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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shit, I Don't Know...

People are assholes. Plain and simple. Some people don't even have the decency to treat you like a fucking human being. But I guess I have no one to blame but myself for this right? Always getting mixed up with the wrong people. I guess this means I have to go aaaaaaaall the way the fuck back to square one, back to when I didn't have sex for 6 months. Maybe something different will actually come of it this time. Something nice for once. As it stands right now I haven't wanted to have sex with ANYONE, and because I don't go out and everyone I work with is pretty much ugly, I don't have any other options, except maybe myself...and I hate that option. But in the meantime and in between times, what ever shall I write about? I can't seem to have NSA sex with someone without losing interest in 2 life is boring...and I don't wanna whine about all the sex I Could be having that I'm not again. Hmm....
Currently stuck in a rut where I don't wanna do anything but catch up on Breaking Bad and watching Flavor Of Love reruns. Haven't put on makeup for work like I normally do, the gym seems like such a drag now...maybe I should start taking a kickboxing class. So that way when I see you I can (at least attempt) to whoop your ass. Maybe that'll make me feel a lil better lol. No more Girls reruns, no more Adam Sackler reminding me how shitty my situation is, no more Sailing Souls. Shit I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYTHING ANYMORE.
You guys will probably think I'm gay for posting this but whatev.

Pretty much sums up everything. To a fucking T.

Shit, I don't know I'll figure the shit out.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Been Gone For A Minute...

...Now I'm back with the jump off. Nah but really...I have missed blogging like A LOT A LOT so i figure I can catch everyone up on what's been going on and shit I do and don't like and whatever else I feel like rambling about today.

So waaaaaaaay back I told you I had sex with this black dude. And it was kinda nice. But lo and behold he is just a piece of shit human being. For the simple fact that he not only had sex with me with no intentions of keeping this on a casual basis (despite what he originally said) he did it the night before he went on a date with his now baby mama to be. Just TRIFLIN. And I wasn't even the one sexually pursuing him! I would've just been cool staying friends and telling him all my man problems but noooo. He'd rather risk a friendship over some pussy. Smh. I was pissed because he knew this the whole time and we were good friends prior to the whole sex thing which makes me feel like he played me as his friend. And you don't play your friends. Lol.

Then there's Sexsomniac's bitch ass. Everything was cool with him...then I met this guy I thought I was really starting to like so I just kinda stopped replying to his late night drunk texts, because in some odd way I felt guilty. And plus I didn't wanna tell him we can't have sex because of another dude, because if shit doesn't work out with said dude (which it ISN'T) I didn't wanna lose out on my clutch! Well, we all know how he likes to bring me around his lady friends (like a dumb ass). I mean SERIOUSLY. What do you call a dude who brings his fuck buddy (I really hate that term.....trying to come up with a better word for it lol) around every one of his new girlfriends when the both of you already know he's going to cheat? And I mean he wastes no time. There's never a relationship nesting period with him. He will have gotten with the bitch the day before and still hit me up talking about "Let's have sex". Bitch. NO. Go away. This shit is beYOND old by now and I'm over the shit. Oh, and now the chick he isn't dating but calls him babe and posts pics on ig with, I work with her. Sir, your dick is not good enough to lose my job over.

Oh yeah. I have a "regular" job now. It sucks donkey dick. Corporate america, direct deposit, uncle sam, bi-weekly paychecks and everything can kiss my hi yella ass, btw. I hate this life. I wish there was a popular club that wasn't a million miles away that I could work at because I am not adjusting to the normal life very well. I feel poor as fuck. And that is not a good feeling! I like, NEED to finish school and become a coroner already because I like to have nice things and I don't like having to budget. First world problems, poor me:(

Anyways, It's taken everything inside of me not to call him out around his bitch. Some days I wish I was a messy ass hoodrat...but I'm not . So I be quiet. But when he believe I be talkin again.

Then there was the Puerto Rican. Everything was lovely, the head was great, the sex was great, the weed was great EVERYTHING WAS GREAT. Then one day we were hanging out and I just looked at him and thought, "You know, I don't think I really like you!" and the shit went downhill from there. I started not wanting to hang out with our friends together, because I hated the idea of showing up WITH him. Like here THEY come. As if we're a package deal. I'm my own person, as is he, and that's that. I felt like the less I was starting to like him the more he started to like me, which was a shitty sitchy within itself. Now that whole "It's not you, it's me" cliche makes a ton of fucking sense! Because he literally didn't do anything! Then I started to loathe the idea of us having sex. And essentially that was all this was anyways so once the sex stops being fun...I mean when you get to a point where you don't even want them giving you this shit goes DEEP. I feel like such a horrible person. But you shouldn't have to force things right?

Please don't hold my hand after sex.
Please don't ever fucking call what we do LOVE MAKING. EVER IN YOUR FUCKING LIFE.
Don't give my vag any goofy ass 4 year old names. We're fucking grown. And that shit is kinda creepy.
Unless I pursue you fully knowing you have a gf...don't bother fucking talking to me.
Have you ever just been disgusted by a person you used to like a lot? Like the idea of them pointing their erection even remotely in your direction makes you queasy? No..? Just me? Fuuuuuuh.
I find out everything. I'm one cunning sneaky ass bitch.
I'm kinda semi involuntarily celibate right now, which sucks. But then again you know me, I don't settle.
My mechanic is harrassing me again. Mind you I only hung out with him once on my birthday like two years ago. And all we did was drive around town. I mean why are you randomly calling me at 4 in the afternoon? Shouldn't you be working? And stop sending me requests on fb!
When I stop fucking with you I really stop fucking with you. DO yourself a favor and just stop trying. You're only making it harder on yourself, and I'm trying to be nice here
I really miss my vertical clit hood piercing. Like a lot a lot.
I had sex for a week straight. Did not end well. Some people are better suited for sex once a week, or every other week. Once a day is too much stress for some people's bodies. Not mine.
I have had the weirdest reoccurring fantasy about anal. I've done it like twice not too long ago...and I kinda wanna do it more than once in a blue moon.
Be a man with me. Grab your balls and fucking assert yourself. Don't be a fucking pussy. One thing I hate is a weak man. I like manly men. That know how to man handle me. I hate passive aggressive dudes.
Do guys ask for butthole pics? Do girls randomly send them? I need answers.
I'm not a nympho.

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I'm in a tight spot to be able to blog what i want now.

This is bullshit.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm Not Texting You First

I hate the fact that I can go from zero to annoyed in 2.5 seconds. Especially over little shit. Like shit that should be little, but I blow it up all outta proportion nshit...Still trying to figure out coitus courtesy 5 years and counting later...I hate phones. I hate the word "No." or any variation of the word out of a fwb mouth. I have determined sex will just NEVER be in the cards for me at the rate I want it. And damn my self control. That's the only thing that makes me feel a little better, knowing I'm not a sex addict. My reasoning is if I was addicted, and I'm not, but if I was I'd be cruising dark alleys for ass and letting just anyone drill me. And I don't. But then that leaves me in the position to complain all the time, I just wanna meet someone who wants sex as much as I do I say this shit til I'm literally blue in the face but outta all the fish in the sea I gotta deal with this shit. I try to ask for advice on what to do and basically the only answer I get is

"Oh why don't you just text him first? Closed mouths don't get fed"

To hell with that bullshit, okay?! I have tried that texting first bullshit and it DOESN'T WORK. I might just have the world's worst timing but even still, I shouldn't hear no as often as I do. And it's not like from people I fucked once, I've usually had sex with them more than once, which makes me wonder how they can even turn a quickie down. Why the fuck should I even have to ask in the first place? I've you've fucked me before you should know I'm literally ALWAYS down for sex. You have the penis, you know when it gets hard late at night, and you know how to get in contact with me. Since I always end up being the willing party balls basically in your court. I refuse to believe that outta everyone that none of you hoes want to have sex more than once a week/every other week. When I think about it the closest I got to some consistent peen was about once a week on weekends. Now I can't even get that. I think I had sex twice in January. TWICE. It's like coming in last place. And oh sure, I could probably broaden my horizons but shit how broad are we talking?  I'm very picky with the vagine I'd really like to keep it to a minimum. Fortunately I haven't gotten desperate blah blah blah complain complain complain. THIS IS WHAT I DO I COMPLAIN AND BITCH ABOUT THE LACK OF SEX IN MY LIFE. My vag is going to shrivel up and die an old maid. I'm tired of watching porn all the fucking time and getting off alone. At least when I get off with someone I feel happy. When it's just me it's like "mmmMMMMmAAAAAAAHHHhhhhh....okay now look to your left, and look to your right. That's right, you are ALONE." and this weird sense of guilt comes over me and I close my laptop and go to sleep. What did I do in my past life? Do I need to find Rumplestilskin and promise him my first born? Drink the blood of an albino tiger? WHAT. IS. IT?!?!?!?!?!?!
This shit has to be chemical since I haven't had any "traumatic" experiences. I mean what else can explain this madness? Trust I don't wanna crave sex every hour of the damn day I wish I COULD be just happy gettin it on every few weeks or so. "You just got some last week" "SO FUCKING WHAT that was last week we're talking about today now!" Oh hey, why don't I look do Cosmo for some advice, guys give input there right? "I love when a girl texts me first it shows assertiveness and I find that sexy" *throws magazine into the fireplace* BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO booooooooo your advice sucks! Then again why am I talking advice from a sex magazine who featured Dakota Fanning on the cover? I was done with Cosmo a year ago.This is the time where I bang my head mercilessly into the keyboard and roll around the ground like a wounded seal and whine about how unfair this all is. Excuse me.

