaaaaah...

I also had the baby mama FINALLY add the Big Bang on facebook...and I think he's on to me!! All I wanna do is make him feel good make him feel goooooooooood...

Hmm...something that has been on my mind that needs some explaining...why is it...if a dude likes a girl...he'll show his ass to his friends to prove how much he DOESN'T like a girl...when in fact he does? And I don't mean like love or even wanna be in a relationship type shit...I mean he still enjoys her company, talks to her, kicks it with her and everything...cause how stupid do you look telling everyone you can't stand to be around her when in fact you love being 8 inches deep in her? If your friends won't look at you different for fucking with her why fake the fonk? You ain't got ta lie just end up looking phony...

If I say I don't like someone I mean that shit. I don't fuck with you at all.

Hmm...Welp looks like I won't be getting any dick tonight:/ boo...I was really hoping to get some before I dipped out on my lil vaycay...But people wanna act hella fucking brand know it's a love/hate thing I'll probably be singing a different tune by the weeks end...idk...

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Three's A Company, Three's A Crowd.

That's a fucking understatement. Babes an gents if you recall I left you with a cliffhanger last blog (you can easily scroll down an see) that I had a threesome. I always imagined my first threesome being with a dude and another bitch, not two dudes. But it was. Lol ay yi yi worst fucking threesome ever.
If you can also recall sometime after surgery I took a lil blogging break due to some drama between me an Happenis. Basically his friend wanted to fuck me, I didn't and he oddly got mad at me using the excuse that because he's moving I would need a replacement anyways...I swear I thought this was some sort of bizarre test. Like who would really want a girl to fuck their friend? Crazy much...anyways we got into a fight and didn't speak for two weeks, and I hated his friend even more. Although the majority of those two weeks I was incapacitated and per doctors orders I couldn't have sex anyways, I was still mad cause I didn't wanna beef with him before he left. We eventually ended up making up two days before he left. And this is where the story begins.

11 months. 11 months of great sex. The end of an era!! How do you commemorate? With a threesome of course. We're both comfortable with each other, why not? The only problem was the third party aka his bitch ass friend. Ughhh...I already was giving him the side eye for indirectly causing the fight between me an Happenis but I was willing to put that shit to the side for a night to try something new.
They pick me up at my house and we go to his friend's house to do the deed. I had popped some vicos to enhance this experience and those shits betrayed me so I had to stay sober the entire night. We get to his house and we're all just staring at each other like...okaaaay.

Happenis: Dude I'm not even gonna lie I don't even know what to do from here.
The Idiot Friend: It's okay I've done this before, just follow me to the bedroom.
Me: Oh god...

We follow him to his room and I stop dead in my tracks in the doorway. His "bed" is a foam pad the size of a twin mattress. Happenis tells me he's moving and to cut him some slack. Umm...I may have never had a threesome before but I know three people can't fit on that raggedy excuse of a bed! I walk in and sit on the computer chair and just stare at the both of them. The Idiot Friend lights a candle, turns off the lights and of all things he could play he plays fucking KURUPT. The candles already made me giggle but Kurupt?! Really?! I was already annoyed. So Happenis takes it upon himself to tell me and The Idiot Friend to get better acquainted. So I sat next to The Idiot Friend and he starts touching my boob. Mind you I'm only two weeks out and can't feel shit. Hell, I still had my surgical tape on. But this could've potentially been my last time with Happenis so...I take off my shirt and lay down and The Idiot Friend starts rubbing my nips.

Me: *annoyed* I can't feel that...
The Idiot Friend: Really?
Me: I have zero feeling in my nipples right now.
The Idiot Friend: You sure? What about this
He proceeds to attempt to lick my nips
Me: Did you think I was joking when I said there's no feeling there? I can't feel shit.

Even tho I told him there was no feeling he kept doing the shit and it didn't do anything but piss me off. He stops and looks at Happenis and says "Dude tell me what she likes" and he says "I didn't get it in one shot you gotta figure it out for yourself." And in between counting cracks in the ceiling I'm thinking "You DID get it in one shot babe...". He slides off my shorts and starts fingering me. It's a combination of him mashing my clit down and fingering me with one or two fingers (I couldn't tell how many I just know it SUCKED). I kept grabbing his hand to prevent him from doing the shit and he kept heading right back for my clit so finally I just put my hand over it so he couldn't get to it. Then he shoves his fingers in my mouth expecting me to suck on them I guess. I seriously wanted to bite them off. Happenis saw I was getting annoyed so he called me over to where he was sitting. He asked me if I was alright, what pills did I take, if I was sure I wanted to do this blah blah blah. I kissed him and The Idiot Friend excused himself. As soon as he dipped Happenis threw me of his lap, got behind me and said "Lets hurry up an do this" See...THIS is what I'm used to. THIS is what I like. Take notes you idiot. Flips me on my back and puts my legs over his shoulders. I'm actually enjoying myself now. Then The Idiot Friend comes back in, I get back into doggy, he sits in front of me pulls his boxers down. All I saw was pubes and a thumb. This man. Called his PEEPEE a COCK. And I could hold tat shit with my index & middle fingers and a thumb. Sir you don't have a COCK you have a PEEPEE. After staring at his peepee like "What the fuck am I supposed to do with this shit" for about a minute I finally grab it and I start giving him a half assed blow job. Which is super difficult with Happenis tryna blow my damn back out. So I gave up on giving him head just arched my back and enjoyed the shit. Then he pulled out and they switched. The Idiot friend goes back to fingering me and I start sucking Happenis's dick like I actually enjoy the shit, and we go off his blow job/fingering thing. Happenis would fuck me, The Idiot Friend would finger me. For some reason his ass couldn't get a boner. All I had to do was walk over to Happenis and he was ready to go (sexual chemistry right there). Anyways when Happenis goes back to fucking me The Idiot Friend grabs his phone to watch some porn to help him out. Uh, Hello?! Are we not fucking like inches away from you?! Anyways...Myself and Happenis finish and he goes to take a shower and The Idiot Friend finally gets a quarter of a boner and he jumps behind me so fast

Me: need a condom.
The Idiot Friend: Are you serious right now?
Me: I'm dead serious.

