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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Little Sexual Fantasy

babes an gents i haven't had sex in god knows how long. a little something.

we're at a party and we've been exchanging glances all night. i give you that look...and slink off to the bathroom. in anticipation of your arrival i take off my pants an sit on the edge of the sink. you walk in and squeeze between my legs.i grab your face an pull you closer, tryna taste the tiny traces of alcohol on your tongue. slowly sliding your hands up my thighs, hookin em on my thong you slide em to the side. slip two fingers in giving me the come hither while your thumb caresses my clit. this in combination with the soon to be hickies you're putting on my neck is just enough to make me go insane i need you in me NOW. pick me up and sneak me to the nearest bedroom so we can finish handling business. just throw me on the bed and flip me over. dick on full mast just rip the panties off and slide in. you know you love it i got it just how you like it: tight, wet and warm. nice an easy, nice an easy..but you know that's not how i like it...i want it fast an rough. so you pick up the pace, pull my hair an tell me to arch my back, to throw it back at you. absolute fucking bliss. i can't even focus on anything but you. slide out, flip me over and put my feet on your chest and start pumping away. i can barely move, the only thing i can do is reach up and pull your hair. i put my leg back on the ground and dig my nails into your back cause i want you to go deeper. so you grab a leg and throw it over your shoulder and i cant do anything but clench my stomach and bite my lip. can't say i've ever wanted you more than i do now. i push you off and push you on your back so i can take control for a minute. hands on your chest i just grind on you for a lil bit, catch my groove and start riding it. i lean back, feet planted on the ground so you can see everything. i notice you wanna take over so i put my hands on the ground for leverage and let you do me. i spin around an put it in reverse cowgirl cause i know you like to watch my ass bounce up an down on your dick. you give me a couple slaps on the ass and then get a hard grip and slam me down on you. you push me forward on my knees and get behind me. i bend down on my elbows and let you have full control because i know its comin. faster and harder, this is all no holds barred. full on uncontrollable lust i just want you to let me have it. i hear your breaths getting deeper, you grip my hips even tighter then push me away, pull out and release on my back. after you finish all you can do is rest on your knees, throw your head back an say "FUCK" before collapsing next to me. i look at you, slap you across the face and then kiss you. you get up, wipe me down, we get dressed and i fix my hair and we part ways.

damn i need a cigg.
Miss Sixxxty, your very own freak of the industryy

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  1. Lately during MY drought the vicodine seem to be having reverse effect and I find myself having vivid sex dreams.