I'm upset. Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hey, Your Mouth Is On My Vag There...

What's up my lovelies. Finals week is here and it feels like summer vacation can't get here soon enough. What that will mean for me (hopefully) is not having to wait until the weekend to accost someone for their peen. In the meantime I guess I should fill you in about stuff.
Sooooooo there's this guy right. And let me just say he gives the most amazing head ever. Half is skill, half is the fact that he really likes the way I taste and I have zero complaints about him. So weird how All this shit even started. We ended up going out one night just as friends until we got drunk. I remember sounding like an idiot saying shit like "OMG I JUST THINK YOU'RE SO CUTE you have a cute face omg it's so cuteee." And he responded back with "Can we make out now?" We did, and then when it was time to leave he asked me if I wanted to smoke with him. Now I was drunk and me + alcohol + weed doesn't mix from past experiences but I said yes anyways. So we're sitting in my car smoking and I can't remember if I told him I couldn't do it drunk or if I was just taking baby hits because then he started to shotgun me (mmmmm). One thing led to another and then he slipped me some tongue. After we stopped kissing I just stared at him before hopping my happy ass in the backseat. It was like habit I was so ashamed lol He looked at me and was like "What are you doin back there?" And I just looked down and said I don't know...then he followed me. We made out a little bit more then he pushed me back and I helped him take my pants off. Thankfully I had stuffed some condoms in the backseat but before I could get to them he spread my legs and dove down head first. At first I was a little in shock like "Is he really doing this AHHHHH oh he's REALLY doing this." I let him work his magical tongue...magic and then I obvi returned the favor. His dick is about average, but sometimes it's not about the size of the boat. SOMETIMES. And I use that very loosely.While I'm giving him head he starts skullfucking me and at this point I'm no longer interested in sucking now it's about trying not to throw up. Being drunk is not the best time to start gagging. Once we finished that he told me to lie on my back and he put my legs on his chest. I'm assuming since he was fucked up too that's why he was fucking me so hard lol. But That's what I like, I like to be able to hear our bodies slapping together. Sue me. I didn't realize how fucked up we were til he stopped to open the door and puke. I didn't know what to do in that situation so I just started nervously rubbing his back. I wasn't sure if I should've even done it but if I was puking I'd want someone to hold my hair and rub my back. But holding my hair is more important if I had to choose. When he pops back in the car I get on all fours and we continue having sex. Overall I was very pleased with his performance. He told me my pussy tasted amazing and that he could eat it every day (shit, don't threaten me with a good time) and I kissed him goodbye then drove off, thinking about the next time I could get him to give me head again. Now when I woke up I knew I had sex the night before. But I looked at my neck and I had a few hickies. No big, because I knew how to get rid of them fast. He hit me up and told me I left big ass hickies and bite marks on him. I didn't even remember biting him. He told me only from the neck down. Well shit I had never heard of this rule! And I don't think my drunk ass would've cared either way. But I made a note to be more gentle in the future.
In all he's a pretty good partner, as he's one of the few who gives me head on the reg. The only thing that fucks it up is he acts stupid sometimes when it comes to his "ex". They aren't together when we go out but the next day they are. I'm like look Idc if you have a girlfriend as long as you wanna continue this. I would sincerely hope I'm not fucking one of those unstable facebook know the type. Constantly talking about how thru they are with their significant other, then the next day talking about how in love they are and how they're excited to make it work. I have zero time for the bullshit. I just like people to keep it straight with me, whether you like me or just my vag. And the sad part is it's been 4 months and we still have no straight answer. My take is he just likes to get fucked up and fuck me, and I'm a-ok with it. Whether it's in my backseat or on the edge of the bathroom sink at our friend's house (oop!). D'ahh well as long as he continues eating the P we're good for now.

Sexsomniac is still my clutch tho, despite him saying he's in love (with his gf, not me). But that's neither here nor there. And ohmagoshhhhh y'all guess what (pictuer me saying this with the hella country ass accent that I don't have) for everyone thinking I just like Mexican peen I had some black peen for the first time in a really long time. That sounds horrible...........but when I actually looked at it I haven't had any since like 2011 right before the boobs. So funny everyone thinks I don't like black guys. I do just rarely the ones from where I live. When I think about all the black dudes I've been with the majority of them weren't from here. But the one I had recently was. And that whole situation was just weird but the sex was amazeballs, so I'm trying to spend less time one weird and more time on sex. Speaking of, I STILL have no idea on the proper booty call etiquette post coitus. Someone told me I have to wait at least a week and a half before I hit him up. PFFT fuck all that! Why do I have to pretend like I haven't been thinking about you for the past week when lord knows I wanted to fuck you again right after you wiped me down, and on my way home. And when I woke up the next morning. WHY DO I HAVE TO WAIT. I don't call it desperate I call it greedy. Telling a dude you're a sex addict means nothing these days. And neither does them saying they are one. I had Sexsomniac tell me he wants it all the time, yet we don't have sex every day because he's tired from the gym or whatever bullshit. I actually NEED that shit. multiple times a day if it's good, but I mean hey I'll settle for once a day, maybe even like 3-4 times a week. But NO. I can't have nice things >:(

What the fucking fuck man....
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stripper Slander + Our Birthday

I've had this blog for 3 years now. And I post nowhere near as much as I did when I started. And I apologize. I gotta fix this. I'll post on the Puerto Rican soon, the jury is still out on him as of now. Eh.

I have been putting this blog off for so long and I have no clue why. I think it's important. You all have really gotta stop letting music videos and "The Player's Club" shape your ideals of strippers. While some may be true, it's not true for the majority of us. It cracks me up how much people will talk down on us, make assumptions about what we do, but then look at me and go "But not you! You're cool." Yeah, WHATEVER. That's basically how you feel behind my back. Like if I say all Asians drive like shit and then look at my nearest Asian friend and go "But you drive better than them!" I'm still talking shit on her indirectly. I think it's dumb. If that's how your small minded ass feels about strippers as a whole, then fine. But don't try to tell me you didn't mean me like I'm stupid. And the funny thing is it's mainly the people who have never been inside a strip club that have the most shit to say. Go shut the fuck up and fly a damn kite.
People have this idea that we're all sex addicts who fuck people at work for 20 bucks. That we all have daddy issues or were molested as children. Like nobody could ever WANT to be a stripper. Well, lo and behold I actually LIKE my job. I wasn't raped or touched or anything, my relationship with my dad is fine. And the LAST thing I want to do is fuck a customer, ESPECIALLY for 20 bucks. I'm the laziest stripper you know. I try to do as little as possible for as much money as possible. Of course I have to work it a bit and turn my customer on, but once they start talking about sex it's time to go. All the clubs I've worked at, there's only a small percentage of girls using the club as a cover for their hooking activities, and they usually get caught soon after. Mostly, everyone just wants to dance and make money, and only dance. And if someone wants to pay me for sex there's going to be at least 3 zeros attached to whatever their offer is because if you can drop thousands on sex you can drop much more on other things. But that's neither here nor there.
And not all strippers are single working at the club hoping to get a man. So stop falling in love at the strip club. A good number either have boyfriends, are married, or don't even like men. What gets on my nerves is when guys come in talking about "I'm not gonna pay for a lap dance, I'd rather pay for your dinner." Bitch I can buy my own dinner thanks. How are you gonna come into my job, waste my time, and still expect me to want to go on a date with you? I don't get paid hourly, and I'm not there to find a man. I'm there to make money. And if you aren't talking business, get the fuck out the club. Why are you even there to begin with with no money?! Nobody except the dumb girls has time for that unless you're really balling, which most of the ones looking for dates aren't. And no, we don't wanna go back to your place to "party". You can go home alone. Or go to the hoe stroll. The look on dudes faces when you tell them get a hooker and they're like "I'd NEVER." you came into the club looking for someone to pay for sex. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck.................
Oh, my favorite line is "You're too pretty to be here" or "do you have kids?" Well, are only ugly girls supposed to be strippers? I don't think people would go to clubs if all the girls were ugly. And yes I have 10 kids and I'm working here to support them -___________-. I'm just here to make more money than a minimum wage job. That's all. I'm not gonna be here for the rest of my life and when I get phased out be like "fuck. I have no skills. Now what?" Shit we go to school, we have day jobs! We're not all coked out working just enough to get our next fix. I'm not gonna be young and pretty forever, why not capitalize on it? Shit I pay my way thru school! *Gasp* yes, I go to school. I have goals and ambitions and they don't stop on stage. 
Hurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr why am I even wasting my breath when I know 9 times outta 10 people will still refuse to be open minded about shit. I can talk until I'm blue in the face, yet you'll watch "The Player's Club" and swear up and down that's how it is. Hmph. Welp. I'll just continue what I'm doing and if a dude has ever slandered dancers and ends u pin my DM box talking about "Let's kick it" I'm blasting his ass. You can call us hoes and unwifeable and shit and the best I can do is turn you down and prove you wrong, at least speaking for myself. All I'm saying is open your minds and grow the fuck up.