As soon as I said that he lost whatever hope of a boner there may have been so he goes back to fingering me and trying to lick my numb boobs and I hop up and excuse myself to the bathroom. I'm standing in this man's kitchen naked not even caring if his roommates come out. I see Happenis eating some pizza and he goes "Hungry?" I tell him he's not getting a boner and I don't wanna do this shit. He's like alright, at least we tried. So I go back in the room and start getting dressed.

The Idiot Friend: What are you doing?
Me: I'm getting dressed.
The Idiot Friend: Why?
Me: Because I'm over this shit.
The Idiot Friend: Just give me a lap me what you do at work I'll be ready.
Me: No you won't. It's not gonna happen.

As soon as I got dressed I sat in the car til they came outside to drive me home.
The last words The Idiot Friend said to me?

"Thanks for the half assed bow job"

You are very welcome sir! I just could NOT with him. He tried to blame his inability to get a boner on me! Fuck you I did what I was supposed to do which was show up and get naked. Sorry you suck. The funny thing was he was talking hella shit about how his "cock" comes with a guarantee and how much I'm gonna love it and blah blah blah and he couldn't even get the rinky dink shit up. You take your peepee and your unshaven pubes thataway. I said my final goodbye to Happenis and took my ass to bed. In the morning The Idiot Friend finally admitted he had whiskey dick and he was sorry the evening didn't go as planned. Sir I don't need your fonky ass apologies because WE will not be interacting like ever again.

As sucky as it was it didn't completely turn me off to the idea of having another. Maybe with Happenis and another girl of MY choosing. Or another guy. Cause it probably could've been great if The Idiot Friend wasn't idiot.


The drought ended two nights ago. Surprise appearance by Happenis shit went all the way the fuck down. It was even better than I remembered:)

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Drought Is Back... rear its ugly head. Although as wet as the roads have been lately I should hardly call it that...I know good things don't last forever baby, I know this. But that doesn't make it suck less when they leave! I haven't had sex in a little over a month and when I tell you its fucking with me, I'm talking literal crackhead withdraw status. From the bouts of insomnia (cause all I can think about is dick), to my diminishing attention span (I'll be sitting in class and think about something that makes me think of sex next thing I know I've missed the whole damn lecture) to the increase in wetness (tmi for some of y'all but you should come to expect that by now) like I seriously go thru so many damn baby wipes its ridiculous. And most the time I won't even be aroused. I have constant headaches along with the insomnia and the only thing I could find solace in was prescription pain pills. That would be the only way I could get some damn rest. The 500/5 vicodins are not good for you by any means, but do they make me feel gooood on the way to dreamland. I think I got hooked on the way they carry me to sleep, cause in all honesty I could really pop a Tylenol PM and be good right? I'm gonna try to ween myself offa this shit cause it isn't liver is probably livid with me...
Oh...I DID find me a nice corn fed ass white boy...bulging biceps, tatted, and he smelled really good, the like...BUT...*sigh* idk he's just not as aggressive as I would like=/ he's super shy and can't carry a conversation for shit its mainly like

Hey. How was your day? What did you do? Do you go to school? What classes are you taking?

Its weird...I've seen his dick...Its a pretty fucking nice one if I do say so myself...I just feel like if I want it I gotta take the shit. And he's not making me want it=/ I can't see someone who's passive aggressive being the person I need in bed. How are you gonna be this boring ol pushover an lo an behold when you drop the draws you suddenly become this dominating sex beast? I know I won't know unless I try it but sheesh. I need the whole squeal and giggle feeling again, (aka when you see someone you fancy and when they aren't looking you turn and squeal to your friend. Cause that's how I get down. That's how I know when I wanna sleep with someone.) Anyway doe...I'll entertain this man an see if something changes...

...If not I went straight stalker mode and found The Big Bang on fb. Now I'm having my baby mama add him so they can get to talking, maybe he'll invite her to a party and I'll go with her and accidentally bump into you like "Omg how have you been I didn't know you would be here!" type shit. Don't judge me I'm a woman who knows what she likes and she likes THAT.

Work is great although there was a time I felt I was going to hell in a hand basket over this married man who fancied me a lil TOO much. When I first met him he told me his wife was cool with him going to the club as long as he didn't get too crazy, he bought his future step dad a dance, then he bought like 4 for himself, and idk if it was the alcohol but he was getting into it a bit much, so much so he grabbed my hand so I could feel his boner *clutches pearls* I was NOT prepared for that shit. then it didn't help that I hadn't been having sex...I wanted him so bad during those dances but fortunately that's as far as I let it go. I began taking my sexual frustrations out at work, throwin them into my dance, and I must say its been profiting me well. Get em all worked up and as soon as the light turns red hop up smile and say thank you and be on my merry way. They always want more. Always.
In the meantime I don't know what to do...I feel my right hand may fall off from all the masturbation that isn't relieving my severe case of blue balls, whatever the female equivalent to that may just say I've been watching them from start to finish how unfuckingheard of is that?!

Soooooooooo...before a certain someone vanished...I had a threesome. Oop!


idk why the site disabled the embed codes :( but if my calculations serve me correctly...i may not have to wait much longer to get my fix...god i seriously hope not...

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Little Sexual Fantasy

babes an gents i haven't had sex in god knows how long. a little something.

we're at a party and we've been exchanging glances all night. i give you that look...and slink off to the bathroom. in anticipation of your arrival i take off my pants an sit on the edge of the sink. you walk in and squeeze between my legs.i grab your face an pull you closer, tryna taste the tiny traces of alcohol on your tongue. slowly sliding your hands up my thighs, hookin em on my thong you slide em to the side. slip two fingers in giving me the come hither while your thumb caresses my clit. this in combination with the soon to be hickies you're putting on my neck is just enough to make me go insane i need you in me NOW. pick me up and sneak me to the nearest bedroom so we can finish handling business. just throw me on the bed and flip me over. dick on full mast just rip the panties off and slide in. you know you love it i got it just how you like it: tight, wet and warm. nice an easy, nice an easy..but you know that's not how i like it...i want it fast an rough. so you pick up the pace, pull my hair an tell me to arch my back, to throw it back at you. absolute fucking bliss. i can't even focus on anything but you. slide out, flip me over and put my feet on your chest and start pumping away. i can barely move, the only thing i can do is reach up and pull your hair. i put my leg back on the ground and dig my nails into your back cause i want you to go deeper. so you grab a leg and throw it over your shoulder and i cant do anything but clench my stomach and bite my lip. can't say i've ever wanted you more than i do now. i push you off and push you on your back so i can take control for a minute. hands on your chest i just grind on you for a lil bit, catch my groove and start riding it. i lean back, feet planted on the ground so you can see everything. i notice you wanna take over so i put my hands on the ground for leverage and let you do me. i spin around an put it in reverse cowgirl cause i know you like to watch my ass bounce up an down on your dick. you give me a couple slaps on the ass and then get a hard grip and slam me down on you. you push me forward on my knees and get behind me. i bend down on my elbows and let you have full control because i know its comin. faster and harder, this is all no holds barred. full on uncontrollable lust i just want you to let me have it. i hear your breaths getting deeper, you grip my hips even tighter then push me away, pull out and release on my back. after you finish all you can do is rest on your knees, throw your head back an say "FUCK" before collapsing next to me. i look at you, slap you across the face and then kiss you. you get up, wipe me down, we get dressed and i fix my hair and we part ways.

