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Monday, November 29, 2010

Turquoise Jeep Music!

Babes an gents I need a damn hobby to keep me occupied.
I've got my side hustle makin me a little bit of money here and there, most def not enough for my boobs tho. Then work sucks. And I've been feeling pretty shitty these last few days
But enough about that.
I need to stay upbeat. And this, my friends, is one helluva way to stay upbeat.

My friend @NYCNeef sent me a link to this video one day, the "Fried or Fertilized" video I posted a few blogs back, and I oddly became addicted. It was like a bad car accident. As horrible as it was, it was infectious at the same time. And the majority of their music has to do with my favorite past time, SEX! There's Flynt Flossy, who looks like a cross between Chance and Charlie Murphy. Whachamacalit, Yung Humma, a cross between Real and Pootie Tang; Slick Mahoney, your token white guy; and Pretty Raheem. And Tummi Scratch, the dude who makes all their beats. The music is catchy as hell, and each song has a dance to it. My fave of course is the "fried or fertilized" dance. So lemme not hold back and share the wealth.


OR watch it here via mobile web

"She don't cook she don't clean"
"That bitch is lazy but them stretchy pants just drive me crazy wanna dirty dance like I'm Partick Shwazye

The song that started it all. I love my stretchy pants. And I'm pretty sure if you've seen me walking around in 'em you like em too. lol


OR watch it here via mobile web.

I would feel oddly uncomfortable if someone were to walk up to me in public and ask me this, I would politely answer that I like my eggs scrambled please, and move it right on along.
Idk what it is about this damn song that has me hooked, but it does. Could it be the jellyfish, Slick Mahoneys random cameo, or could it be that one lone strand of hair from Yung Humma's lacefront that didn't make it under the bandana?? Who knows?!


OR watch it here via mobile web

Gotta focus mama you don't wanna get a cooch contusion.

To "smang" someone is a clever mash up of to bang someone and to smash someone.
Why didn't i think of that first? Hmm. I love this video solely because of Flynt Flossy's dancing skills. He kills me every time. I wonder how much they paid the girl in the black dress to sit there expressionless for the whole video. I mean you obviously wanted to be in the video you can look a little more enthused than that! I mean look at the other girl! She's all smiles:) and having a good ol' time.
And yes, that is Sir Tummi Scratch at the end of the video.
His lips kinda scare me...


OR watch it here via mobile web

This song is pretty damn self explanatory. Idk what Pretty Raheem has going on with his chest hair, but I've learned not to ask questions about the Jeep anymore.

You can follow these guys on twitter @TurquoiseJeep, go to their website and download their music off iTunes.
Now hat I have supplied you with the funnies for the day, hows about supplying me with some emails huh?

I'm feeling a certain way about a certain someone that I have no business feeling that certain way about. What to do, what to do...
Rehab maybe.
I don't know...


Courtesy of
Me likey. Me likey A LOT. Now...all I need to do is find a willing participant. Can't have a repeat the terrible drought of '10.

Peace, Love, and Chicken Grease
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy.

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