Yeah nobody is listening.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I was having a talk with my bestest male friend in the whole wide world about what needs to be done in order to get my sexual needs met. I asked him why can't I just have sex with someone every day, or at least a few times a week and he tells me because dudes consider that to be boyfriend territory. Well that isn't fucking fair! A lot of the dudes I've slept with would be terrible boyfriends. That's not why I have sex with them. Sometimes they know how to move their asses just right and I can appreciate that! I'm like so what you're saying is I need a boyfriend huh...well I know plenty of people in relationships who LIVE together and still don't have sex all the time. Which I find very weird. So basically he told me I'm literally assed out. Life is so fucking unfair:( I figure the only way I can accomplish this is by having a steady rotation, and I don't wanna do that. I just wanna find someone like me who only wants to have sex all the time. I didn't think it would be that hard to find, ohhhh but it is! I mean if having a boyfriend means I'll get it more often then shit, what choice do I really have (and no, I wouldn't want a boyfriend JUST for sex. I'd actually care for them too. The sex would just be a big ass bonus). In the meantime I'll just count the hairs on my head until the next time I get laid.

Sexsomniac comes in too clutch. I love the fact that we can go out and kick it with our friends, have sex later, and continue kicking it and it isn't weird. He doesn't try to make shit weird around us, but then it's prolly cause the people we hang around with already know we hook up on occasion. He usually comes around right before I'm about to snap and break dishes and whatnot, and for that I'm thankful he keeps me sane. Even when he has a girlfriend he comes in clutch. And maybe if they were a lot nicer and not so damn stuck up I wouldn't let him come in clutch. D'ahh well. So one night he hits me up and I think I was really blown and he tells me to come drive to east jesus nowhere to drink. I think I'll have to pass on this. The next day my brother hits me up and asks if I wanna go to lunch with them. I say sure, but the only catch is I still have to drive to east jesus nowhere to go pick them up. Fuuuuuuuuh. But I haven't seen him in months since he's been on the rag (I.e. been with his punk ass bitch of a gf) and I was like alright. We all spent the day together and we were gonna go to a party that night. Before we went they wanted to stop by Sexsomniac's house to shower and change clothes and whatnot. So I'm just there waiting for them to get ready and whatnot, while they're just doing stupid things boys like to do, and Sexsomniac suggests my brother take a shower first. All I'm thinking is I hope these hoes hurry up I still have to go home and get ready. So once the shower starts running he closes the door and says "You wanna have sex right now?" All I said was "Right now?" and he lifted my leg around him, laid me down and kissed me in one swift motion. You smooth ass bastard you. He starts unbottoning my pants and flips me over on my stomach and I'm like wait...what if he comes in. So he thinks moving in front of the door is a better idea. "Oh great so now he's gonna hit me in the face with the door while my pants are at my ankles". He was like "Let's just go to my mom's room" (Sorry!) and we get a quickie in. I used to be anti quickie, but now not so much. We straighten ourselves out and he asks me if we've ever had sex when he's sober. Not that I can remember. And then he asks why we don't have sex more often. I wanted to slap him. We don't have sex more often because of YOU. It's your fault. I let every dude know after we have a good sesh that I'd like to have sex all the time (I should probably stop saying this) so the ball is always in their court. I hate having to ask for sex because I don't like hearing no whether they're too busy, not in town, have a girlfriend at the moment or just plain ol' don't want to (which is insane). I'm like when you wanna have sex you let ME know. You know this. For the most part I'm always down. Now if you hit me up for sex and I just flat out say no, then I don't fuck with you anymore and you should take the hint then. And not continue to ask 4 years and counting later. If memory serves me correctly he said he's work on it or something.

After we leave his house we go to my house so I can get ready and we go to this party. Now my friend asked me in advance if I was gonna invite this other guy I've had sex with and I'm like no, I'm bringing Sexsomniac. I know not to ruin a good thing by bringing sand to the beach. I am NOT about to choose between my clutch and the best head giver this side of the west coast. There's no way to equally divide my attention between the two where they feel like I only have lustful eyes for them. So she says okay, and then 5 minutes away from her house she texts me "OMG HE'S HERE." HOW THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN?! He ended up coming with someone else who was invited and she wasn't gonna turn him away. I'm like fuuuuuuck this is bad. I just had sex like 3 hours ago. Fuck my lifeeeeeeee. We go inside the house and I say what's up to him and give him a hug, then offer to give him some stuff he forgot last time I saw him. On the way outside he tells me he's "officially single", whatever the fuck THAT means (we'll get on that when I post his blog). And I'm like well that's god to know, seeing as to how I didn't say anything to him about sex, a relationship, or his on and off gf at that time. Whatever. I tried to make the night as normal as possible, although I did slip up and ended up sitting in his lap for a little bit, before my senses kicked in and were like "Bitch just what the fuck do you think you're doing?". The night ended drama free, which is what I wanted to begin with and we all went on our merry ways. Although...I was high once again that night and Sexsomniac wanted to leave early but I wasn't ready to go. So I dropped him off and came back, hung out with the dude (he needs a nickname already) just to get kicked out by my friend's drunk ass boyfriend not too long after. The weed was saying go after him, my brain was saying thou shalt not fornicate with two men in less than 24 hours. So I just drove my ass home. Glad that was over.

I said I would only sleep with three new people this year then I would find a boyfriend (keep your judging to yourself. You knew what you were coming to read when you clicked the link) and right now I only have one spot left and it's only fucking April. Something's gotta give. I just wanna be a reformed semi sex addict where I don't NEED it all the damn time. Is that possible? Do I have to go to rehab? Sex addicts anonymous? I really don't wanna have to do all that extra shit...

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Friday, March 29, 2013

Random Pish Posh

So here's another random ass blog of just stuff that's been on my mind lately.

First off, FUCK El Capitan okay. After that first day when he only fucked me once he promised me that next time would be longer. Okay. So we planned to meet up again, and this time he requested anal. I didn't remember him being too girthy so I thought, shit, why the fuck not. I get into town and go to work, since I'm going to see him in the morning. Mind you I didn't even wanna be in town that weekend I only went for some peen. He told me to come at 8:30 which meant I had time to go eat breakfast and head out to him. I made it out there at 7:30 and at 8 he tells me sorry he fell asleep on me but if I can pick him up an hr away. Are you shitting me?! I just drove an hour to see you! I was just like shit I'm already out here for some peen might as well. But he owes me BIG TIME. I was not even 5 minutes into my journey to go see him before he started complaining about having his bike with him and how it wouldn't fit in my car or some shit. Then he said today is just not a good day I'm sorry and fell off the face of the earth. MOTHERFUCKER. I could've been sleep!!!! I called him everything but a child of god that morning. A few weeks later he hits me up and asks if I wanna come hang out with him cause he's having a party. I asked him if his parents were outta town or something and he says yeah. I'm like I'm down, thinking once the party is over I can hang around for a bit since no one is gonna be there. He asks if I can bring some friends for his cousins. I don't see why not, although the only girls I know work at the club and it would be kinda hard to pull them away from work on a Friday night. I figured I'd fib a bit, say they were coming on their own, and when they didn't show be fake mad about it, but suggesting we should still have sex since I'm already there. Well, I get there and lemme tell you I'm SOOO GLAD none of my friends came thru. Bitch sent me on a dirty mission! When I told him if I brought girls they wouldn't be strippers his cousins were disappointed. Cause you know, all strippers are easy. When I got there I was horrified. If my friend asked me to hang out with her dude's friends and they were all ugly I'd punch her in the ovaries. Which is exactly what my friends woulda done. And I wouldn't have even been mad at them about it. None of them were cute. I hung around and then after an hour I said they weren't coming. This bitch then decided to send me on my merry way because "he didn't want me to hang out here by myself". What about the original fucking reason I came out here in the first place bitch?! I was too hot because once again I drove to him for some peen and left empty handed. When I brought up that fact he said "I know, that sucks." Well fuck you too then! He drunkenly hit me up after that, but other than that I haven't heard from his punk ass. I'm not with that shit lol. And btw he's still using the nickname that I came up with as his name on twitter. As of now he has to find a new nickname. He is no longer allowed to use it.

OH! Here's another thing that pissed me off. So I have this friend who lives a few states away, but we still text each other nshit and we had always discussed meeting up soon, but the shit never got past the random suggestion stage. One day he randomly hits me up telling me he'll be in Vegas soon and if I would like to come I'm basically more than welcome. I'm like yessss a weekend in Vegas with some guaranteed peen why the fuck not. He let me know about 2 months prior so I had enough time to get my life together. First it was gonna be a trip with me and my friends and I would just see him while I was down there. Then my friends bailed so my sole purpose of even going was to hang out with him. As the date approached, I felt like I was asking about Vegas more than he was, and it was his trip! We talked like a week before about it and how he was basically going to fuck my brains out and I was all "yaaaaaaay". A few days before the trip I asked if he was driving so I knew whether I'd need a cab, or if I should just drive the entire way, you know just needing to straighten out some fuzzy details. no response. Hit him the next day since it was kinda late his time. Nothing. Finally a day before I'm supposed to leave he hits me and says yeah my buddy drove. This was after I had already seen him update fb and twitter that he was indeed driving with his friend. Tf? I decided to leave my car in SoCal and take a shuttle to Vegas and asked if he could get me from the Excalibur. He told me they just took a shuttle to and from the strip, and that it stops at the Excalibur. When I asked him what time he'd be done Friday so I knew what time to leave he told me when he'd be done for the entire weekend and I'm like no, I just need to know about Friday. No response. Sent him a pic of my fresh ass wax job. Nothing. Now he was starting to piss me off. Friday morning I text him and ask him what the plan was. Once again I got nothing. So I was like fuck it you must not want me to go then! I gave him until 4pm, cause I was not about to be driving to Vegas at all times of the night. 4pm came and nothing. So I said fuck it and hung out with Sexsomniac and my brother instead. I told them what was going on and was like "Watch. He's gonna hit me up around 9 asking where I'm at. Ol' smug ass bastard.". Like I'm going to Vegas alone. I'm not gonna drive out there and twiddle my thumbs hoping you might hit me up. What would happen if you didn't?  I would've just wasted my gas and been stuck in Vegas. Sure enough 10 o'clock came and I got a "Are you in Vegas?" text. Bitch are you serious?! I haven't heard from you all day, not to mention trying to get info from you was like pulling teeth and you still expected me to go? So I did him how he did me and ignored his ass while continuing to tweet and update my fb. When I finally did answer I hit him with a dry ass "Nope." and he sent me a sad face. Bitch get the entire fuck outta here okay? This is YOUR fault. Although I wasn't tripping because of course Sexsomniac came in clutch as always. But that's another blog for another day.