damn i need a cigg.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Friday, August 26, 2011

Remember Me? I Was Your Friend When You Were Single...

Hello my lovely babes an gents:) Sorry I've been MIA I've been a busy bitch lately. So far my boobs have dropped and aren't all square and ugly anymore. I'm measuring at a 34D so far, and apparently my boobs are gonna get bigger so the dr said not to buy bras for another 5 months. My incisions are flat and closed up, kinda pinkish. I swear they're too small to me most of the time and everyone else thinks they're massive. In another 5 months I may be considering a revision to bigger. I also went back to the club and I def saw an increase in my earnings. I finally got my first VIPS (thats plural, bitches) which was nice. I can actually write these bad boys off on my taxes. Yay!
Happenis has been gone for like two weeks and he's getting more ass than I am. Booooo. But then again from what I'm hearing he ain't bein too picky soooo...idk. I still haven't had sex yet...School started and the outlook is pretty fucking bleak...I may try going to the other campus to find me a nice corn fed football player with strong keep me occupied til whenever lol.
Omg so my mechanic has a huuuge ass crush on me...and he's kinda going about it in a nerdy way...I like my men assertive (there's a thin line between assertive and disrespectful. know it). I love being dominated and I need to see that come thru just during a normal convo. I considered it (after I got all the shit fixed on my car, can't mix business with pleasure) but the more he talks the more I look the other way (and he talks A LOT).

Anyways lets get to the point of this blog.
Hello, I'm me. I like sex. I'm hella open. I flirt. A lot. I get along with dudes more than I do girls. It is what it is. My guy friends consider me to be one of the bros with a nice set of knockers. The fact that I basically think like a man and don't give a fuck is what makes us get along so well. But this whole dynamic changes when a girl comes into the picture. Case in point, my friend let's call him oooooh I don't know...Pablo. I met him at my best friend's birthday dinner and he became my friend because I got waaaasted that night and he was nice enough to hang out with me til I sobered up. I was like omg I love you cause you didn't even know me and you babysat me! After that I would text him all the time (not on a sexual tip tho), even more than my bff! We'd always used to give each other advice on the opposite sex, stuff like that. One night he asks me if he should get back with his ex. Never met her but I was like do what you wanna do. Then after that I stopped texting him as much, I stayed in my lane, we didn't go out as much...But on occasion he would still hit me up. Then we talked about my boobs and he would go ooh, well I don't like fake boobs cause of the scarring and blah blah blah and I'd be like stfu you know you wanna see em when they're done. I hadn't seen him since the boobs so he would occasionally ask me how I was feeling and in the early stages when I was still in pain he's say shit like "well that's your fault" like are you fucking kidding me right now? I just had major surgery, I don't give a fuck if it was elective or not you don't say that shit! That shit just rubbed me the wrong way like if you're gonna be a dick what's the point of asking me how I'm doing in the first place? Anyways one day he was asking me how healing was coming along and asked about my incisions so I sent him a pic and didn't think anything of it. Well a couple nights later he's going on this tangent about how his girlfriend found a picture of my boobs and how she was all pissed off and everything...and I'm like you dummy you're the one asking for the pictures if you know there's gonna be an issue with that you should maybe oh, I don't know DELETE THE DAMN PICTURE!!! Once you've sen how ugly puffy and swollen my boobs look you should delete the picture! There's no reason to hold on to it! So he messages me the next morning to tell me he deleted my number and off facebook to appease his girlfriend. Fine, do what you gotta do to save your relationship, I would never have him pick sides, but as far as I'm concerned he never needs to speak to me again, even if it is to apologize. If you gotta cut me off do it completely don't offer me some half ass apology about why we can't be friends cause I don't wanna hear that shit. Anything after we can't be friends anymore is irrelevant. My friends told me that it'll pass once he's out the dog house but shit why would I go back just to be put in the same position again? I feel like you knew the dynamics of our friendship before you got back with her...shit I honestly don't even know what to say about it. I mean like I said I stayed in my lane, made sure not to text him "questionable things, I didn't want to intrude or whatever. But I never knew a seemingly harmless picture of a swollen boob would cause so much damn drama. We comment on mutual friends statuses and if he directed something at me I'd probably blatantly ignore him for the sake of being childish.

The only thing that sucks about being considered one of the guys is that when girlfiends come into the picture thats when shit starts changing. Even if I try to be nice to the girlfriend and don't do any touchy feely stuff with the newly off the market homeboy I still get the side eye. Its just like what to do what to do...I mean up until recently I had some great dick and wasn't looking elsewhere current and future girls really have/had nothing to worry about. What can I do I need friends and I don't expect them to stay single forever lol. And don't get me wrong all my guy friends aren't single and their girlfriends don't all hate me. Its just a select few. Idk all this shit happened when other shit was going on I was NOT a happy camper. I've since gotten over it, but yeah I'm not gonna lie it did initially bother me.
That same bff is graduating pretty soon and I expect to see him at the dinner after. Awkwaaaaaard.


Courtesy of
I'd really love to get some Grade A head...le sighh

Guess it's gonna be a pornhub night tonight. Hurrrrrrr.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Double && Trouble.

