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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bedroom Olympics

Okay babes an gents so as you guys are aware, I'm still sleeping with Blue Magic. And I'm very content:)

But anywhore *Brian Bee voice* let me tell you about this past saturday

I took my friend to go get her vertical clit hood piercing, which will have me laughing for days.
She was freaked out the whole time, so much so that I had to hold her down.
But she did it and now she's happy with it, just like me:)
The piercer was telling her no sex for a week and she looked at me an said "Well shit you an Blue Magic didn't wait why the hell I got to??" And I politely told her I hadn't had sex for six months previous to that and there was no way I was gonna turn him down! Then she asked me if I was gonna see him later that night, and I remember telling her no one was gonna wait by the phone for him all night. I said "Watch; I'm gonna go home, get in the bed, get it nice an warm, and be half asleep when he hits me up."
Like clockwork, I get a text while I was sleeping in the bed.
And being the slave to peen that I am, I went to go see him.
Swooped him up and took him back to my aunt's house.
I finally found somewhere to fuck this man. Back seat action is nice, but I prefer a bed.
We get there, and he goes an waits in the room. I'm searching the house for an adapter to the radio so I can listen to my phone. Can't find one. I wanted music to be playing because someone else was there as well and I feel weird having people listening to me have sex. I go back in the room and I see he turned the tv off.

M: why did you turn the tv off?
BM: you ant it on? are you gonna watch tv or something?
M: no...I just want it on...
BM: you're being overly cautious...

I turn the tv on anyways and was frantically trying to find the music channels. I haven't had Comcast in years, so I forgot where they were and in my urgency I just put it on an informercial and turned the volume up. I turn around and see he's under the covers and I'm like get out. My aunt keeps that house hotter than hell, there's no reason to be under there. I pull the covers off and you already know he drill: hop on :)
I slowly start riding him, and he tells me to go to the top. I slide almost completely off and slide back on. Now, this does nothing for me, but I love that he loves it. He flips me over and takes off his shirt. This is how I know shit is about to get serious;) I wrap my legs around his waist and he starts pounding away. He starts off fast and then hits me with a few slow hard thrusts like he wants me to feel it hit the tip of my lungs.

BM: you like that?
M: ohmygawdyesssss

Oooh, how I wish he knew how much I loved it. Better than any drug. He leans back so that we look like a V and I start rolling my hips into him. Tells me to go slow, so he can see what I'm doing. I wonder if he noticed I got new clit jewelry. Hmmm...Switch into doggy and he starts killin. I'm trying my best to be quiet cause I don't wanna make the girl in the other room feel uncomfortable, but I tapped out. Couldn't hold it in anymore. Then he started smackin' my ass...and we all know how much I enjoy that. For some weird reason, when I got on top and started riding him, the bed started moving funny! It was hitting the wall and making hella noise, but I don't remember it doing that when he was on top! Oh well, I figured when the girl heard the bodies slapping she already knew what was going on, no sense in holding back now.
He got back on top, this time with my legs on his shoulders. He makes my legs shake when he does that...So hes on top, pressing my legs against his chest and I slooooowly slide off the bed. I have to stick my hand out on the ground to prevent us both from eating shit and potentially winding up in the E.R. with a sex related injury. Finally I get mine and get the warm sex flush over my body...then he gets his. And makes a mess on me. I tried to take him in my mouth but he stopped me. I get up and go to the bathroom to get some tissue to clean up and he's like, where are you going?

M: To clean up the mess you made. I'm messy.
BM: you really need to stop peeing on yourself.
M: shut. up.

I grab my tissue and head back to the bedroom, and I see he's dressed and sprawled across the bed. I walk over and straddle him, and I can feel he's not completely soft just yet. Wiggle my ass a lil' bit, and I get the reaction I'm looking for. He slaps my ass and tells me to go to sleep. Yeah yeah I'll go to sleep right after you put me to bed lol. I was about to give him head and he stopped me and says his dick is too sore. The one time I really REALLY wanna give you head and you stop me. UGHHHHH. As weird as it sounds I just wish he'd let me suck his dick. That is like the one thing that I can do for you without any help from you. That's my ego boost right there. Me giving you some Grade A head. But I guess I should be glad that he's not one of those dudes who forces my head down there and tries to choke me on their peen...He tells me to get on the ground, I get on all fours. He pushes my dress up and slides my panties down. He sticks a finger in an says "yeah you know that's what you want". He squats and I hop on top and dangle my legs on the outside of his and let him kill. He kept spreading my legs farther apart and it kinda hurt, so I leaned forward and started bouncing my ass on his dick. This time I didn't have to go slow. He took over and pushed me on my back. Legs back on his shoulder he stops and says he can't do it because I keep running. Normally I'd be mad but at the same time my aunt texted me and let me know she was outside.

While he's in the bathroom my aunt and her friend are laughing at me cause they know what just went on. She walks into her room and comments on how warm it is in there. He comes out the bathroom, introduces himself, and starts fucking with everyone. Meanwhile I'm searching for my car key. I walk by him and he says me and my aunt's friend's asses are about the same size, and how he thinks she looks good. I just stare at him and he asks me why I'm mad. I tell him I'm not mad. Then he asks if I'm his girlfriend. I answer no and he says so what's the problem. I coulda choked his ass right then an there lol.

Cut to 30 minutes later, STILL can't find my key, and I'm pissed. my aunt's friend leaves and then I discover that he had my key the whole time. I could have killed him. I went searching through the grass at 4 in the morning when it was below zero and he had my key the whole time!!! I think he had my key just so he could talk to my aunt's friend >_< We get in the car and go grab some tacos, where he asks me for a threesome with the friend. Niiiiiice try. We're driving down the street and he's looking at the blog I did on Mallory Rae. And he zooms in on a picture of a dick in her vag. Then says that looks like his dick an my vag. Kinda but not really, cause he says my vag is black, or purple because I'm black. Well look here SIR you've never looked at it that hard and I looked at it w/ a mirror it is most DEF not black or purple lol its dark pink if anything. So HAH. While we're in the taco shop he's just telling me what he wants to do with his life, why he thinks he's single, how he feels about school and the military. It was actually a pretty good convo. He's really smart. Then he asked me to tell him something about myself because "Aside from fucking you I don't know anything about you". Then he explains to me how to make money using the internet...And oh, would you look at the time it was 6:14! so we head to his house, and when we arrive we just chill in front of his house for a minute, and he tells me "I don't want you to think I'm saying this just because you write about me or because I'm coming down from being drunk, but your blog is really good, you're good at writing and telling a story."

Made me feel good, and slightly embarrassed that he reads my blog, But w/e lol.

I drop him off and make it home around 7, curl up in the bed and check fb once before I head to sleep. I have hella notifications on the last status I posted.

"My vagina feels amazing"

He hacked my fb when he was using my phone and posted this.
Not only does he like to fuck me, he likes fucking with me.
Ugh I hate him(:
I wonder what this weekend has in store for me...


Courtesy of
I just wish he'd let me suck his dick one good time...smh..

Miss Sixxxty, your very own of the industryy

OOOOOOOH YEAH!!!! Go check out this blog an lemme know what you think about it @ I wanna hear if you think this is accurate:) show some love please

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