I went on a date last week. And don't get me wrong I enjoyed myself and the free Ruth's Chris Steak House. Just not the guy I was with. Lol. He was slightly annoying. He was a 32 yr old white guy who was a regional manager of a produce company from Sacramento to Bakersfield. And not interesting whatsoever. He was more interested by me. I was trying to be kinda mean and weird, and that made him like me even more. Fuhhhhhhhh. After the date and my steak he started hitting me up every day to plan our next date for the following week. Slow ya roll sir. I stopped answering his texts and he would literally have full blown conversations with himself. He called me rude for not returning a compliment or even saying thank you, and how I'm missing out on him and whatnot. After 12 unanswered texts I know I would get the hint. Not this guy. He wants to take me to Flemmings next. I don't think I have the heart to stomach another date with him for free yummy food when I don't even wanna be at the same table as the guy. We are in two completely different places in our lives! I was trying to picture him hanging out with my friends and I couldn't do it. I imagined him being uncomfortable as fuck. I don't wanna be a bitch but I swear he wants to meet my mom and get my dad's blessing already! I copped out and told him his persistence was kinda killing it for me and he said he really likes me and is intrigued by me and he doesn't want that. He knows I'm busy so he'll let up. Hopefully I won't have to hear from him again. lol.

Sometimes I wish I didn't like good dick so much. It makes me crazy. I feel like I don't get it enough to turn it down when they act stupid, which in turn makes me mad cause they still continue to act stupid. But I need it more than I need them to stop acting stupid, if that makes any sense to you. Makes perfect sense in my head.

I need to stop smoking/consuming weed. I need to be able to land a day job with clean pee so stripping can go back to being my side hustle. Because Uncle Sam is fucking me in the ass with no lube.

I can't remember the last time I watched porn. And I only watch it when I'm about to rub one out. So I haven't done that either. Be proud of me.

Puerto Ricans eat thee best pussy. This is not up for debate.

I like my guy to make the first move so I don't feel like some sex addicted spider monkey feind. My aggression scares people for some reason. So I'll just sit here and wait on you instead.

If I refer to you as a brother that doesn't mean hop in the bed with me at 3am asking if I wanna cuddle. And when I say no and threaten to fart on you if you touch me to whine and complain about how horny you are. Clearly you are unclear on the concept. And I don't care how horny you are. Stay on your fucking side of the bed and shut the fuck up or get out and sleep on the floor. All the other brothers get it! Get with the program!

Are we still out there eating ass? Not that I'm looking to have mine ate I'm just curious.

Good kissers make my panties wet. So do hickies.

I've lost 7 lbs. But probably gained back half of that over spring break. Boo.

I'd like to thank the Mexican boy who lived around the corner for making me who I am today. Without him my oral skills wouldn't be as on point as they are. Practice makes perfect, and when we'd get outta school 2 hours early every other Wednesday I sure as hell got my practice in. Although you annoy the shit out of me now and I will most likely never fuck you again, I wanna say I do appreciate you! Every time I see someone's eyes roll into the back of their head and feel their legs spasm. You go, Glen Coco.

The best way to end spring break is to have said Puerto Rican eating you out while you smoke a bowl. Yessss spring break turned out better than I expected.

Well, I'm off to get ready for work. I shall still update you on Sexsomnaic and the Puerto Rican.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Friday, March 22, 2013

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

I said I was gonna write a blog about cheating and figure what better time than now to do it, because I swear that's all I've been dealing with lately. So I guess I am taken man's kryptonite. I can't seem to figure out how I keep attracting guys with girlfriends. I don't go stalking them out, the shit seems to happen that way. Aside from a few exceptions, I don't really tolerate that shit. Actually, what I don't tolerate is a guy lying about being in a relationship. Especially if I find out about it, and I always do because men are idiots. I've already said let me be a home wrecking jezebel on my on accords. Perfect example lemme tell you what's been going on this past week.
So I'm at my fave place the bar talking to my friends minding my business. My girl friend says she doesn't wanna drink and I'm like then bitch you can't sit with us lol it's a bar! She's like "No I don't wanna get drunk tonight because I'm not gonna get laid" and I tell her well me either but I'm still gonna drink. So this skeevy ass bartender that I always see who never speaks decides to chime in today. He asks why I'm going home alone and I tell him because men can't get with the program (we're all familiar with my luck). He goes I can def get with your program with a winky face and I'm just like yeaaaaaaaah...where's my drink. So I'm talking and he comes by and slides me a note that says "I can eat a peach for an hour!" and I was just horrified. I mean he's not ugly but he's def not my type. At all. I show my friends and we have a laugh and then he comes BACK with a pen and says "I'll just leave this here in case you wanna write something. Did you like your note?" And I gave him a sarcastic ass two thumbs up, because that wasn't creepy at all. My drunk self felt bullied into giving him my number but I didn't think anything of it. A few days later he hits me up and I didn't respond. Then I get on fb and see my friend post a pic of a dinner and she tagged some guy with the same name as the bartender. Hmm. Wait a sec. She worked at that bar too for a while. Coincidence? I click his name and sure enough it says he's a bartender at that bar. The odds of there being two bartenders with the same name was slim to none. I checked her mobile pics and well well well if it isn't the ginger with no soul! The next time he hit me up I took the opporitunity to do some digging. Sure enough he hits me up talking about "hey you wanna make out for a little bit?" First off, who does that to a basically complete stranger? How gay. So I immediately asked for his last name and he goes "Why? Just a funny question?" Seriously? You can offer to eat me out for an hour but I can't know your last name? What kinda sneaky hoe shit is that...So he lies and gives me a fake name but at this point I already know he's lying. Then he tries rushing me, making it a point to tell me if I want anything from him we only have an hour. Could my friend possibly be getting off work in an hour sir? I almost blew my cover saying what a small world but then I redeemed myself saying his fake name sounded familiar. Then he tells me he's great in bed with a big dick and I'm just like ewwww. And when I don't reply? He calls me. Cause that's what you're supposed to do when someone doesn't respond to your creepy texts. Finally he's just like "We can just be friends if you want I just like looking at you at the bar. I know you see people and so do I but if you want we can keep this on the dl;) feel free to send some pics and I'll send some back. This is going to be fun;)" Great. Downplay your LTR.
After a few different opinions and some thinking I decided to tell my friend. We were close in high school and didn't really have a fallout, just grew apart. But we were still cool when we ran into each other. I finally messaged her and asked her to call me and I kidd you not literally within 5 minutes of sending that cheating ass bastard texts me begging me not to tell her because "he loves her with all his heart and they have a perfect little family with his daughter (not hers) and he knew he messed up by taking my number and he understands if I need to tell her but to let him do this on his own so he doesn't lose her". He begged me to text him back. Bitch your sob story is not my problem!!!

SIDEBAR: That's another thing I can't stand. If you're gonna cheat you better be ready to be all fucking in. I can't stand whiney ass babies who have buyer's remorse not because the merchandise was defective (NEVER THAT) but because they miss their old stand by. If you can't handle that shit DON'T DO IT! And ESPECIALLY don't try and guilt trip me with your fuck ass sob stories either. I'm not the one in a fucking relationship you better go lay on a chaise lounge and talk your problems out with a therapist because that shit ain't in my job description. Like why are you telling the girl you cheated with all your relationship problems?! As if we give a fuck! Shit I don't!!!

Anyways, my loyalties lie with my friend and if you think I'm gonna do you a favor think otherwise. I would NEVER fuck a boyfriend or even an ex of my friends whether we're close or not. I will fuck someone's boyfriend if I don't know the girl. But if I know you I would never do that I will always do right by my friends. And If you wanna get into ethics and shit I'm pretty sure you don't treat strangers the same way you treat your friends hence why they have different titles. And clearly this man thinks I'm an idiot if he thinks I'm just gonna be like "Okay as long as you tell her." The odds of him telling her everything is slim to none. As casually as he sent that note I know he had done this before without batting an eyelash or thinking about his perfect little family. If you love her with all your heart like you say you do you wouldn't be doing her like this. She deserves way better than that.
She hits me up and I tell her what went down and the fucked up shit is that a day after I left the bar she went in. And she was at work that day he asked if I wanted to come over. She thanked me for telling her, glad I gave him my number because if it was anyone else he would've gotten away with it. Told her no problem and to hit me up if she needed anything else. Don't know what happened after we stopped talking but I hope she makes the best decision for her. And if she stays with him he better get his shit together.