Finally the day has come. I have returned lol. Babes an gents so much has been going on but I'm alright again:)
I've had drama with Happenis but we fight we make up and we're good. That's all that really matters. The sad part is he's moving all the way to east jesus nowhere and I don't know when I'll see him again. I'm gonna miss him, GiGi is gonna miss him more. She is in a period of mourning, idk when she'll feel better lol. I got him two going away gifts; a care package...and some other stuff but that's a whole nother blog lol. Maybe I'll elaborate in the future. Aww...Best 10 months my sex life has ever seen (thus far).

Now the moment you've all been waiting for...
*drum roll please*

Silicone, 550 cc's, cup size unknown (constantly changing), areola incision, high profile, round smooth shape.

July 26th
Woke up at 6:30 to go pick up my bestie aka my responsible adult from work and to hit the road by 7:30. I swear that drive takes fucking FOR-EVER. And don't even get me STARTED on the Grapevine!! I used navigation to get to the drs office both times but this time for some odd reason We had to take the back ways to get to Beverly Hills thru West Hollywood. Now I love a scenic route, but not when I have somewhere to be and LA traffic ain't no joke! We finally arrive to the office, albeit a couple minutes late, but the office coordinators weren't trippin'. Oh, did I mention I forgot my debit card at home? Yea I was like 4 hours away, thank god my bestie had me covered! I filled out some last minute paper work and tried on some implants. I changed my mind on the size, last I remembered I was thinking around 3something, but my office coordinator told me the dr suggested 400 cc's would be the biggest he wanted to go. I tried them on and they looked HUGE. But at the same time I was throwin down 4 grand so go big or go home right? I agreed on 400 and left the office to go do my blood work. I hate needles. I love piercings but even still I panic before I get poked. Shots are not my friend. So naturally I panicked when it was time to draw blood. The phlebotomist was NOT soothing me whatsoever. But I lived. Lol. I paid an extra 100 bucks for my blood work and my bra because the bra I originally had didn't open in the front. After dealing with the paperwork and blood work it was time to find our hotel.
We stayed in Van Nuys and the first place we checked We were just looking for a cheap room cause we were only gonna be there for a night but when people say you get what you pay for...MAN they weren't lying!! The first place when we arrived there was a moving crew or something moving the mattresses and furniture out of one of the rooms. I was convinced that someone had died in there. On top of that, the "Snapple" machine the had outside didn't even sell snapple and I didn't know that til AFTER I put my money in the machine! I couldn't drink soda (no caffeine before surgery) so I was gonna get a soda for my friend and the stupid machine ate my dollar! I went to tell the manager that the machine ate my dollar and he tells me that the machine isn't his responsibility but do I wanna leave my number so he can have the company contact me about a refund. Like really? For a dollar you coulda just gave me? No thanks. We do eventually find a place to stay that is somewhat decent...but I realize I gotta at least bay 85 for a good room. I stayed at the Quality Inn for 45 bucks and that room was waaaaay nicer than the room we stayed in for 65 bucks!
Later that night I start getting nervous and rethinking my decision, so I go for a walk at 11:30 to buy a juice and have my last drink before midnight.

July 27th
Surgery was scheduled for 9 am, and I was supposed to be there at 8 so I wake up at 6:30 to shower and get ready. We hit the road at 7 and what should have been a 30 minute drive turned into damn near an hour. FUCK LA traffic. At 7am where the hell are all you guys going?!
En Route to the surgery center I get a call asking if i could come in any earlier because they want me to be the first one in! OMG I start panicking and when we finally arrive I'm still the first one there. They take me to the back to disrobe and put on my backless gown and I fill out some more paper work and I ask about my piercings. Their solution is to tape me up. They even tape up my clit ring which was...uncomfortable. Like I'm getting my boobs done and you're looking at GiGi dead in the face. The Dr comes in, marks his incision line under my areola (thank you jesus) and he takes a bunch of pictures, the last pictures of my pre-op boobs and its time to walk into the operating room.
One of the nurses is telling me I have a pretty face and a nice complexion, and that I remind her of her god daughter. The Anesthesiologist introduces himself and I hop on the table. They tell me I'm gonna love my results and they stick me with the IV and its off to dreamland. My last words were "Is this supposed to make me sleepy? Cause I'm sleepy..." and I remember the nurses laughing...then I woke up. The nurse was asking me how I was feeling and I felt like I could barely talk. "Pain. Cold." I felt extreme pressure and some pain on my chest and I was FREEZING. Like teeth chattering legs shaking cold. The nurse informed me that I was gonna get some "Happy Juice" and I'd be fine. Idk what she gave me but that shit was GREAT it knocked me back out. They also gave me some warm blankets. I also remember my bootie slipping off and me trying to reach to fix it and the nurse was stopping me. I heard the monitor go beserk and she fixed it for me and I went back to sleep. I don't know exactly how long the surgery was, but I was up in my wheelchair ready to fill my prescription and be back home. That happy juice kept me pain free until late into the night. I pretty much just kicked back and watched TV and popped my pills.

The Following Week
Day one I felt like shit. I threw up and I don't know if it had to do with the anesthesia or the fact that I had been taking my pills and not eating anything. Days 2-4 sucked ass because my boobs were soooo sore in the morning when I woke up (I'm also not a back sleeper. I love sleeping on my stomach). Getting outta bed was THEE worst. It hurt to pull myself up. To get INTO bed at night I had to crawl on my knees cause I could barely use my arms to maneuver myself. All I did was watch TV and pop pills. A couple friends came to visit me and bring me food because I think days 2-4 I was alone. Which sucked cause I wanted people to talk to and if they didn't come to me it wasn't happenin'. Day 2 my baby mama came over to help me take a shower. That's love right there. Lol. I was so embarrassed but I could not stand being stinky!! Day 2 was also the day I looked at my implant card and saw that the Dr had given me 550 cc's instead of 400! Looking at my boobs now I'm glad he did cause I still think they're kinda on the small side. By day 5 I felt normal for the most part, and by day 7 I could pull my shirts over my head.

It'll be two weeks tomorrow and let me tell you I'm in no pain whatsoever. The implant isn't stiff anymore and massaging is a lot easier now. The implants are dropping a little, softening up each day I love it. Right now they're wide. But they stick out as far as my old boobs so I'm still waiting for the muscle to stop holding them hostage and for them to drop and fluff out.

