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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Call Me, Maybe...NOT!!!

This post is gonna be rather short.
So just an update on the Goblin, the one who told me "maybe if I play my cards right" we might be able to have sex again, well I think I know why I go such a shady ass response. I was supposed to go see The Dark Knight with him and some of  his friends, yet he failed to mention that his boo was included in that group. I had no idea he even had a boo! I go meet up with him and two girls, one I knew the other one I didn't. I suspected something was up when she didn't really talk much and just kept kinda looking at me. Then at some point they started hugging and making out while I was talking to the girl I knew. I was so flustered, embarrassed and confused that I couldn't even put my thoughts together as I was talking. I kept stopping and forgetting what I was trying to say as I pretended to not notice what was going on mere inches away. I had the most pathetic crush on this man...and for what. I thought he was such a great guy, and I mean he probably still is but this brings me back to my issue with the Sexsomniac. Why are you bringing sand to the beach?! I mean it was pretty clear that he liked this chick more than me so I don't see why my presence was even needed. I had briefly stopped talking to him after the maybe incident, and recently started talking to him again. Something told me not to go to the movies that night...thankfully I hadn't purchased my ticket yet so when everyone went inside to find seats I pretended to buy my ticket then dipped. Sadly my crush went deeper than sex so yeah when he kissed ol girl I felt some type of way. ugh. Fuck. Whatever.

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