So there's that. Another scenario is this boy I've been seeing every now and then, he has a gf too (I'll blog about the first time I fucked him. Insane.) The difference here is he's single when we hook up, but the next day they're back together again. The first time it bothered me. The second it made me laugh because now I knew the game, the only problem was he refused to acknowledge it. Like dude, idc if you are always on and off with your girlfriend. Clearly you like having sex with me and I like it too so if you wanna just do this and keep it on the low I'm cool with that. Just use your big boy words and say "Well me and my girl are on and off sometimes but you can still sit on my face because you taste delicious" (That last part isn't an exaggeration. He told me my pussy tastes amazing and he could eat it every day. Of course it does silly, I'm me! And I would let you if you were down, because your tongue is magical.). But alas he doesn't so ehh. Then one night out of nowhere when I wasn't even trying to have sex with him (at least not at that exact moment) he decides to volunteer the fact he's officially single and tired of being treated like garbage. I told him I was gonna ask but decided not to and he was like I'm glad you didn't because shit is complicated. I'm like okay. Then of course the next day he isn't single anymore. I swear if he didn't know how to fuck I'd punch him in the throat.

Well. Here's my monthly blog I suppose. I need to stop being so damn lazy. I still gotta fill you in on El Capitan's ol' bitch ass, Sexsomniac (clutchhhh), and this new boy. I will get to it eventually. Y'all gotta get on my ass about this lol.

Miss Sixxxty, you very own freak of the industryy

Thursday, February 28, 2013


I'm gonna take this time to just say what's on my mind right now. It may get a lil gushy so if you didn't come here today for that type of thing you don't have to read this.
So as you all know I love Adam Driver's character "Adam Sackler" on HBO's GIRLS. I am in love with a tv character. I am in love with the idea of him, that someone like him exists out there. Everything he says usually hits home for me because either I'm feeling that way or he's replaying a scenario I've already been thru. In one episode he goes to an AA meeting because he feels like he's been slacking on them. He makes this speech that makes me sad:

"I had this girlfriend who at first i didn't like very much, or i didn't take her very seriously i guess. She just seemed like you know - piece of ass. She was PERSISTENT man...and she just hung around and hung around and showed up at my place and gradually it started to feel better when she was there. Wasn't love the way i imagined it - I just felt weird if i didn't know what she was up to or whatever and i like knowing that she was just gonna BE there and warm and staying the night. She acted like i was teaching her EVERYTHING...about history and sex....i showed her. And i wanted that chance to show someone everything. But she changed her mind about me and it was that fast." 

The first half reminds me of how things used to be, like the way i felt he thought of me. The middle reminds me of how I started feeling about him. The end reminds me of the last time I spoke to him with me being on the other end of the situation. It makes me think about things I wanna get over, but just quite haven't yet. I feel stupid for being a girl about this. Like this has never happened to me before, when it comes to sex everything was just smooth fucking sailing. Sure I'd still get mad when they were dicks but the only difference here was when they were dicks the first time around I'd peace them out and not look back with any problems. I don't know why this douche bag was so different. I didn't see myself falling for him until it was too late....this is really starting to sound like a romantic novel that some middle aged housewife would be reading in a bubble bath with a glass of wine. I HATE that. Mushy gushy romance stuff isn't me. That's why I'm so fucking confused.
The worst past is, is that I didn't just fall on my own. Aside from celebrity obsessions when you fall for someone you usually fall because they give you some sort of sign that hey they may like you too. I'm not an idiot. I wouldn't call someone i didn't like babe or hell i wouldn't even wanna flirt and hang out when we're not having sex. I would just say he showed signs he shouldn't have if he didn't either have feelings or want the girl to think he did and send her mixed signals. But mixed signals is what I got and I fell for the fucking okie doke. And got screwed in the end.
Now he's been gone since last year and I'm trying to just do other stuff and think about him as little as possible. But I still think about him sometimes. I wonder if he's gonna come back, because that's what I'm used to. Then I try to remind myself "No he's not coming back so move on". I think of some good times then tell myself he's a horrible person and whatnot. I ask if he ever thinks about me, even just a little and I have no fucking idea why. I thought I was good til I saw him at the gym. We live like 5 minutes away from each other and know most of the same people so I knew I'd have to see him EVENTUALLY, but I never knew when or how I'd feel at the time. When I saw him I had a fucking anxiety attack. It happened before I completely realized what was happening. I tried to finish my workout making sure to stay away, but I just wasn't feeling it. When I passed him up he avoided making eye contact and when he came in the sauna when I was already there he made sure to sit all the way in the back while his friend sat in front of me. I can act like it's not awkward and that it doesn't bother me but it does. I feel like I didn't do anything wrong to be treated like that. I have no idea how I managed to fall for a person who could be so mean. I can't even pinpoint what's making this all so difficult which in turn does not help me feel better. Like I can't fix something if I don't know what's broken! These are all weak words, words of a bitch. This makes me so mad because I don't know how to dead this shit already. I'm having a mental block right now. I just don't know anything about anything anymore. Everything is just all kinds of fucked. Now I would never ever even consider suicide over a broken heart be it him or someone in my future but now I know why some people do that shit. This shit is NOT  FUN some days it can seem unbearable. Some days I don't even know how people who got over this did. I just try to tell myself that I'm okay, and there's someone better out there or whatever. And have fun in the meantime. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn't. I mean it sucks to feel shitty but it's just a part of life. And life moves on. 
I'm just honestly over feeling like this I want to feel repulsed when I think about him already.
I'm gonna go watch some Netflix and think on it. Since that's pretty much the only thing I can do. merp:/

Miss Sixxxty, wants to go to sleep. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Day Dick Drove Me Insane

And I'm not even kidding you right now. Like mental breakdown status. I think I'm mentally unstable lol. But lemme go on ahead and set the scene for you.

So I've been lusting after my old boss for some time now. When he worked at the club I'd flirt with him a little bit, but nothing too serious because he was my boss and I didn't wanna be THAT bitch, and because he had a girlfriend. But then he stopped working there and I would text him and see how he was doing and stuff. And one day he finally got me to admit that I wanted to fuck the shit out of him. Ad he responded by telling me he wanted the same. Yay! Only problem was he lived in east jesus nowhere and he lives with his girlfriend. When I go down to work I don't stay alone so it's not like I could invite him over. What's a girl to do? One time he did ask if he was to invite me over what would I do and I told him don't tempt me, but nothing happened. Finally after all the "I just wanna fuck you/eat you/please you" texts I got fed up. My sexual frustrations were getting the best of me. I confronted him and asked him if I scared him or was too aggressive for him (since that's what I keep hearing). He said maybe, maybe not and I told him all my lusting after him was getting me nowhere. Then it happened.

"Lol it will don't worry. So here's the thing I have a gf now. I still want you nonetheless will that change things for u"

Now before you guys start getting all judgey judgey lemme defend myself for a minute lol. I don't go actively pursuing guys with girlfriends. For the most part I don't even know they exist til further down the line. It just kinda happens that way they seem to be drawn to me. Most of the time if you come at me and I know you have a gf I get immediately turned off and start screen capping texts, just in case. BUT. There are certain exceptions. If I'm just drawn to you and you actively pursue me and I find out you have a gf then I tend to reconsider. Especially if you acknowledge the fact that you have a gf but still want me. Because at that point we have way too much sexual tension between us for me not to do it. But that's rare. And this happens to be one of those rare cases. Shit if you don't care and you're the one in the relationship why should I? But what about the gf? Have you no shame? Well. Yeah that sucks for her. And the roles can easily be reversed. But at the end of the day whether I fuck them or not if a guy wants to cheat he's going to cheat be it with me or anyone else. Now I wouldn't do this to any girl I knew personally, but if I don't know her from a can of paint then....Of course you guys are probably still shaking your head to which I say this is my life not yours you are just reading about it lol. It makes complete sense to me...