I apologize in advance, I don't have any pre-op pictures saved on my computer or phone so when I go to my next appointment I'll just snag the official pics to share with you guys but I got some post-op pics:)

Miss SIxxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Random Late Night Thought

Today (tonight rather) marks what like the 3rd anniversary of that crazy night full of gooooood raunchy probably illegal sex with the big bang.

What I wouldn't give to get another crack at THAT...or at least to not have it be hella (I'm from cali so I say 'hella' if you haven't noticed by now) fucking awkward when we cross paths at school.

Idk just a thought. Pain killers got my mind running a mile a minute thinking about things and people I shouldn't, rather would like to NOT think about...but when you try not to think about something or someone you just think about it more. Good night.
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Monday, August 1, 2011


Hey everyone I've been away longer than I should...I know I apologize.
Surgery went well, I'll blog about that soon.
Basically the after effects of the surgery have me feeling pretty shitty, then drama back over here with happenis...I am not in a good place to be blogging.
I'll be back in about 2 weeks tho, and I'll fill you in on all the shit that has gone down in these past weeks...

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Did I Mention I Like To Dance?

Bueno my babes an gents. Two things: apparently my blog before last got someone's panties in a bunch. My response? Oh well. And also a couple babes have been curious to know about life at the club so let me talk about THAT.

So I've been working there a little over 2 months now and i think its friggin awesome. I wish I could pursue it full time but due to its location and my scheduling conflicts I can't=/ Maybe if something closer comes my way I MAY but as of right now I like the club I'm at. I like the atmosphere (when we're busy) and the girls are also pretty chill too (with the exception of this one tweaker)
Working at the club I don't have to pay a house fee BUT the club does take 40% of my lap dances. Thats not so bad at least to me. We do have an incentive type program, if you will. If we can get a hundred customers to buy us "ladies drinks" which we don't get any money from, then we can gt a free night where they only deduct a dollar from our total earnings for the night. I'm not too crazy about hauling around a whole bunch of tiny faded receipts but let's see how long it takes me.
I keep all my tips on stage and off which is nice. I have a customer who tips me 20 bucks every time I stop to talk to him. Drunk guys are also the best tippers because most of the time they aren't even aware what they're handing you. We have 2 for 20 lap dance specials pretty much every night, but on mondays they're half of and on wednesdays we have 50 buck 10 minute teasers in the VIP. But from all the things I hear go down in the VIP I don't even think I wanna go there just because of what's gonna be expected. I would hate having someone spend 150 on me and then be disappointed or even mad at me. Some girls have been followed home and I just don't want to deal with that.

I've also gotten questions about what I dance to...well we have to night djs and one is a complete asshole who only plays me pearl jam, "hot & wet" and "peaches and cream" by 112. This was when I was tipping him. And since we couldn't find a happy medium I stopped. WHy waste my money on someone who could give a fuck less about me?
Now, the morning djs and the other night djs are a lot cooler. I don't go requesting songs every time I go on stage but when I do they make sure to play what I wanna dance to. And they get tipped ALL the time. So here's a list of what I dance to:

"Fuck Yeah" by Snoop Dogg
"Raining Men" by Nicki Minaj and Rihanna
"American Woman" by Lenny Kravitz
"I Belong To You" by Lenny Kravitz
"Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz
"Cool Head" by Travis Barker & Kid CuDi
"Dice Of Life" by Andre Nickatina
"American Bad Ass" by Kid Rock
"Wet" by Snoop Dogg
"Like A Pimp" by Lil' Flip and David Banner
"Waiting To Die" by Mickey Avalon
"Jane Fonda" by Mickey Avalon
"Fuckin Em All" by Mickey Avalon
"My Dick" by Mickey Avalon
"Jungle Fever" by The Chakachas
"Porn Star" by T.I.
"Need A Boss" by Shareefa
"Memories" by David Guetta and Kid CuDi
"Love Song" by Missuz
"All Of The Lights" Kanye West
"Bad Boys" by Shyne
"Cocky" by Kid Rock
"Dangerous" by The Ying Yang Twinz
And some other shit. But you can see my musical tastes are very diversified. I loooove dancing to Kid Rock, Lenny Kravitz, and "Only You (Message to the Fans) by Ashanti. My go to songs.

I'm picking up a couple pole tricks on the way but to be honest you don't need to know a bunch of pole tricks to put on a good performance. But I'm still gonna go to my pole classes just because.

A lot of the girls are very average looking. A lot have bellies from kids, we have a few "thick" girls that work there...and that one tweaker...she gets on my nerves. The bitch as hanging on me telling me how much she loved me and I didn't even know her fucking name. Her breath smelled like she downed 15 bottles of gin. Ugh. Speaking of girls I realize I stare at vagina for a living. And it doesn't bother me.

So far all my managers are pretty fucking laid back. I have a favorite cause he always brings food to the club whether its chinese, pizza, garlic bread, chocolate covered strawberries, birthday cake, or tacos. The fat girl in me loves him. He's been telling anyone with ears about my upcoming boob job cause he's so excited lol in his words

"You're already a knockout now but if you get boobs you're gonna make me a lot of money!!! Just get your boobs and your green contacts and you'll be good to go!"

Speaking of contacts, I find it weird that I make more money when my eyes are green than when they're my usual boring brown. Guess guys like black girls with green eyes...

I go thru baby wipes like no ones business.

I love giving lap dances for the most part. There are exceptions like this one customer I have who comes in basketball shorts with nothing under. He buys two dances and leaves. During the dance he's always breathing hard and when I stand on the chair and grind in front of him he's always tryna kiss my thighs lol. But he never gets too crazy so its cool.
Now the REAL fun comes wen the younger dudes come in. Especially if its their first time at the club. Then I get to fuck with them. When the dance starts they have their hands in their lap and I'll usually grab them and let them touch. They don't get all crazy they usually just wanna touch my ass or my legs, occasionally my boobs. I'll whisper in their ears about how cute they are, pull their hair, if they're wearing a hat I'll wear it, I bite their ears, brush my lips against their cheeks, stuff like that. Makes work fun and keeps them spending their money.

There's good nights and there's super slow nights. I hate being at work on slow nights especially if I'm on schedule to work cause then I CAN'T leave. Bahh. But I have more good nights than slow ones so it makes it worth it.