Back on topic tho, I told him not really, because in my mind I had already made the decision to fuck him, whether he was gonna give it up willingly or if I was gonna have to take it. We agreed to meet up the next day when he had some free time. I was too juiced. I now know how guys feel when they finally bag that girl that they've been chasing after forever. It feels great! He told me to meet him at 10, and I got to his city at 9:58ish. Not wanting to look overly eager I parked in a 7-11 parking lot, ate my last edible and waited for it to start kicking in before I called him. I texted him good morning around 10:40 and asked him what he was doing and he wasn't even at home! He was getting a hair cut. Guess I took too long. But he was on his way back and told me to meet him at his house. I drove over there and I saw him walking down the street. Now he's like 2 years younger than me but when I saw him he looked like a little boy! I started having second thoughts and I was like bitch stop tryna psych yourself out you've been wanting this for months. I park the car and he meets me at the door. We sat and caught up a little bit, he told me what he'd been up to since he left and I told him everything that was going on at work. Around 11:50ish he asked me how my edibles were making me feel. Told him I felt nice. He asked how do they make sex feel and I said amazing. I was starting to get worried he was gonna chicken out because we hadn't talked about anything sexual since I had been there, except why they call me Tits McGee. He looked at his phone and said "So it's 12 o'clock now. I have a soccer game at 2:30, that gives us about 2 & 1/2 hours. Do you want it?" Idk why but when he asked me if I wanted it it was just a turn on. I nodded my head and he said "Do you want it right now?" Nodded again. He asked if I wanted it in the bedroom or living room and I told him I didn't care as long as he gave it to me. He chose the bedroom and I followed him. I stood in front of the bed and he immediately came up behind me and bent me over the bed. I took my jacket off while he tried to pull my sweats off. I had to untie them first and he just ripped the shit off. I was on my stomach and he started to lick and kiss my butt and I panicked a bit because I wasn't sure if he was trying to eat my ass or eat me from the back. All I know is I'm not about that ass eating life just yet so I rolled over. Oh btw, I vajazzled my vag, dk if he noticed or not, but my rhinestone heart didn't last long at all:( He got down on his knees and spread my legs open and went to town. Now at first he was only licking like the top and I thought "Oh my god he doesn't know what he's doing" but maybe he was just teasing cause he finally went a lil lower and DAYUM. I just kept saying this isn't real. This isn't real! Oh but it was and it was great. He would spread my legs hella far so I didn't have much wiggle room and the only thing I could do was run. Then he dragged me by my legs back to the edge of the bed, got on top and started kissing my neck. Mmmm. He sat up and played with my clit with one hand and started putting on a condom with the other. You nimble man you. He grabbed me by my legs and stuck it in. I'm so mad I was high because I didn't even pay attention to his dick, but regardless it was still good. First my legs were draped over his arms, then he grabbed me by my ankles, then he put my legs together to one side. Yes, yes, yes. Good boy. Then he pushed my legs to the side of the bed so I was in like an L shape, and I wanted him to his from the back so I rolled over onto my knees. I threw it back on him and he was tellin me how good I felt and I was like "I know" and then he took over. He spanked me for a bit and then he would do those damn death strokes. Love those. He turned me back over, went down on me again, and I couldn't do shit but say his name repeatedly. He got back on top and put my legs on his shoulders and just drilled me. He asked if I liked it and I said mmhmm and then he got off and I got back on my knees. The way he was giving it to me was exactly what I needed because I haven't gotten it like that since...October 13th. One thing that did catch me off guard was when he grabbed me by my bra strap and told me to squeeze my P on his dick. That was a first but I did what I was told. When I told him I was about to cum he fucked me harder and every time he thrusted he would say "cum. Cum. CUM." And I liked that lol. He finally pulled out and I couldn't feel my legs. When my mind came back I realized I didn't give him head. While it was dope that he didn't ask or anything I would've liked to have showcased my skills too! It's not every day someone gets a blow job from a bitch with 3 tongue rings. He laid down next to me and told me I was really flexible. I told him I wasn't cause I couldn't bust a full split and then he went on a tangent about the different stages of flexibleness (Flex, flexy, and flexible. His words not mine) and told me I was flexy. Then he started talking about ugly people and I just zoned out. HE got up and got dressed, and I took that as my cue to get dressed too. I was hoping that wasn't he end of the festivities but he hit me with that "Oh, my friends should be on their way" Lol he said he had to call his gf back too and not to say anything. Well no shit Sherlock! I made sure to go get what was left of my vajazzle out the room and I told him bye and went to my car.

Overall I was happy with his performance. Now I see why he gets so frustrated with the fact his girl won't put out anymore. A guy like that NEEDS to fuck at least 3 times a day. I'd def be happy to oblige him on that. BUT that was the problem. We only had sex one time for like 20 mins/half an hour and already it was time to go. I expected to get fucked at least a couple times while I was there. He was the one saying how he needed it more than one time and how long he could go for. Not to mention it took me an hr to get to his place! (Not a word.). So here I was, happy I just got some good dick but mad I wasn't getting any more. I was telling myself "My life can't be like this! This sucks!!! Why me!?" Why I was talking to myself I have no idea. I was pretty high in an unfamiliar area and I had an hr drive to get back to my friend's house so I started freaking out. I called my friend and immediately started rambling to her. I told her I just fucked my old boss and it was great and I wanted to cry. She asked me why I wanted to cry and then I did and I was like I don't know what's wrong with me!!! Here I am driving down the street high af with this ugly ass cry face stuck on. I know people thought I was crazy. I almost started to say I missed the Antichrist but stopped myself...and I think I went on a tangent about how I deserved to have a good sex life because I was a good person or something to that effect. She would remember better than I did. But that was just sad. Sad sad sad. Like I think I associate good sex with him too much because when I tried to replay what had just happened I found myself saying the Antichrist's name but still picturing El Capitan. Weirrrrrd.

Nonetheless, I still wanted to see him again. But seeing as to he had a gf I decided I wouldn't text him just yet. Therein lies another problem. Should I text him and tell him I liked it? Should I wait for him to text me first? What if he's waiting on me to tell him it was good? And if I do decide to text him first how long do I wait?! It's gonna be tricky tryna guestimate when he's away from her so we can talk about it...but then it could go like that one bitch who after I finally mustered enough courage up to ask for another round told me "Maybe if you play your cards right." And he was single. That shit pissed me off all over again. I came to the conclusion that he only did it that second time to redeem himself for the first misfire. And once he was satisfied with the results he was good. Whatever. But yeah...idk what to do. lol. If I had my way I would've fucked him again the next day but I don't wanna be a buzz. God I just wish I knew what was going on in his head right now. And so far one exception outta three ain't bad. Ugh this is exactly what I DIDN'T want to have happen lol I wanted it to be good but not GREAT. Fuck. Like he told me he was going to eat me and please me and fuck the shit outta me but I didn't take it all that serious. That's not a lil boy that's a grown ass man. Well I guess we'll see what happens.

Miss Sixxxty, your unstable ass freak of the industryy

Friday, January 18, 2013

Brazilian Waxes

The reason for this blog is to share with my female readers my experiences with getting Brazilian waxes.

First Hoo-Rah
I can't remember exactly when I decided to start getting waxes but there was a spot by the mall where my friend worked and she told me that they were doing them for 30 bucks. Cheap enough for me! I walked into the nail salon and said I was here for a Brazilian and they said someone would be right with me. I was nervous as shit but figured it couldn't be TOO bad, because so many women got waxed. An older Asian lady who didn't know too much English told me to follow her to the back. The room she led me to just had a dentist type chair in there and I'm thinking "That's am I supposed to get waxed in a chair?" Due to some communication difficulties she thought I wanted an eyebrow wax. No ma'am a Brazilian. She led me to another room and omg. The fluorescent lighting was terrible and there was a table with a towel on it and her waxing station. I kidd you not it looked like that room doubled as a room to get back alley abortions in. But nonetheless I was gonna go thru with it. I started with my armpits which was bearable so I thought the Brazilian couldn't be that bad. We didn't even make it half way thru. I wasn't screaming but I would say omg really loud and be nervously laughing because I had never felt pain like that before. And that was only on the top! No way she was getting near my lips. I told her I couldn't finish and I got dressed, paid her and left. I had wax stuck to me everywhere and everything burned. But I was determined to go thru wit hit completely.

Second Go Round
I went back again, this time armed with a 600mG ibuprofen and Relax & Wax No Scream Cream. I took the meds about half an hour before my appointment and applied the cream 40 minutes before and even wore saran wrap around my cooch to increase the potency. I got there and I asked them how long for another Brazilian and they said 10 minutes. More like 40 minutes. Enough time for my cream and pills to wear off. We got a little further, I let her wax my butt cheeks but still didn't reach the lips. That shit hurt too much! I also noticed she didn't use different sticks! She kept double dipping her stick in the pot which is a HUGE red flag. When you get waxed they are always supposed to use a new stick when dipping it in the pot because it's a breeding ground for bacteria. Needless to say I wasn't going to be going back there any time soon.

Third Time's A Charm
My friends and I regularly meet up and go to happy hour together and one day we got there late so while we waited for it to start again we walked around the shopping plaza to see the new DSW. On the way I saw a salon was having a 30$ special on waxes too. It was a nicer salon so I thought, shit, why not? I walked in the next day and while they don't take walk ins she had an appt available within the hour. I stayed and while I waited I was offered refreshments. I'm liking this place already! I was greeted by this petite Mexican lady and she led me back to the room. I loved the ambiance of the salon, it was an upper scale one with soft lighting and a neutral color scheme throughout the salon. She led me back to a private room which looked like the rest of the salon, thank god. No back alley abortions here! There was soft music playing, and the table was plush. I laid down and I told her I'm still new to this, I haven't sat thru an entire Brazilian wax and that my first few experiences weren't pleasant. She apologized for my past experienced and assured me it get's easier. I laid on the table and she jumped right in. She uses both a hard wax and a soft wax. The difference is the soft wax is applied and ripped off with a resin cloth and a hard wax is applied, you wait for it to harden then you rip the entire thing off. I prefer hard wax if I had my pick. She was so fast and efficient, I didn't have to stop her once. Before I knew it she was telling me to lay on my side to get my butt. It was a little awkward having to hold my butt cheeks open for her so she could wax under my cheeks and down my crack. And having hot wax on your butt hole is a weird feeling. And I think I'm a bit of a freak and not like a sex freak but a weirdo freak cause I kinda liked having hot wax on my lips. Judge me.  She was so fast, we finished in 20 minutes! She applied this shimmery lotion to my cooch which was a nice touch and bam we're done! I made sure to tip her to show my gratitude, and I even told her she had the hands of an angel lol. She makes my waxing experience so pleasant. I refer her to all my friends. Now the wax is normally 50, but if that means I don't have to feel like my skin is being ripped off and risk a bacterial infection I have no qualms about paying an extra 20 bucks.

So the bottom line for waxes is this (at least with my lady):
-it DOES hurt less when you go frequently. After that first wax after shaving your hair grows back thinner to there isn't as much pull.
-the most painful spot for me at first was right at the top where the two lips meet; now it's that last little strip of hair right before you get to the fleshy bits.
-getting around your butt waxed feels like having a band-aid ripped off.
-take some advil or tylenol before you go to lessen the sting
-exfoliate in the shower every day for at least a week.
-I use tend skin on my lady bits, but keep in mind if you use it right after a wax that shit feels like you dumped a gallon of rubbing alcohol on your vag. But it does help with ingrowns (as does exfoliating)
-it hurts I'm not gonna lie, but it's not unbearable. I think getting my tongue pierced hurt more anyway.

My next appointment wasn't until next Thursday but El Capitan finally grew a pair of balls and invited me over on Saturday and It was either I shave tonight and postpone my wax, or call in the morning and pray for the best. Thankfully she had an opening today so I'm waxed and ready, and before I go I'm going to vajazzle myself lol just for shits and giggs. And of course I will be blogging about it. I pray it's everything I dream of and more, but not so much because I don't wanna get hooked. I pray he has a big dick and that he knows how to move his ass. Because when you have so much sexual tension between someone and you finally get to fuck them and they suck it's a HUGE letdown:/

Welp, here goes nothin'.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Monday, January 14, 2013

What REALLY Happened In Vegas

Well I figure since I'm like SINGLE single I can be honest about my Vegas trip. I DID, in fact, not only FINALLY had birthday sex, but I finally got laid in Vegas. Killing two birds with one stone whoop whoop!I went to Vegas the weekend of my birthday "with" my friends. We didn't really plan the trip together but we realized we were both planning separate trips around the same time so we decided to go at the same time. I was gonna go on Thursday and they would come Friday. So Thursday night I hung out with my friend who lives there, he bought me dinner, took me to a few lounges and bars and we gambled at the craps table. I gambled 500 bucks of his money and we ended up making like 2300. He gave me a cut for being a "lucky charm" and I went shopping at the outlets the next day to find an outfit for my birthday. On my way back into town I picked up the girls from the airport while the boys caught a cab. I knew everyone in the group pretty good except this one dude. I had only met him twice before in the previous two weeks and even then I didn't even talk to him. Shit I barely knew his name. But we made plans to meet back at their room later that night to go to TAO (because that guy had a "connect"...smh never again). Before I met up with them I met up with my local friend where he bought me more drinks. I drunkenly took the tram from Treasure Island to The Mirage (ladies don't EVER do that) where they were staying so we could go. I had never seen my friends truly dressed up and I thought we looked sharp. But gad damn did this Mystery Dude just look...extra delicious tonight...The other two times I had seen him we were both looking pretty bummy. But I will say he cleans up very nicely. I remember telling myself "Okay if I have to pick someone out this group to fuck it would def be him." but I didn't think too much of it. We went to the lobby of the Venetian to wait for this promoter dude and we literally spent a fucking hour waiting on him. Like I was falling asleep waiting. In the meantime one of our friends barely made it out of the elevator he was so drunk. Throwing up in garbage cans nshit. He finally just had to throw in the towel and go back up to the room because he was beyond yoasted. The guy finally shows up and he takes us to TAO and we just cut the line. Once we got inside I was pissed because they were playing electronic music. I'm not a big nightclub fan already and when I do go I wanna shake my ass and whatnot. I can't get down to electronic music like that, that's more lounge music to me. We walk to the bar and when I had my back turned my other friend puked on everyone standing near him at the bar so they kicked him out and he went back to the room as well. I stood by the wall while they cleaned it up with two of my girlfriends and the Mystery Dude came over with a shot of patron for me. Way in the back back days I overdid it with the tequila one afternoon and after that my body literally rejects it. I can't take a tequila shot without gagging. And I tried to politely refuse it and he was like "Dude I just spent 80 bucks on shots and you're not even gonna drink it??" I told him he should've asked me first and he took my shot for me. He grabbed me by the hand and whispered in my ear "Let's dance" and one of the girls followed us. Before we even found an open area to dance in some guy grabbed her and she looked at me and I was like Go! He was cute, it's Vegas, why not? When we finally found an open area we danced for a song or two and he grabbed one of my hands and put it on the back of his neck while he held me around the waist. I was thinking "Fuck he smells good" and before I knew it he leaned down and kissed me. So I was making out with him in the middle of the dance floor. Everything was going fine until he put his hand up my dress. He got like one finger past me and then I snapped back to reality and remembered where I was. These two white girls were looking at me saying "Oh My GOD." And I'm thinking it's okay...this is Vegas...crazy shit always goes down here don't look so surprised. But he grabbed me by the arm again and tried to find a better place to continue making out but wherever we went we were in the way. When we couldn't find the other girls I think we decided to leave. You know how when you see celebrity couples The guy is damn near dragging his girl? That's what he was doing to me all around the casino and I loved every minute of it. Of course I'm getting stares from black dudes but whatever....Ever so often he would stop to ram his tongue down my throat and he got no complaints from me. When we finally made it back to their hotel both my friends were already passed out. Why we went back to his room, still have no idea. One of my friends woke up and stumbled off to the bathroom where he went to go puke. The Mystery Man went to go tend to him and my other friend's phone rang I answered it and it was two of our friends we had left behind pranking me pretending to be the front desk. While I'm on the phone he comes up behind me and  starts kissing my neck and I have to end the call immediately. He picked me up and laid me on the ground and started sucking my neck which is my one fucking weakness. As much as I didn't want him to stop I didn't want to risk waking up one of my friends cause I didn't wanna explain why I had his dick in me. So I stopped him while he was trying to finger me and suggested we go back to my room since I was staying alone. He got off me and sat there for a minute before saying "I have a girlfriend".
Where was all this girlfriend guilt when you were trying to fuck me on the dance floor?!?!?!?! I seriously don't know how the fuck I manage to attract every last fucking man with a girlfriend, but that shit happens. So I got up, pushed my dress down and told him "Look. I'm going to my room. And I'm not gonna make you do anything you don't wanna already do" and I walked out the door. Before the door even closed behind me he came out and followed me to my room. We hailed a cab since I was staying all the way at the end of the strip and he tried to turn it into an episode of Taxicab Confessions. We were doing some serious making out, ten he'd suck on my neck and try to finger me and I honestly would've lt him if the cab driver wasn't being such an obvious creepy fuck like this shit doesn't happen on the daily. I managed to fight him off long enough to get to my hotel and before we got on the elevator he asked if I had any condoms. Mmm, not exactly sir. I had to find a casino employee and ask them where I could buy toothpaste. I didn't wanna flat out ask for condoms, and where there's toothpaste there's condoms. While he went to go buy whatever I waited out in front of the store. This black dude comes up to me asking if I'm lost and I'm like "I'm good." Then he asks where I'm going and what did I do that night and finally he brings his ass out the store and grabs my hand. Dude immediately says "My bad I was just making sure you were good." Bitch I already told you I was good boy stoppp. He just stared at us a little too long but whatever. On the elevator he tried to fuck me until this other couple came in and then it was one of those moments like we knew each other and had finally seen each other after years. We got off on the same floor but went in opposite directions. Once we got into my room he attacked me lol. He pushed me on the bed, then was like I have to go to the bathroom. While he was in the bathroom I opened the privacy blinds, turned on the lamps and put some music on. I don't know what I was expecting but what I got was definitely not something I necessarily wanted. He's an amazing kisser but because he was so fucking drunk his dick would get soft every few minutes. And he refused to take off his shirt so while we were having sexual dysfunctions we were having wardrobe malfunctions. He started on top for a bit, then told me to get on all fours. Which worked for a while but not long enough for me to feel anything. He pulled out and took his condom off and asked me to blow him for a bit. I did but I forgot how horrible latex makes dicks taste. I had to run to the bathroom and grab a washcloth to wash his dick with before continuing. It's like I could suck his dick long enough for him to hold an erection but when it was time to switch it would vanish. He turned me around and told me how bad he wanted to taste me and if it tasted good. Sir fro,m what I've been told the vag is A1. I always hate when dudes ask me what does it taste like. It tastes like ass and sewage and bong water -_______-. If you can't smell anything I think you're good. I never liked getting licked form the back just because my entire ass is in your face. He laid on the bed and had me get on top where he sucked my boobs and tried his hardest to finish but it wasn't gonna happen. I forgot when I tapped out but I was just like "Hey...I'm gonna go downstairs and get some chicken strips...." And he passed out in my bed. While I was waiting for my food the girls finally called me back, told me they were safe and invited me over to come take a bath with them. I was too tired to drive and didn't feel like catching another cab so I declined. They asked me where the Mystery Man was and I was like "Oh he got really drunk and passed out in my room." When I got back upstairs he was already gone. Everything he brought with him, condoms, mouthwash, bottled water all that shit was gone with him. The next night he wanted to act like he didn't know me. Bitch are you serious?! I said hi and told him he looked nice and bitch gave me this dry ass "Thanks". What happened to the dude that let me sit on his lap and stuff and was actually friendly? So I don't feel bad about writing this blog knowing he has/had a girlfriend since he wanted to act like a fucking dick. And since I'm no longer emotionally invested in anyone I REALLY don't feel bad about the shit. And I never talked to him after that lol.
I just wanna have sex when I want. And if a boyfriend is the only thing that'll offer me that type of stability then...shit.