My friends came to the club one night and one of them pulled me to the side and told me:

"You know you looked real good on stage. If I hadn't known you since the 7th grade I would probably get at you. But then I remember that I've known you since the 7th grade" LOL thanks...


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Umm...I don't even know what to say about this position...I'm lazy with no upper arm strength but I feel like the roles should be reversed. And where would you get a bar like this in your house?

I wish all my lovelies could come visit me at work;)
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summertime, Summertime

Hello my lovely babes and gents. I know I have missed the official first day of summer, but lemme tell you its been hotter than the devil's ass crack out here. Then the other day it rained. WTF? Fucking with sexy time...smh.

Speaking of sexy time, summertime makes me extra friskaaay. I've already got a list of places I wanna christen before my boobs put me outta commission for a couple weeks. There's a mini airport/air strip thingie by my house.Three's a lot of people who own private planes and whatnot and thats what they use for takeoff and landing. I wanna ride him THERE. Obviously not smack dab in the middle of the runway, even tho i rarely see planes landing at night and I'm PREEEEETTY sure I'd see the lights of the plane before they landed but W/E. There's an area off to the side where I wanna get busy tho LOL. The only good thing about it being hotter than the devil's ass crack during the day is it feels soooo good at night and that makes all this stuff possible. far as the river goes...well we rarely have sex during the day, like I used to take the Pizza Man early in the morning or late in the afternoon...idk how I would feel about going down there in pitch blackness. There's snakes and critters and wolves and homeless people and dead bodies ( swear I'm not overexaggerating - I watch the news and I hear the damn coyotes or wolves or w/e the fuck those thing are at night LOL) Nope. Not gon happen...There is always the mountains stupid cock blacking ass friend took me and a friend up there one time to check out a view of the city and the whole time I was thinking, I wanna fuck someone out here. EWEWEW then after we dropped off our other friend at her car (I drove) he tried to make a move on me AGAIN (same dude from my birthday *gag* ick ick ICK!!!) thank GOD my friend's were blowing up my phone that night. Saved by the damn bell. Then of course he tried to blame it on the al-al-al-al-al-alcohol the next night (yeah fucking right) and I just made a mental note to myself to never be alone with him when he's "drunk". Aside from his creepiness, the sky is sooo clear up there, you can see all the main concern is its on a sloped driveway in front of a metal gate. I'm afraid if I have sex on the hood of my car or even in the backseat that some way or another the thrusting is gonna make my brakes fail or something and my car is gonna roll away! My best bet would be to take my wedge pillow and a blanket with me and get it in next to the car. Or in front cause every now and then a car will drive by and drive super slow like they're tryna see whats going on. My paranoid ass always thinks its a cop but I figure, if I'm having sex, that feeling of almost getting caught will make the sex better.

One of my biggest problems with my city is that everything is hella flat. We have no hills or anything. Just flatness. Most buildings aren't more than 2 stories high, IF THAT. I wanna have sex on the top of a parking structure. Still trying to find a good one of those to do it on...Ooooh!!! My cousin has this fat ass house in the boonies with a pool and a hot tub...and she's only there every other week (she works outta town) and she lets us use her pool during the summertime when it gets hot so...ughhhh I wanna have sex in the pool too. Maybe even the hot tub if the weather permits. I've never had sex in water so that will be a first...Speaking of water, I wanna have sex in my shower. I just need to get SOMEone on board for it...shouldn't be too hard tho;)

Lets I forgetting anything..? Aaah yes. A late night showing to ANY movie. Me and a coworker went to like a late LATE night showing of Black Swan and there were only like four people there. I like the challenge of trying to make him cum without making any noise or drawing attention to us. Which if you know its gonna be a challenge cause i likes my sex rough and loud. I just wanna see if we can get away with it...

I've got 28 days til boobies to get this list going. Let's see where it takes me...


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Oooh la la!! I had a dream that I was trying to show him I learned how to clap my ass on his lap (thank you work) and instead he licked my ass and bit it. mmm...

I know hump day was yesterday but don't let that stop you!
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yeah About That...

How are my lovelies doing on the first day of summer? Let me tell you it's 107 damn degrees outside and I'm indoors suuuuper duper sleepy. Might as well blog while I'm doing nothing...

And for those that don't follow my tumblr, someone *cough cough* got some act right before the end of the month so...for those looking forward to dig deeper into the insanity known as my sex life I apologize lol. But in order to keep him happy I have to respect his wishes=/ But don't worry, I got some fun stuff to share with y'all.

The date is officially scheduled. I have pre-op on the 26th (of july) and surgery the next morning. I'll decide my final size then. In the meantime I need to bust my ass at the club so I'll have a financial cushion while I'm doing nothing...OMGOMGOMG this is really happening! Yay me. I may start a vlog next month documenting my life pre/post op.

Mkay on to the topic for today.
SO there was this guy right. Great guy. Slightly older than me and had his head on straight. Perfect. Attractive...Bought me dinner...real respectable. Chatted for bit, convo turned to sex (he found out about my blog) and although the convo was mainly about sex we didn't hint at sex with each other. Cool. Mmm the night I met him I told myself I wasn't gonna sleep with him cause I didn't want him to think some type of way about me. Thankfully God decided to spare me and I started spotting (which has always been MIA since I started depo when I was 17). You could imagine my surprise to see my quarterly visitor. He picks me up and we drive to his house and we're telling each other about ourselves and whatnot. Once inside we were just lounging around watching my favorite movie Death At A Funeral (Chris Rock version please) and thing I know he whips out his dick. I was sitting on the edge of the bed in front of him and I told him I wasn't gonna look at his dick because I wasn't gonna fuck him. But I ended up looking anyways and this is where the whole balls up/top down view comes into play. His dick looked HUMONGOUS. I was all excited but then I stopped myself because remember, I'm not sleeping with this man. We spooned a bit while we watched TV, he gave me an massage and it was AMAZEBALLS, nothing like that sorry ass excuse of a massage that last idiot tried to give me. Before I knew it he was sucking on my neck and ay yi yi holy mother of jesus...He starts licking my nips and my ears which was fucking fantastic, that is until he tried to stick his tongue IN my ear. Bite on my earlobe yes, taste my ear drum NO. Kneeling in front of me with this massive erection he gives me this look like "Its your call". Damnit damnit damnit. So I run of to the bathroom to tidy up and get ready for the festivities. I start off with a lil oral an I notice he's got a lil precum...ick...*gag* I've only experienced that with two people...and its nasty all the way around. He reaches over to his pants and pulls out a condom and we get tings started.

Then it was over. He's tellin me he either usually doesn't finish that fast, doesn't finish with a condom, or some shit I can't exactly remember. And I'm just thinkin' yeah...okay...Tellin me my shit was super wet an I'm chuckling to myself like you don't saaaaaay.

Him: You on your period?
Me: No (partial truth)
Him: oh cause there blood on the condom
Me: was hurting a lil but I didn't think too much of it...

Preeeeeety sure I have mastered the art of faking it...

I figured I'd give him another shot tho...We ended up getting a room next time...and it didn't get any better. I know how I like my sex. I like it rough. Hair pulling, choking, spanking. I should wake up with various bruises in pain. But he was more concerned about going too hard and breaking me. I hate when guys tell me that shit. At times it would feel good, then he would slow it up and I would lose my groove completely. He would tell me that I kept "drying up" on him...well no fucking shit! When I am not aroused that tends to happen...While he's thinking he's killing my shit I'm just waiting for him to bust so I can go to sleep. Yes at certain points it DID feel good but then you would fuck it up and do something else that didn't feel good at all. He finally finished and he looked at me and asked me how many times did I cum. I just looked at him and got dressed. Don't ask me questions you don't want the answers to. But then again sometimes I shouldn't look like I'm enjoying it more than I actually am...false pretenses...After that I was just done...
He would hit me up telling me he missed me and if I missed him. Whenever he would ask me if I missed him I would low key feel uncomfortable, like if someone said I love you before you were ready to say it back...sometimes I would laugh or say yes just to make him happy. Cause to be quite honest I didn't know the man long enough nor was the sex good enough to make me miss him. His favorite line "Text me when you miss me." ICK. If I listened to you I would never have texted you back EVER. The texts started becoming less frequent, so instead of texting me 10 times a day it became once or twice. And even when he did hit me up there wasn't any butterflies, I didn't get was just like texting anyone else. Then my work schedule started conflicting with when he wanted to hang out so I'm sure he thought I was just lying and blowing him off, when in all actuality I was happy to have a legit reason to not hang out with him without having to lie. But it is what it is. He wasn't gonna be sticking around for long anyways so it wasn't like I was gonna be devastated trying to figure out where my next issue was gonna come from. Just kinda fizzled each other out. SO yeah...

But we all know how my sex life turned out;) No losses here.

Now that I got THAT out the way, next blog will be about my awkward encounter with a couple strangers at the adult store with my work spouse. Fucking nut jobs I tell you. All I wanted to do was buy some hand cuffs and lube but noo...


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Let me see you work that, Twurk that, serve that c'mon and do the rodeo
Let me see you bounce that, move that, do that let me see you do the rodeo

Batter up, Face down, Ass up.
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why Me?!

Hmm ha okay. Welcome Drought of 2011. Let me just start off by saying you really aren't welcome round these here parts. Don't get too comfy either. We don't take to kindly to your kind...

Let's see here...its the I'm guessing I have about 20ish more days until I can finally spill EVERYTHING that I've been biting my tongue about. And maybe get my shit back on track...

Anyways the point of today's blog...I think my vagina may be doomed in the near future. Oh and BTW I have finally settled on a name I like. From this point on I shall call her GiGi. And she shall be my GiGi. Like I was saying, GiGi may be doomed. She's being a picky bitch right now and no one seems good enough! Remember the nerdy security guard from my job? The one I was all excited out corrupting? Well after spending a couple days with him...umm not so much.

I travel out of town to dance, and one day we were texting and he asked me how long I was gonna stay out there. I told him a couple days if I found somewhere to stay and he offered to let me stay there when I came down. Schweet thats 100 bucks in my pocket. So I drive out there and work my shift, and I follow him home. I get to his house and he has the cutest overweight dog I've ever seen...but I'm suuuper tired I had been up since 6:30 that day. He makes me a pizza and the whole time his mom is spazzing out about burning it (she's such a sweetheart). Meanwhile I'm dozing off on the couch trying not to be a rude house guest. He brings me pizza and some tea and I'm munching away and watching some movie then its time to retreat to the room. He cleaned up his sister's room all nice for me, made sure I was comfortable asked me if I needed any blankets, and then left me to get ready. Well I haven't met his sister but I love the bitch because she had spongebob and body piercing pamphlets all over her walls! I knock out at about 5...and at 9:34 sharp I hear a knock on the door. Its the security guard (I need a nickname for him!!!) with breakfast. Toast, eggs, and milk. Well.........its the thought that counts right? Although the eggs weren't seasoned an a lil burnt, and he put a ton of jelly on my toast (I hate jelly) and I don't think the milk was whole milk (I can taste the difference) it was a sweet gesture, albeit at 9 in the fucking morning. Fortunately I was too tired to eat and he let me sleep some. I was supposed to work a double at the club and decided to go shopping instead. It's nice having that kind of freedom:) We spent the day on his motorcycle.

STOP THE FUCKING PRESSES!!! omg so this was my first time on the back of a motorcycle and let me tell you...GiGi's ol' hot to trot ass didn't know how to act!!! Every time he revved the engine it would make my VCH vibrate and I just felt like I was gonna let go and pass out every time he did it. I'm pretty sure he had no idea what was going on back there lol. He has a street bike w/o a bitch seat so I had to it on GiGi instead of my ass. Bad idea. I had to keep sitting on my ass to avoid having an orgasm on his bike. But anywhore, carry on...

I dragged him to two different malls while I went into any store with bright lights and anything shiny. While I was in the dressing room trying on pants he was telling me how he had never been shopping with a girl before...which I thought was weird cause I remember him telling me once upon a time ago he had one...but I disregarded it. Later that night I had to be the DD at work cause some of the girls went and did a promo event at a local club and came back WASTED. My manager was too drunk to drive and he wanted Denny's so I got to drive the company van. Denny's + loud drunk strippers = no bueno. The whole time we were talking about sex lol and this couple behind us looked disgusted. Well exCUSE the fuck outta me! I was disgusted with them for having a baby who couldn't have been more than 6 months out an about at 3:30 in the gad damn morning! Anyways my manager called out the security guard as a virgin and I looked at him and thought hmm...Never been shopping with a girl...openly likes dragon ball z and anime stuff...loves collecting ninja swords...maybe! Also...earlier that night he texted me a blank text and seconds later, in all caps "OMG I JUST SAW YOU ONSTAGE!!!I AM SPEECHLESS!!!" They're not supposed to watch us when they come in on break and I couldn't figure out why he was so excited and I was only topless at that point. Hmm...

Back at his house he came and stayed in the room with me. I figured since he had already seen me semi naked he wouldn't mind me changing in front of him. And then I got in bed he turned the lights off and we just talked for a while...and then he left. Wtf?? The next morning I heard his sister come in "DID YOU SLEEP WITH HER IN MY BED??" "*nervous laugh* no..." "Oh, well, I wanna meet her!!" but too bad I went back to sleep lol. He came in and we talked some more, I asked him why he left me alone and he said he didn't thinkI wanted him in there. Then we took a nap. I woke up and headed to work. A few hours later he texted me:

SG: "Can I ask you something?"
ME: "Go for it"
SG: "Should I have made a move last night??"

Hunny if you have to probably should've. Cut to a couple days later. I just HAD to know if he was a virgin. So I asked...and he told me no...But he lost his virginity last year...and that was the last and only time he had sex. *cue slide whistle* oh no. Oh nononononononono. "yeah lol im kinda inexperienced" NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!! Why must god play these cruel jokes on me?! He told me it was with his ex and it sucked

ME: "What made it so bad"
SG: "She didn't finish and I made her cum like 3 times lol"

1st off...I felt some type of way when he said he made her cum like 3 times...I was a tad grossed out...Only certain people are allowed to say cum and only in certain contexts. That wasn't one of them. Secondly...WTF?

ME: "Wait what?? How did she not finish?'
SG: "She didn't make me cum"
ME: "Then YOU didn't finish.."

For everyone telling me he could be a blessing in disguise and that I can mold him and whatnot, FUCK YOU! GiGi is too damn impatient to be tryna train some penis to be everything she wants it to be! Who knows how long that could take?! I'd rather not have sex at all than have bad sex. I just ant someone who's gonna fuck me like I wanna be fucked and not be concerned with hurting or "breaking" me. Shit if I asked to be choked, then DO IT. If I say grab he harder, DO IT. You're no gonna break me, I think I know what I'm doing. *side eye*...anyways back to the topic at hand...I mean he's a cutie but what if he has a small penis?! I can't train that! What if I don't mask my disappointment accordingly?! I don't wanna hurt his feelings he's so nice...And I'll be straight up I'm not gonna fake the shit either. Since he's only had sex one other time he can view me as his teacher. "Try harder next time" "We'll work on THAT" It could potentially be good...but I'm not willing to risk it. We can just be cool...he has a crush on another girl too which they probably have more in common anyways *tear* I always feel a lil sad when I find out someone who used to have a crush on me doesn't have one anymore or likes someone else regardless if I liked them or not.
Anyways, this man is not my boyfriend therefore I don't feel its my responsibility to train him lol he needs a little more work experience then he can try to reapply when he updates his resume;)


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I've never been a fan of these positions where you're in close proximity...little room to move around. I like those hard long strokes lol

Geez...I bought some lube an love cuffs the other night...and they're just staring at me all sad like "use usssssss" (thats another story in itself...fucking weirdos cruising for ass at 5 in the morning. next blog fer sureee)
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Few Things...

I'm forcing myself to get this out before midnight lol. All the shit I've been getting myself into should make for a very interesting june if I do say so myself...
As you guys know SOMEONE has put a gag order on me from blogging about him...but if what he said to me a few days ago was prepared to be imploded with everything you've missed. And I mean EVERYTHING. if thats the case...from this point on I am not giving a flying fuck about what he says if we're not speaking I dont owe anybody SHIT:)

Things on my mind...
Don't play the role if you dont want the title...and by that I mean if we're not together, if we just hook up occasionally...theres really no need for cupcaking...not my style I feel kinda suffocated. I go see you, say "hey", hit me with the wham bam thank you sam, I'll thank you for your time and dip. And I only said 3 words to you lol. Idk that's just how I work. Unless you LIKE me like me dont wine an dine me.

Foreplay. Learn it. Live it. Apply it. And that doesn't mean just making out before sex or just kissing my neck. Get creative.

I'm getting my touch back:) this is fucking great. Now just cause I'm fucking great doesn't mean the dudes I've come across have been:( thats probably the only downfall. And I'm not about to find THAT one who can blow my back out thru trial and error. A waste of my fucking time. I can wait I guess.

I told you I was two ass slaps away from raping my work spouse right? Welp, lemme just say that man has another thing coming to him. Idk if anyone else has experienced sexual tension this great before but let me tell you it SUCKS. Being inches away from someone and wanting to rip their clothes off and riding them to sheer bliss and knowing you can't. Ughhhh hun there's nothing but space and opportunity your back (;

Pubes. I dont know how many times I can say this. I hate them. Hence why I dont have any. And I'd prefer if you didn't have any either. And if you do I won't say anything to your face but just know in my mind i'm just like "Mmm. How YOU dewin..." (not gay shade tho...just like I'm raising my eyebrow and judging you to the fullest lol)

Something I've realized...dicks always look bigger if you look at them from the bottom up thanks to ball sacks. So your best bet to not be fooled is to look from the top down. On full mast. ViolĂ . I've been fooled many a times before and couldn't figure out why...then one day I was looking at a dick and BAM it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was wondering why it was smaller than I I know. So funny when dudes think they're hung when they're really only average...

The club is going great. absolutely hilarious what men will do for a fantasy...there's also this adorable security guard there. He's such a nerdball its so cute. He wears glasses and watches dragon ball Z...i can't wait to corrupt his ass...

I am in severe need of a deep tissue ass massage...

He's a good kisser...and he will stay a secret until the coast is clear:)

....just thinking about all the shit I got myself into this weekend makes me smile...i'm such a bad girl...

I'll add some stuff later and some homework too when I get to the computer.

Tata for now :)
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy
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