Just can't get right.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

Sunday, January 6, 2013

What Not To Do

Can someone enlighten me on what intimidates men? Or what constitutes as being sexually aggressive? Because I have been told that I'm intimidating and aggressive and that may be why I can't get laid as often as I want. I don't know how the fuck someone figured that out, because when it comes to sex I'm the most submissive person ever. I go with the flow, I rarely take the initiative until you show some type of spark of interest first. So....what gives? There is this guy I went to high school with, I had a baby crush on him sophomore year. He's def attractive, so there's that. Going all the way back to the MySpace days he would hit me up and we'd start TALKING about doing something, but nothing ever came into fruition. Finally the shit started getting on my nerves because I felt he was toying with me like "Watch me get this bitch all fired up for nothing." So I stopped taking him serious. As of late he would hit me up but I never gave it much thought. I ran into him the weekend before Halloween and after that he would steady message me on Fb. He kept saying we should hang out but he was busy during the week when I was free. His only free time was on the weekends when I worked. With it being the holidays I didn't go to work much, so I was around, but when I'd hit him up about hanging out he'd be tired or too fucked up to function. I was starting to get annoyed because history was repeating itself AGAIN. Finally we were both available at the same time and I jumped on the opportunity before he bitched out again. I went over to his place around one, and when I got there I had an edible. He was gonna smoke me out at first but I don't really like blunts, and he had just rolled one, so I let him have that and I enjoyed my baked good. We sat there listening to Frank Ocean's Channel Orange for a bit, then he suggested we hop on YouTube and watch stuff. We watched some random clips, then he asked me if I had ever heard of something called Salad Fingers. I hadn't so he showed methis clip.

What. The. Absolute. FUCK?! This was beyond the creepiest hing I have ever watched, and not to mention the weed didn't make it better. Idk which is worse: The person that watches it or the person that created it. Like wtf is really going on in YOUR mind to come up with some twisted shit like this? But anyways, we got on Netflix and ended up watching Reservoir Dogs, which btw, I didn't think it was as great as everyone made it seem. I thought it was actually kinda boring, except when Mr. Blonde and the hostage had their moment. Towards the end of the movie he mentioned he was getting sleepy, but I didn't know where he was going with that. Sleepy as in you want US to hop in the bed? Or sleepy as in you want me to leave so you can sleep? But we stayed watching tv shows on Netflix. The entire time I was there we sat on either sides of the love seat. He didn't scoot any closer to me, he didn't try to slickly put his arm around me, nada. He didn't move, and neither did I because I didn't know what he was thinking. But what I do know was that shit sucked. Finally he turned to me and said "I think I'm going to go to bed. We can always hang out some other time. Here I'll walk you to your car." I just looked at him and said Ok. He walked me to my car and gave me one of those awkward ass side hugs then went back inside. I was like wtf? Was it me? What did I do? Or not do? I knew I didn't smell bad, and I actually did my makeup and shaved my legs and everything. Don't get me wrong I didn't go over there with the intention that I wanted to fuck him (I mean I wasn't going to because I'm between waxes right now), but at the same time...C'mon bro. I drove to your house at 1 in the morning. I looked why WOULDN'T you make a pass at me? I felt so unwanted lol. I expect a guy that I'm not close friends with to make a pass at me if we're high and alone and it's early in the morning. Like there should NEVER be an arm's length of space between us after midnight, NEVER. I would've made out with him a bit, straddled him and then some...but seriously? My friend just thinks he was being a little chicken shit and that he didn't know how to handle me...but I'm like handle me like you would any other girl I'm not a damn baby unicorn! Like I heard from a friend that when she hung out with him they got high together, went and got something to eat and when he brought her back to the house he just went down on her outta nowhere. I kinda expected my night to go somewhat similar. But noooooooo, not me! I can never get what I want.

My question to you guys is what is it do you think that I'm doing to scare them off? Lol shit cause I'm all out of ideas. Half the time I got people telling me closed mouths don't get fed, the other half are telling me that's being too aggressive. I'm just a poor old soul who wants what she wants when she wants it. I figure this year I want to get a boyfriend, not for the sole purpose of getting sex whenever I want it, because even that isn't guaranteed, but it would be a big bonus. And I'd obviously enjoy everything else that comes with having a boyfriend (What those things are, I don't know. Cause the closest I ever got to that was the Antichrist, and that was...whew.). Like I'd never be sitting at home wondering "Fuck....I really need some dick...who can give it to me?" I'd just be like "Oh hay sexy boyfrann. My vag wants to give your penis a big ass hug right meow." Or something. And that I wouldn't add any new notches (With the exception of three people) and that if I wanted peen I'd have to either backtrack or hurry up and find me a man. But we'll see how long this shit lasts. As for this dude right here, well, we'll see if he wants to hang out again, and if he does we'll see what happens from there. In the meantime I'm gonna order me a fat ass pizza from Pizza Hut cause I am STARVING.

Miss Sixxxty, your very own aggressive assed freak of the industryy

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello Stranger

After everyone left it was just my friend, Sexsomniac and I in the hotel room. We were sitting on the floor on the side of the bed. He started touching my thigh and I looked at him and asked what he was doing. He said "Touching your want me to stop?" and I was like what you do. Then my friend came back in the room and just looked at us. Let's am I going to swing this one? So I asked him to take one for the team and go "take a shower" and He was like "Omg why do I have to take a shower why can't I get in the bed and go to sleep?!" But he did me a solid and took a shower anyways. Once he was in the bathroom we moved to the other side of the room and got down to business. I kept my tank on and grabbed a blanket to semi cover us and I started riding him. Everything was all good til my friend cut his shower short. He came out the bathroom when I was on my hands and knees and Sexsomniac was behind me. He hunched over mem a bit, then pulled the covers up and told me to lay down. My friend hopped in the bed and turned the opposite way and texted on his phone a bit while we tried to continue. I was laying on my side while he had his hand in the small of my back and we started again sloooooowly. But I hate slow sex and my friend is like a brother to me so it was kinda creepy. I suggested we take it to the bathroom like everyone else. I wrapped the blanket around my naked waist and he covered his head and we looked like one of those weird horse costumes where you have one person as the head and the other one as the ass. Better yet we looked like one of those centaur creature looking things. We went into the bathroom and it was pretty dope that they had a red light. Red lights are sexy they soften everything and cast little sexy shadows everywhere...
I leaned over the bathroom counter and he pushed my tank up and unhooked my bra then bent me over the sink. The sink was a little higher up than my waist so I kinda had to stand on my tip toes to achieve that perfect 90 degree angle. I put one leg on the counter and everything was going great until we decided to get on the ground. Mind you when I got down there I was thinking of the two sweaty hookers that were just in there and that kind of freaked me out but I tried to push it as far out of my mind as possible.
So as you all know boys pee with the toilet seat up. And I was in a room FULL of boys. I was bent down by the toilet and for some reason I kept sliding every time he thrusted. Next thing you know I lose my balance and BAM I hit my lip on the edge of the toilet seat. I could just feel my lip swelling. Fuck. Now I can't quite remember who's idea it was to get into the shower to have sex, but we did. Now if you guys recall the first and last time I had shower sex was with The Carnie and I slipped and fell out the shower, busted my shoulder and broke the toilet. But for some reason forgot that shit ever happened and hopped my happy naked ass into the shower. Shower sex is dangerous. Nobody ever tells you the bad side to shower sex, only the good shit. But then again bad things are always prone to happen to me during sex. Hence the reason for the creation of this blog in the first place. I soaped him up a little bit and then he turned me around facing the shower head and bent me over. I think we were in a handicap accessible room because the shower was big af and there was a bar inside. so I spread my feet apart to get as much stability as I could and grabbed hold of the bar. The water felt like warm pool water, it wasn't freezing but it wasn't warm either. Still had a bit of a chill to it. The water was running down my back which felt amazeballs, said fuck my hair and just enjoyed it. I turned around and blew him for a bit, as my hair said bitch I hate you, and turned back around. I was having fun until he grabbed me by my hair. When he pulled my hair my head jerked back and was angled so that the water was falling right into my mouth. So I'm sitting here trying to breathe, not to moan, and spitting out water at the same time. Who knew you could drown in the shower? I had to breathe thru my mouth so I didn't get water in my nose but at the same time I was half choking on it. But it didn't bother me too much, because I still got mine and he got his. I soaped him down again, dried off, and went into the room again.
SIDEBAR: Idk why I'm laughing like a loon now, but when I picture myself half washing his dick half giving him a hand job idk I lose it.
He asked me if I was going to stay there and go to sleep, he gave me a pillow, covered me up and went to sleep. I just laid there for a minute, then thought shit I wanna sleep in my own bed and left.
Now I must say that was an interesting Sunday night if I do say so myself. Yes I sinned on the lord's day so what. Kiss my ass.
My new year's resolution is to blog more. And to get my site up and running. I'm kinda over blogger. Now if only I could get my boo @VeronicaVice to gimme some tips on getting it up and running. (P.S. go follow her)...

Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy